different poses for conception


  • Selecting a pose for conception
  • Factors affecting fertility

Currently, among the youth of today there is a tendency for family planning and children. Couples trying to build their lives on a pre-approved script: a wedding, get housing, a decent-paying job and have children. Perhaps this time management will be better because both partners are psychologically tuned to the birth and upbringing of the child.

However, to conceive immediately at the request does not always work. In such cases, you can use a variety of methods that contribute to fertilize the egg. For example, poeksperementiruyte with a partner to explore the best posture for conception.

 selection of poses for conception
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Selecting a pose for conception

Position of the body during sex, which achieves the best possible condition for the merger of the egg with the sperm had not been invented.

Effective posture for conception developed by scientists and gynecologists specializing in human reproduction.

Often the optimum position for fertilization depends on the structural features of the genitals. So if you are having difficulty, pain during intercourse, contact your gynecologist. The skilled artisan will determine the structure of the individual organism and advise favorable for conception poses.

  • "Doggy-style"

This posture can be in a different name a knee-elbow: a woman based on her knees and elbows, slightly lifting the pelvis. In this position the penis pointing straight to the cervix and can penetrate deeply into the woman's womb and the high position of the pelvis prevents leakage of sperm. Position can be slightly modified. Then, a woman needs to remove the support from the elbows and lie on his stomach, leaving the lower part of the body in the same position. After intercourse Hold this position for a while or lie down on his stomach. Bozeman's position is suitable for women who are misaligned or bending of the uterus. According to popular belief, during fertilization in this position, most boys are born.

  • "The pose of the missionary"

In this position, the partners take the classic position of the body when a man is lying on his back on the woman. The missionary position is comfortable and provides deep penetration, if the structure of the genital organs do not have any abnormalities or cervix is ​​above it. After having sex in order to achieve maximum impact a woman should do the exercise "Birch". Keep your legs in a vertical position, for convenience, you can put a pillow under your buttocks.

  • "Spoons"

Partners lie on its side or facing each other, a man embracing a woman from behind. In this position, the partner is able to control the pace and strength of friction dvizheniy.Takaya posture recommended rejecting the uterus right or left. And partner should lie on one side, which is directed cervix. Thus sperm can stay in the vagina. After Tolowa Language Act a little lie down on the right side.

  • "The General"

Another position which promotes fertility. The woman lies on her back, legs and shoulders partner throws. Without changing the position of the body, the partner can be widely spread his legs in the air. During intercourse, the man can caress the woman, bringing her more pleasure. Horizontally positioned pelvis woman favors the penetration of sperm.

  • "I want a girl '

The name corresponds to the desired posture couples to conceive a girl. For this woman sits on top of a man lying on his back. And one of her leg is behind the man's thigh, and the other between his legs. One hand on her knee, and the other is on the man's chest. In this position, he takes the initiative partner.

It is worth noting that the sex in the described positions are not necessarily on the bed. Try to achieve pleasure on the couch, ottoman, desk and so on.

Increases the chances of getting pregnant lovemaking with a partner in the days of ovulation, when the egg is ready for fertilization, and released from the ovary into the abdominal cavity. These days, the sperm have the best chance to merge with a female cage. Determine ovulation can be characterized by physiological symptoms, calendar calculation, rapid tests, as well as in the office of a gynecologist. Conception is most likely to happen within five days prior to ovulation to 1 day after. It is also calculated that the maximum activity of spermatozoa is achieved at about 5 pm.

 Girls pose for conception
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Factors affecting fertility

Among the huge variety of sexual positions allocate those which prevent deeper penetration of the male organ in a woman's body and achieving sperm uterus. Typically, in such a situation the bodies partners after orgasm male sperm derived from the vagina by gravity.

These include sitting postures, during which the pelvis gets insufficient blood circulation. And also when standing cervix is ​​located at the top, even with vigorous ejaculation sperm can not attain their goals.

However, we must not think that sex in these positions will protect you from unwanted pregnancy. Only modern methods of contraception are able to guarantee a high degree of protection.

Locomotor activity of sperm negatively affected sexual intercourse with the use of lubricants in the hot tub or pool. High temperatures, chlorinated substances, aromatic foam baths and shampoos for doing sedentary male cells and reduce the possibility of conception.

