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Women - amazing creatures. They can be quite cold-blooded in critical situations, and can be a completely insignificant reason to panic or burst into tears. Especially when it comes to relationships with men - namely, a beloved man. To be entirely accurate, in sex with a beloved man. Everything can be wonderful, no signs of trouble, but at some point, a charming head attends thought: is it really like him your sexual battles?

Such thoughts may be well-founded, because we all know that any man often plays partisan. He was silent so hard that there is nothing surprising in the appearance of doubt in the soul of the girl. Although it has remained in bed postures, which you have not tried out in practice for you everything is fine, but what are really like him, he remains his secret. And he did not hurry to tell you.

However, panic, depression, hysteria, or should not be. It is necessary to think clearly and calmly. Firstly, we must remember that the guys do not like the pose, and sex itself. Second, there are few guys who somehow do not donesut to you that that's the posture for a more attractive, but they - less. Sometimes you do not wait for the moment when your partner will announce its desire, but just feel it, watch his actions in the bedroom. Thirdly, a significant proportion of men love all the poses, as long as they alternated. And the change of the provisions can be implemented several times during a single sexual act, and every couple of weeks. Everyone likes variety, but everyone understands it in his own way.

According to sexologists, which is to listen, guys like those poses that suit them physiologically. Here again, repeat the recommendation to observe its habits in sex. His body can really tell you a lot more than he could express their desires with words. Many men like girls who take the initiative in sex. But it can manifest itself in very different ways. For example, you can go to your lover too silent, to look into his bottomless eyes and softly whisper, "Tonight do with me whatever you want and how you want. I'm all yours, all - in your power. " You might be in for a surprise. But in any case, you are guaranteed a passionate night. And it is not to ideas, he likes me or not, continue or stop, it is necessary or not.

 which poses the most popular guys

Poses, from which it is unlikely to abandon

If you a little of his own observations, we will talk about what poses and why the most popular among the stronger sex. And you will need to take this information into account and put into practice the knowledge gained, if suddenly, for whatever reason, it did not happen sooner. After all, you probably have sex poses that a higher priority than the others.

  • Horsewoman

Rating sexual positions through the eyes of men almost always begins with a posture that lets you see your partner in all its glory and enjoy the process completely. When a woman is on top, and the partners are face to face, and the rate of penetration are not weak, as it turns out in fact, female hands. A man can only surrender completely to her wishes. Particularly acute is you can feel when a charming kitty tie Lion for his strong legs to the headboard. All threads will be in her gentle and delicate claws. But he opened just a great review, because the body of a beautiful rider nothing hidden. And what about the lingering kisses during movements - something desperately profound and rapid, jerky, the exhausting, slow and gentle, as if moving and barely noticeable!

This posture is variety. Contact rider is different in that the review of the lover will not open the chest and face your partner. But the degree of feeling down can be increased several times, and the hands can be placed on her buttocks, gently massaging nice shape.

  • Doggy-style

Or knee-elbow position. The second place, she received is not in vain. Primarily due to the fact that it is one of the most convenient key for quick sex. It does not require the availability of beds. It all depends on men: speed, depth of penetration and traffic.

  • Missionary position

The good old classic. Woman bottom, the man on top. And, of course, face to face. Although to forget about position 69 is also no good. But in the traditional sense is, of course, not the missionary position. This posture wins his affection, intimacy. Man and woman in love gossip rush feel each other all the cells of the body. He can be affectionate and gentle, but can attack, like a wild beast, with all the unrestrained primitive passion.

  • The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Making love is not easy to stand physically in the listed positions. But that it is not less attractive from the point of view of the male. However, there are serious limitations on the physical parameters of the part of both partners. For this position more suitable miniature girls and strong guys.

  • Browsing

Also very tender and romantic pose. Mistress wraps feet hip or waist of his beloved, can long kissing each other. It has excellent visibility and access to your chest, and control the speed of traffic, you can by mutual consent.

  • Spoons

Make love, lying on its side, like many men and women. Most of them believe this position is very spicy and delicate at the same time is impossible. She is again in the gentle and strong arms of her passionate man who will decide for himself, with what intensity and depth of it to penetrate into it. And you will only surrender to the power of loving hands of skillful men.

