Salad with mushrooms meadow

  • Salad "Glade"
  • "Glade" with chicken breast
  • "Forest Glade" with sausage
  • "Mushroom Meadow" with meat
  • "Mushroom glade" Korean carrot

Lovers of mushrooms among the people a lot. However, this gastronomic pleasure is not cheap. So pamper yourself mushrooms we basically on holidays. And mushroom salad is considered to be a festive treat. So among these salads have a favorite, and one them - salad "Glade" with mushrooms. Incidentally, this salad is known and called "Mushroom glade" or "Forest Glade". And cook it in several different ways, using the marinated, boiled, fried or even raw mushrooms. We offer you a choice of several variations on this popular salad.

Salad "Glade"

The name "Glade" - the most famous of all the variants of this salad. And the simplest name corresponds to at least the simple cooking. For this salad, we need the following ingredients:

  • Half-liter jar of pickled mushrooms;
  • Half-liter jars of green peas;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 100 g of cheese;
  • Parsley;
  • Mayonnaise.


Preliminary preparations for this salad only require eggs to be boiled to cook, cool and clean from the shell. Eggs and cheese to grind using a coarse grater and place in salad bowl. Then merge with mushrooms marinade and recline them in a colander. When excess moisture to drain mushrooms, chop them into small pieces, and half a dozen mushrooms whole reserve for decoration lettuce. Mushrooms and green peas in a salad bowl to lay eggs and cheese, add mayonnaise and mix. Decorate the salad whole mushrooms and parsley sprigs.

 meadow mushroom salad with mushrooms

"Glade" with chicken breast

The second version of this salad will pozamyslovatee first. And we have stacked layers, and use for the salad "Glade" such ingredients:

  • Bank of pickled mushrooms;
  • 1 chicken breast;
  • 150 g of cheese durum;
  • 2 eggs;
  • Parsley:
  • 3 potatoes;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 3 pickles;
  • 1 cucumber;
  • Mayonnaise.


Pre-boil the chicken breast, eggs, potatoes and carrots. All cooled, vegetables and eggs are clean and grind using a coarse grater (individually). Cheese was also converted into chips, chicken cut into small cubes and finely chop the greens. Grated shredded and pickled cucumbers, mushrooms and take out of the banks and give to drain excess fluid. Now the most interesting - start collecting salad.

For him will prepare a pan, grease it with oil inside and carpeted with cling film (and the bedplate and bumpers). Puts layers of lettuce:

  • mushrooms (tight caps down);
  • chopped fresh herbs;
  • cheese;
  • eggs;
  • carrot;
  • chicken meat;
  • pickled cucumbers;
  • potatoes.

Lubricates mayonnaise with only a layer of chicken, potatoes and eggs. However, if you like the "wet" salads, you can miss the mark each layer with mayonnaise. Now remove the salad in the refrigerator for five hours or six (or better - at night). Before serving, cover with a flat pan dish and turn over rapidly. Carefully remove the pan from the lettuce, remove the plastic wrap and make out a salad of cucumber slices and fresh herbs.

"Forest Glade" with sausage

Recipe salad "Glade" with chicken you already know. And you the option of this salad with sausage.


  • Half a jar of pickled mushrooms;
  • 250 grams of cooked smoked sausage;
  • 200 g of crude (solid);
  • 4 eggs;
  • 3 potatoes;
  • Greens uropa;
  • Mayonnaise.


Boil the potatoes in their skins and quenched it. Cook hard-boiled eggs, we give them cool, and clean from the shell. Cheese transform into chips using a coarse grater, and sausage, eggs and potatoes cut into cubes or cubes. Collect salad layers abundantly promazyvaya layers mayonnaise:

  • potatoes;
  • eggs;
  • sausage,
  • cheese.

Top salad legalize dill, simulating grass and "planting" in her whole mushrooms. As a result, we get a forest glade with mushrooms - it was required to obtain.

 clearing delicious salad with mushrooms

"Mushroom Meadow" with meat

An interesting option of salad "Mushroom Meadow" with fried mushrooms and meat. It turns out a hearty salad!


  • 300 grams of fresh mushrooms;
  • 300 g veal or beef;
  • 2 onions;
  • 5 medium sized potatoes;
  • 150 g of cheese;
  • Dill;
  • Mayonnaise (for refueling);
  • Vegetable oil (for frying).


For this option Salad "Mushroom clearing" we need to boiled meat, to cook and to cool down beforehand. Pre is also necessary to boil the potatoes. Mushrooms can also be prepared in advance, and you can fry just before preparing the salad. So, my mushrooms, give them to dry and cut into thin slices. Finely chop the onion. The Dutch oven is heated vegetable oil and fry until first light golden bow. Then add the sliced ​​mushrooms and continue to fry for four minutes with the lid open. If you close the lid, then fry the mushrooms and Extinguishes as mushrooms give a lot of moisture during cooking.

We spread the fried in a colander, to the oil flowed, while they themselves are beginning to deal with the other ingredients of the salad. The meat cut into very small cubes, potatoes passed through a large grater and cheese through a fine. We put salad in layers, sprinkling lightly with salt layers:

  • potatoes;
  • Mushroom fried;
  • veal;
  • mayonnaise;
  • cheese;
  • mayonnaise.

Sprinkle with chopped dill and lettuce in the refrigerator remove. Two hours later the salad is ready to "release in humans."

