Pancake cake with salmon


  • Cake from the "milk" pancakes with salmon
  • Pancake cake with kefir with fish and eggs
  • Pancake cake with fish and cream sauce

Tell me, who does not like pancakes? Delicate, airy and nutritious, they would not only satisfy hunger, but also significantly elevate mood. If you want a sweet, serve the dish with condensed milk, golden honey flavored, chocolate sauce. If you wish, you can even cook a delicious cream - custard, cream, sour cream, milk, and another - for a change or make a pancake cake with salmon. In the summer, when the market in large quantities are sold fresh fruit, do not miss the opportunity to get an extra charge of vitamins. Buy red or black currants, cherries or cherries, raspberries, strawberries, chopped berries, sprinkle them with powdered sugar and wrap in freshly baked pancakes.

As you can see, "play" with gold products can be any - thing to have all the necessary products and did not bring a fantasy. But if the culinary muse you suddenly leave, please contact us for help. On this site you will get acquainted with a number of interesting original dishes, ranging from snacks to the most real masterpieces. Here you will find not only the foods that can feed a family during the week. If grandiose celebration with lots of guests, you are welcome - here is the idea of ​​a thousand and one unusual desserts, meat dishes, cold soups and so on.

Well, and now we offer to dwell on pancakes. For their preparation using milk, whey, kefir, mineral water. Directly from the test depends on a further taste and appearance of food. So, thanks to egg products obtained golden brown and well removed from the pan, dairy and soda give them splendor. As a filling you can use all sorts of ingredients: meat, rice, mushrooms, cheese, fresh herbs or sweet ingredients. These dishes - just the tip of the iceberg of cooking, which hides under a set of the most incredible combinations and pancake cake with soft salted salmon - one of them.

 Cake Pancakes with salmon

Cake from the "milk" pancakes with salmon

Let's start with the very simplest. To make this savory, but incredibly delicious cake you need to bake for about eight to ten pancakes. It is a calculated number of products for the filling. Of course, if you are invited to visit friends, you must make a higher and satisfying dish. In that case, just take a little more ingredients than indicated in the recipe. Milk-based dough with eggs well that the product obtained is very thin, soft and rosy. Want to see for yourself? Then go ahead!


For the dough:

  • half cup of sifted flour
  • 750 milliliters of pasteurized milk
  • Sugar - to taste
  • two eggs
  • a little more than a tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • salt - at your discretion

For filling:

  • 250 grams of salted salmon
  • 200 grams of tender cream cheese
  • 15 grams of sour cream
  • 20 grams of fresh dill or other greens of your choice

Cooking method:

Before you begin cooking, to share some of the secrets of delicious dishes. First, remember that the wheat flour for pancakes always need to sift through. This product helps to get enough air, so that the dish turns lush and beautiful. Secondly, that the product does not stick and can be removed without problems, take note of the following method: red-hot frying pan, pour in it a dense layer of table salt, which should fully cover the bottom of the dish, and heated for ten minutes. Only then can do cakes. In addition, experts recommend to purchase a separate pan with nonstick cooking and it only pancakes.

And now, after a brief retreat back to the recipe. So, take a whip and whip them eggs in advance that should be added to table salt and sugar. When the latter ingredients to dissolve completely, enter the warmed milk to a minimum the fire, and do not forget about the oil. At the end pour into a bowl to the above products, wheat flour and stir a lot by working with a spoon, fork or whisk from bottom to top. The finished dough should be like in the not too thick cream - the main thing that it was not too dense. Several workshops, and you have "the eye" will know how much and what to add, what a consistency test is the most appropriate.

Getting baking pan treat a small amount of vegetable oil (it should be done only at the beginning). Now pour a little dough in a bowl (just 1/2 ladle) and rotate it from side to side to the mass spread out across the bottom. Make the average flame burners and cook the product for about two minutes, and when it is browned, take spatula and flip it. Hold still 60-120 seconds and remove from the pan. Similarly, the remaining pancakes bake until fully use all the dough. Note that the greater mass will take the thicker product will be released. But this is wrong, because the cake can lose its appeal.

Now you come to the most "heart" dishes - stuffing. For its preparation is necessary to rub the cream with a delicate cream cheese. Then the washed and well dried herbs chop as finely as possible and mix with the previous two ingredients. Salmon cut into thin strips and begin to assemble the cake. Put a pancake on a large flat plate, lubricate it with sour cream, cream cheese, and here is add the fish. Cover the top of the second golden cake and then proceed in the same way. Thus, in just a couple of minutes on the table will be a beautiful golden brown bread.

