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In two respects Sex plays one of the most important roles. With it, we will deliver the pleasure yourself and your partner. This is the same way to communicate with your partner as it, but we express our feelings than through words and movements, touch. Do not underestimate the importance of intimacy even in the already long-established and time-tested relations. Look not too monotonous routine and become your nights and days, whether it is time to diversify them, paint in bright colors? Maybe we should forget for a while that you're both adults, and some pobezumstvovat? This will help you play in bed - that's the most suitable place and a way to open up!

Show yourself and look at your other half from a new angle, make a note of spice and spice to a little monotonous, "dishes" night copulation -Here what we need role-playing games. In life, we have to constantly play a variety of roles. Some of these will come easily and naturally. We do not even think about it. Some roles are unpleasant to us. Of course, there are roles, to play that we never have to. But in his own bedroom, We are producers, directors and actors. That proposal would be strange not to make use of. Turn on your imagination at full capacity - and get pleasure from the game together with your loved ones.

 games in bed with a favorite

Creative approach to everyday life

Each family (or not very family) pair of spats happen on the basis of routine, everyday life, the monotony. Most of them are so small that then both can not remember, because of what actually happened to the dispute. Decide who washes the dishes or the floor, takes out the garbage, whose turn it is to walk the dog or go for groceries. There will be very useful call to think outside the box and find in hackneyed things for something new. Try to do it all together ... But with a strong sexual overtones. Wash floors or utensils - undress and do it naked! Go for the food, walk with the dog or throw garbage - get dressed so that you wanted to strip! Accompanying the next favorite necessarily - let all this time thinking about how he will undress you home. Well, you can discuss it during prom - let the conversation will instead foreplay.

Indulge in this way, you will want a more daring experiments. We understand you perfectly and maintained in such a hot plans for intimacy with a loved one. So now we will share with you a dozen are most popular ideas that are embodied in sex between partners. You have to try on their own experience, that will be for you the most interesting and memorable - prepared to play for high stakes!

My servant - a dedicated and beloved!

What is the secret of the most popular sexual fantasies among couples, scientists (English or Russian or other) have not been able to solve. But the fact remains. It turns out your man brings joy to literally be a slave to his formidable power and mistress. The variations are endless - for example, Cleopatra and obscure young man who is doomed to die after a single night with a beautiful queen, perform nightly wishes he would all night long. Or fierce Amazon, his prisoner chained in handcuffs and chooses to deal with it, after sex.

Fallen Angel

He - the righteous. The pious young man, a man of the highest moral principles. She - a sinner. A fallen woman. He's trying to save her, to wash of sin. But in the end it turns out he seduced her. Hooked to spell mad passion conquered her physical ability to love mad, bring to a frenzy. Charming shameless can demonstrate all their skills and have much to teach her partner, to enlighten it in all the nuances of carnal intimacy. Poor lamb, caught in the clutches of a ruthless wolf. But if he could grumble at his fate, having received such pleasure in her arms?

Doctor, what happened to me? I am sick?

Decide for yourself, who will now play the role of the patient, and who - a health worker. Are you a nurse to provide first aid to the victim, dressed in a white robe, under which no panties? Or is he an experienced luminary of medicine, as treatment was discharged long sex marathon? How is it going to measure your temperature? How many times during the night it will be necessary to take the medication prescribed to them?

Pleas meaningless - the victim is no hope

Sexologists argue that many women secretly indulge in dreams, which they guard seizes lustful and terribly attractive type. Suddenly he catches it, throw up their hands (even connects them), and do not heed the pleas for mercy, takes her into a sexual relationship. Add the realism of the game. Tear the clothes - dress pants. Let the man thrusts gag in her mouth to his victim, and did not bother to strip himself. Rapists have no time for it. Its task -Quickly, rough and hard to satisfy their own baser instincts.

Dancing. Dirty Dancing?

You certainly have realized what now will be discussed. Striptease. Who is going to get rid of the clothes to the music, slowly undressing himself and slowly exposing a partner, in general, it is not so important. You can take it in turns. The main thing is that after the two of you again merge into a passionate embrace. Just be sure that you had the perfect underwear; You can work out in the pre-stripping in the absence of her husband. Speak with the husband of his costume - he may as a child dreamed of being a fireman. Or a musician. How sexy can undress to the music man in a tuxedo, suit or protective clothing representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations - you will find it very soon.

Manual horn, or the taste of betrayal

Be a reality in a situation of well-known joke, "her husband returned from a business trip, and his wife with a lover ..." hardly anyone would want. Especially in the field Blessed spouse. But imagine yourself a lover of his wife - why not? You long to care for her, coaxing go on about passion, and then finally she succumbed. Thrills increase, if it stay. Before you is not your wife, and a woman of another man. It's the forbidden fruit, which is known to be very sweet. Eat it!

Uniforms matters

There options can be vast. Plumber and housewife. Fire and rescue them charmer. The offender and the lady police officer, instructed him to let true. Yes, just two policemen - good and bad! Or vice versa - good and bad. The main thing in these games - the presence of overalls. Take care to buy, rent or borrow the right to ask for a uniform. Even though the game of the big boss, dressed in a suit, and his subordinate sexy, buttoned, can direct the thoughts in the right direction. Discuss all options with her husband. Well, that is not to discuss the course. A practice immediately, and then have already been discussed - which of all tested you most came to taste.

Study, study and study again

Strict teacher and Losers inveterate bully? Or a diligent student and depraved nymphomaniac, who teaches anatomy? When she picks up the baton and ordered him to drop his pants, he did not dare to refuse her. If you have very few ideas - fantasize further. The young teacher who is experiencing weakness for charming studentochki. He's easy to get the highest score, if you make him a virtuoso blowjob! Let him take possession of you right on the desk, sprawled in the auditorium, where you recently diligently wrote something in a notebook. It is not necessary under penalty penetrate the walls of a school. Although - why not?

Note - Cut!

Games games, but after this game and take not ashamed. Rate your talents no one but you can not, but it's not for glory, but for the sake of art (read - the pleasure from sex) you did, did not I? Well, remove the home movie and feel very real pornographic actors - in itself unusual. Consider a scenario, clothing scene. Will it be physiological, almost animal intercourse or erotic and tender intimacy with candles and beautiful music, the play of light and long prelude? In general, the camera can be your friend from the very first game. Let there be documented proof that you have not forgotten how to play the game. Simply, they have become adults.

 playing in bed with her husband

From reading - to action

You're still here, rather than to have to captivate his passionate macho in alcoves to perform marital debt in ugotovlennoy their role? In vain! Do not waste your precious time - indulge passion immediately. Let your bedroom changing roles, the characters, of desire. But the main actors in your life and in love, you will always stay only for each other. To one third never interfered in your plans (well, only if you do not want). Remember that sex can be incredibly different, even for many years with the same partner. The main thing - your mutual desire it. In your bedroom there is no need to invite the alternates or substitutes. All roles in your game you have the strength to play together with your loved ones. What you sincerely and wish!

 Games in bed when playing only adults