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  • Classical cooking trout
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Cold winter evening, a delicious dinner rich - it is of paramount importance. Therefore, studying the variety of culinary variations, it is necessary to identify and select the most unique masterpiece, which you will regale his family. Great chance to show off their culinary talents - fish with potato garnish.   Here and a clear benefit to the body, because fish contains nutrients and calories enough, hardly anyone dares to challenge the fact that potatoes - a product of more than nourishing. Which fish prefer? An excellent choice - trout. It omega-3, vitamins A, D, B12, pyridoxine. Recipe, which combines trout and potatoes, Mass.

There are options for simple, without adding any sauces. There are also outstanding, which will need a lot of products and a solid reserve of patience. Let's try to consider all of the major ways of cooking trout with potatoes.
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Classical cooking trout

This option is ideal for beginners and for those who need to descend to the guests. 1 kg of potatoes you will need 4 steak trout, large onion and 2 lemon, and salt and pepper to be added to taste. To begin to marinate trout. Make it easy. It is necessary to rub it with salt and pepper, then lemon juice and soak for half an hour to send in the refrigerator.

While trout reach condition, prepare the potatoes. Clean and cut it in half. Clear the onions and cut the ring. Next, pull out the pan from the oven, it is lined with foil and spread layers of ingredients: onions, trout, potatoes and onion again. Salt, pepper, wrapped dish with foil and put it in a preheated 200 degree oven for 40 minutes.

 The original recipe is trout with potatoes
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The original recipe is trout

The oven must be heated beforehand. The optimal temperature - 180 degrees. Take the 1, 3 kg of potatoes and trout, medium-sized onion, 2 chicken eggs. Another useful sour cream - 300 g cheese (durum) - 350 g, 2 tablespoons olive oil. Garlic, dill and other herbs, and salt and pepper - to taste. Let us first potatoes: it should be cleaned, rinsed and cut into small circles, mixed with oil, salt and pepper. We took out the pan, grease and spread the potatoes. Cook for 20 minutes. Then chop the onion must obtain thin half-rings.

The next step - preparing the trout. It is best to use fresh fish or fresh frozen. Onions and trout lay on top of the potatoes and pour the sauce. For the sauce, whisk the eggs with sour cream to spice put chopped garlic. All dishes are thoroughly "sealed" by foil, increases of up to 200 degrees for half an hour we send to languish in the oven. After 30 minutes, we extract the pudding, sprinkle with grated cheese and send back into the oven for another 20 minutes.

 recipe trout with potatoes
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Trout beer for the man she loved

This variation will delight beer lovers, among them, of course, the vast majority of men. Take 4 pieces. rainbow trout, 3 medium onions, 1 lemon, a teaspoon of dried parsley, 8 potatoes, vegetable oil and salt. Onions and a lemon cut into half rings, the first ingredient just fry in a pan. Trout rubbed with oil and spices, making an incision and its farshiruem lemon, onion, sprinkle parsley on top. Fish "wrapped" in a foil, it is placed on sliced ​​potatoes taste and desire.

Put for 20 minutes. in the oven, the best option temperature - 160 degrees. Such delicacy originally combined with fresh vegetables, but can do without them. Trout has a wonderful taste that goes well with beer of any kind.

 Simple cooking or healthy dinner for the whole family

 Set of sushi


  • Features of Japanese cuisine
  • Cooking Japanese food - sushi
  • What are the different types of sushi?
  • Preparation Nigiri sushi at home
  • How to choose the right ingredients for sushi?
  • Cooking rice for sushi recipe at home
  • Form a right Nigiri sushi

If you belong to the category of those people who literally can not live without seafood and oriental dishes, such as rolls or sushi, and the restaurants to go once, and too expensive, you can try to prepare sushi at home. Housewives argue that this is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. Those who already know how to make sushi at home and get a terrific meal, the taste of which will be no worse, and even better than in a store or restaurant, claiming that the first time it is unlikely that someone will turn right and beautiful, and delicious.

