Different recipes for borscht


  • Where to start cooking delicious soup?
  • Choose meat to cook any version of borscht
  • The easiest way to cook the usual borsch
  • Little subtleties conventional cooking borsch
  • A great way to diversify the menu, using the usual soup
  • Recipe for green borscht

Borsch - this dish is a real highlight of the Ukrainian cuisine. This soup made with beets, especially popular among the Slavic peoples, as borscht recipes passed down from generation to generation, but it has received the approval of almost all countries, even where soups have been made. Any person, at least once tasted soup can fully appreciate the fine taste of the dishes. Almost all cultures have a rough analog of how to cook soup, but still there are few such dishes that can compete in the simplicity of cooking and taste characteristics of soup.
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Where to start cooking delicious soup?

Surprisingly, a hostess prepared the soup may seem a real culinary masterpiece, while the other, this soup with beet can turn tasteless or bland, although it would seem, has been used the same recipe for borscht. Delicious soup - it is a multi-component meal, and in order to make it an excellent, you need to know not only the sequence of adding ingredients while cooking, but also to have an idea how to choose the best products for cooking.

Furthermore, this method of preparing the soup is largely dependent on its species, of which there are two - conventional and so-called green soup with beets, which has a peculiar recipe and cooked with the addition of large amounts of green sorrel. There are slight differences in the formulation and method of preparation of conventional and green borscht, and very important to accurately learn some of the subtleties of how to prepare soup to please their loved ones this delicious dish. There are also some little known to the general public a simple recipe variations of borscht, which includes mushrooms, sauerkraut, and so on.

Cook a delicious soup is not too difficult, but you need to know the recipe for the most delicious borscht and particularly how to cook this soup with beet retaining all the useful qualities of the products.

One of the most important stages of the preparation of delicious soup is the choice of the necessary products. To some it may seem that this is not so important, but it is incorrectly selected products or products of poor quality, as a rule, are the cause of failure in the preparation of the conventional version of this dish. So, the first thing you need to take care of purchasing meat, as it is the main ingredient in the traditional version of the soup, without which to cook it is tasty will be difficult.

 simple recipe for borscht with sour cream
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Choose meat to cook any version of borscht

By and large, used for cooking borsch beef, chicken, pork, turkey, veal and other animals. But any good hostess knows that the choice of the meat should be approached seriously, because it is the basis for future soup borsch. In many ways, the choice of meat depends on personal preference, but there are some features of this case. If you want to cook this dish is based on beef, the best thing you need to take a piece of beef sternum or use a combination of a small amount of beef the sternum and a large sugar bone.

If the basis for the beef broth with bone is taken, the cooking time will increase significantly to bone well cooked. Beef or veal is best to buy fresh, preferably not previously frozen, and chilled.

Soup with beets, cooked in beef or veal, turns out not too bold, therefore perfect, even feeding of children of kindergarten age. If you want to get a rich broth, it is best to take a piece of pork ribs or pork on the bone. In pork, there is one distinct advantage, which is to give an unusual, pleasant flavor the broth, making soup with pork milder taste. Poultry can be used for cooking borsch, but it is best to use the back or thighs, as when cooking broth chicken sternum he received very bland and not nourishing. In addition, a very delicious soup, if you cook it in the rabbit, but it is usually difficult to find in stores.

Separately to say about cooking meat, as many make a mistake in this case. To soup with beet has turned to the most intense flavor, it is very important to cook meat. During cooking broth need to add salt to the meat reach their full flavor, and besides, it is necessary to take time to form a scum on the water surface in order to obtain a clear broth. In the event that the moment was lost and the foam is not removed in time, can strain the broth through a cheesecloth to fix this flaw. In order to get the most delicious soup with beet, you need to start adding the remaining ingredients until the meat is fully cooked, then follow the process of cooking it seethe, making the taste more intense.

 borscht recipe on bone

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The easiest way to cook the usual borsch

So, first you need to prepare all the ingredients for the future with the addition of beet soup, popularly called borsch. On the 5-liter pot will need about 800-900 grams of meat suitable, 0, 5 kg of potatoes, beets 2-3, a small head of cabbage, carrots 1-2 small, 2-3 small onions, sweet pepper, tomato paste, salt, fresh herbs. In addition, at the request may be included in the preparation of beans and fresh tomato. In that case, if a person wants to make the final result is a pronounced acidity, it will take 2-3 tbsp. spoon of vinegar.

Some housewives encounter in that the soup eventually not differ saturated red color, and therefore looks very unappetizing, it is precisely because of the fact that the vegetables containing pigment were correctly added to the soup. Method of preparation of this soup is simple enough, but you need to know some of the little things that help make the dish is not only delicious, but also beautiful.

The first thing, of course, preparing soup, and be sure to adhere to the advice given above, as this method of cooking meat for borscht contain all the recipes. Borsch with proper cooking will nourishing broth. Once the meat is fully cooked, should be selected about 0, 5 broth to cook filling and add to the pot with the broth pre-peeled and diced potatoes. While the potatoes are cooked, you need to grate all vegetables and to start preparing filling.

There is a little trick how to cook soup with saturated color - the whole thing in a gas station . First you need to pour a small amount of vegetable oil to the heated pan and pour the onion roasting. When the onion is colorless, you must add the grated grated carrots and after about 2-3 minutes to add to the pan, cut into julienne beets. Stir-fry vegetable mix for filling need at least 10 minutes before you want to add to the pan 2-3 tbsp. spoon thick tomato paste. The final touch in preparing refueling will add about 0, 5 liters of broth.

