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  • Liver cake with sour cream and mayonnaise
  • Cake from the liver in milk

The concept of "cake" is associated with sweet, lush, creamy mouth-watering delicacy, which is a perfect complement to serve tea or coffee. However, this is not always the case! There are a thousand and one recipe for all kinds of dishes from the liver: burgers, fritters, pancakes, a variety of appetizers and salads, and - attention! - Cakes. So, if you love to cook, a vast field of action - enough to include fantasy, choose one of you the recipes and prepare the original dish.

We offer a completely master the unusual dessert that's the sweet treat is not to apply, but also served with tea or tomato juice. Liver cake chicken liver - really easy dish from him there is no heartburn and remains a feeling of heaviness in the stomach - a pleasant aftertaste after a hearty meal. The food is so universal, that will suit both for the festive dinner with friends and for a quiet family dinner. So take a favorite recipe note.

 liver cake chicken liver

Liver cake with sour cream and mayonnaise

Recipe of liver cutlets familiar, probably, if not every woman, many. His love, first, for the speed of preparation, and secondly, for practicality - a dish can be eaten cold and hot, served with a side dish or without - as well as for the availability of, and not too high cost of essential products. Record this dish in his cookbook, after all eat the same uninteresting - at some point still want to make a variety of eating habits. And this recipe just in case of occurrence of culinary depression when dream on changing food or do not want to or can not.

The cake can be made with chicken or beef liver, but we recommend staying on the first version. This product is more delicate, because he gets very thin pancakes, of which subsequently prepared a pie. For lubrication cakes suited as mayonnaise and sour cream. And as a decoration using chopped parsley, dill or other fresh herbs. Hopefully, the first experience will be very successful!


  • Half a kilogram of tender chicken liver
  • three eggs
  • 0, 5 small cups of flour (preferably pre-screened)
  • half cup sour cream
  • Packaging gourmet mayonnaise
  • salt (to add products to your taste)
  • Three medium onions
  • carrots - three small pieces
  • Black freshly ground pepper - optional
  • garlic (about two or three cloves) - to taste
  • vegetable oil - for frying


  • a small bunch of fresh or frozen green

Cooking method:

This hearty recipe, but at the same time easy and harmless to the female figure of cake can be used not only in everyday life, but also for special occasions, such as birthday, Christmas, March 8 or the New Year. But you never know there is a reason to invite to visit friends. Liver cake - a great snack that can be served either hot or cold. Taste dishes it worse, certainly not becoming!

This is a start, now proceed to the main point - the procedure of preparation. First, rinse well under running water and allow the liver to drain it, throwing in a colander product. Now take the blender or meat grinder, depending on whether there is a kitchen appliance in your home, and grind ingredient, at least as much as possible smaller chop it with a knife. In the resulting mass break three eggs, sift the flour (it is recommended that the cake was more lush and gentle), enter the sour cream, and then to your taste salt and pepper.

When all of the products will be collected in the same container, proceed to the next step - to the dough. It should not be very liquid, or simply do not turn out cakes. At the same time, if the mass of the liver come too thick, it will also not very good. In such a case would have to serve the guests "wooden" cake. So try to make the dough, which is the consistency of cream of oily shopping. Once cope with the task, preheat the pan, pour oil into it and start to bake thin cakes. To do this, pour into a bowl or a ladle half the dough.

After a few products, you'll be "in the eye" to determine how many liver mass necessary for a pancake. Here the main thing - the experience, skill and, of course, a desire and a belief in themselves. The formula of successful cooking cake is simple to outrageous. Korzh should propechsya well: for this keep them for three or four minutes on each side. As soon as they become brown and golden hue, it would mean that the time has come to remove them from the board. From the resulting products must come about ten or twelve pancakes.

When done, take the time to wash your hands - you still need to make the stuffing. To do this, cut into cubes or strips of middle-sized onions, carrots cleaned and rub on a medium grater. If you are using frozen greens, rinse it under warm water to make it thawed and then chop as finely as possible. Garlic is free from the husk, and pass through a special press. Now put in a pan with hot oil first two ingredients - carrots and onions - and Brown the them with constant stirring. If desired, enter a little salt. By the way, if you want to save time, chop all of the above products in a blender, and then the resulting mass three to four minutes to fry over low heat.