  • Blow job

All of these relate to the classic posture sex. But there is sexual pleasure, that your man will seem just amazing. Oral sex among them. It would be desirable to compare with dessert, but actually it should start with. Cleverly caressing hitherto impenetrable "partisan" gentle lips, you can make him disclose absolutely all the secrets. Perhaps, it would give the palm to cocksucking. But it is necessary to take into account the interests of each party, as the sex - it's a process that involves at least two. And the women say that they are not less interesting all the other poses.

 Stand in the position to drive him crazy

 wedding night what to do


  • How to behave and what to do
  • Sex on their wedding night
  • How to prepare for defloration

You have accepted a marriage proposal and is now ready for the wedding? Oh, it's such a pleasant chores! You buy special editions of fashion magazines, carefully studying tailoring wedding dresses Kate Middleton and Charlene Wittstock, flipping through catalogs jewelry stores, and computer tabs you now have links to websites with articles about the latest wedding trends. What kind of engagement rings to choose in which restaurant to celebrate the triumph of whom to invite to the wedding, what hairstyle to do, where to spend your honeymoon - from so many questions just dizzy. And you, too, circled in the center of this vortex, because so want to your wedding day was truly special and unforgettable!

What's next? You have not forgotten that in the wedding should be the wedding night? Do not you want her to do special? It does not matter, it was whether or not you and your loved intimate relationships before marriage. In any case this is your first night as husband and wife, and it can greatly affect your relationship. And because it plays a less significant role than the marriage ceremony and the subsequent banquet.

For your first night is better to prepare in advance so it has gone, as they say, without a hitch. Try to explain this to your future husband, even if he is already tired of the need to choose from dozens of identical suits one in which he will stand by your side in the palace weddings. And we, in turn, give you a few tips that you can do on the first night after the wedding, and you can use them if necessary.

 what to do on their wedding night

How to behave and what to do

It is natural that you will want to spend their wedding night in some fabulous location, for example, in an old European castle on the lake or in a luxurious hotel room for honeymooners class "luxury". Wonderful, if your dream come true. But if after the wedding party you go back to his apartment, where you all are familiar to the smallest detail, it is not necessary to be upset or to feel sorry for myself in a bad mood - not the best companion of the most romantic night. Even the usual city apartment can turn into a perfect love nest (just remember that little nest, where is your wedding night, is intended only for two: one of the strangers in the apartment should not be).

Many newlyweds spend most of the wedding night, studying the wedding gifts and counting money. Do not argue, do not wait to see what is presented to you relatives and friends. But think about what you want to keep the memories of your wedding night? So do not hurry to break the bright packaging or take notes of glossy envelopes. On a night better express the impatience of some sort.

Rose petals, scented candles, silk bedding - pleasant, but still optional attributes of the night. Of course, if you want to, you can lay on a bed of flower petals from the heart or by candlelight immersed in the mysterious twilight of the room. But without such an entourage, by and large, it is easy to manage. But what is really needed to make a girl, so it is to prepare a beautiful and sexy underwear. The set can be supplemented by a transparent peignoir and stockings to lace belt.

Take care about their appearance. Even the most resistant make-up after the wedding party can "float". So do not be lazy and update it, and my husband will appreciate your efforts. Ask your loved one to help you undress. This will spur his sexual desire. The background can play soft music better without words, that nothing distracts you from the main thing. And rose petals scattered on the bed, it can be replaced by a bunch of your favorite colors in an elegant vase.

You might want to stand in front of her husband in a whole new way: for example, to become a femme fatale or a gentle angel. However, a radical change of image can be risky, after all, the wedding night - this is not the right time for such experiments. If you are nervous, reserving them for later, and stay the night in his usual "roles": so you behave naturally.

Suggest husband snacks, better fruits or seafood. Why seafood? The fact that seafood are aphrodisiac, i.e. to products, enhancing sexual desire. Chilled champagne or light white wine is the perfect complement to appetizers. You can ask her husband to fed you, or vice versa, feed him yourself. Let this innocent game will help you relieve tension and relax after an eventful day and unrest.

