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Italian cuisine has gained considerable popularity all over the world today. However, the popularity achieved by just 2-3 dishes: pizza, pasta, pesto. In Russia, only special fans are familiar with the diversity of Italian cuisine.

Nevertheless, among the Russian mistresses interest in genuine Italian cuisine. It must have been many housewives heard of such a dish as minestrone soup. Often generates interest and the most accurate of its recipe. It would seem that the name sounds quite exotic, you can even think that this is some sort of inaccessible middle class delicacy.

However, in reality this soup - something like our soup, soups: the food is simple, accessible even to the poor, which is especially prized in ancient Rome. This is a "seasonal" dish, that is, its ingredients vary depending on the time of year.

Moreover, over time, changed the conditions of life of Italians, their culture, their tastes changed, with them underwent changes and minestrone recipe, so today you can find countless varieties of it: from the classic to the vegetable cooked in meat broth.

"Minestrone" is translated from Italian as "big soup": ingredients dish not hold. If you believe the Italian legend, the soup was accidentally invented by a Roman cook his recipe survives today, even the name of the chef and it was forgotten.

Since soup prepared from 7 vegetables, meats 7 using 7 spices. Moreover, according to legend, minestrone 7 symbolized the cardinal virtues. Whether the legend invented for beauty, then there really figure 7 in ancient Rome had some special meaning - who knows now?

Standing exact recipe minestrone does not exist, there were several reasons.

Firstly, as already mentioned, the soup "seasonal", that is, it depends on the recipe vegetables, available at a particular time of the year.

Secondly, it has a lot of variations in different Italian regions.

Thirdly, Italian housewives used to add to it any products that have got lost in a refrigerator. And at all times in the preparation of this soup big role culinary improvisation.

Therefore, this article will present the basic rules of cooking and the list of possible additional ingredients, acquaint the reader with some of the subtleties of cooking and give some advice.

 minestrone recipe
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Ingredients minestrone

The traditional structure of minestrone soup:

about 375 g of white beans (100 g can be green beans)

  • 2 zucchini,
  • 2 carrots,
  • 2 stalks leeks
  • 1 clove garlic,
  • polkochana cabbage
  • half of the bulbs,
  • 1 stalk celery,
  • 1 sprig fresh ground basil,
  • 2 sprigs fresh rosemary ground,
  • 3 tomatoes (or 2 tbsp. L. Tomato paste)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • olive oil,
  • Parmesan cheese.

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Minestrone soup

So, we proceed to the preparation. The recipe requires a little advance preparation, namely the need to soak overnight haricot beans. Bring to a boil water, cook beans prepared 1, 5-2 hours.

Meanwhile, carrots, zucchini and celery my, clean, cut into cubes. If your soup is with green beans, and the beans are not on the same stage cut into pods. Chops onions and garlic, fry in a pan with olive oil, add the carrots, zucchini and celery, simmer. The alternative referred vegetables can serve potatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, peppers, squash and other vegetables.

In the next step of the finished beans grind in a blender, mix with vegetables, put it all in a pot of boiling water (about 2, 25 liters), add the chopped cabbage and tomatoes (or tomato paste) and cook 30 minutes over low heat.

Acceptable use different kinds of cabbage, broccoli, or whether it is color. Note that in some cases also requires a prescription grinding in a blender along with beans portion stewed vegetables.

You can put in the soup pasta or rice. All of the above can be cooked in meat broth. Italian meat-eaters like to use in such cases pancetta - bacon bacon Cured in salt and spices. However, it is quite possible to replace it with the usual chicken or ham. Less can be found minestrone with offal.

Be careful not to overdo it with water: minestrone simply must get nourishing!

In the last stage salt, pepper, put spices with herbs. In addition to these ingredients in the spice you can add the bay leaf, fennel, basil, sage and rosemary. Italian gourmets suggest adding grape wine.

Experienced cooks consider it necessary to give the soup infuse for at least half an hour. It is believed that the peak of its flavor the soup reaches the second day after preparation.

 Different recipes Minestrone
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Guidelines for submission

The recipe recommends that fed only pre soup sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese. What else can file a minestrone? The answer to this question depends on the imagination of the hostess and the availability of products. The most popular options are: fried bread or croutons, ciabatta, the famous Italian pesto sauce, sour cream, parsley.
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The recipe for pesto

As a complement give a recipe of the most popular seasoning, which serves minestrone soup - pesto.

It is also a classic Italian sauce, and he also has a lot of variations. He can apply a lot of dishes: salads, pasta, meat and fish dishes.

His foundation - olive oil, basil, pine nuts, a hard cheese (traditionally use goat cheese or parmesan). In the traditional version of the sauce used pine nuts.

My basil, clean and grind the garlic, cheese, three on a grater. Pine nuts can fry without oil, but you can not handle.

According to Italian tradition, all these ingredients are pounded in a mortar and a wooden pestle marble. It is left to the women of the house, some will prefer the speed and use a blender. The sauce is ready!

The recipe for pesto also allows experiments. Instead of pine nuts you can use walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds. In addition to basil sauce harmoniously with parsley, fennel, spinach, arugula and even mint. And in Sicily in the sauce add the nuts, but to put the tomatoes.

 With love from Italy: Italian cook soup hodgepodge

 delicious bean soup


  • Use beans to the human body
  • The recipe sharp soup with beans
  • Spicy soup with beans
  • This Mexican bean soup

Multivarka recently gaining steady popularity. Cooking it is easy, it does not need to stand at the stove, keep under constant review to ensure that the dish is not burnt or escaped. Do not stir, and the free time can be spent on personal care or contact with children or husband. The benefits, of course, very much, so now there multivarka almost each family who appreciates time. This miracle of technology can not only cook soup or porridge, stew vegetables here get wonderful pastries, soft scrambled eggs and flavorful fish steamed. A remarkable turns in multivarka bean soup, chicken, you can even bake bread.

