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We all love to receive gifts, but you like to give them? Give a gift - it's an art that requires imagination to attract, and sometimes forces. Now the feast, and you do not know what a surprise for a loved one prepare? We all used to purchase gifts in the store, not applying to this effort. And few make gifts with their own hands. And it is a gift made by your own hands, talking about how we care about this or that person. Exerting a lot of effort we put in a surprise all my love and soul. What a surprise, you can make your favorite?

What are some ideas for interesting gifts that you can do with your hands?

Too many girls and women mistakenly believe that men do not like surprises. Surprises like everything, and men are no exception. The gift, which is embedded in the soul, can not but rejoice. And no matter how small these gifts. Such a surprise sure to please a loved one and will serve as a proof of your love. True connoisseurs will be happy surprises that you did yourself.
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Surprise your favorite guy: what to give

The gift need not be expensive or even material. For many people, there are certain stereotypes of gifts: the gift should be expensive, fit, relevant. However, preparing a surprise a loved one, we forget the most important: it must be valuable. And the value he attached to the feelings that invested in it, it's the most important thing.

Before you arrange a surprise for a loved one, you need to clearly define what it is. Who, if not you know the preferences and wishes of your mate! Someone like practical gifts, namely those that can be applied. Someone, on the contrary, favors all sorts of little things that you can decorate the apartment, thereby to make it cozy and warm.

Now it is very urgent to surprise loved ones not as a particular gift, as well as certain events. Someone gives her boyfriend a parachute jump, mindful of the fact that a loved one loves extreme and hot sensations. You can donate and going to the movies, a gift certificate for spa treatments, an invitation to a private party in a nightclub and more. Such interesting surprises will be remembered for a very long time, and perhaps for life. But before you decide on the choice of gift, consider carefully, weigh the pros and cons and make the right decision.

Watch her boyfriend, casually find out what he likes, what he likes, what he's interested. If you decided to make an unusual and interesting surprise, the information you will definitely come in handy.

 gift in the form of an alarm clock
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Gift loved his own hands

What could be more expensive than a gift made by your own hands? Anyone who truly loves you, will appreciate all your efforts. Surely each gave a child to his parents cards and gifts made by themselves. Many of those who received such gifts from their children, keep them for many years to come and show has grown children and grandchildren. And all this for a reason. The gift, made by hand, carries a certain energy, the thoughts that had been invested in it.

Well, we grew up, but that does not mean that a gift made independently, should forget. Now the Internet can find a lot of material, which not only describes the technique of manufacture of a surprise, but also attach photos with the result, as well as lists and other ideas of how to do this or that thing.

Greetings, bought in a store, and a postcard that will make you do - it is absolutely different things. Your man will appreciate your work and effort, and it is much nicer to have something individual and unique than what is sold in all stores.

Independently, you can not just make a postcard, but also something more original. For example, you can cook your boyfriend cake in the form heart, sew a stuffed toy or carry out other ideas and desires.
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Romantic surprise for a loved one

Sometimes it is not so important that you give. Most important is the way you are giving it. Even it does not matter what the gift is more important to create an atmosphere in which it is submitted. Not only women love romantic surprises, but men do not go away in a romantic atmosphere and enjoy the company of his girlfriend. Create a romantic atmosphere can be at home. To implement this idea enough to cook a delicious dinner, including your favorite foods men light candles and play soft music. Enjoying each other's company, a glass of wine, you have an excellent opportunity to present your gift.

If you prefer to celebrate any event outside the home, you can arrange and recreation on the boat on the river, the restaurant, located on the roof, or just a walk across the bridge. Such a romantic surprise for your loved one will be happy and will remember it for a long time.

It is important now to invite animators to help you create a festive atmosphere and make it unforgettable. To some this may seem frivolous, and child's play, but it is not so. We are all children at heart a little bit, and we all want a holiday. Plunge into the festive atmosphere of the wish, even the most serious man.

 romantic gift for your loved
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The main thing - a good idea

You should not completely rule out a gift in the form of goods, which are sold in stores. It often happens that a guy needs something for the machine, or in a conversation with him you realize that he wanted to buy a razor, or maybe he thinks about the new phone. The main thing is how you will present a surprise. Let's say you decide to give a man an electric shaver. I handed it to her boyfriend just in a box, or make it as something beautiful? It's not hard to pack the box into a beautiful film, decorating bow. And it will not be a boring one gift that was before.

Sometimes it is very important that you say and what words to utter. Not everyone can speak beautifully, but here everyone can write. Choose a verse from the pages of the Internet, or think of your? At first glance, think of something special is very difficult, but if you start, and you need all turn out. It is enough simply to describe the beautiful card that means to you this man and what feelings you feel for him.

No wonder they say that the main thing - attention. But if it is also interesting to note Beat, it is doubly nice. Very original idea - to give her boyfriend album, which will be invested photos taken against a background of a wall with various inscriptions about how you love him, that he means to you and others. This gift is not only unusual, but very interesting.

