delicious rice soup


  • Rice soup with mushrooms and rice soup with kohlrabi
  • Rice soup with pistachios and cream
  • Rice soup with prawns

According to nutritionists to improve the performance of the digestive system every day you need to eat the first meal. Of course, not all people adhere to such rules, but the majority still tries not to exclude from its hot daily diet.

Recipes first courses abound.

Not least among these are the soup of rice that can be prepared using a variety of ingredients.

Consider the different variations of cooking rice soup: from the most simple to the most sophisticated recipes.

 rice soup with vegetables
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Rice soup with mushrooms and rice soup with kohlrabi

The list of necessary ingredients for meals as follows:

  1. chicken - 500 g .;
  2. Rice - 100 g .;
  3. Potatoes - 2 pieces;
  4. carrots - 2 pieces;
  5. onions - 2 pieces;
  6. vegetable oil - 30 ml .;
  7. fresh mushrooms - 200 g .;
  8. celery root - 30 g .;
  9. salt, spices, herbs - to taste;
  10. Water - 2 L .;
  11. 1 bay leaf.

The sequence of soup, as follows.

  1. Wash the chicken, cut into pieces, put in a pot together with purified onion, put on fire. After boiling cook over medium heat 15 minutes.
  2. Peeled potatoes cut into cubes, put in a saucepan. After that, add the washed rice and bring to a boil. Cook for another 15 minutes.
  3. The remaining onion peel and cut into cubes. Carrot peel and grate. Mushrooms washed and cut into slices.
  4. Vegetables fry in vegetable oil along with the mushrooms for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Zazharku prepared to put into the pot.
  6. Celery cleaned, rubbed on a grater. Then add to the soup and cook for 10 minutes.
  7. Next, put salt, spices, herbs to taste, cook for 2-3 minutes, then remove from heat.

Another simple recipe rice soup will love housewives who want to cook quick and tasty meals for your family!

Ingredients for rice soup with kohlrabi following:

  1. long-grain rice - 60 g .;
  2. carrots - 2 pieces;
  3. Lemon - 1 pc;
  4. Cauliflower - 1/2 of the stem;
  5. green peas (canned) - 100 g .;
  6. kohlrabi - 1 piece;
  7. 2 egg yolks;
  8. broth - 1 liter.
  9. salt and pepper - to taste.

Stages of cooking.

  1. Figure wash and boil in salted water until tender.
  2. Carrots and kohlrabi cut into small pieces, cauliflower disassemble into smaller florets.
  3. Shredded vegetables put in a pre-boil broth. Cook over medium heat for 20 minutes. Then add the peas.
  4. Cooked rice recline in a colander, allow water to drain out. Then you need to put rice into the soup. Salt and pepper to taste, remove from pan fire.
  5. Stir in lemon juice, egg yolks. With stirring, add it to the soup. Then, decorate with greens, serve.

 a simple rice soup

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Rice soup with pistachios and cream

To prepare this dish needed products such as:

  1. chicken - 700 g .;
  2. cream - 100 ml .;
  3. Round Rice - 3 tablespoons;
  4. Pistachios - 50 g .;
  5. 1 egg yolk;
  6. Onions - 1 pc;
  7. carrots - 1 piece;
  8. 1 parsley root;
  9. salt, ground black pepper - to taste.

Cook the rice soup should be so.

  1. Chicken fillet wash, put in a saucepan, bring to a boil. Simmer for 30 - 40 minutes.
  2. Pre-peeled onions and carrots, cut into slices and fry in vegetable oil.
  3. Root parsley to wash, peel. Put the broth, along with sauteed vegetables.
  4. Chicken fillet to get out of the pan, cool, cut into small pieces. Then grind it blender.
  5. Figure wash and add to the boiling broth. Cook until tender.
  6. Rice and vegetables recline in a colander, then pyurirovat in a blender. Chopped vegetables and rice put in the broth, along with the chicken.
  7. Season with salt and pepper, again bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat.
  8. Whip the cream with the egg yolk and stir, pour in a little lukewarm soup.
  9. Pistachio finely chopped with a knife or grind in a blender. Add to the dish when serving.

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Rice soup with prawns

The preparation of the first dishes will not take much time. His exquisite taste and aroma will satisfy any of your household!

So, according to this recipe, you will need the following products:

  1. Shrimp - 500 g .;
  2. sturgeon (head and tail) - 1 kg;
  3. Rice - 150 g .;
  4. salt, dill - to taste;
  5. onions - 2 pieces.

Cook this dish should be so.

  1. Onions clean. The head and tail of sturgeon washed, cut into pieces, put to boil in a saucepan of 5 liters on a low heat until the fish is tender.
  2. Then pull out the fish and onion, broth.
  3. Sturgeon remove bones, cut the flesh into small pieces.
  4. Shrimp peeled, cut into small pieces, boil them in a fish broth for 20 minutes. After that, pull the shrimp and drain the broth again.
  5. Figure wash, put in a pot of boiling broth, add salt to taste and cook until tender.
  6. Add shrimp and sturgeon. Then boil for another 5 minutes. Add greens. Remove from heat.

