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  • Little secrets of great players
  • The curtain, or play over!
  • What gives us the menu?
  • Games all sorts of needs, all kinds of games are important

Nature has created people so that the routine acts on them depressing. We all tend to look for diversity in clothing, communication, food. It is logical that we are looking for it and prefer it. Some people prefer to change partners, but this path does not fit all. You agree that intimacy with a man more permanent enchanting than with a new partner. When all poses are tried, and the bedroom more often looks bored, they come to the aid - sexy role play. With their help, you can catch a few rabbits. Now you can forget about the routine in his own bed. View your favorite and itself something new. This will not only refresh a little stale relationship, and even fall in love again. And even closer, because now you know each other a little better.

Little secrets of great players

In all games, regardless of whether they are sexy, athletic, intelligent and entertaining, there are certain rules and failure to comply could easily spoil the expected outcome. What are the rules for games that take place in the bedroom? Both partners should be relaxed, configured to receive pleasure from the upcoming action and to understand that the confusion - is inappropriate in bed emotion. Liberated and play - this is the main requirement. The game should start, gave her fully!

The curtain, or play over!

Both of you are tuned to a great night in anticipation of something indescribable. In order to get your hopes not to disappoint you, keep in mind what not to do during a regular night's adventures:

  • Equally it can spoil the whole mood of the seriousness of what is going strong or inappropriate cheerfulness. Behave naturally. It's a game, but it is only yours. There are no spectators, who need to show, and the judges who will assess what is happening.
  • The Council is certainly a necessary thing. But not now. Refrain from moralistic and taught phrases in the midst of view.
  • You came to play, and in your head right now wandering thoughts on the mortgage, damaged relationships with colleagues and the fact that you forgot to call my parents or water the flowers? Congratulations! You are a very responsible person. But why think about it right now, when you are going to do very different things? Now you need erotic thoughts, and not urgent. Urgently improve the situation!

 Sex Role games

What gives us the menu?

Selection of role-playing games is very wide. Do you long enough for this entertainment. We'll tell you about the most popular scenarios, which are often implemented in the bedrooms. Some of them do not even require any special attributes, and the pleasure you get no less than from the most tricky game.

  • Everybody Dance Now

You have already guessed, what now will be discussed? Dance for adults only, which is often seen only in private. Striptease - already one of the word erotic desires arise in our minds. The dance and the action itself is very sexy, and only a strip - and nothing to talk about! Who among you first perform it in front of a partner? You or your man will slowly be released from the clothes, luring and teasing their movements, moving rhythmically to the beat of the music?

Kind of clothes do not matter, except, perhaps, lingerie both of you and stockings have cute girls. Even if you are in the most that neither is the everyday clothes, beautiful and sexy ability to get rid of it with musical accompaniment is a priority. But that is closer to the body must look very erotic. Forget boxers (this applies to men), modest cotton bras and panties. They are taboo. Lace, satin, crawfish, everything is transparent and weightless. For women it is important to the ability to move gracefully in heels. Kind woman, sexy off her clothes, remaining first in stockings and underwear, and then without it, but on high heels - your man is struck on the spot!

  • The most miserable in the world of the patient

Few people get sick and loves to wallow in such a state in the bed. If only in the beds would be not only the patient but also his doctor. A game in which love to play both adults and children, - "The doctor and the patient." Only the goals are quite different. So, which scenario you prefer? You are a nurse, and your man - patients who urgently needed first aid, such as artificial respiration mouth to mouth? Or are you patient eminent physician, hitting an appointment to which you have desired to compelling him to surrender?

  • Last call

School years distant, how long they have been! But they will not forget the girl, fall in love at the time of his youth into a teacher of physics and algebra, and boys who dream to know what underwear even in very young new teacher of Russian language and literature. It is time to realize the fantasies of yesteryear. Tonight you are inexperienced in the role, but awfully pretty schoolgirl came to retake the exam. Your man - terribly strict teacher who wants a pretty student is much more than just the correct answer. What is required of him to get a treasured assessment?

To limit ourselves with the school to anything. Higher education - has long been a necessary thing in the modern world. And today you can become a daring student senior students who decided to seduce the handsome teacher. You need him more than the knowledge of the profile subject. And you, too, have something to teach him. He will never forget such a way to share knowledge!

  • Selling love

Prostitutes, extending its charms for anyone wishing to money and having the financial ability to pay for them? Yes, another game by which men delighted. Aggressive makeup, frankly shameless underwear, provocative behavior - you'll have to completely transform. But why not? For thrills, you can visit the hot spot, where your future customers will come to you with a proposal to pay for affection. Or ask them to do some fun, sitting down beside him and dissolute smiling.