"Mushroom glade" Korean carrot

This "Mushroom clearing" is notable for not only its constituent Korean carrot and dressing of mayonnaise and French mustard.


  • Bank of pickled mushrooms;
  • Glass Korean carrots;
  • 300 g smoked chicken breast;
  • 4 small potatoes;
  • 200 g of cheese;
  • A bunch of green onions;
  • Dill;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • French mustard.


For sauce mix mayonnaise and mustard French a ratio of three to one. That is, three tablespoons of mayonnaise put one tablespoon of sweet French mustard. Boil the potatoes in their skins, cool it and grind on a coarse grater. My greens, chop obsushivayut and (separately). Cut carrots, cheese making small chips and chicken meat is broken down into fibers.

For the salad take a baking dish with removable bumpers and lay on her bottom mushrooms, placing their hats down. Mushrooms put on chopped onion and lightly tamped. For the onions should be potatoes, which need a little prisolit and spread with mayonnaise. On potatoes put chicken meat, which also coat with mayonnaise. Next - Korean carrot, mayonnaise and cheese. Once again compacted layers and remove a form in the refrigerator for a night. Ready cover with salad dish, turn over the form and remove the bumpers. Sprinkle the salad with dill.

As the name implies, the main feature of this mushroom salad not only mushrooms, but the original decoration. Mushroom Glade comes from the whole round shampinonchikam adorning the top of the salad and fresh herbs, depicting grass. But you can decorate a salad and a different, having issued his Slice mushrooms or mushrooms, made of eggs and tomatoes with mayonnaise hats on painted dots. Then you get to the meadow mushroom Amanita muscaria. Experiment! Cook with pleasure and enjoy your meal.

 Glade Salad with mushrooms - a variation on the theme of mushroom

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 salad with fried mushrooms

  • Mushroom Glade
  • Mushrooms with walnuts and prunes
  • Salad with mushrooms, tomatoes and potatoes
  • Corn joy
  • Pineapples with mushrooms

Mushrooms - is not only delicious but also healthy low-calorie product that will help you stay in great shape without harm to health. If, for example, you are a vegetarian or sit on a rigid diet, you will notice they are partly even meat. However, they are quite tricky, because if properly prepared, at best, mushrooms will taste bitter, and at worst - they poison all those who will try to even the smallest piece. Therefore, to prepare delicious and nutritious salad is best to use fresh mushrooms grown on special farms in ecologically clean area.

Mushroom Glade

Mushrooms are washed, cleaned and boiled in lightly salted water, then cut thin half-rings, and fried with onions. After you cook rice, carrots and eggs, you can start to prepare a salad with fried mushrooms. At first lay the first layer of rice, which was previously to be slightly dry on tissue towel, that it is crumbly, then comes the turn of mushrooms, grated on a coarse grater carrots and eggs. On top of all this beauty sprinkle copious amounts of cheese durum. Do not forget to salt layers, so that they were fresh and abundant coat with their mayonnaise (either homemade or choose low-fat stores).

 salad of fried mushrooms

Mushrooms with walnuts and prunes

If you want the new year to surprise your friends and extravagant exotic salad with fried mushrooms, this recipe is useful to you at an opportune moment. To cook it you need a kilogram of mushrooms, half a kilo of onions and carrots, ten large walnut, and two hundred and fifty pitted prunes. In this case, fry the mushrooms can be no pre-cooking is enough to clean them from the skin and pour over boiling water. Do not forget to salt them and pepper while cooking and add the spices.

While the mushrooms reach ready, chop the onion (if it is bitter, it is recommended to marinate), grate the carrots, chop nuts, rasparte, cut into thin strips and prunes Mix these ingredients until smooth. After the mushrooms have cooled off, start to spread their layers, alternating with the resulting mixture and mayonnaise. For decoration of lettuce, use the remaining prunes, nuts and flat pieces of mushrooms.

Salad with mushrooms, tomatoes and potatoes

This dish is suitable for those who want a romantic evening. A distinctive feature of this salad with grilled mushrooms is that he is preparing to fairly quickly and does not require any special culinary skills. While a pan fried until golden brown, three hundred grams of chopped mushrooms into half rings, dice three ripe and juicy tomatoes, boiled potatoes in their skins, chop onion. All of this mix with mushrooms, season with the finished dish with two tablespoons of olive oil. Before serving, season with salt and pepper to taste.

 Salad with grilled mushrooms

Corn joy

Comprising this unusual salad of fried mushrooms, corn (half a tin), onion (finely chopped), one hundred grams of cheese and mayonnaise. Note that in this case, the mushrooms cut into large cubes and fried with onions in butter, and not in sunflower oil. During frying do not forget to add black pepper and salt. The bottom layer, as in the previous salads, spread mushrooms, followed mayonnaise, cheese, again, mayonnaise, corn. Above you can decorate with a few salad leaves of parsley, dill sprig.

Pineapples with mushrooms

In a deep dish fried mixed mushrooms (500 grams) with onion, cheese, boiled fillet (kilogram), Bank of pineapples, corn. All this dressed before serving delicacy mayonnaise to taste all the individual ingredients combined. Instead, you can use fillet smoked chicken breast, which will give the salad a certain piquancy. If you wish, you can use apples, as they will add not enough acidity, lemon juice.

 Salad with fried mushrooms for the fans tasty and wholesome food

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