However, with time and practice, anyone can actively achieve the height of perfection, even in such a complex and painstaking work, like cooking sushi. As estimated chefs who create masterpieces of their own hands seafood to cook this folk may take up to one and a half hours. But it's worth it, you not only get a delicious and beautiful exotic dish, but also be able to surprise their close relatives and friends who may not yet know how to make sushi, and appreciate your cooking skills.

 fish cut into thin layers
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Features of Japanese cuisine

Everyone knows that sushi is Japanese cuisine, which literally burst into our lives and has become for some people in our country a completely integral part of almost daily diet. Few Russians believe that Japanese women have never touched such a serious matter as cooking. None of the restaurant, located in Japan, you will not find a woman cook.

These places are firmly engaged in the stronger sex. That man right sushi, both in the restaurant and at home. They came up with every recipe. But the Russian woman to successfully master this art. It is considered an art professionals how to prepare sushi at home.

Recall that the land - is not only very tasty but also very healthy dish from exotic countries.

That is why the Japanese live much longer than all the other nations. The point here is not the ecology, remember the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and even more devastating losses during the Second World War. Japan has seen a lot of the people, and the only thing that saves them and gives them the strength, it is a healthy food. And it is the only component of a long and healthy life. To explain this fact scientifically quite difficult because fish is very useful, it is a source of protein and is not a heavy food for the human body, it is quickly and easily digested.

 forming rice
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Cooking Japanese food - sushi

Prior to prepare the land properly, you need to buy what you need for sushi. Difficulties in the present case should not have any, as the time you spend very little, and the current conditions allow us to find the necessary ingredients easily. And then, most importantly, what to think, when you begin to prepare sushi, this is what pleasure you give yourself and your loved ones.

Sushi can be prepared in a festive dish, particularly well they will look on the table for theme parties, for example, in the eastern style. A land and can be prepared as a daily meal. In any event, invited friends and delight all your household provided.
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What are the different types of sushi?

Inventive Japanese tend not to sit on the ground and diversify almost everything to each person found a ideal. This is the case in Japan and manufactured automotive electronics, and, of course, food and dishes. As is well known, even rice are grown in large quantities and for every taste - round and elongated, bright and black, and so on. D. On the land there is the same - chefs eager to please the tastes and desires of each potential client and is constantly experimenting with recipes for their dishes . And this, by the way, they manage very well.

So, Japanese sushi types include:

  • Nigiri, which is also called compressed sushi. They are small in size, short wedges of rice, shaped like a finger, which is laid on top of a piece of fish. In sushi bars, this type is very popular and they are usually served in pairs.
  • Macy's, they're all your favorite rolls. They look as follows - mixed with fish, prawns or any other seafood and vegetables, rice, rolled up in a sheet of nori (a type of seaweed). Initially rolls make a roll, and before serving, this roll is cut into small pieces.
  • Chirashi sushi in Japan are very common and popular. This type of sushi is called isolated. When they spread out cooked rice in a small container, and the top in arbitrary order and number are stacked seafood and vegetables.
  • The fourth type of sushi - Oshi-sushi, or pressed sushi. For the recipe of this dish will need to pre-cooked fish, which can be marinated or just salt. It is placed on the bottom of the container, again small, over which fish need to fill to the brim with rice. Beyond what is necessary to put the oppression, to the land compacted and took the form of uniform shape. After some time, cooked dish is removed from the container, turning it into a dish of fish up and rovnenko cut into pieces.

There are also several kinds of mixed sushi that is prepared with boiled rice wrap in different pieces of algae or, for example, in the squares of thin omelet with which it turns out that this type of exotic dishes such as sushi fukuza. Recipes rice, salad, and stuffing for sushi basically no different. The only difference in the ways of the forming of the finished dish.

 applying wasabi
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Preparation Nigiri sushi at home

As the most popular among Russian consumers are Nigiri sushi, their recipe will look more important in any cookbook.

