light salad with shrimp


  • Salad "Sea" with vegetables and prawns
  • Salad with cucumber, shrimp and pepper
  • Salad "Rich" with cheese and shrimp
  • Grape salad with seafood

After the winter is especially important to include in your diet as many fruits and vegetables, no harm will be also a special drink a course of vitamins. Fresh complexion, cheerful mood and an increased capacity for work - all these provide a proper and balanced diet. Observe mode and use quality products, of course, you need regardless of the season. Light salad with prawns - a dish that is simply irreplaceable for those who strive for beauty and health. His recipe is ridiculously simple, and set the necessary ingredients available to everyone.

Depending on mood and occasion, according to which you decide to cook a dish, you can safely experiment with food. So, for a festive lunch or get-togethers with her friends fit prawn salad drizzled with olive-lemon sauce. Ripe juicy grapes give zest to ordinary dish that is sure to pleasantly surprise guests. In general, the offer as little as possible to speak and act more. So choose any recipe and immediately embarks on a culinary "adventure." Do not be afraid to mess up a salad, it is simply impossible - to make blyudr simple.

Salad "Sea" with vegetables and prawns

For a start, we offer a recipe everyday dishes. Usually salads are perceived by many as an appetizer, but adding shrimp dish, submitting to it fresh crunchy toast or a small piece of juicy steak, roasted chicken or fish cooked in a double boiler, you get a complete meal. This meal is not only quench the raging hunger the stomach, but is guaranteed to lift your spirits and give strength.

Nutritionists strongly recommend to take with you to work light vegetable salad with seafood, meat dishes complemented. After all, these products are very useful, do not spoil the shape, nourish the body with vitamins and other nutrients. So do not be lazy to read the recipe, perhaps he will play for you in good stead. Eat the right foods and stay healthy!


  • a few leaves of iceberg lettuce (optional replace it with any other variety)
  • 300 grams small fresh shrimp
  • Two large tomatoes
  • two grams of black pepper
  • sweet purple onion - one piece
  • red bell pepper
  • olive oil - to taste
  • salt
  • ½ lemon

Cooking method:

Delicious salad - a dish that is not necessarily prepared from only the freshest shrimp. You can slightly change the recipe and use fresh frozen seafood. In such a case, place them on the table, and about half an hour when they are a little thaw, rinse under the tap. Then roll them in boiled and lightly salted water. Shrimp that have already been processed, prepared very quickly - in three or four minutes after the start churning, remove them with a slotted spoon and fold in a colander. They must drain well, in any case, do not add the seafood salad wet, otherwise formed in the dish too much fluid, causing it to lose its charm.

Now washed and dried leaves Berg tear hands over medium strips and tomatoes cut into large cubes. Delicious "Sea" a salad is obtained not only from ordinary tomatoes - in holiday cravings look great miniature cherry. They are not recommended to cut, because the size of the vegetables, and so quite small - just divide the tomatoes with a knife in two.

Now takes over the rest of the ingredients: clean the bulb from the peel and chop it very thin half-rings. Pepper carefully remove the core, and the remaining pulp is cut into medium-sized pieces. Connect all the components of food in a beautiful salad bowl, but do pay attention to the preparation of sauces. The recipe is easy seafood may contain the same ingredients, but it plays an important role refueling. Thus, shrimp salad with mayonnaise to taste will be very different from the same dish, only watered citrus nectar.

So back to our dishes. Mix in a shallow piala refined olive oil, here is throw a pinch of black pepper, very little salt. Then, squeeze the lemon juice and whisk the ingredients thoroughly with a fork. The resulting mixture pour over the salad, then toss a few more times and call it all to the table. For a hearty meal came, fry a piece of chicken marinated in spices, and serve it with vegetable dishes Shrimp. Recipe liked? Then we offer to explore a few more options and undeniably useful tasty dishes.

 light salads with prawns

Salad with cucumber, shrimp and pepper

You want to make a light salad? Then do not do without vegetables: Take a cucumber, fresh herbs, a few leaves of lettuce, and came to the dish is not only delicious, but also wholesome, as well as more useful, add the shrimp. To prepare the dishes you can use any seafood: frozen, fresh, large or small. We recommend you buy a tiger - they are much more juicy and meaty. With a salad ingredient "will play" quite differently.

If you can not imagine your life without mayonnaise, do not spoil your fun - add it to the dish. Only the best product to buy low-fat, lower-calorie. We offer much more useful prescription refills - lemon juice mixed with olive oil. Gives a special flavor and delicious taste help special seasoning sauce. How it all together it looks and savored, judge for yourself. But first, of course, will have to spend some time cooking that takes no longer than fifteen minutes.


  • Five milliliters of fresh lemon juice
  • Nine pieces of shrimps
  • Ten lettuce
  • a pinch of dried basil
  • Ten milliliters of olive oil
  • yellow and red sweet peppers - on one piece of each type
  • one small cucumber
  • salt - to taste
  • Rosemary - optional

Cooking method:

Beautiful, delicious and juicy salad does not always mean "useful". But we offer a master recipe belonging to the latter category. As is known, the vegetables are the major source of natural vitamins, and bell peppers among others also contains mineral salts of sodium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, and iron, fluoride, calcium. Shrimp, along with vegetables, also nourish the human body and charge it with energy and health. It is composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 group, directly affecting the condition of blood vessels, heart, brain. We think, continue excursion into medicine is not worth it, better get down to cooking shrimp.