There are very few, so gather the forces, and not postponing the recipe to the side, continue to cook. So, mix the mayonnaise with garlic, and then begin to collect a cake. This is done as follows: a large flat plate put the first liver pancake, after his brush with the sauce, and top gently spread over the entire surface of the carrot-onion mixture. Then cover with a second product, and proceed along the same lines. Thus, using up all of the products you end up with a mouth-watering meat dishes. Do not skimp on the toppings and sauce garlic mayonnaise, otherwise the dish will be too dry.

At the very end of the process the side dishes and the "roof" the remaining sauce and sprinkle with chopped herbs. Send the product for three hours in the refrigerator, and when it is well soaked, cut into portions and serve. By the way, if you want to reduce the caloric content of the cake and to increase its "utility", give up the idea to buy mayonnaise in store. Make the product yourself, it is enough to choose the easiest recipe.

We offer an elementary version of the sauce on each day for which you need the following products: one egg, ½ small spoon sweet mustard, a little less than a glass of olive oil, a bit of fresh lemon juice and about six grams of sugar. Put in the blender bowl egg, sugar, and mustard, and carefully whisk them several times. Table salt place, focusing only on your taste.

Now, most importantly, without stopping the unit, start entering a vegetable oil for two or three drops. The fact that the product must be connected with other components of the sauce into a single mass, and this should be added very carefully, i.e. gradually otherwise mayonnaise may exfoliate. At the end of squeeze lemon juice and turn the blender again. Optionally, you can add some fun to the recipe, adding to its fresh parsley or garlic, which will give the dish a special flavor and piquancy.

Note that in the finished sauce should not be a single lump - ideally mass turns lush, smooth and slightly yellowish in color. Homemade mayonnaise is suitable not only for lubrication hepatic cakes or burgers, but for other dishes - add it to salads, use as a gas station for snacks, put on sandwiches. In general, the main thing - to learn to make the dish, and find a use for it - it's not a problem. Bon Appetit!

 cake chicken liver

Cake from the liver in milk

Chicken liver contains many useful minerals for the human body. These include proteins, minerals, vitamins certain groups and collagen. Therefore, this product doctors strongly recommend to include in your diet, especially it is important for children. The liver can be fried, stew, make of her patties or cakes. And when pereprobuete all of the above foods, take note of this recipe. As they say, all elementary - simple and hepatic cake perfectly reflects the truth of this statement. No matter in what form to use the dish, heating it or not. All the same, the taste - it is something very special. Tender meat is suitable for any stomach. If you are ready to experiment, then let's get started!


For the cake:

  • chicken liver - 700 grams
  • spices and black pepper - optional
  • 100 ml of pasteurized milk product
  • 100 grams of sifted flour
  • salt - to the discretion of each family (all depends on the personal preferences of the person)
  • 30-40 milliliters of olive oil - for frying

For the filling and sauce:

  • three cloves of garlic
  • 200 grams of onion
  • gourmet mayonnaise - to taste (to the dish did not turn out too dry, buy-ounce package)
  • two large carrots

For decoration:

  • Three boiled chicken egg
  • 50 grams of fresh dill
  • Two small tomatoes

Cooking method:

The recipe for a delicious cake of any chicken liver - sour cream, cream, mayonnaise on, with or without starch, and so on - is good in his own way, so there's every woman chooses a dish that she will like the most. The dough with the addition of pasteurized milk is a more delicate than the rest. This dish - a perfect meal for your baby, because growing bodies, especially children, in need of minerals, vitamins and proteins that are contained in sufficient quantities in the liver. Cooking should be not only delicious, but also useful, what, in fact, immediately and offer to do.

So, should first make the dough, but where to start - does not matter. Some people prefer to fry the stuffing, and after moving to the most important. Without any argument, let's focus on the following: wash the liver and fold it in a colander. The fact is that the product must drain very well, otherwise the test is produced excess fluid, resulting cakes will turn out to be too thin and poorly baked.

Now clean the liver from the film, carefully removing it with a knife and grind in a blender. In the absence of such a kitchen appliance can use a conventional meat grinder. As you can see, the recipe does not indicate a specific amount of salt, pepper and the like. Everyone has their own taste, so these ingredients are put at its discretion, the main thing - do not overdo it! You can add dried Provencal herbs or other seasonings that give zest to the dish. The only condition - to observe moderation.

