simple recipe for beef stroganoff


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What to cook when guests are on the threshold, and the choice of food is not so great? Very simple and quick to prepare pork stroganoff considered.

Initially stroganoff prepared exclusively from beef, but later it began to cook and pork. Cooking time is significantly reduced, the meat turns juicy and soft. How are preparing this dish and that is a recipe for pork stroganoff? Beef Stroganoff - a meat dish in a tomato cream sauce. Stroganov well with boiled potatoes and rice, so it is usually served with these garnishes. This dish can decorate a festive table or to diversify everyday.

Prepared Beth quickly and is very easy and the ingredients used to a minimum. By the way, you can move away from the classic beef stroganoff recipe and replaced some ingredients. For example, you can replace sour cream, the result is no worse, the meat will become more creamy taste and become even softer.

So the recipe is so interesting dishes require the use of the following ingredients:

  • pork meat - 600 g;
  • onions - 2-3 pcs .;
  • tomato paste - 2-3 tbsp. L .;
  • cream 20% - 200 g;
  • flour - 1 tbsp. L .;
  • butter - 100 g;
  • salt and pepper to taste;
  • parsley, dill or basil for decoration.

If you found in your fridge, these simple products, we can safely move on to cooking.

 delicious pork stroganoff
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Cooking process

For the preparation of low-fat beef stroganoff perfect piece of pork tenderloin is desirable. Meat should be cut into thin slices 1 cm thick. You can also pre discourage pork special hammer on both sides. This is done in order to make it even softer and softer and easily absorbed the sauce.

Once the meat is sliced, you need to fry it on a preheated pan with melted butter. Meanwhile, chop the onion half rings, which is added to the meat. Once the onion and the meat slightly browned, you can season them with salt, fragrant black pepper (preferably freshly ground) to taste.

Can now be added to the pan tomato paste. It is necessary to thoroughly mix it with meat and onions.

By the way, if you suddenly did not have cream, you can use an ordinary cream and even homemade fat milk. But in this case in the pan before adding the tomato paste is added to the meat tablespoon of flour, stir thoroughly and fry to avoid lumps. Once added tomato paste, you can pour into the pan of the cold cream. All together, we mix well and give some time to the mass thickens.

After the mass in the pan it becomes thick, add the remaining cream to fire decreases. So, we give the meat a little put out.   Pork Stroganoff can be considered ready.

 Beef Stroganoff with garnish
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As with feed than

As it turned out, beef stroganoff recipe is very unsophisticated. As mentioned above, stroganoff perfectly with the potatoes, which need to pre-boil, or it can be made from mashed potatoes and rice. The finished dish should be just before serving decorate with dill or parsley, perfectly combined with meat and basil.

Garnish requires no filling and sauce in the dish because it very much. Garnish advisable to prepare in advance, because the meat is necessary to bring to the table hot. Preheat dish will differ in taste from a freshly prepared.

Perfectly combine this dish with vegetables, red wine and brown bread. This dish is sure to please your household and guests. Try, experiment, turn on the imagination. We wish you bon appetit.

 Preparation of pork stroganoff

 Duck dishes


  • Choose the "victim"
  • Processing carcass for cooking
  • Baking whole
  • Soups and broths of duck
  • Options dishes

Delicious and rich in amino acids and vitamins duck somehow rarely appears on the tables of urban residents. Rumor has it that it has an unpleasant odor or taste, but any village or hostess Summer Resident, duck-growing on a personal farmstead answer is that if you do not like duck, then you do not know how to cook.

Cooking duck is different from all the usual ways of working with the "Bush legs".

And the thing that is gaining more fat duck. This bird is quite large, and its meat is more elastic than chicken, especially if the duck is not the first youth. This should be considered when choosing and cooking duck for any recipe.
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Choose the "victim"

Well, let's choose a duck - and now they are in the store, and the market is full. Just like brides in the city of Ivanovo.

For roasting whole is better to choose a duck younger. It is cooked quickly and is softer. On the shelves in the main carcass fall ducks poultry farms. They feed the ducks for 60 days, so you should not worry and sorted by size or price.

Domestic duck and tastier factory, but contains all the ducklings summer and the autumn-winter, they can be up to six months. And the end-tribal old women too somewhere has to do with - in the soup, or roast.

Young duck - up to 2 kg, the skin is bright yellow legs. Fat color white.

Old Duck has a yellowish skin, orange legs. Fat color yellow. The older the duck, the color saturation and fat legs. The weight of a duck can reach 3-5 kg.

 soup with duck

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Processing carcass for cooking

Getting treated ducks. Frozen thawed carcasses for a long time, so it is best to have the time to 12 hours to defrost. If we bought a steam or chilled duck - no questions.

Remove the giblets. They should not be disposed of, they will be useful. Duck scalded with boiling water, remove the "hemp" - parts of feathers, similar to the needle urchin. When you've spent such a procedure, the carcass obsushivayut towel and singeing over the fire. Be sure to remove the sebaceous glands at the base of the tail. Its contents can ruin any dish.

Basic cooking recipes are the same as for any meat or poultry:

  • Baking whole duck;
  • Preparation of cut pieces of duck;
  • Duck soups and broths.

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Baking whole

Before baking is necessary to separate the bony part of the wings. They dry out and will not be sedobnoe. And they can be added to the giblets to ever cook soup. Same do with the neck and legs. Remove fat from the abdomen.