Recipes soups rice necessarily have to be in the arsenal of any mistress. They are not only delicious but also very useful for the human body. Which prepared - you decide. The main thing - to show imagination and ingenuity! Then you will have your signature recipe rice soup, which you can please your loved ones!

 How to cook rice soup?

 delicious soup puree


  • Typical of the family champignon
  • Artificial cultivation and useful properties
  • Classic version
  • Creamy option
  • Dietary cuisine

Cream of mushroom has long been firmly established in the menu of modern man. Unusual flavor, delicate taste, light texture, a huge variety of recipes and cooking methods make him one of the most favorite dishes of the world.
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Typical of the family champignon

Mushrooms - small mushrooms plate with spherical caps of white and light gray. In the wild, this fungus grows on the edges of fields and forests, preferring moist fertile soil. Most often it occurs in the steppe regions of Europe and Asia, on the fertile meadows of Australia and Africa. These mushrooms, unlike their cousins, grow well in artificial conditions.

Mushroom growing in their own gardens and lawns, in the basements of houses and special underground rooms since the XVII century, the French were actively engaged. Gradually they began to appear mushroom farm, which collected abundant harvests of this masterpiece of the mushroom world. Champignon at the time was quite expensive product. It could afford only very rich people. Fine delicacies prepared for royal feasts and so rich nobility. The most famous chefs from different countries at all times competed in the creation of extraordinary mushroom masterpieces.

 simple recipe for mushroom soup puree
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Artificial cultivation and useful properties

Gradually, the technology of production of these mushrooms has been significantly improved. They are grown now in greenhouses, and greenhouses and outdoors, and in the basement. The process brought to a full automatic. It is much cheaper to produce, it has become absolutely accessible to anyone interested. Maintaining the necessary conditions (to maintain a constant temperature and a good ventilation of the room), in vitro can be harvested up to two harvests per year.

There are more than 200 different types of members of the family champignon. In modern commerce uses only two of them. This is the familiar and favorite Agaricus campestris and brown, less common on store shelves.

Recently, the daily menu of a host of human recipes mushrooms. At the national cuisines of many countries there is mushroom soup. A huge number of variants can be found in the pages of cookbooks, magazines and on the Internet. This classic soup with groats and without them, and soups with mushrooms and mushroom soup with mushrooms, cooked with various additives and spices. For the hot summer season, there are his cold version.

Another asset that has a dish - it pretty low calorie. Cream of mushroom is indispensable for people who are overweight.

In addition to its low calorific value, this popular fungus is common to many useful qualities: high levels of vitamins from group B, calcium, phosphorus, potassium. Available in the medicinal properties of mushrooms are indispensable for the prevention of diseases oncology, blood vessels and heart. However, the most valuable in these mushrooms, modern scientists believe the presence of lecithin - a substance possessing lipotropic action. Lecithin contributes to the prevention of fatty degeneration of the liver and atherosclerosis.

It is no secret that the taste, aroma and the usefulness of any dish depends on the quality of purchased products. Selecting the store mushrooms, you first need to evaluate their smell and appearance. Fresh mushrooms inherent elasticity, strength and a pleasant mushroom flavor. Delicate, light pink or white matte rovnenko cap is also an indicator of its freshness. It is unacceptable presence of various dark spots and ruts on the stem and cap.

Store fresh mushrooms in a paper packaging can be, putting them in the fridge on the bottom shelf. Shelf life should not exceed 3 days. Do not buy the mushroom product in store. During long-term storage of mushrooms begin to accumulate toxins that can lead to all sorts of gastrointestinal disorders and poisoning.

 ingredients for soup puree
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Classic version

Since ancient times, the popularity of mushroom soup was great. It was made of forest mushrooms, mainly in the classic version, that is with the dealer. Over time the recipe of the dish began to change. Its members began to enter the meat and chicken, milk and cream, various cheeses, as well as some exotic products. Soup with mushrooms is very easy to prepare, tasty and easy, but because so loved by the people.

With the advent of the modern housewives have the newest kinds of kitchen appliances, namely, blenders, all kinds of incredible popularity got crushed dishes. Soup - one of them. It is possible, by changing ingredients to create their own.

Meeting with mushroom puree soup should begin, of course, the classic recipe of its preparation.

You need to bring:

  1. 550 grams of mushrooms;
  2. 2 potatoes;
  3. 0, 5 liters of water or vegetable broth;
  4. 2 large onions;
  5. butter;
  6. spices to taste.

Cook the sliced ​​potatoes in a little water. In a frying pan fry the onions in butter, add sliced ​​mushrooms and cook until fragrant. Mix the potatoes with mushroom zazharki and grind in a blender. In the soup pot boil a prepared vegetable broth, put in a potato-mushroom mixture, boil, put salt and pepper to taste. To ready savory food can offer the cream.