In order to make your own sushi Nigiri, you need the following products:

  • rice for sushi, better short and rounded grains,
  • rice vinegar,
  • soy sauce,
  • fillet of fish - salmon
  • shrimp, cooked in advance,
  • wasabi (dry or paste)
  • pickled ginger,
  • cream cheese,
  • crab sticks,
  • avocado,
  • cucumber,
  • greens and lemon used at the request of the cook.

As tools of preparation of such an interesting dishes in the recipe should be used Makis - a bamboo mat - and a sharp knife.

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How to choose the right ingredients for sushi?

To go to the grocery store to be used for sushi, you the eve of the process. Choosing rice vinegar, it is advisable to opt for the Japanese version, as it has not sharp, sweet taste, perfectly complementing the land. Selected vinegar Western or Chinese manufacturers will interrupt the delicate aroma and taste of sushi. Success is all choice has fallen on rice vinegar Mitsukan, which is easy to find in any store of Asian culture.

A more time-consuming to search for wasabi. They exist two types - Seiyo and Sava. The second of these is too expensive and besides in Japan or in any other country is not used. But Seiyo more popular and there is always an assortment of any Asian store. Also wasabi can be seen in two different forms - a paste and a dry powder. Experts recommend to use the fact that the powder, as it is, in contrast to the paste is not subjected to preservation. And this process, as everyone knows, is impossible without the use of unauthorized products, thanks to them wasabi often changes its color and even taste. Therefore, give preference to an embodiment of the powder, which, when mixed with water in a matter of minutes is converted in an absolutely correct and secure paste.

Pickled ginger, which is referred to cook together, "burning", is used to neutralize the taste of the previous type of eating sushi in front of others of its type. It also helps freshening the mouth.

Caviar fish used in sushi recipe as an arbitrary component. It is mainly used for obvalivaniya finished rolls before serving to give the dish a more beautiful appearance.

Fish for cooking recipe is desirable to select special Japanese stores - are imported to it every day, and it is said the first freshness. Just never frozen fish is an excellent ingredient for sushi and rolls. As a vegetable stuffing usually use cucumber, avocado, add the crab sticks and cream cheese. If you wish, for refueling filling you can use Japanese mayonnaise, which has a delicate flavor and not like all the other species of this sauce, pungent odor.
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Cooking rice for sushi recipe at home

This process involves the following conditions and operations:

First of all take small, round grain rice varieties Nishiki or Minori, which is not too overdried compared to the Long brothers. On a couple of guests expect to take about half a kilo of rice.

Then, wash rice. To do this, pour cereal into a bowl and fill it with cold water. Hands massage to take the rice in water to exfoliate pristavschy grains to fine dust. To determine the purity of rice as follows. After about two minutes of washing it in the same water to drain it, pour again and repeat massaging grains. While in the first case, the water was cloudy and dirty, then after the third washing, or at least after the fourth water is clear, indicating that it is in purity rice. Figure take out of the bowl and dry.

Cook the rice in 1 liter of water, as stated in the recipe, at maximum heat for 12 minutes after boiling. Ready fig leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Then add to it 50 ml of rice vinegar, 10 g salt and 30 g sugar.

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Form a right Nigiri sushi

Technique slicing fish in sushi different types differs markedly from each other. For Nigiri fillets cut at a slight angle, about 45 degrees, so that the piece was cut in one motion of the knife.   To do this, it needs to be very well grind.

After that, moisturize your hands and proceed to the formation of the land. Scoop 1, 5, Art. l. rice and squeeze it into the palm of his right hand in the shape of an oval, and in his left hand taking a piece of fish. Right index finger grease fish wasabi paste and press it Fig. Turn the resulting nigiri fish up and press down again to her figure. It is important that harvesting of fish fillet was the basis of nigiri, that is, its size should be larger than the rice oval. All is ready!

 Prepare sushi at home