Refuelling is necessary to simmer on low heat for at least 15 minutes, after which the mixture will become rich burgundy color, which later will be transferred borscht. Refuelling should be added only after being fully cooked potatoes, as in this case, in the end get a little boiled potatoes, which will affect the quality of taste in a positive way, in the last instance should add shredded cabbage.

 Borsch with sour cream
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Little subtleties conventional cooking borsch

Many housewives, cooking soup, can not ensure that it turned deep red, and the matter was that they did not properly add the beets, the pigment which in this case is divided, and soup with beet is no longer characterized by redness. Optionally, you can not include beets in the filling and add the root to the final stage of cooking, but always after the addition of cabbage. In addition, to preserve the natural red pigment beet, you can pre-cook the roots and add to soup frayed boiled beets. In this case, the effect is not worse than during roasting.

Moreover, often all impression of the finished borscht can spoil overcooked cabbage. It must be remembered that cabbage - very finicky product, and too long a heat treatment will no longer be crispy cabbage. The best time of cooking cabbage can be considered as 15 minutes, so it is added to the end of the cooking, as only in this case will turn out really nice and tasty soup.

Wishes to cook borsch often want to make a delicious soup with sour, but make a big mistake, adding that beet soup with citric acid. Citric acid, although it is able to add a sour, flavor spoils the overall picture, so the best way to achieve the effect of "sour" by the vinegar. Just add 2 tbsp. spoon of acetic acid for 5 minutes before end of cooking to make borscht sour and do not spoil the taste of the finished dish.

Among other things, the soup is highly recommended to add the bay leaf and parsley. Bay leaf perfectly emphasizes the taste, making it more saturated, so do not neglect this product. As for the green, it is best suited chopped dill or parsley. To greens retained all the beneficial properties, it is necessary to add 2-3 minutes before the end of cooking. If you wish, you can make a "stewed" delicious soup, but this would require a large pot and oven, as the last stage of cooking borscht will occur precisely with the use of these items. Start to cook a delicious soup should be, as usual, on the stove until the moment when you need to add the dressing. Then you need to pour a semi-brew in a pot, add the filling and cabbage, and then move the pot to a preheated 180 degree oven for 15 minutes.

 Different recipes tasty borscht

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A great way to diversify the menu, using the usual soup

It is difficult to find the owner, who does not know how to cook delicious soup simple, but not everyone knows that variations in the preparation of this dish, there are many. The most common and the most delicious options include the usual borsch soup with beets, cooked in a mushroom broth, and besides, soup with the addition of sauerkraut. He and other ways to cook delicious soup should be described in detail.

The first step is to talk more about how to prepare a simple soup with the addition of sauerkraut. This soup will be appreciated by those who prefer the taste is sour. In this case, there is no need to change much borscht recipe is simple enough when it is preparing to replace the fresh cabbage 200-300 g sour, but still with sauerkraut need to be careful and avoid falling into a large number of soup, pickle juice, as iz for this soup with beet may be too acidic. To soup with sauerkraut had a fantastic best when adding cabbage overcome it or leave beforehand in a colander for 30 minutes to stack juice.

To make the simplest "mushroom soup", you will need about 1, 5 kg of mushrooms, and the best fit for this white mushrooms, but if not available, you can use mushrooms. Fungi used as a substitute for cooking meat broth. Mushrooms should be thoroughly washed, cut into slices and cooking for at least 40 minutes, after which may be added in sequence all the other ingredients dishes. Properly cooked delicious mushroom soup spicy rich taste different, so you should try that option arrangements.

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Recipe for green borscht

As mentioned earlier, in addition to a simple borscht there is a "green" way, which is characterized not only by its formulation, but has some differences of taste. Green soup is considered to be more beneficial to the health of soup option. Green soup is remarkable in that it includes a significant amount of sorrel, rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, as well as parsley, which is considered a storehouse of calcium, so necessary to the body.

Cook a delicious green soup is not more difficult than usual, so it is possible to diversify their own diet. To prepare the green borscht need 2-3 liter pot, about 500 grams of meat, small beet, 3-5 potatoes, carrots, onions, 1-2 beam sorrel, parsley, tomato paste, sunflower small, ½ tablespoons vinegar, ½ art. Spoon flour, bay leaf, salt, pepper. A method for preparing soup and salad of green borscht is no different then how to prepare these items for a simple borscht. When it comes time to add the broth refuel immediately rushes into the brew peeled parsley, vinegar, bay leaf, pepper and flour. Approximately 15 minutes before end of cooking you want to add the chopped sorrel.

Prepared for this recipe soup need to set aside about 20-30 minutes, so he insisted, and only then bring to the table. In the preparation of green borscht some housewives allow a serious mistake - do not add vinegar, because they believe that once sorrel, he will give sour soup, and vinegar would be superfluous. The fact is that vinegar is added in this case not to give taste soup, but in order to maintain tight sorrel. It is because of the preparation of green borscht without vinegar, many housewives it turns out that sorrel fall apart, becoming like mush.

Properly cooked delicious soup - it's not just everyday dish, but a real masterpiece of culinary art. No less important to serve as a simple and green soup to the table. The best sauce for this dish is sour cream and mayonnaise. In addition, several superfluous will be peeled cloves of garlic and rye bread.

 Borscht - a subtle combination of taste and aroma easy to prepare