Duck smeared with garlic, crushed in the press and mixed with salt and pepper. Then, the carcass should be wrapped in foil and leave for a couple of hours. Garlic mass can replace mustard or rub the duck with a mixture of herbs. This is to ensure that the meat is soaked with the scent of spices. A mustard with the meat slightly soften.

If we plan to just bake the duck, without filling, it remains only to wait for it to marinate.

And if you decide to bake the stuffed duck, prepare the stuffing. Options recipes fillings:

  • Cereal;
  • Fruit;
  • Vegetable.

Stuffing cereals

You can make a filling: 2/3 cup buckwheat, duck or chicken giblets, egg, onion, garlic.

Buckwheat boil slightly. The crank meat grinder raw tripe, can only poultry liver. Onion finely chopped. Crush garlic with a knife and chop. All the mix, to drive the egg. A little warm mass in a pan with fat until excess moisture evaporates. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Buckwheat good substitute for rice and wheat.

Filling of fruits

Traditional recipe - a duck with apples and quince. On one duck will need 4-5 apples or quince. Apples are better to choose acidic, with firm flesh. Well suited or Antonovka Reinette Simirenko. Fruit cut into quarters, remove the seed chambers. Every quarter-cut in half. The pieces will be just right.

Apples can be supplemented with dried fruits: prunes, figs, dried apricots. They are pre-soaked in wine, cognac or pour boiling water for a few minutes to soften. Different variations of combinations of fruits in the filling will give taste nuances in each case.

Duck with vegetables

Vegetable stuffing can be varied by combining them with spices, or creating a colorful set of vegetables, own recipes. For example, large washers cut carrots, potatoes, diced 2 cm, add chopped celery, small red onions, whole garlic cloves, black olives.

With the duck well with sauerkraut. It must be a little put out with spices and onions. Here, too, possible variations of recipes with the addition of fried mushrooms, sausages, apple or quince (they have to be cut smaller than for a duck with apples), prunes.

Duck stuffed stuffing. The edges of the abdomen and connect sutured thread. Can put together their wooden toothpicks. It's time to put it in the oven.

Several secrets roasting duck. First of all, the oven should be heated up to 250 degrees. The first 10 minutes, it will survive in this heat. Then reduce the temperature to 200 degrees for another 10 minutes, and finally cook it at 180 degrees.

The second secret - if the duck is roasted in a pan, without the parchment or foil package, it about once every 15 minutes and should be watered juice with fat that accumulate in the pan.

Ready duck is easy to determine, piercing her with a knife. The effluent juice is clear when enough propechetsya duck. Overdo it in the oven is undesirable, the meat becomes dry.

Duck baked in the oven is ready. We take out and put in a dish. Remove the string or toothpicks, pull out the stuffing with a spoon and spread around the duck. We admire the result ... and call all to the table.

 roast duck
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Soups and broths of duck

Baked duck - it's not for the daily meal, just for the holiday.   How to eat a duck in everyday life?

First of all - you can cook soups and broths. Duck too big to cook it whole, like kuru. Family for soup or broth 1 kg duck enough.

Cooking shurpa prescription duck meat with bones divide 5-6 pieces and fry, putting the pieces skin side down. When heated with oil, turn over. Add 3 chopped onion and the same amount of carrots and fry, put half an hour. Then pour water and cook Shurpa. After an hour or so to add half a dozen potatoes, Lavrushka, peppercorn and salt. As the potato is ready, add the dill and parsley.

If during cooking pour the broth into it with half a cup of rice, millet or buckwheat, and then do the same thing when cooking shurpa, you get "hunting" soup. But we do not admit to anyone that duck bought at a supermarket around the corner?

On the broth can be cooked duck soup or soup. Here many mistresses, so many recipes. Let each preparing his. And the broth with noodles, too, can take a duck instead of chicken. We just do not forget that cooking this soup will have a little longer.

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Options dishes

And we have the second? Well, of course - duck. You can cook it with the bones, prescription chakhokhbili or hot.

For frying 1 kg duck cut into portions and fry without fat - fat is heated with from ducks. Add the sliced ​​onions - 1-2 heads, fry some more. 5-6 medium potatoes slices of roast separately to blush. And then combine the meat and potatoes in a roasting pan, add beauty carrot - diced, Lavrushka and pepper. Half a cup of sour cream - go to the same roasting pan and pour boiling water - about a cup. Heated to boiling, salt and diminish the fire - albeit slowly stewed with an hour or so.

If you wanted something Caucasus and sharp, though it will not be a dagger, and a variation of the recipe Georgian chakhokhbili. Let's not boring - sitting where the pheasant, from which the right thing to do chakhokhbili? A duck is. We cut, put in utyatnitsu, fry under the lid. About five tomatoes peeled and finely chop. Or take a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste. Five onions and 2 Bulgarian pepper cut into half rings, thick. All the vegetables one by one, at intervals of about 10 minutes to add the duck. Salt to taste. Simmer for an hour. Cilantro and basil will give a flavor of the dish needed - and add them. Hops-suneli, hot pepper and garlic at the end of cooking - that was not lost flavor.

So, replacing the types of meat that encourages tradition of duck can be prepared innumerable dishes of national cuisine. Try it, it will be delicious and always a new way.

 How delicious to cook a duck?