In the classic recipe soup Cream of mushroom contains all the basic components of this dish. All other options for the preparation can be called variations on the classics.

 creamy mashed soup recipe
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Creamy option

Creamy mushroom soup is the most popular among the people because of its delicate cream shade. Here, too, you can select the basic recipe. It is brewed in the same way as a classic. The only difference is that instead of water or vegetable broth using 10-20% cream. On the basis of this recipe by adding different, sometimes unexpected ingredients, people have come up with a huge number of all kinds of its varieties.

Today known creamy soups with cereals, cheese, chicken, meatballs, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini and a pumpkin, fish, chicken, bacon, shrimp and many others. As a spice used: nutmeg, various fees herbs, garlic, Caucasian and Asian mix (for fans of exotic), vermouth and dry white wine.

Recipe incredibly delicious creamy cream soup with mushrooms and dry porcini mushrooms.

  1. 50 g of white dried mushrooms;
  2. 600 grams of mushrooms;
  3. 200 ml of 33% cream;
  4. butter
  5. 500 ml broth of mushrooms;
  6. butter;
  7. clove garlic medium size;
  8. a little flour;
  9. spices: thyme, black pepper, salt and nutmeg;
  10. 100 g of vermouth.

Pre-cook the white dried mushrooms, soaked in water beforehand. To fry them in half the amount of butter and add the mushrooms to them. Separately, fry the flour in the remaining butter, pour the cooled mushroom broth and cream, boil, add the unpeeled clove of garlic, fried mushrooms, all prepared spices and cook briefly, about 10 minutes soup cool slightly, remove garlic, grind in a blender, pour in the vermouth. Before serving you can sprinkle with chopped herbs and parmesan. This extraordinary creamy soup has a delicate taste with a piquant flavor.

Along with creamy soup is very popular among the people cheese and cheese creamy mushroom soup. It can be prepared in the "cheese" and cream soup with addition of various cheeses.

Can be prepared, for example, such.

  1. 400 g fresh mushrooms;
  2. 3 potato tuber small size;
  3. 2 carrots;
  4. 1 onion;
  5. 3 tablespoons flour dessert;
  6. half a liter of water;
  7. 2-3 processed cheese;
  8. 250 ml heavy cream 35%;
  9. salt pepper.

To prepare the soup to cook "cheese" soup. In a saucepan pour the water and add the processed cheese, grated on a coarse grater. When cooking on low heat cheese melts quickly. Right in the broth can put coarsely shredded potatoes and cook it until tender. In a frying pan to cook fragrant zazharku of carrots, onions and mushrooms, adding at the end flour. Next, combine all the ingredients and boil for a few minutes.

Pre-cool, scroll through the soup in a blender and grind to a state of mashed potatoes. The soup is ready pour the warm cream, flavor with spices, salt. This soup, feeding, can offer little crunchy grenochki.

No less tasty and healthy soup is creamy, if prepared in multivarka. It is possible and to cook the potatoes, onions and fry. Soup in multivarka not cooked on an open fire, and slowly languish, preserving vegetables and mushrooms all nutrients.

To prepare the soup, mashed potatoes with mushrooms according to the recipe must be taken:

  1. 600 grams of mushrooms and 400 g of honey agaric;
  2. 250 ml of 30% cream;
  3. 2 onions;
  4. butter;
  5. garlic 3 cloves;
  6. water 500 ml;
  7. pepper and salt.

In multivarka fry the onion with garlic on the mode of "baking", add coarsely chopped mushrooms and simmer for 35 minutes with the lid closed. Add water and continue with mushrooms steamed vegetables even minutes 40. Then, a little cool, pour the soup into a blender and grind, pour the cream into it, back in multivarku and leave in the "heated" for 20 minutes. Post this dish can sprinkle it with grated parmesan cheese.

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Dietary cuisine

Of course, we can not agree with the fact that butter and cream cheese mushroom soups are very tasty and enjoyable. But they are high in calories! Their use can not afford not everyone. Especially those who suffer from excess weight, often sits on a diet, wanting to lose a little bit.

However, for those fans to sit on a diet, there are recipes are very light, low-calorie soup with vegetables. Absolutely not greasy, cooked in vegetable broth, these light dishes are very useful for obese people and patients suffering from various diseases.

This soup will be happy adults and kids. For its preparation must take:

  1. 2 small potatoes;
  2. a pound of mushrooms;
  3. zucchini zucchini;
  4. broccoli;
  5. cauliflower;
  6. the root of fennel;
  7. Carrot 2 pcs .;
  8. 1 large onion head;
  9. little leek;
  10. a little olive oil;
  11. dill, celery, parsley.

Potatoes cooked in a little water. In a deep frying pan to extinguish oil coarsely chopped vegetables and mushrooms. Then add them to the boiled potatoes, a little salt and simmer until fully cooked. Cool, crushed using a blender. Cooked soup season with chopped herbs. Is it desirable freshly prepared as in warm and cold.

In conclusion, I must say that the soups mushroom - is a useful, accessible to all dish. It is loved by people all over the world. Proof of the enormous popularity of recipes every day more unusual.

 Light mushroom soups