The first thing a good dry-washed vegetables. Then, carefully cut off with a cucumber peel and chop them into fine strips. Sweet pepper, remove the midway, seeds and cut them middle-sized strips. Lettuce leaves just tear his hands to pieces. Now it was the turn of seafood, if necessary, remove them from the shell, after send in a saucepan with salted hot water and boil. On average, this procedure takes from five to seven minutes.

Once the shrimp are ready, drain the excess fluid and fold them into a colander. As long as they drain, connect the oil in a deep plate and fresh juice of half a lemon. This also enter Dried spices - rosemary, and basil - as well as a pinch of salt. With zeal mix the ingredients, then put in a salad bowl chopped cucumbers, yellow and red peppers, lettuce, shrimp and pour all the fragrant sauce. Agree, the recipe is very simple, and the result is unparalleled. This tasty and healthy salad is suitable not only for a family dinner - the dish will look great on the holiday table.

Salad "Rich" with cheese and shrimp

The following recipe - an indispensable tool in preparing wholesome, and, most importantly, useful for lunch. Salad of cheese and shrimp is very light, there is no fast carbohydrates and other substances harmful to the figure. This simple recipe that we offer immediately to mind, will not go hungry at work, at the same time remain beautiful and healthy.


  • 50 grams of any lettuce
  • shrimp - 300 grams
  • Seven milliliters of olive oil (needed for frying)
  • gourmet mayonnaise - at your discretion
  • nine pieces cherry tomatoes
  • 60 grams of cheese
  • 30 grams of crackers

Cooking method:

The dish can be added any shrimp, no matter, frozen or not, - the salad still get a very appetizing. So, if necessary, clean them from the shell, then rinse thoroughly and dry with a paper towel. Then heat the oil in a skillet and place in a seafood: fry them for about four minutes, until a beautiful golden brown. Do not forget to your taste, add salt, never are not redundant and condiments. Suitable for both the red and black pepper. The main thing - do not put them too much, otherwise the risk to spoil the dish. One pinch will suffice.

Ready to Put the shrimp lettuce, cherry spread around them, cut into two halves. Sprinkle with grated on the creation of a medium grater cheese and croutons. At the end pour mayonnaise, if desired can decorate with chopped parsley or dill. By the way, as for biscuits, then there are two options - to use the shop or cook them yourself. If you decide to follow the second method, cut into small cubes white bread, first remove the crust. Sprinkle a small amount of bread and butter to taste, sprinkle with dried herbs, such as rosemary, marjoram or oregano. Then send the pan in the oven. Crackers are baked at 170 degrees for no longer than 20 minutes.

 light tasty salad with shrimp

Grape salad with seafood

For daily use (for example, to have a snack at the office or dinner with something light and low-calorie) suitable simple salad with tomatoes, greens, cucumber and boiled shrimp. This dish is cooked in just ten minutes, quickly digested, leaving a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, besides it does not harm the figure. For special occasions, be it a birthday or bachelorette party with close friends, it is better to do something delicious and unusual. This, of course, want to be a dish still not much "hit" on the pocket. We offer a very economical, tender, juicy and incredibly tasty salad with grapes, cheese and seafood.

Ingredients (for two small portions):

  • 260 grams of any shrimp
  • Fifteen grams of fat is not too mayonnaise
  • two boiled eggs
  • 20-25 large sweet grapes
  • 30 grams of the Russian or other grated hard cheese

Cooking method:

Before we proceed directly to the recipe, we give you some tips. Following these rules will help to prepare tasty and tender dish. That it turned out not too nutritious, take special mayonnaise for salads, you can also use low-fat (no more than 15%) cream. In the first case, to add salt to the salad is not necessary, because the filling itself is quite salty.

If you bought frozen shrimp that are thawed quickly, cover with warm water. Then, cook in boiling water for no longer than five minutes, be sure to dry well, throwing in a colander, otherwise the dish will come too watery. As for the grapes, it is recommended to buy white sweet variety seedless. And finally, remember that the ingredients described in the recipe, ideally combined with each other and do not require additional seasoning. You'll see, and without them the taste of salad - perfection.

Well, now how to do it: boil hard boiled eggs and then cool them in cold water, free from shell and grate on the smallest grater. Peeled shrimp and ready to lay out the bottom of a deep dish, on top of a thin layer of mayonnaise, apply or sour cream. The second "floor" consists of eggs, which are exactly the same pour sauce. Now sprinkle the dish hard cheese and garnish with whole grapes, you can cut them in two. If you want to vary the dish, enter into it a handful of croutons of white bread.

Light and delicate seafood salad, according to nutritionists, the best thing to eat before dinner, that is, in the first half of the day. Quite often such hearty dishes enough, so the best option - to have dinner dish twelve days. Each recipe is presented on our website, - mouth-watering combination of useful products is now familiar to you.

 Light salad with shrimp: satiate the body with vitamins!

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