Get rid of nervous tension before the wedding night, and will enable joint tub. Add the water a little thin foam with a pleasant smell and invite your husband along to soak in the Jacuzzi. By the way, wine and snacks to bring along. Make your husband a massage. Run fingers through his body from neck to ankles. Massage your shoulders and back. Stroke the inner thighs. Touch her lips to his most sensitive places. To do this massage is simple, and yet it can be both relaxing and very sensual. Be sure to talk to her husband about how much you love him and how happy you what he's around.

In addition, we recommend that you present to her husband a small gift. Which one? Decide you and only you. Of course, not everyone can afford to present as a gift to surprise expensive sports car or a Swiss watch. But the best gifts - the ones that are made with love and heart. That is what turns them into something special. And your first night - a wonderful opportunity to express your feelings again.

You and your beloved have nothing against erotic role-playing games? Then arrange that night "theater of two actors." If you choose his favorite game, then we encourage you to come up with a secret from her husband some unexpected plot twist. A small change in the scenario give the game an extra piquancy, and your loved one will be pleasantly surprised. And, of course, you can invite him to try something new - on their wedding night is not forbidden to behave the way you want.

 how to behave in the wedding night

Sex on their wedding night

Empress Catherine II in his wedding night to play with her husband in the tin soldiers. True, not on their own: her husband, Peter III, was so childish that his wife did not feel the slightest inclination and preferred childish fun loving games. I heartily hope that you have with her husband in the matter prevails full harmony, and if you do play, it is not with dolls or toy soldiers.

Now one is not shocking that most couples come into intimate relations before marriage, and some time to formalize the marriage even have time to have a baby. For such couples the term "wedding night" rather arbitrary, and when, after the wedding, they remain alone, the question of what to do and how to behave, do not occur.

However, even if you have already had sex before marriage, that is no reason to treat the wedding night lightly. On the contrary, you have a wonderful opportunity to come back to the point where you are with your loved just discovered the joy of sex with each other. What we wrote above - erotic lingerie, joint bath, sensual massage - can help you with this.

 what to do on their wedding night

How to prepare for defloration

If you're still a virgin, and with excitement or fear thinking about the wedding night, our recommendations will also help you to cope with their emotions. The pain of defloration, which you fear, may be minimal if correct psychologically prepared for this moment. So do not listen to the horror stories that are so willing to try to share with you a more experienced friend. In your first wedding night, ask the husband to behave especially delicate and help you relax. When it comes to the chief, then to not feel discomfort during your first sexual intercourse, take one of the following key and let her husband keep your love duet:

  1. Lie on your back, under your buttocks, place a small pillow, bend your knees and pull your legs to your chest. This position is recommended as the best for the deprivation of virginity on their wedding night, because in such a situation hymen is stretched and its rupture causes a short-term pain.
  2. Lay down across the bed, his feet sank to the floor. The husband should stand between your hips and leaning on his hands apart, to introduce his penis into the vagina. In this position also break the hymen takes place quickly and without much pain.

Usually after defloration there is a slight bleeding. It should pass quickly, but from repeated sexual acts should refrain, to the wound has healed. Express your feelings, you will be able to help with caresses and kisses. A few days later you can "repeat traveled", not feeling any fear. Do not worry if you can not have an orgasm in your first night, because to achieve it should be the most relaxing and good to know how your body reacts to certain affection. Such knowledge will come in a few months. But to get pregnant on their wedding night is possible. So, if you do not plan to have a child immediately after the wedding, take care of contraception.

We hope our tips and tricks will help you. Although, frankly, finished script or recipes that it is necessary to do a girl on the first night after the wedding, does not exist. And it's for the better, because that's your own ideas and imagination help to turn it into something unforgettable. Most importantly, remember that the wedding night precedes the day to the full rich troubles and events. Therefore, it is important not to overwork is not carried away by strong drink and keep herself and her husband to be able to translate their ideas into reality. Let your wedding night will be unforgettable and unique!

 Wedding night: lifts the veil of secrecy