All the efforts to conceive may be in vain if the partners have a negative mental attitude. No need to once again experience, will reach the goal or not. First of all, you have to get pleasure from a partner. Positive emotions and favorable posture will eventually lead to the desired result, and soon you will say, "Honey, we have a baby! "

 The best posture for conception

 beautiful gifts on a wooden wedding


  • Gifts from friends and relatives
  • Unusual gifts to the wedding wooden
  • Gifts for couple families
  • Gifts of spouses to each other

Family celebrated the fifth anniversary of a wooden wedding. The tree is a symbol of a strong and close-knit family that has taken deep roots and, most likely, has acquired "leaves" - the children. It is expected that within five years the couple had amassed their economy (previously it was Ideally wooden house), settled down good solid furniture, their relationship became stronger.

The history of the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the family is rooted in Germany, where the anniversary was celebrated lavishly and very fun to invite friends, relatives and re-performed the wedding ceremony, only in comic form. We pay more attention to the interior of the room where the celebration took place: it was decorated with wooden figurines, statuettes, fir branches. Covering a magnificent table as a symbol of family well-being and prosperity, we performed various rites and competitions to ensure mutual understanding of spouses, and their relationship - a fortress and patience.

Who wooden wedding couple may be noted, inviting friends or relatives (usually open to all those people who were at the wedding), or celebrate in a more quiet and intimate atmosphere. But the tradition of giving gifts on wooden wedding remained the same as in the old days. What can give spouses relatives and friends, as well as the spouses themselves to each other in this joyous day?

 unusual gift from a friend
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Gifts from friends and relatives

Home tradition concerning gifts for the family five years from the date of the wedding - a variety of rituals that are associated with wood.

For example, before the couple could be planted "family tree" or tied with colored ribbons "Wish Tree". Today these traditions have sunk into oblivion, but still decided to give the couple the day gifts made of wood. What kind of gifts on wooden wedding couples can give friends and relatives:

  • wooden crafts: jewelry, figurines, jewelry boxes, figurines, vases, etc... These gifts can give, both independently and as a complement to the main, more expensive and more practical gifts;
  • kitchen utensils: spoons, cutting boards, dishes, cups, coasters, mugs, and others. In addition, wooden utensils, which does not break beats, is a symbol of a strong family;
  • Interior items: frames for pictures, candlesticks and so on. n. Such things at the same time will enliven the interior and at the same time will not be around to gather dust on the shelves;
  • Furniture: a clothes hanger, a set of wicker furniture for the garden or loggia. These gifts can be presented as independent, because, as a rule, wooden furniture - not a cheap pleasure. Relatives or friends in common may be reset and buy a set of all together. Especially good is such a gift, if the couple has long dreamed about it, but not going to buy;
  • journey. This is another gift option that can present all spouses relatives or friends. Undoubtedly, such a gift will appeal to everyone. And that nothing marred his thoughtful questions in advance with your child (with whom he will be while traveling parents) if the pair managed to acquire an heir. You can give a ticket to go anywhere, but you can - thematic. For example, in Nizhny Novgorod (the museum "Vitoslavitsy"), Finland (Seurasaari in which the museum of wooden art), Suzdal (museum of wooden art and country life), Kizhi Island (where the world-famous monuments of wooden art);
  • gifts in the style of feng shui. For example, the wooden panels. The flow of Feng Shui does not lose its popularity. Wooden panels - this beautiful and elegant, and fashionable.

 interesting gift for the interior

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Unusual gifts to the wedding wooden

It is possible to present a special gift that not only will be different from all the others. but also surprised by the spouses. Of course, the better you know the couple, the easier it will be to find a gift that will surprise you with its originality. But if you can not figure out what it might be, do not worry: there are options. You just need to look more widely at the very idea of ​​it, "wooden" gift:

