salad of beans in tomato sauce


  • Salad "island" of white beans
  • Salad "Holiday" with eggs, cucumber and white beans
  • Salad "Meat" with beans and ham
  • Carrot and mushroom salad with canned beans
  • Salad "Light" with vegetables and beans
  • Salad with sausage and beans in tomato sauce
  • Salad with beans, sweet onion and chicken

If you have never made a salad of canned beans, it's time to try. This dish is cooked in just ten minutes, this gives an incredibly delicious and satisfying. You can take it with you to work or eat at home for dinner. Meals are served with a side dish (meat, fish, or other buckwheat porridge) or without him.

Salad "island" of white beans

Many housewives prepare salads with beans, adding a variety of products: croutons, tomatoes, boiled eggs, carrots. We propose to make a dish of raw beans in a spicy tomato sauce and bake it in the oven. Surely you have never tried such an unusual salad.


  • two glasses of white beans
  • Two pods of red pepper
  • three teaspoons of spicy tomato paste
  • vegetable oil
  • three bay leaf
  • Three medium onions
  • Salt - to your taste
  • black pepper - optional

Cooking method:

Salads with beans in tomato sauce are popular with many of today's housewives. They are quick to prepare, the only negative - long cooking beans. However, it can always be done in advance (about a day), and the next day, just mix all the products and enjoy the meal. That's how we recommend you do so in advance pour the beans in cold water and leave for twelve hours, boil on low heat in lightly salted water, adding a bay leaf. If you are using young beans, they need not be soaked - they are so quick to cook.

Meanwhile, chop the peeled diced medium onion, and red pepper - small pieces previously got rid of the seeds. Now lay in the hot oil and fry both ingredients them, stirring constantly. When products change color, enter the tomato paste, sprinkle with salt and spices at will and stew under the lid for no longer than seven minutes.

By this time the beans should be ready: drain the excess fluid from it in a separate bowl and fold in a colander. Now lay out the next container prepared salad such layers: white beans, onions in tomato sauce with pepper. Do not pour out all the products one crowd - it is better to make several "floors", alternating the ingredients together. When done, pour in the form of water, which was preparing the beans, so that it fully covers all the components of food. Send the product in the oven and keep it for about 30 minutes. The most suitable temperature - about 180 degrees, if you choose to make the heat more, but then keep in mind that bake and salad should be quarter of an hour.

 salad with beans in tomato sauce

Salad "Holiday" with eggs, cucumber and white beans

Beans in Tomato Sauce, many are accustomed to use as a separate dish, giving it meat, chicken or fish. But it turns out that it can be added to salads. It is difficult to imagine what will seem like dish? In vain you are in doubt - rather than guess, try to prepare a salad with white canned beans, eggs and cucumber, following this recipe.


  • Bank of beans in tomato sauce (we used white)
  • one medium-sized onion
  • eggs - three pieces
  • packing crackers flavored tomatoes and greens
  • salt
  • one cucumber
  • gourmet mayonnaise
  • ground pepper (black) - optional
  • 35 grams of fresh greens

Cooking method:

The first thing you should do - is to boil hard boiled eggs. When they are ready, cool them under running water, remove the shell and cut the middle-sized cubes, and onion - medium pieces. Washed fresh herbs chop as finely as possible. We used the parsley, but you can take dill, cilantro, or anything else in its sole discretion.

Cucumbers, which are now sold in supermarkets is usually not very bitter, but the "summer" vegetables, purchased in the market at the grandmother may have an unpleasant taste, so better to remove them from the peel. Cut the cucumber into thin strips and begin to form a salad. To do this, put in a nice deep glass dish or other dishes all of the above ingredients, namely: eggs, diced onions, cucumbers, beans, sprinkled his creation chopped greens. To croutons were hard and crunchy, add them just before serving dishes on the table. Fill all the delicacy mayonnaise and mix well with a spoon. Voila, your salad is ready to eat! Let it brew for fifteen minutes, then you can safely start to the meal.

Ingredients such as salt and pepper, add the taste is always the one who prepares the meal. In this case, it is important not to overdo it - let alone a better one pepper and salt a portion of foods than you spoil the dish by adding spices more than worth it.

