conquest of Man


  • How to win the young man to start
  • Rules to win Man of your dreams
  • What not to do

Beautiful courtship confession of love on the part of men - this is certainly great, and every woman would like to see it as the events unfolded.

However, sometimes you have to take control in their hands and perform a "man's job": the most to do the very first step. Especially because now it is a matter of course.

But many girls make the mistake. They literally "storm the" poor young man or simply start to run after him - and this is more like a chase. How to win the right guy, too, need to know.   Practical advice of psychologists to help you with this.
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How to win the young man to start

If you have just met the guy of her dreams, but the relationship has not fastened, and he does not even know about your feelings for him, no need to wait around until the guy pay attention to you - go for yourself!

  • Ask guy about anything.

Men feel knights, when they ask for help a girl. Ask guy about anything: here is possible to act on the situation.

  • Show interest.

Any person flattered when they are interested. Do not be afraid to ask the boy questions about his life, but do not forget about the measure.

  • Talk compliments.

Men do not like women less than compliments. Do not be afraid to emphasize the dignity of the young man. But it must be sincere compliments rather than outright flattery and hypocrisy.

  • Be thoughtful.

Sometimes indulge male attention. For example, treat him with something tasty or help solve a problem. But in no way do not let the guy used you: do not be a "girl on an errand" that is ready to run headlong on the first call.

  • Become a friend.

For men, it is important to be near a person who understands his care, he is going through. Therefore, to be a young man's understanding girlfriend, who is ready to listen, give advice, even regret. But it is important not to miss the moment when you need to translate friendships in love, or will remain for the young man, "the guy."

 Rules to win a Man
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Rules to win Man of your dreams

All people are different. Therefore, one is good, it may not be appropriate for another. This statement also applies to relations with the opposite sex. But in fact, there are some rules that are effective in any case.

  • Be well-groomed.

It is known that men love with their eyes, so your task - to create an image that will be pleasing to the object of your desire.

But in this matter it is very important not to overdo it. No need to put a ton of makeup on the face - men, it is not very happy. Most of them enjoy the natural beauty of the girl, only accentuated makeup. Strive to look well-groomed, but not vulgar.

  • Be charismatic.

Since human beings are born charisma. But you can develop the quality of it. Be active, radiate self-confidence, become the soul of the company - and you become authority for others. And this is what you sought, and because men logic is simple: if a girl all her love and all excited and then I want to be among those who are so fascinated by it, and it must be mine.

  • Be educated.

Education - it is not just higher education. A person may be at least two higher education, but if it is not developed fully, if it can not maintain a conversation on a wide range of topics, if you can not express your point of view, it will be just two diplomas of higher education, but not education. In one day, become an educated person can not. But if you regularly, every day to learn something new from a variety of walks of life, sooner or later you will become exactly that educated and intelligent lady, with whom nice to talk.

  • Shares his interests.

Show interest to hobby guy that you like. For a start will simply savvy theory that interesting young man. And if you're in the right moment will flash knowledge in this area, be sure that the guy will plunge into shock.

Share an interest in a young man can be in practice. If he likes sports, deal with them, too. Can you even together, why not? But do not chase its results and do not try to do better than him, give the palm to the guy.

  • Leave a little mystery.

Never need to give the whole story of his life, especially the last, associated with men. you should always remain slightly ajar for a man to book. In the beginning, when the relationship is just nucleate (especially if you do not even born yet), it is better to talk about themselves a little bit.

  • Be the ordinary.

If about his past is better to speak a little, here are your hobbies, on the contrary, say. And try to make it exciting. Whether you are fond of swimming, collect magnets from different countries or cross stitching. Tell us about this guy. First, it will give him more information about you. Secondly, enthusiastic people are interested in the others.

  • Be available.

Even if you are head over heels in love with a guy and want to make your relationship as soon escalated into something more brakes. Do not rush in any way! Remained inaccessible to Man. Many women make the mistake, when to rush things and finish the first date in bed. She thinks that this guy will see how she likes, but actually gets quite the opposite effect. If a guy wants a serious relationship with a woman, such behavior only alienate him.

  • Mischievous sometimes.

Man can sometimes cause porevnovat: Smiling man, for example. Or do not answer calls at once, or be late on a date - it is very important that you do not "gone too far", because the effect will be reversed. Even if a guy is jealous of you, he shall in any case you trust. If you lose their trust, it just izvedet your suspicions, and even accusations. Nothing good comes out of this just do not happen.

  • Make every extraordinary meeting.

Not just a man, but a woman can make a date awesome, unforgettable and magical. For example, you can come up with some unusual place for a date or to give some cute souvenir, or read a verse guy. Include the imagination and courage to turn ideas into reality - all men love the attention and surprises.

 Tips for winning Man
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What not to do

In the battle for the heart of the pleasant guy is very important to know not only what you need to do in order to conquer it, but also what to do, you should not. So you can avoid literally fatal mistakes.

  • Do not lose yourself and your personality.

Often the girls to like the guy, start to live in the full sense of the word with his life, and the life of Man. The desire to please the young man is quite natural, but always remember that you're unique.

  • Do not point the guy.

Do not point the young man what he should do and what not to do: what clothes to wear, how to get a haircut, and so on. D. Moreover, do not criticize him - men do not tolerate this.

  • Do not be demanding.

Do not demand greater attention and a permanent record of where and with whom there was a guy and why was not with you, and so on. D. You do not need to manipulate the loved one. Neither the requirements of the claims.

  • Do not let rudeness towards themselves.

Never let the young man rude to you, whether it is a word or action. It is better to break off relations with a man: why do you, if you do not respect you?

 How to win the man of her heart

 how to give a man to understand that you like him tips

We all love holidays, anniversaries, and various family events. And these celebrations encourage us to choose a gift a loved one. It seems that the availability of money and a huge selection of different products makes the process of choosing a gift easy. But in practice this is not so simple. Who among us has not suffered a question what to give mum on the eve of the eighth of March or birthday? If there are interesting options gift for Mom, share them in this article.

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We somehow often give mothers pots sets or towels. If you want to be original, look at the log There you will learn what else you can give my mother-in-law.

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Often we make our choices based on not only the capabilities of our purse, but also adhering to some traditions. But modern shops offer a wide selection of gifts, that we do not yet know about 20 years ago. Therefore, if you are not sure what to give the man, ask for help from the seller, call the estimated amount of purchase. And qualified vendor with pleasure and knowledge of the case you will choose a nice gift. Do not forget that a good man can be present in the original case clock, a watch bracelet of precious metal.

Funny figurines made of semiprecious stones, with a hint of partiality men can give him a minute or hours of fun. But it is important not to offend bestow. If you are not confident in his sense of humor, please refrain from the gifts in the form of figures.

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 What to give the man