Now, in a separate piala whisk, whisk the eggs, and then pour them into the liver, enter here the pre-sifted flour and milk. If it is too cold, put it on a slow fire and warm up a bit. Knead the dough medium density: not very liquid, but in any case not a lot. When you manage, red-hot frying pan, pour it with olive or other vegetable oil and do not too thick cakes. Bake for each product for four minutes in the one and then the other. After Put them on a plate and let cool.

In the meantime enjoy a filling. Just above, we have already pointed out the recipe homemade mayonnaise, so you can cook it yourself. As it is very long and burdensome: five minutes - and the sauce is on the table. Well, if you have neither the time nor the desire to engage in such experiments, do the easier - buy a product in the store. Then connect it to the crushed and purified using a garlic press and mix thoroughly.

Carrots need to rub on a large or medium grater, and chop the onions as finely as possible. Put the vegetables in a heated skillet with oil and fry until they acquire a beautiful orange-golden hue. For gourmets we offer the recipe slightly to diversify by adding chopped into small cubes mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and porcini mushrooms. Some people prefer to add dried foods, but in this case, you should be careful - they can spoil the dish. To prevent this, soak the mushrooms in hot water for half an hour, then boil in salted boiling water, and in the end fry with vegetables. This filling is not standard - usually liver cake and oyster mushrooms do not put.

In order not to lose a single extra minute (after all, modern women quite busy - they carefully combine family life with career building and self-realization in the professional sphere), put to cook the eggs. As long as they are prepared, cooled cake layers should be collected into a single product - a delicious cake. To make it easier than ever! Apply a small amount of vegetable oil flat large plate on which plan to submit a dish. This is done to ensure that the dish is not stuck to the bottom of the cookware.

Then put the first hepatic pancake, put on a thick layer of sauce and sprinkle with garlic sauteed vegetables. Carefully spread the filling over the entire surface, working with a spoon, then cover the first "floor" in the following article and proceed in the same way as described above. Within two minutes on the table will be a very nice dish. Agree recipe quite difficult - you should have no difficulties in implementing it in practice. The main thing - is to make every effort! When the cake is ready, start decorating. Boiled eggs cool in cold water, then peel and grate on a fine grater itself. Sides and top products treat mayonnaise and sprinkle chicken chips. The final stage - the greens. Chop it and decorate the cake.

By the way, if you plan to serve the dish guests need to pay special attention to his appearance. To make it look more attractive and appealing, try the roses of red tomatoes. To do this, choose a ripe and very strong, dense vegetable. Carefully remove the rind from it, cutting it along the circumference of the fetus. The thickness of each plate must be no more than one and a half centimeters, but not less than 10 millimeters.

Of course, the first time is likely to be out roses because pelt cut without damaging it, is quite difficult. But do not despair - in this case an important practice. The resulting "tomato" roll tape, erecting of her beautiful flower. Decorate Rose finished cake, and you can put it on the table. Guests will be pleasantly surprised not only the taste but also the appearance of the product. Get ready to "fight back" from a variety of praise in his address!

In the process of culinary experiments and as accumulation of experience in the preparation of a particular dish, every woman says to himself some specific features, for example, knows from which the meat tastier burgers, fries a better fall apart, and the like. In addition, it is already easier to focus on the time and temperature at which the product is a more beautiful and appetizing. Snack cake chicken liver, too, has its secrets:

  • mayonnaise is better to use a diet, then the dish will not be as bold and heavy;
  • add semolina or starch in the dough can bake cakes lush and tall;
  • if you want to vary the filling, grate the cheese into thin strips, grind the garlic and mix the ingredients with cream, sour cream or mayonnaise. The resulting sauce is greased pancakes;
  • do not forget, dill and parsley, not only decorate the dish, but also give it a fresh spring flavor and taste;
  • did not immediately serve the cake on the table, let it brew for at least two hours. Then cakes soaked dish and come very juicy, tender and mild. It can be used with tomato juice, unsweetened tea or compote.

Hopefully, the dish will come to glory! We wish you a pleasant and successful experiments reviews from grateful consumers!

 Cake liver Chicken liver Meat perfection

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