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  • Classics of the genre: the nurse and the patient
  • Discard complexes off: the client and call girl
  • Frolic is not a child: a pupil (student) and teacher
  • For fans of the dominance and submission

Over time, most couples living together there comes a time when their intimate relationships lose their former passion. Sex, which previously brought them so much joy, it becomes mundane execution of marital debt and brought to waste years of automatism. Both partners continue to strive for intimacy, but all the ways of its implementation have repeatedly used, and do not bring satisfaction.

To make your love life more interesting and give the relationship a sense of novelty, sexologists advise such couples try role-playing game for the lovers.

Role-playing can help couples regain the passion to realize their innermost fantasies, liberated and become more desirable in the eyes of the partner. What do I need adults to start the game? The answer is simple: mutual attraction, the desire to strengthen the joint union, the desire to bring something new in the sex life and the script. If the first three points of understanding, then what about the scenario? The idea for it, you can borrow in porn films, literature or simply to carry out their secret fantasies, putting aside any embarrassment.

The game should be prepared for both partners.   You should always take into account the wishes of each other, because that may be tempting for one person, may be totally inappropriate for another.   It is necessary to come up with characters and a rough plot of the game. It is important that images play like both partners and help them to realize their sexuality. Cases where a modest daily life woman wants to feel like a fatal seductress in bed, and the activity of man, caseloads at work, is not averse to relax in the bedroom and completely surrender into the hands of their partner. At the mention of the role-playing game, most people immediately appear before my eyes the images of the nurse and the patient, the prostitute and the client, student and teacher, the mistress and her slave. Let's look at how you can build a game using these images.

 playful role play
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Classics of the genre: the nurse and the patient

Along the nurse and the patient can develop a story in several ways. For example, nurses examining a patient or make him the procedure (injections, massage, bandaging), and at the same time trying to seduce him. It is very important to choose the appropriate attire of this story: Medical fitting translucent robe, white stockings, shoes with very high heels. Underwear can not wear. It does not matter what a man is wearing, because the task of the partner comes to undress him for inspection. You can kiss her gently pat or "sick" place of a loved one, slowly moving their affection to the most important of his body.

There is another version of the story, "the nurse-patient." In the office of the nurse enters a patient is very indiscreet. As she examines the patient, he gradually start up from her gentle touch, sensual voice and seductive forms, released under the translucent robe. After some time, the patient comes to the "boiling point" and starts to stick to the nurse. What will happen then - it depends entirely on the imagination of both partners, however, for further action they will come in handy couch, which can replace a conventional bed or marriage bed.
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Discard complexes off: the client and call girl

Role play, the protagonists of which are the call girl and the client is very popular among many lovers. It is desirable that the man before the bodily pleasures explained to his beloved that he wants to get away from it during the process. A woman needs to dress in sexy lingerie and boots, boots (they can be replaced stockings). To look more tempting, can do without clothes, or directly over underwear throw a coat or cloak. Garb men may be the most common, but you can include fantasy and dress as they wish.

Having decided to play the prostitute and the client, you must comply with all conditions of the game, including the remuneration for services rendered. Best of all, if a man would pay the money the girl of easy virtue before the start of the process. It will play the sexual appetite in both: a woman feel like a real prostitute, and a man there will be new fantasy, and it will demand from his partner and their unquestioning momentary performance. Lady, imaged, can take for each of its additional service additional charge. Try this game to remove a room unfamiliar surroundings will bring a new experience in sex.

 interesting role-playing games
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Frolic is not a child: a pupil (student) and teacher

Pupil and teacher - a favorite game of many people in love. Playing in her, a woman needs to create an image of a young seductress: school uniform (if it is not, we can restrict white blouse and dark skirt short), naughty pigtails or ponytails, candy on a stick. Men should dress in formal suit. Start the game can be an impromptu anatomy lesson where the teacher tries to explain the process of unruly pupil conception or structure of the genitals. The girl wants to check the acquired knowledge in practice, she flirts with the teacher and seduces him.

You can slightly modify the game. Let the woman becomes a student, and her partner - a university professor. Student wearing a seductive outdoor outfit, comes to take the exam, but pulls a ticket, the answers to who does not know. Trying to get a good grade, it is given to the teacher right on his desk. Alternatively, the teacher specifically floods on the exam A student-student, to take possession of it in return for the excellent rating of zachetke. She is forced to endure all his harassment and fulfill any demands, because she wanted to get the highest score of the exam.

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For fans of the dominance and submission

Deciding to put into practice the plot-role-playing games, you can experience all the charm of the story line, "Ms. slave," which is based on domination and subordination. For the game need handcuffs, whips, ropes, masks and other attributes of BDSM. Woman dressed in leather clothes, makes his partner to fulfill any of its whims (sometimes even the most shameless), and punishes him for disobedience. Can be interchanged, allowing his wife to become a full master and fulfill his every whim. The main thing in this game - do not overdo it with punishments, otherwise, instead of meeting you can get frustrated. This method of implementation of sexual desires maximizes liberated couple, but like it is not everything.

