Salad with corn and green peas


  • Salad "Tenderness"
  • Salad "Willow"
  • Salad "lazy cook"
  • Salad "Zaykin joy"

We are waiting for the guests, and the house "ball Roll? "In the farthest corner of the refrigerator got lost a couple of cans of green peas, canned corn yes? Well, your guests are lucky - they are probably waiting for not only a warm welcome, and a tasty, satisfying meal. With such wonderful foods like peas and corn, it is possible to prepare a salad, which will flow salivating even the most demanding gourmet.

And if you think that the use of these products in a salad should not be - the very wrong. Corn and peas "rolled into one" - is not only a riot of colors on your plate, but excellent taste. In the end, the extra vitamins in the form of a delicious pea and corn nobody has prevented! And a variety of recipes with these ingredients can only envy: choose for every taste, color and budget!

Salad "Tenderness"

The name of this salad was good reason - such a light and delicate taste is not easy to achieve. The combination of smoked meat with fresh cucumbers will impress any visitors or members of your family.


  • Fresh cucumbers - three or four pieces
  • One egg
  • Smoked meat (you can chop) - one hundred grams
  • Green onions - ten grams
  • Walnut - Twenty grams
  • Green peas - half of the banks
  • Corn - half of the banks
  • Mayo


Cucumber, egg and meat cut into small cubes, add the peas with corn, green onions. Refill salad with mayonnaise, salt to taste and in a salad bowl and sprinkle with grated walnuts.

Salad "Willow"

This salad is not only very tasty, but it is absolutely safe for your figure. Take a look for yourself: it has no potatoes, no rice, no mayonnaise. And another beauty of this lettuce that delight him come not only the ladies, sitting on a diet, but also quite a strong, healthy man - he really taste and nutritious. So you do not have to "cram" low-calorie food husband and his friends - they are happy to eat everything to the last spoon.


  • One packet of crab sticks (large)
  • Two small pickled cucumbers
  • Two small fresh cucumber
  • Half of the cans of green peas
  • Half of the cans of canned corn
  • One small onion bulb
  • Two eggs
  • Unsweetened yogurt


Finely chop the cucumber and crab sticks, eggs and onions, add corn and peas. Refill yogurt, salt to taste - sweet, low-calorie salad is ready!

 salad with green peas and corn

Salad "lazy cook"

Long live the blissful idleness, and to him - a delicious salad to boot! Finally, you can just open a couple of cans of canned food and is proud to call himself a chef, not stepping up to the plate for a minute! And if you prepare this salad as much as ten minutes - then you are not only lazy, but also sluggish cook! After all, the ideal for cooking this dish will take four or five minutes. Well, proceed?


  • Bank of corn
  • Bank of peas
  • Bank of beans
  • Garlic - three or four slices
  • Crackers - one pack
  • Mayo


So we mix all this colorful beauty in a salad bowl, add the garlic and mayonnaise. Before serving, pour salad pack any crackers. That's all! Anyone willing to bet that you're not skillful cook? That's right! And if you choose to deny the name of the word "lazy" and work on the salads - you can add a little pepper, though .... Why spoil the philosophy of this dish ?!

Salad "Zaykin joy"

Suggest you this colorful salad every bunny - and he gladly would uplel content, but it is better to hold the dish itself. In addition to the sea of ​​vitamins and minerals that benefit the body, this salad has another important feature: it will help you get enough, without causing any harm to the figure. So eat it for health - your hips and waist safe. A salad is so called because its main ingredient - carrots (although from the cross-eyed peas with corn, too, is unlikely to be refused).


  • Carrots - four grams
  • Half of the cans of green peas
  • Half of the cans of canned corn
  • Bulb - one piece
  • Vinegar 3% - three tablespoons
  • Light mayonnaise (low-calorie)
  • Sugar - two teaspoons
  • Salt to taste


Washed carrots cleanse and cut into small strips, put in an enamel bowl and pour a cup of boiling water. Adding to the vinegar, sugar and salt, cover tightly with a lid and simmer eight to ten minutes. Cooled, we throw in a colander. Mix the resulting carrot with green peas, corn, finely chopped onions. Refill with mayonnaise and put in refrigerator. Half an hour later a delicious salad is ready!

As you can see, peas and corn - are invaluable ingredients for the most delicious and varied salads. Eat on health and amaze your friends and relatives. Bon Appetit!

 Salad with corn and green peas

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 delicious soup with dumplings


  • Soup with dumplings "Classic in lard"
  • Soup with dumplings "Spicy"
  • Soup with dumplings "Children"

The traditional Ukrainian dish soup with dumplings - a great alternative to soup and more complex soups: Make it quick, easy and relatively inexpensive.

Funny (but very tasty!) Kind of dumplings and a distinctive taste (my grandmother's dishes from childhood) Captivate your household and help it to become a permanent guest of the soup to your menu. And the children just love it, even the most fastidious!

We offer you three options for prescription soup with dumplings.   Each of them has his own taste nuances, and only you choose in what situation you are using one or the other option. And, you can experiment and mix the ingredients!

 ingredients for soup with dumplings
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Soup with dumplings "Classic in lard"

Suitable for a thematic menu for lovers of Ukrainian cuisine. With this soup will be able to win the heart of any true Ukrainian men (and not only Ukrainian).