If you plan to submit to its guests, not be amiss to take care not only about the taste of the dishes, but also about appearance. As decoration, you can use the remaining butter cream - they treat the sides and top of the product. After sprinkle with chopped dill or parsley and place a little red caviar. And if you have time and desire, learn to cut the vegetables - tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots - a variety of shapes and decorate them their pancake creation. The food just is not recommended to bring to the table - it must soak. Therefore, store it in the refrigerator for at least 60 minutes. Hopefully, the first culinary experience will come to glory, and the result will be pleasantly surprised and your guests and loved ones.

 delicious pancakes with salmon cake

Pancake cake with kefir with fish and eggs

Kefir - very useful product that improves digestion, stimulates the appetite and strengthens the whole body. Nutritionists strongly recommend its use for adults and children at night - one glass before bed. And the rest can be put to use, for example, bake a cake pancake. Often, ruddy products supplied separately with sour cream, sweet syrup or jam. Often housewives stuffed them curd or meat, put fried mushrooms with onions. In general, a lot of recipes, but we propose to depart from the standards and disrupt the usual menu, making it a fraction of the diversity. With these simple tips you will learn how to cook a delicious cake with egg-fish filling.


The dough for pancakes:

  • three home eggs
  • 1000 milliliters of yogurt (buy the average fat content of the product)
  • table salt - a small pinch
  • two tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • slightly less than half a tablespoon of baking soda
  • Flour - two glasses
  • butter (need for frying)

For fish (per one kilogram fillet):

  • two large tablespoons of sea salt
  • black pepper (preferably ground) - to taste
  • sugar - eight grams


  • 350 grams of salted salmon
  • 150 grams of any hard cheese
  • Three boiled eggs
  • 30 milliliters of fat sour cream
  • 40 grams gourmet mayonnaise


  • fresh herbs
  • two medium apples

Cooking method:

The name "pancake cake" speaks for itself, so will start with golden baking cakes. And for this the first step is to knead the dough is not too thick - it must be well spread and density of sound like sour cream. About an hour before all the preparations it is recommended to get the products that will be used from the refrigerator. Then pour the yogurt into a bowl or small pan, a little salt, add the sugar and enter the pre-beaten eggs. Mix the ingredients and send the mixture on low heat, slightly warm it, but in any case, do not boil.

The water glass pour soda, dilute it, and when the product is dissolved, pour the liquid in the dough. Now enter the vegetable oil, sifted flour and whisk working from the bottom up, mix well ground. Always make sure that all lumps are gone. To do this, use a blender or mixer. Cover the dough with a lid or plate and remove the side for fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, put to cook eggs and enjoy a filling.

As for salmon, then you have two choices: buy it at the store or to pickle your own - it's quite difficult and cumbersome. If you decide to act on the second scheme, try the following recipe. So, to prepare one kilogram of fillet, you will need: two spoonfuls (tablespoons) of sea salt, eight grams of sugar and black pepper. Thoroughly rinse the fish, after removing excess bone, and dry it. Then treat it from all sides with a mixture of the above ingredients, place in a bowl, cover with cling film and send it for twelve hours in the refrigerator. That's all, now cut the salmon into small strips. Of course, buy it in the store - the easiest option, but you're not looking for the easy way?

With fish understood, now cool boiled eggs and rub them on a fine grater. Likewise proceed as with cheese. Then with a knife chop fresh herbs and apples to carefully remove the peel, cutting its not thick strips from which subsequently have to do "roses". With filling over, left to bake pancakes, and this offer immediately do. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and several times stir it with a spoon, then brush hot frying pan with a piece of butter and pour into it half a scoop. Distribute the weight across the bottom of the cookware, turning it slowly.

Do not make too big a fire will burn another tortilla. Once the product is lightly browned, carefully remove it with the help of special blades and sauté the other side. The whole process takes less than three minutes. When the first pancake is ready, proceed to the next baking. Once manage, wait until the product cool down a bit, and then assemble the cake. Even a little bit and be able to enjoy delicious cuisine.