What other role-playing games can be carried out? It depends entirely on the preferences of both partners. Play the secretary and the chief flight attendant and passenger, hostess and plumbing, the victim and the perpetrator. Some people like to be reincarnated as a dancer and oriental dance seduce his sultan. Options can be set. The most important thing - to release your imagination and experiment.

 Games for adults: Liven up your sex life

 Tempts in the bedroom


  • What do women desire?
  • Create the perfect image
  • Manipulation as a sex game
  • "A kind word and a cat is nice," or that you need to talk to the partner
  • The initiative is in your hands

Every second woman knows firsthand that an individual of the opposite sex, I mean man, by nature - an unrivaled hunter, always trying to take the initiative "greedy" hands. How to make a favorite was not looking for new sensations on the side and not become discouraged by the daily home routine, "bytovuhi"? Let's try to give him a small celebration in the bedroom which certainly will leave a trace in his soul vulnerable men, make a different angle to look at your sexual relationship. Just do not forget that such "holiday everyday" is updated from time to time, putting this all your non-positive and violent fantasy.
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What do women desire?

Surely you have repeatedly carried out a dizzying romantic evening by candlelight, a hundred for the first time surprised his chosen, wearing beautiful erotic lingerie It is acting as a rebellious student or seductive nymphet .  Everything is not what all bored, fed up ... .  And then there comes a time when your better half with a lazy yawn, satisfy the usual evening watching a movie and turned away to the wall to sleep .  And few of the male suspects that many women just modestly silent about their desires, ashamed to tell them aloud .  So tell him about your hidden passions, try to dumbfound his partner, saying that, for example, sex blindfolded add exactly the flavor that somewhere deep in the bowels of the sheet was lost! But it may be wise to leave together on tiptoe in the dark staircase (roof of the house, the corridor of the office), and indulge in a desperate caress that one way or another, will go to unbridled sex in the car (on the kitchen table, on a platform in front of the closed doors of the neighbors) .  Be sure you have not met him admiring gaze, which tells you that in front of him still the restless baggage, ready to do anything, it was her he remembers the first days of dating!

 Beautiful underwear

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Create the perfect image

So first of all you need to create a proper perfect image, which will cause a man to look at you in a new way. Suppose you were once an excellent student and a little prudish about sex, but today - be indomitable Heterosexual sex bodysuit with stockings . Just be sure to try on the outfit ahead better day to get used to a little bit glamorous image and not feel uncomfortable and awkward night. Sound like a new outfit in the apartment, taking the most candid poses seductively learn how to turn, bend over. Try to please yourself, because it affects the whole outcome of the evening. The more confident you feel, the more rapidly achieve a stunning, shocking behavior on the part of the partner.

 The perfect way to entice

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Manipulation as a sex game

Once you feel that disturbing consciousness set Sexy sitting on you like a second skin, yes say to yourself: "Today's sex will only go by my rules." Throughout the evening, remember that it is the initiative must come from your side. Wife, anyway, will have to comply with your wishes, and believe me, it is like. Even if during sex, he suddenly tried to take the initiative in their mighty hands, you have to work to return it to their game. May he now feels bad boy, but in any case do not tell him resentful voice: "Let's for once do as I like, you act like a dork! "But only with enthusiasm and with a gasp:" Oh my God, what are you delicious, I could eat you! "(Beware of the use of force, even nibble with pleasure is not worth it - you just scare her and defeated man can make him reverse sexual aggression).

 Beautiful clothes for role-playing games

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"A kind word and a cat is nice," or that you need to talk to the partner

Most importantly, do not be silent during and after sex (and turn into sweet mash is not necessary - it repels), pronounces each word, praise your lover, flatter him, but do it in moderation. Do not skimp on the sweet words, be assured him that only the love of it pushed you to such a desperate frenzy. But it is not necessary to declare enthusiastically that he dream of all your life, but about the fact that her husband - a sex machine, it is necessary to talk. Just do not lie to him, because if it does not, be sure to feel a man lies - then the evening will be ruined once and for all. But to say in his ear that today's sex was unique, and tomorrow you want it to be a little rougher (or softer), it is necessary. This will keep him in suspense the whole day, and tomorrow night it will show you exactly who's boss!

 Seduction in a bedroom

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The initiative is in your hands

During sex always be a little bit smarter, quite possibly, a partner just shy to ask you about what affection is preferable (some clitoral stimulation brings a frenzy), and only where there is a notorious point G, he might not even have a clue - so tell him! Always safely, but gently say the phrase: "Honey, I would like to ....", But has never categorically: "I do not like it! "(Only if this affection cause pain or discomfort). Gently direct his hands, as you will definitely nicer. He never alienate your pen and do exactly what you would like, because he loves you and wants only sex brings you pleasure. Perhaps he, too, will ask response caresses - do everything possible to deliver the maximum pleasure to the partner. Let him see that sex with him you love and mutual affection is doubly pleasing.

Agree, such an incredible evening will breathe new life into an intimate force and only the desire and the desire to preserve a sexual attraction to your partner will help to re-conquer a man, look at you from a different angle. Only one overt move one sexy breath on your part, and husband just goes crazy how you are fine in their new way of rebellious and beloved tigress.

 Shock therapy in the bedroom: a man a surprise!