salad with arugula and shrimp


  • Salad "Italian Spring"
  • Salad "day off" with shrimp and arugula
  • Pasta salad with shrimp and arugula
  • Salad "freshness" with shrimp and orange
  • Shrimp salad with arugula sauce
  • Salad with arugula, curd cheese and beans
  • Fish salad with shrimp and wasabi sauce

Look for any salad, which meets arugula with shrimps, - the recipe is rich in mineral products, giving a good mood every day. The main components in this dish are pungent herbs - arugula, and is already well familiar to all shellfish - shrimp. Arugula - a herb with an interesting flavor, a fairly new spice to our tables. But in the world, it is well known, particularly in European countries. In Greece and Italy, it is added to many salads, pastas and risottos, put it in a pizza. Leaves arugula perfectly proved themselves in a variety of sauces such as pesto.

Grass has a tangy taste, it caught hints of mustard and walnut, some varieties can feel a distinct peppery flavor. Today arugula no problem you can buy in the supermarket. It is these varieties: rococo, Sicily, Corsica, rocket, poker. Also, it can be grown on the balcony and just on the window.

Shrimps - now popular guests in our dishes. This is not surprising, because they have excellent taste, look very appetizing, perfectly complement any salad, appetizer, and even soup. Shrimp is already versatile in cooking, from small to large settee and a hot meal - they all find their place. Shrimp are very useful in their composition contains antioxidants, and a considerable number, a lot of nutrients and minerals. People who are regularly added to the diet of shrimp dishes to have a strong immunity and, consequently, less sick.

Shrimp and arugula are often found in recipes together - they are well combined with each other and complement each other.

Salad "Italian Spring"

We offer a daily cook salad with arugula and prawns. Fresh, light, flavorful salad mentally take you to sunny Italy.


For the salad:

  • tiger prawns - 0, 5 kg
  • 12 pieces cherry tomatoes
  • 50 grams of Parmesan cheese
  • a handful of pine nuts
  • arugula - 1 bunch (mean)

For the sauce:

  • 20 grams of olive oil
  • Garlic - 1 clove
  • 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  • lemon (juice) - 0, 5 pieces

Cooking method:

The recipe for this salad fit fresh chilled shrimp because they will need to fry. Thus, heat a frying pan, add a spoonful of oil, to lower the seafood, fry for 5-7 minutes on each side - the shrimp should redden. Then place them on a napkin, let soak excess oil. Cherry tomatoes wash under water, pat dry and cut in half. Parmesan cheese can be rubbed on a grater, and can be cut into thin plates using peelers.

In salad bowl, place arugula, its leaves can be cut into several pieces, shrimp and tomatoes, top with slices of Parmesan, a little fluff with a fork all. The dish before serving sprinkle be specially prepared sauce. To do this in a deep bowl, mix the lemon juice, mashed garlic, vinegar and oil, season with salt and pepper. Good work rim, turning everything into a homogeneous mixture. This season with salad dressing, mix gently. Sprinkle pine nuts. The dish is ready.

 salad with shrimp and arugula

Salad "day off" with shrimp and arugula

Recipe salad "day off" not difficult to prepare: it can be done both at home and in the open air - must be reserved in advance only the necessary products.


  • a pound of shrimp
  • mushrooms - 200 grams
  • 1 bunch arugula
  • Quail eggs - 10 pieces
  • Tomatoes - 2 pieces
  • 200 grams of cheese
  • 50 grams of olive oil

Cooking method:

Clean the mushrooms, chop finely and fry with olive oil. Put on paper, let him come down excess fat. Shrimp defrost, boil in salt brine, freeing them from the shell and add to bowl. Quail eggs boil, remove the shell, and divide each into 2 halves. Tomatoes cut into large slices. Hard cheese is better to rub on a coarse grater or slice peeler. Now proceed to assemble the salad: Cover the bottom of a large dish arugula, on her top with shrimp, egg, sprinkle with cheese all, to the sides, place the cherry tomatoes, fried mushrooms, too, do not forget to lay out. All fluff gently fork. Drizzle with olive oil and serve.