If you are nice to own a computer software, you can create a presentation, which will be presented all the best photos taken during the time of your communication, and written kind words and wishes.
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That is to say in conclusion

As has become clear, a pleasant surprise for a loved one can be very diverse. Here it all depends on your fantasies, creativity and skillful hands. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to please a loved one. Maybe your man has always wanted to go karting? Why not give him that opportunity and arrange a pleasant surprise for a loved one?

For a family, a home and a quiet man perfect candlelit dinner at home cooked by you. All people are completely different: someone wanted to spend her birthday or any other holiday in the noisy company, and someone wanted to retire. Be sure to consider the desires and preferences of its halves. It may be worthwhile to bring friends to help organize an unforgettable holiday? In any case, up to you. Listen to your partner, it is possible that in the normal conversation your favorite subtly hint to you about the gift that he would like to get from you. Rejoice yourself and your loved ones. Have fun, great imagination and new ideas.

 What to give your loved one: the idea of ​​original gifts

 the rules of communication with the guys on line


  • Start chat
  • Interesting tips

A lot of people use the services of Internet and mobile communications. Because of this they are able to learn, communicate, and even build a relationship online. However, this familiarity does not guarantee that you will be interested and will be invited on a date. Because many of the girls concerned about how a guy interested in correspondence and please him. It is not difficult, you just have to follow certain rules.

The initiative is not punishable! Do not be afraid to take the initiative, and the first to write an appeal to young man. A normal guy will appreciate it properly, and if you do not appreciate, then this is not your "half". On the pages of social networks has information about the person and his enthusiasm, as well as photographs. Read carefully the questionnaire, perhaps you have a common hobby. It's a good excuse to start chatting. Ask any interesting question, comment photos. Come up with something original, joke, Intrigue and beware of trite phrases. From the first phrase it determines whether to start up correspondence.

 first message
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Start chat

So, let's correspondence ensued.

Now it is important to be friendly, polite, open, sincere, sociable.

Do not write monosyllabic phrases, do not hesitate to answer his questions, tell about themselves, their hobbies, but do not be too outspoken, keep his interest in himself. Use emoticons, but in moderation. Too many emoticons irritate the interlocutor.

The guy certainly ask you for a photo. Send him my best, interesting pictures. They may talk about your hobbies and interests. In no case can not be sent lewd photos.

Positive, humility and genuine interest

Decide on the objectives met. If the goal - a serious relationship, it is not necessary at the start of communication to discuss intimate questions, or you may seem frivolous and alienate these decent guy. Also, do not be interested in his material level and discuss the topic of money, you could easily be suspected of self-interest.

Correspondence should be positive, and avoid whining and complaints to life. It's not like anyone. Boys need to see you in good company, not the source of problems. By the way, do not forget about literacy! Literacy, cultural speech, you show respect for the recipient and his education. Agree, it's nice to read competent and interesting letters, no foul language?

Sincere interest in the guy his life, hobbies, views on the various problems of life. He can talk for a long time that he is interested. But beware not to be intrusive and arrange interviews. If you feel that the other person refuses to answer, then change the subject. Perhaps he will answer all your questions a little later, when I feel that you can trust.

Bursaries and tact

Maybe your new friend - a specialist in some question. Ask him to help teach anything. It brought together by you. If all of a sudden he refuses, do not get discouraged and continue to admire, his experience and professionalism. Just do not throw it with compliments. Blatant flattery is unlikely to attract a smart guy. Learn to accept compliments with dignity, do not underestimate them, but also do not need to show off. Do not try to seem perfect, be yourself. This is a sure way to sincere relations and mutual understanding.

Constantly looking for new topics to discuss and prepare for it. At your disposal is the Internet, books and encyclopedias. Just do not show off his extraordinary mind, teach the guy and make fun of him. This, of course, it will scare. Be interesting, erudite and sensitive.

Gently express their opinions, strongly argue and prove his innocence is not necessary. Look at the way he behaves when disagreed with him, his reaction, words and intonation.

 Tips for girls to virtual communication
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Interesting tips

No offense to the guy if he did not always immediately respond to your letters. You do not need it any reproach and accuse, and to cast messages or emoticons. He will not be anything! Perhaps he is busy studying or working. And is that not in the mood or have any personal problems. In any case, your activity will be regarded by them as an obsession.

In no case do not try to compare Man with your friends or with someone else! This will deal a blow to his self-esteem and self-esteem. You would also not like it if he began to compare you with a girl friend, but still not in your favor!

Knowing how to interest a guy correspondence and to please him, you get a chance to find a suitable man and build a long-term relationship. But do not rush to encounter in real life. At first all they knew each other better, get closer. Most people are unfamiliar with the premature meeting feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Haste should not ruin your first date! If you realize that a sufficiently converged and can not wait to meet, then assign a date and easily translate their relationship from the virtual into reality.

 Terms of virtual communication for the girls