It is very simple to prepare in multivarka dish is just soup. It can be made from a variety of products that have in the fridge and on the shelves.

But sometimes, classic dishes are bored and have the support of the beans from which it turns out is a very useful and tasty first course.

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Use beans to the human body

In stores you can find red and white beans, which are rarely used for cooking. But this kind of bean is very useful for the body, and use it worth it. The amount of protein just rolls in the product, especially red varieties, so it is often used in the preparation of vegetarian or lean diet. B vitamins, zinc, iron - is not the whole list of nutrients that includes beans.

If you regularly eat red beans, the body will be better cleaned and remove toxins, because the beans have a diuretic effect. It is assumed that topically pulses reduces the risk of developing cancers. And another useful component of this product is fiber. It helps to improve and stimulate the digestive system, it helps to remove toxins and normalizes blood glucose levels. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, doctors prescribe a diet containing beans in it. Because of its properties, and satiety, it is able to replace the meat and to support the sick body.

 ingredients for bean soup
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The recipe sharp soup with beans

Spicy soups have become very popular among Russians. Of course, the fashion for their use has come to us from Mexico, where they are prepared from almost everything, and particularly popular ingredient is fasol.Chtoby cook bean soup in multivarka need a simple set of products. First of all you need a good piece of pork weighing 200 grams, the fat with him, you can not clean up. To make the soup spicy flavor is added to 100 grams of smoked sausage or ham. Beans need for this recipe, canned and red. Still need to stock one large bell pepper, 1 pc. hot pepper chili, take 1 onion, tomatoes and carrots, a head of garlic. From the need spice paprika, cumin, basil and coriander.

At the beginning of cooking onions, carrots and garlic crushed, are put in a bowl and Multivarki in the "quenching" with spices and vegetable oil, and prepared to transparency. By the time this process will take about 15 minutes then added to the vegetables finely chopped meat, stewed together another 12-20 minutes. Ham, pepper and tomato stew after grinding with all the ingredients for 5 minutes. The resulting mixture is necessary to fill completely with water, the water level should be greater than 2 cm vegetable. In the "quenching" or "soup" dish is cooked an hour, after this time it is added to canned beans. After 20 min after the addition of the last ingredient, the soup can be salt and finally add a sharp little chili. Serve with sour cream supets such that perfectly underscores the sharpness of flavor.
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Spicy soup with beans

Not everyone likes spicy taste, so for fans of spice, too, have their own recipes for soup with beans in multivarka. The ingredients in it a little, chief, this is undoubtedly the beans, it should be red and preserved. Vegetables are also present in this recipe: potatoes - 3 pcs., The bow - 2 pcs., A clove of garlic. To make the light beam is necessary to prepare the taste of cilantro, a few spoonfuls of tomato paste and Lavrushka.

Preparation begins with the processing of vegetables, which are washed and cleaned. Onion rings is cut, the rest strips, garlic crushed. Cilantro should also be washed and finely chop. Onions and carrots fried in a little bowl Multivarki that pre-lubricated with oil. Then add the garlic, and 2 minutes - tomato paste, salt and sugar. Beans need to pre-rinse and drain. It is added to the bowl with the potatoes, then filled with water, about a liter. After closing the set mode "quenching" or "soup" for 1 hour. When the time is finished, add chopped cilantro and Lavrushka. Infused soup for 10 minutes. The result is satisfying, but easy dish.

 Acute bean soup
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This Mexican bean soup

Here is the recipe of the Mexican soup, which you can try now not only in the cafe, but also at home. To cook it you need a fresh red beans, which must be filled with water for the night and leave soften. The water is sure to add a couple of tablespoons of vinegar, then the bean will be incredibly soft after cooking. In the morning the water is drained and clean and new added. Pan of beans put on the plate to throw Lavrushka and onion, black pepper and peas in a sharp chili peppers. You must bring all to a boil, add salt and cook until tender beans. Mexicans for its soups cooked black beans, but if not, then perfect, and red.

But the soup is ready, not only from a bean, so you should take the other ingredients: onions, carrots, 2 stalks of celery, 3 small sweet pepper, cloves of garlic a few, jar of canned tomatoes. Pre-cooked meat broth to chicken or beef. Spices in this soup are needed for these purposes are perfect oregano, cumin, chili, lavrushki leaf and salt.

Onions, carrots and celery, finely shredded and fried in a bowl on the "frying" or "quenching". Sweet peppers cut into strips and add to the bowl, sauté about 5 minutes. Adding broth, canned tomatoes, then together with juice, chili and Lavrushka. All cooked for about 15 minutes, the beans and the next is closed for another 20 min. Garlic and spices are added at the end. Before serving in each bowl add cilantro and sour cream. These Mexicans to this soup add chopped avocado slices, chips, nachos or pre-dried corn tortillas. No one can remain indifferent to such a dish.

Bean soup can be prepared with lamb, beef, pork and even chicken, will add great taste of the dish, smoked spare ribs or ham. To reduce its calorie content, for example, on the diet, and can exclude potatoes hot spices.   In any case, the soup of beans beautifully warm in winter, they are nutritious and low-calorie generally, but especially recommended to use them in the spring, when it is clear there is a lack of vitamins. Multivarka also greatly facilitate the process of preparation and makes the dish unique nourishing and tasty.

 Secrets of cooking bean soup in multivarka