If you are using a particular recipe, it does not mean you have to blindly follow what it says. If you do not have some components, they can always be replaced by other products. For example, if desired, instead of eggs put in a salad of quail - simply boil them, divide into two halves and garnish their dish.

We give one more advice on the preparation of the dishes. We used canned beans in tomato sauce, which makes the salad is very juicy and not time consuming. With him to do nothing at all - just mix all the ingredients. However, if you want, you can prepare a meal with fresh white beans: soak them in cold water and leave for the night, and the next day boil, fold in a colander, and then cook in the same way as stated in the recipe. If you do not like mayonnaise, season salad with olive oil or sour cream. Thus, you get a completely different dish. As you can see, one recipe can easily be "split" into two different dishes, replacing only one component to another.

Salad "Meat" with beans and ham

In anticipation of the upcoming holidays, many housewives are beginning to leaf through his cookbooks, got already tested recipes and make the menu for future celebrations. Salads, just as hot meals and snacks are an indispensable attribute of any celebration, whether it's a birthday or New Year. To make sure your table is not empty, it should be kept in reserve is not one recipe. Did you enjoy this dish of baked beans in combination with ham, fresh tomatoes and cheese - it diversifies your usual menu. In just five minutes, you get a delicious and juicy salad. As they say, the main thing - to start, so begin the preparation.


  • 150 grams of ham (you can replace it with shank)
  • Two large tomatoes
  • salt - to your taste
  • half cans white beans in tomato sauce
  • 50 grams of cheese
  • salad mayonnaise
  • fresh herbs and spices - optional

Cooking method:

Recently, dishes with the addition of canned beans are gaining in popularity. There are plenty of dishes, which include the active ingredient.

Agree, the best salad for the holiday table - is the one that does not require too much time for preparation. And this recipe of the above specifications, so we offer to try it in practice.

So start your culinary cutting action with small cubes of ham and tomatoes (or shank, it all depends on what you use). For hard cheeses, it should be rubbed into thin strips on medium grater. Now finely chop with a knife and start fresh greens salad spread. This dish is cooked in layers: the bottom of the dish Put the tomatoes on top - beans, then comes the turn of ham and grated cheese. Each "floor" seasoned with a little salt and pepper (black), greasing abundantly all the ingredients of mayonnaise. At the end sprinkle with herbs product - all, you can put it on the table.

Simple salads, like this one, it is recommended to decorate: You can use parsley, dill, tomatoes from which the unusual roses. Explore the special literature and cut tomato beautiful figure, which put it on top of dishes. With such an original filing your salad will look great on the table and attract the attention of visitors - it will eat in one sitting. As fit as decoration quail eggs: boil it, peel and dividing into two halves, put a pattern on the finished dish.

Carrot and mushroom salad with canned beans

Many housewives poured mayonnaise salads, vegetable oil or sour cream. You can also make special sauces, with the addition of various spices. But a dish cooked in this recipe, it turns out juicy and delicious with no refills thanks to tomato-bean product.


  • 400 grams of beans (buy one that in tomato sauce)
  • 300 grams of mushrooms (fresh take)
  • two small bulbs
  • one carrot
  • Olive oil - the need for frying
  • a little fresh cilantro

Cooking method:

The recipe does not specify the required amount of salt or black pepper or spices, but it does not mean that they do not need to add.

Getting cooked meals, dry well-washed mushrooms, put them on paper towels or a clean cloth. Then chop the mushrooms medium cubes and send in a saucepan with hot oil. Now fry, seasoning with salt and spices, stirring constantly. When the product will provide juice and darken slightly, keep the onions, cut into small pieces, and cook for another few minutes. At the end, add the carrots previously grated on a fine grater.

When all the vegetables are ready, put in a deep bowl of beans and onion-mushroom mixture with carrot. Thoroughly mix all and sprinkle with finely chopped cilantro. Salads with beans in tomato sauce are usually not made with mayonnaise or sour cream, because they already get enough juicy. But if you are missing these ingredients, add them to the dish. Bon Appetit!

 bean salad in tomato sauce

Salad "Light" with vegetables and beans

We offer joint efforts to turn an ordinary salad into the original dish, add the canned beans.