Make a mix of mayonnaise and sour cream, them carefully mix. Now, the first pancake grease the sauce, sprinkle with cheese, put a short distance from each other chunks of salmon, then cover with a second top product and exactly the same and treat it. Only instead of using cheese grated egg. In the same way line up and all subsequent "floors" pancake cake. As you know, need to be alternated between the tiers are: first comes the sauce with cheese and fish, and then the egg.

Preparation of delicious dishes come to an end - it remains only to give it a more beautiful appearance. If you have mayonnaise, treat them the product from all sides - from the sides and from above. Then sprinkle with chopped herbs and turning apple peel in the form of roses, decorate their "roof" of its structure. For color, you can add a little grated yolk. Bon Appetit!

Pancake cake refers to the cold snacks. Its main merit is considered the ease of preparation and relative cheapness. You can change the filling for themselves. For example, for children to add fresh fruit, and used as the impregnation glaze. The spouse will enjoy the product with liver pate or meat. But the dish with salmon will look great on the holiday table and will appeal to every visitor, regardless of age.

 Pancake cake with salmon recipe

Pancake cake with fish and cream sauce

Some are wary and a little bit of confidence to the cake pancakes, considering the dish completely unappetizing. In vain, after a gentle air products, combined with delicious and filling impregnation - fish, meat, fruit, fresh berries - can be a great option for a festive snack or a light lunch in the workplace. It can not attract and that the preparation of this cake takes time for a little more than half an hour. So why not try to diversify their kitchen and make it something new? We believe this will give you a culinary experiment ones.


For the pancakes:

  • a half cup of pasteurized milk
  • eggs - two pieces
  • 15 grams of sour cream
  • cup white flour (as needed can add a bit more)
  • 10 grams sugar
  • teaspoon baking powder
  • olive oil or other vegetable oil

For filling:

  • Average dill
  • 400 grams of salted salmon fillet
  • 200 grams of cottage cheese
  • sour cream - 200 ml

For the sauce:

  • two spoons (meaning table) melted butter
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 40 ml cream
  • 10 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

Cooking method:

Options pancake dough, there are many, and every woman in his "cookbook" of life, as you gain experience discovering new combinations and stops on the dishes that were most fail. So, if the pancakes on yogurt or water - your horse, you can bake the product on your prescription, or do not be afraid and try it. This time is added to the dough baking powder, which gives the dish a lightness and tenderness.

Note that all products must be at room temperature, therefore please remove them from the refrigerator. Then break the eggs into a deep bowl, enter the salt and sugar, then mix the ingredients thoroughly with a fork or a corolla. The resulting mass of fluffy foam gradually thin stream, pour the oil, and in the end - the sour cream. Whisk until smooth products and connect them with the sifted flour, which does not forget to add a few pinches of baking powder.

Now slightly warm milk and half enter into the dough, beating well after it, pour the remaining product. Cover the bowl with cling film, foil or a lid and leave to infuse. Race against the clock to 40 minutes, and after this time can start to further preparations. Your task - to bake thin pancakes ruddy. This is not difficult, but the first time it might not happen.

So, lubricate the inner surface has a heated pan with oil, pour the dough (about half of the ladle), spread it around the bottom of the dish and fry on one side. When it becomes golden, flip the blade and it just Brown the other. In the same way do the rest of the pancakes. If they get too thick, then either you take too much dough, or it is very thick. Then dilute it with warm water or milk.

As long as the product cools down, pay attention to the filling. Finely chop the washed and well dried dill, then connect it with curd cheese and sour cream and mash with a fork into a homogeneous mass. Salmon cut into strips not thick and start assembling the dish. The first pancake grease with white cream with herbs, then lay out the pieces of fish and cover with a second tortilla. Repeat the same procedure until you use up all the products. Voila, a delicious cake ready. But it also does not apply in this form!

In this recipe, the dish is placed on the table along with the fragrant sauce. To make it, do not need to have any great talent, no experience. Just put in a blender cup sugar and heavy cream, here is pour the butter. Whisk ingredients to achieve homogeneity, then enter the cream and lemon juice and mix again for 30 seconds. Allow the sauce to the present; If when you want it to cool down, heat it in the microwave. Then pour into a special bowl and serve with chopped into portions cake.

Of course, among the abundance of a variety of recipes - original, exotic and expensive or, on the contrary, a simple and down to earth - you can easily get lost. But thanks to this guide on the back streets of the culinary world, as this site, you will always find the way and never go astray. Pancake cake with salmon - one of the universal food that is suitable not only for daily use, but also for special occasions.