the behavior of a man in love


  • Basic gestures of love with men
  • Displays of affection in the behavior of men

To recognize a man in love, should turn to the practical psychology of nonverbal communication, which includes gestures, facial expressions, posture, etc. Know gesture love man is necessary if there are doubts about the sincerity of declarations of love or when there is a suspicion that he is in love, but does not take action.

Considering that non-verbal communication and unconsciously control it is not easy, even non-verbal manifestations of love is almost impossible to hide.

Knowledge of non-verbal signs of love to help a woman to build up their behavior or even fall in love with the man himself in even more.

 basic gestures of love with men
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Basic gestures of love with men

The first gesture of issuing feelings guy - a touch of your hair during intercourse. A man can ruffles or stroking her hair. He does it with ease, gently and tenderly. This gesture is associated with the fact that hair is associated with sexuality man (no wonder the nuns and women some people walk around with their heads covered). Accordingly, touching the hair and head, he stressed his appeal and eroticism.

If a guy touches and adjusts his clothing, watches, tie, buttons, and other items and accessories, is on the one hand, he is worried that the characteristic of a man in love, on the other hand, worries about appearance and subconsciously trying to put himself in order to be neat and please a girl.

Convergence please also symbolizes attention to himself in the mirror, pulling in the abdomen, posture alignment. A man trying to look taller, stronger, leaner and more attractive.

Non-verbal gestures of love Man mainly related to primitive instincts and are sexually motivated. They are characterized by attraction to a woman - the object of adoration, so they subconsciously try to draw her attention to his "manhood." This is reflected in the widely spread legs, and both standing and sitting. Often one can observe that the young man lays his fingers into his trouser pockets, his belt, the belt or just focuses hands in the area of ​​his body in the presence of ladies he liked.

 expression of feelings in the behavior of men
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Displays of affection in the behavior of men

If a guy is copying the behavior of women, the position of her body, arms, legs and head, such as gestures mean love or, at least, a sincere interest. Lifting the eyebrows and head tilt toward the ladies said about wanting to continue the conversation.

An indirect sign of love and gestures are manipulating men with objects resembling circularity women (any round objects). A married man may be twisting the ring, as if trying to remove it.

Another manifestation of the senses is a violation of personal space. Man tries to come as close as possible to the girl accidentally touch her or her things.

For other non-verbal signs of love men include dilated pupils at the sight of his beloved. This is due to the influx of adrenaline and excitement growing.

For the state of love is characterized by confusion and shyness, and therefore there may be some redness of the cheeks, or even the entire face.

A man in love will never miss a chance to take a closer and longer look at his beloved. Thus, a closer look suggests that the man is genuinely interested.

Individually listed gestures and signs of male behavior does not mean that he is not indifferent. However, if there are gestures listed in the majority and in the aggregate, then that is a gesture of love with a man, no doubt.

 How to recognize a man in love

 sex during menstruation


  • What is the opinion of doctors?
  • How should I have sex during menstruation?
  • Can a sex change or stop menstruation ovulation?
  • Can I get pregnant during sex during menstruation?
  • Tips for women and men

Sex during menstruation can be characterized by the proverb "forbidden fruit is sweet." This is primarily for men. Women, he attracted rumors that during the sexual intercourse is almost impossible to conceive. But you can not say that this description applies to all people. Most frustrating to have sex during menstruation only for aesthetic reasons. Many women are averse, and not all men think it's hygienic.
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What is the opinion of doctors?

Among the gynecologists there is a perception that if a woman is healthy, then shortly before the critical days it will experience increased appetite. If she has any problems, gynecological diseases, such feelings will manifest itself during and after menstruation.

Sex during menstruation in any case can not be considered safe as a woman's body during this period most vulnerable to infections.

The fact that during the critical days uterus slightly open, so that all harmful bacteria are free to enter the body. Along with this lack of lubrication of the vagina in which the same harmful bacteria in ordinary days get stuck in the resin. It therefore should not have sex during menstruation with a new man, or if one of the partners has a disease of the reproductive system.