  • good and evil

As you know, good triumphs over evil. "What does this have to role-playing games" - puzzled you verify? The most immediate. If you're a bad girl, challenge your partner will be how to punish you. You see, what we hint, huh? If bad boy will be your man, you urgently need to put on latex clothes, armed with a whip and a popular show that wretched boy, a treatment worthy of his behavior.

  • Against his will

Many women are embarrassed to admit their men in a secret desire. No woman wants to always affectionate and gentle sex. Sometimes beautiful ladies want their men acted more brutally, with daring onslaught, and even force. That is a very good time to open your favorite. Playing a rapist and his victim, and cruel slave master will allow you to report on your long-time secret. Let it tumble down on your bed, picks rough and ruthless hand all the clothes and take you mercilessly. You're so long ago wanted!

  • Antlers adorn the only deer

Few want to be in the role of the betrayed wife or husband, but thought to play a lover or a mistress does not seem so repulsive. Especially with its own second half! Sending an imaginary spouse on a business trip, invite to his alcove "forbidden fruit." You can even pre-arrange to call each other different names. Ask friends for realism apartment keys to change the situation, or remove the room.

  • Office realities

Career made through the bed - for many it is a subject for condemnation. But you're going to only play it, but still do not have anyone else, but with a beloved man! Strict boss who locks his office to on your own desktop to learn pretty secretary, did not even undress her, but only lifting pencil skirt. Or are you ice business woman, female case who wants to have fun with one of her favorite subjects. And let him try it a good suit, otherwise it will just be fired!

  • Cinema - making his own masterpieces

Household surveys one can not be surprised. But if you have not tried, then for you it is of interest. You and actors and directors, and the directors of the film about your own bedding battles. It will be a one-time event, or now you'll be keen to take serial film? Only the two of you decide.

  • Husband for an hour

So now called the guys working in the firms to provide minor repairs to all who need it. For example, you have a pipe burst in the bathroom. Urgent call the plumber! I called a plumber you were so good-looking that you have decided to thank him not only financially? You will, but he just will not give up to get a warm thanks from so sexy ladies.

  • Hot guys from the Ministry of Emergency Situations

Of course, the hot guys are not only in MES, but also in many other organizations. But for some reason many women fascinating valid uniform, and they are terrible dream to be in a situation where it can be removed with a guy whom she was wearing. And where this guy works: the police, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, - there is no difference. Try to appear before a special woman in his clothes - you will feel the effects of its magic.

  • Celebrity and her fan (Spoken)

Sex with famous people - unattainable dream of millions of people. Someone presents itself in bed with the famous actor, someone - with the sexy singer. But why not play out a similar scenario in your bedroom? To enhance the effect, you can make a film with a star in the title role in the upcoming process of love, or a collection of songs with the voice of the singer passionately desired.

  • Obscurity

Another secret desire adult boys and girls. To someone unknown sex with them, delivering a heavenly pleasure, and then disappeared, to remain incognito. Tie partner's eyes and even hands, in case of possible resistance. And just be engaged in love with him. Do not call him by his name and did not engage him in conversation. You crave sex and nothing more. After mutual pleasure can disappear without saying goodbye.

  • Mirror, mirror, tell me

Some couples would not refuse the presence of spectators in their own bedroom, or even participate in this orgy. But this is not always possible. Mirror - an excellent alternative that will come to your aid and fulfill your desire. Make love in front of a mirror the size of a full-length. Ideal - if the whole room is in the mirrors. The two of you, and at the same time in the room has a lot of couples making love with you, simultaneously, at the same time. Light the candles instead of electric light - then the feeling of being in the room, besides you, many more people will increase.

  • Uninhabited island

I felt primitive men and women, dressed in skins, surrounded by only wildlife? Check is not a problem. Play Adam and Eve, and Tarzan Amazon breeze. You can have sex under the crackle of the fire, went to rest savage somewhere far away from civilization. Or on the skin of a bear in his apartment, leaving the neck a necklace of flowers. Enable sounds of nature in this case will be quite superfluous. This will help further strengthen the feeling that you are in the open somewhere in central Africa.

 role playing sex

Games all sorts of needs, all kinds of games are important

In the bedroom you can realize all these and many other roles. For people with no problem fantasy world to diversify their sexual desire, surprising each other and to give love and affection through just such lovely receptions. The main thing - do not forget that the game should be interesting not only for you but also your partner. Frankness, openness and ability to negotiate certainly help you further exciting discoveries in your bed. Let these pleasant discoveries will be as much as possible!

 Erotic role play: in bed should not be boring!