On the 2-pan hlitrovuyu take:

  • broth or water (preferably chicken) 2 l
  • potatoes (medium-sized) - 5 pcs.
  • bow - 2 pcs.
  • carrots - 1 pcs.
  • Fat - 6-8 slices
  • egg - 1 pc.,
  • milk - 3 tbsp. l.,
  • flour about - 6 tablespoons. l.,
  • vegetable oil - 1-2 tbsp. l.,
  • salt, spices,
  • parsley and dill.

Take one onion and cut it as finely as possible. Throw in the water (broth), and put a pot of soup on the fire (if the water is initially cold, it's a good thing: the longer the bow will cook, the better it tastes and give the less noticeable for nelyubiteley cooked onions).

While the contents of the saucepan to boil, clean and cut the potatoes. You can slice and dice, but if we want to keep the Ukrainian flavor recipe, then cut into slices along the tuber sure (why take a small potato, that the pieces were placed in the mouth). Dipped in boiling water (broth), give the soup boil over again and make a very small fire. The liquid in the pot should not be too bubbling, most - to languish.

Now is the time to prepare zazharku. Put the frying pan to heat and do is cut the fat. If you normally think of the boiled fat, you can not cut very finely; the more fat chop, so it will be less noticeable in the finished soup. In this recipe we cut thin strips of bacon and put on drips hot pan (the fire is not strong, but not the smallest). To cracklings looked appetizing, fry them until crispy golden brown in vegetable oil.

Finely cut the onion and add it to the frying fat, when fat already heated with. Carrots cut into thin strips and send after onion. Fry, stirring, until then, until the onion is a nice golden color. All zazharki is ready, add it to the soup and some time even boil.

Finally, we start making dumplings. In a bowl break an egg, put a pinch of salt, spices to taste (you can black pepper, red peppers, basil, dried dill, parsley, garlic). Pour 3 tbsp. l. milk (or water, but then dumplings can be prepared a little "rubber", so it is important not to overdo it with the flour). Stir well and pour the resulting mass of sifted flour, continuing to stir with a fork. The dough turns out not very steep, but thicker than pancakes. It must keep up with the walls, but easy to pinch off. The amount of flour in the recipe approximate, because it depends on the fat content of milk, the quality of the flour and eggs.

From the dough making dumplings and immediately omit them in a pot of soup. You can pinch off pieces of dough just arbitrary hand (conveniently placed next to a bowl of cold water and wet her fingers in the dough not stick). Although this method has one drawback: it is difficult to tear off small pieces of the same, besides during cooking the dough is increased three times! It is easier and neater dumplings are obtained if the gain teaspoon dough bowl on the wall (about ¼ spoon). When all the dumplings are laid out, waiting until the soup boils again, and they all emerge. Our soup is ready, serve it on the table with sour cream and chopped herbs.

An important point: as all soups, cooked according to national recipes, soup with dumplings should always be insisted 10 minutes, preferably covered with a towel!

 simple soup with dumplings
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Soup with dumplings "Spicy"

This option is suitable for those who prefer vegetables and seasonings. By the way, to begin to introduce an alien from the national cuisine, it is also better to cook the soup on this recipe: fat he can not understand, and celery have been widely used.

The composition of products is almost the same as in the first embodiment, only the onion - 1 pc., Flour - 1 tbsp., Instead of fat - a mere 70 grams. celery root. A 5-6 sprigs of parsley and a couple of bay leaves.

In this case, we are preparing the soup with dumplings in chicken broth. The meat cook until tender, then take out, instead the soup put diced potatoes and cook for 7-8 minutes. While the potatoes are cooked, cut the onion and fry it until golden brown in a frying pan.

We put fried onions - then cut into small julienne carrots and celery, add them to the onions and stir fry over low heat for 5 minutes zazharku Cooked with bay leaves put in a pot of soup and boil for 3-5 minutes.

Dumplings do on the water, and with a thick batter - as dumplings. Carefully spoon spread them to the soup and cook for 8-10 min., Not forgetting to add salt and pepper. The soup is ready, serve it on the table, garnished with parsley.

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Soup with dumplings "Children"

Every mama know the situation, when you try to figure out what else to please so their child, more tasty and quick. And in my head, as an evil - no suitable recipe. Our soup - just such a case. His cooking does not take much time.

Cook the soup on any meat (it is better chicken) soup. Along with the meat cook whole onion, then the onions and remove the meat from the broth. Cut the potatoes and carrots, add to the soup. Carrots can be cut into slices, so the dish looks brighter and more useful is preserved.

If the baby is small or does not eat onion soup, then zazharku better not to do. Instead, we are off to add a bit of butter. If we still fry the onions, then add the butter to the pan right, it will give the soup a special flavor and aroma.

Make dumplings with milk, and even better - in the yogurt, because they are more airy. And, you can with your child to tear the dough into pieces and thrown into the pot. It is unlikely that on this fun-filled soup you can not refuse!

Salt, pepper, herbs - to taste. And on the table is best served with sour cream.

Bon Appetit!

 Soup with dumplings, three versions of the same recipe