Questions that relate to this topic, more than enough. We offer you with answers to common questions.

 sex positions during menstruation
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How should I have sex during menstruation?

The moral side of this question is very important because both partners need to decide whether they are ready for such a stage of their relationship. The main reasons for rejection can be one of the partners disgust. This in no way means that you have ceased to like him, or that he no longer loves you. Just everyone has a level of disgust. Some, for example, even eat from the same plate can not. An important part are also religious beliefs, which you must know in advance. If there is no prejudice and no man or woman sex is not such a bother, then it is half the battle.

It is undesirable to have sex during the first days of menstruation, when a very large bleeding. This is best done in the shower or bath. If this is not possible, it is necessary to lay a bed with a towel and not to hide away wipes. Poses should be chosen such that the penetration was not very strong. Perfect posture - "man on top" because then the selection will not be so heavy.

Today, medicine is no taboo on sex in the critical days, if in compliance with all rules of hygiene. Some women are much easier to carry the flow of blood, if at this time sex: they become less irritable and nervous.
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Can a sex change or stop menstruation ovulation?

Yes, if you are a rabbit. In these animals, the ovulation begins after intercourse. Humans are not affected. Sex can not affect either the duration of the month or the period of ovulation.

But in all, there are exceptions. If intercourse (not one) will be particularly bright and with an orgasm, then soon you can wait for the completion of critical days. And there is a scientific explanation. When a woman has just begun monthly, the body begins to produce chemicals, the effect of which can be compared to the influence of hormones. These substances called prostaglandins. They affect the blood vessels of the endometrium. In the men's sperm also have prostaglandins. As a result, when these chemicals getting a lot (when the sperm enters the vagina), the female body much faster than is released from dead cells of the endometrium. As a result of menstruation ends earlier.

If a woman suffers some gynecological diseases, the period may be longer. When the genitals are excited, and the local blood circulation increases, during intercourse, it can become so strong that a tendency to bleed, it will begin again.

 pregnancy after sex during menstruation
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Can I get pregnant during sex during menstruation?

It is believed that during the critical days of a very small chance of becoming pregnant. But this, of course, misleading. You can get pregnant during any month of the day. In this case, if you only use the calendar method of protection, the effectiveness of such contraception is zero. As midcycle, or after the egg can mature. It should be remembered that sperm can "live" in the genital tract from 5 to 7 days and still retain their properties. Therefore, sexual intercourse for 4-6 day cycle may soon please you conception up to 15 days, and it is almost the most favorable time for conception.

Most likely to become pregnant during menstruation also concerns those women whose menstrual cycles are shorter, between 15 and 20 days. Moreover, not all women are able to know the length of your cycle, will not come until the next critical days. By the way, religion is one of the African tribes permits only have sex during menstruation. Despite this, the tribe still exists. The reasons for this phenomenon scientists have not yet been established.

The high probability of pregnancy can be when the time of ovulation came two eggs instead of one. Therefore, no one has canceled contraception in these sexual acts.

 Tips for men and women for sex during menstruation
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Tips for women and men

To sex during menstruation did not bring you unpleasant surprises, but on the contrary, become more enjoyable, it is desirable to both spouses take note of the following tips:

  • in those days when the bleeding is most abundant, it is better to abstain from sex;
  • it is also desirable to abstain from sexual intercourse if the woman feels pain in the abdomen;
  • hygiene these days should be more intensified before and after sex, be sure to take a shower;
  • If possible, use a condom, he will not only prevent pregnancy, but also protect both partners from infection;
  • turn off the lights if a man confused by the sight of blood;
  • sex during menstruation is better to choose the bathroom;
  • napkin and towel next to keep just in case;
  • to dirty linens, bedding towel on the bed (which is not sorry);
  • if unpleasant odor is a problem, then cover the abdomen and legs with a blanket, it will help block the "flavor";
  • stop sexual intercourse, if the woman began soreness.

Sex during menstruation with regular partner is not only possible but also necessary. To some extent, it will help partners to translate their relationship to a more serious level, after which they will no longer trust each other.

 Features of sex during the critical days