  • Two small tomatoes
  • medium-sized cabbage
  • one cucumber
  • seasonings (including salt) put on your own taste
  • half cans of canned peas
  • small onion
  • ½ pot of beans in tomato sauce

Cooking method:

This is a very simple recipe, so you can make a "fast" light salad, which is ideal to eat them in the office. He will give you strength and energy for further work.

Cut small slices of tomato, cucumber - cubes and pre-cleaned onion - half rings. Beijing chop the cabbage into thin strips and place all ingredients in a bowl. Now add them beans and green peas, with which necessarily drain all the liquid. On the taste and season the dish with spices and salt. If you think a salad dryish, tuck it easy delicacy mayonnaise.

Instead of the usual tomatoes can use miniature cherry, dividing them into two halves. As for the bow, then the ideal solution - adding a sweet purple vegetable, because it gives the original taste of savory food. If you have that is not present, then either put the usual onion or cut it into half rings and marinate thin. To do this, lay the product in a bowl, cover with cold water (it should cover the vegetables), enter two tablespoons of vinegar and sugar. This salad is ideal with beans fried steak or baked chicken.

Salad with sausage and beans in tomato sauce

Vegetable salads are more suitable for women, as they are light and low-calorie. If you want to make a more satisfying dish, add the meat product: chicken, boiled pork, ham or tavern. You can try and such a combination: Canned beans, salami and tomatoes. Check out this recipe, it may someday come in handy.


For the salad:

  • half cans red kidney beans in tomato sauce
  • 150 grams of smoked sausage (you can use any other variety of your choice)
  • 100 grams of cherry tomatoes
  • large onion - one piece
  • fresh parsley

For the filling:

  • Three spoons (tablespoons) sour cream
  • juice from canned beans
  • one garlic clove
  • a little vinegar (add it to your taste)
  • salt and pepper
  • teaspoon sugar

Cooking method:

First, open a can of beans and pour the tomato sauce in a separate bowl (you will need it later). Then cut thin strips of sausage and tomato with a knife, divide into four parts. Instead, you can use regular cherry tomatoes. If they have a firm skin, it is best to get rid of it. To do this, on top of cross-cut vegetable and fill it with boiling water. Hold for a minute or so, and then put it under cold water. Because of the temperature difference skins burst, after which you can easily remove it. Cut the flesh into small cubes, you get a very juicy and tender salad.

With tomatoes understood, we continue to cook the dish. Peel the onions from the husk and cut middle-sized pieces, the parsley and chop finely. Now combine all ingredients in a bowl, season with at its discretion spices and salt, then make the sauce. It is made very simple: into a bowl, combine sour cream, pepper, sugar, a little vinegar and tomato sauce, with the remaining beans. Then, add a clove of garlic, crush it with a special press. Whisk whisk products and the resulting pour salad dressing. Thoroughly mix all ingredients dish spoon and decorate your creation with chopped parsley.

Salad with beans, sweet onion and chicken

Do you want to cook a hearty salad, spending a minimum of time? Then you perfect this recipe.


  • small chicken
  • 200 grams of canned beans
  • one egg
  • 150 grams of Chinese cabbage
  • one purple onion
  • fresh greens - optional
  • mayonnaise - two tablespoons
  • slightly less than half the banks canned peas

Cooking method:

To start put the stew chicken, lightly salted water. When it is ready, get rid of excess fluid and disassemble the meat into small fibers. You can do this by hand or cut with a knife.

Now drain the water from the peas, and white beans - sauce. The ingredients combine in a single container. Then also add here purple onion, cut into thin half-rings, and finely chopped Chinese cabbage. Boil the egg and clearing it from the shell, cut into cubes and send it in a salad bowl. Now enter the chicken, pour all of mayonnaise and seasoned with a small amount of pepper and salt, stir well. At the end sprinkle the dish with greenery, which before this should be chopped.

These are tasty and original salads are obtained from canned beans. This dish is suitable not only for a family dinner - it is not a shame to be put on the festive table.

 Salad of beans in tomato sauce: hearty and fast

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