  • living tree. This is a very original gift. For example, a tree "bonsai" is not only enliven the interior, but is a gift with meaning, because it is a symbol of longevity and strength of the union of two people. If you know that a woman has long wanted any particular plant, it will also be a wonderful Prezent wedding on a wooden;
  • "Paper" gifts: paper, too, is made of wood, so it is quite possible to use as a gift. For example, if one spouse likes to draw, you can give a set of brushes, album or drawing paper - certainly so please show. And if couples have children, a perfect gift for all: to draw together and fun, and the family becomes more cohesive. You can donate books. If you know what books prefer to spouses, even better. If you are unsure, you can give a woman a beautiful cookbook, a man - a book about his hobby, for example;
  • it's not exactly a gift, but rather, his support: you can give a present or just with the wishes of their own words, and you can learn some poem. It can be fun, comic, or, conversely, heartfelt, serious and romantic or festive - choose to your liking. Be sure the couple will be touched to the core.

 gifts to each other

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Gifts for couple families

The first wooden wedding celebration - a celebration of husband and wife. And they should congratulate each other. Options for a present - a great many. Spouses may make a joint gift, and can - individually.

If the spouses have decided to make a joint gift for the anniversary of the wedding, it may be some expensive purchase that they planned a long time ago and had not planned at all. The fifth anniversary is a good occasion for a gift!

  • Furniture: wooden bed, kitchen wall or other furniture that is needed in the house;
  • Rest: Stay or a spontaneous trip. This gift of the spouses may also present themselves. You can buy a ticket, but you can just get together and go to rest, because how often do we put the rest on then because of affairs. Family holiday - an excellent opportunity to, at last, to postpone all business for the benefit of joint recreation;
  • sports gifts: treadmill, biking, skiing, and so on. d. If the spouses have long wanted to buy a home orbitrek or bicycle, then a reason to buy come. A gift that will benefit both mind and body.

As you can see, the options are actually quite a few. And let some of the gifts are made, and not entirely of wood, the main thing that they are made with the soul, respect and love each other.

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Gifts of spouses to each other

Now let's see what are the options for gifts can be when the couple decided to make them separate from each other. To gift liked and "hit the jackpot", well, if the spouses are not only aware of each other's interests, but also about the desires. This will greatly facilitate the task. Well, if one of the desires of his spouse did not speak aloud, then there are options for gifts more universal:

  • decorations. The wife can give the husband the original cufflinks, made of wood, and the husband to his wife - beautiful earrings, necklace or bracelet. In addition, it can give and fine carved casket in which his wife will keep their jewelry. This option is particularly suitable for those husbands who prefer to wife wore jewelry made of precious metals. Then you can buy gold jewelry, and pack it in a box or casket made of wood;
  • the necessary tools for a hobby or thing. For example, if a man smokes, the wife can give him his pipe, made of wood. Or, if the husband - an avid attendant, then a broom for a bath - a wonderful gift on a wooden wedding. If the husband himself prepares the wine, the wooden wine jug just have appealed to him;
  • amulets. These gifts will be good for both husband and wife for. You can buy amulets, talismans for the home (in the form domovenka) or amulets, symbolizing happiness, love, health, strong family. You can donate a wooden cross or a rosary - whichever that may be interesting to the spouse;
  • for good health. Massager made of wood. This is a great gift that will benefit the health and be designed in the format of the celebration. You can not give a wooden device: tonometer, an inhaler, and so on. N. If one of the spouses have health problems, such a gift will be very useful;
  • interior. Wooden vase, for example, not only to bring the interior of flavor, but also useful in the economy, and the picture of brushwood, framed by a wooden frame, not only is a perfect gift on a wooden wedding, but also fashionable element of decor;
  • Beauty. A husband can give his wife a subscription to the spa and beauty salon, in the pool or gym, the certificate to a favorite store - certainly any woman will accept this gift with joy.

Now the tradition of giving "wooden" gifts even exist, but it is not all adhere to. Therefore wooden wedding, like any other holiday - this is another reason to attend, to fulfill the dream and desire of the spouse (or spouse, if it comes to gifts from relatives and friends) to sit and remember to warm us on the wedding day, or sit together in intimate setting and to recall how the relationship began, which led to such a remarkable finale - the wedding and create a strong family.

In any case, no matter what you have presented on a wooden wedding, the main thing - not what you give, and then, what sense do you put into your gift, present your soul with which his wife. After all, a gift - it is just a symbol of what we want each other.

 Wooden Wedding Traditions celebration