Pasta salad with shrimp and arugula

This amazing salad recipe will help you to quickly and satisfying to feed your guests, in the embodiment of his life will take a little time, and the result will be excellent.


For the salad:

  • Tomatoes - 3 pieces
  • sun-dried tomatoes - 5 pieces
  • Frozen shrimp - 0, 5 kg
  • pasta (spaghetti) - 300 grams
  • 1 small bunch of arugula

For the sauce:

  • lemon juice - 1 teaspoon
  • dry wine (white) - 120 grams
  • olive oil - 20 grams
  • clove garlic
  • 1 tablespoon melted butter
  • a pinch of pepper, salt

Cooking method:

Boil pasta in water, add salt and a spoonful of olive oil. Water should be twice as much pasta. Cook for 7-8 minutes, until al dente state, that is a little nedovarivaya. To drain the colander. In a frying pan heat the olive oil, put there once and butter, crush the clove of garlic and a knife in butter protomai when vegetable becomes clear, throw it away - all his tastes, he has already given. This oil continue to fry the shrimp, stirring from different sides, bring them until golden. This also add the sun-dried tomatoes, cut them into pieces beforehand. In the pan put the boiled pasta and stir. Suppose a little then under the cover.

In the meantime, take a fresh tomato and grind them in a blender smooth. Add the sauce to the pasta and a little stew, gravies wine and lemon juice. A few minutes later the salad is ready - invite guests to the table, the dish is still warm.

Salad "freshness" with shrimp and orange

This recipe is suitable for those who love light and rich salads for lunch. Pialat-orange shrimp dish with greens and herbs - a great start to the day.


  • arugula - 1 bunch
  • tiger prawns - 8 pieces
  • Orange - 1 piece
  • 20 grams of olive oil
  • orange juice - 1 cup
  • spices

Cooking method:

Defrost the tiger prawns, remove the shell, clean from the inside, remove the head. Tails marinate in a mixture of orange juice with spices and leave for 15 minutes. When promarinuyutsya shellfish, they should be fried with the addition of olive oil on both sides until nice crust. For the filling, mix the remaining orange juice and olive oil, season with salt, add the spices. At the bottom lay the leaves of arugula bowls can be a little break their hands, then shrimp and slices of oranges, peeled films. Pour dressing. Your breakfast is ready.

Shrimp salad with arugula sauce

The secret of this salad is pleased piquant combination of its ingredients, and of course, the original sauce recipe which we want to offer you.


For the salad:

  • Avocado - 2 pieces
  • 0, 5 kilograms of shrimp
  • celery root - 200 grams
  • peanuts - 100 grams

For the filling:

  • 1 medium beam arugula
  • thick cream - half a cup
  • 20 grams of olive oil
  • half of one lemon

Cooking method:

To begin with we suggest you make the sauce. He will need time to brew, so proceed without delay. Chop finely arugula, put down her knife, that she let the juice. Fold in pialki, pour olive oil, rub again. Then, pour the juice of half a lemon, sprinkle with salt and spices, in the end put the sour cream and mix. Put in the cold, while they themselves enjoy a salad.

Shrimp boil in a brine of water with salt and bay leaf. Remove and drain the excess water. Clean from the shells. If the shrimp large, you can cut each in half. Celery root wash water clean, cut slices and cook in water no more than 15 minutes. The cooled vegetable chop with a knife and add to shrimp. Each avocado fruit split in half, remove the pit, remove the peel and cut into strips of beautiful fruit pulp.

By this time the dressing already well saturated, you can collect all the ingredients in one dish. Mix avocado, shrimp, peanuts and celery, season the sauce with arugula. Fold the lettuce slide, garnish with a sprig of greenery - all ready dish can be served.

 arugula salad with shrimp

Salad with arugula, curd cheese and beans

It is believed that the rocket goes well with all kinds of beans, emphasizes and enhances their flavor. And it is especially good with beans, white or red. We offer you an interesting recipe that in one place there are beans, cottage cheese and arugula. Adding to the recipe a little bit of seafood (shrimp), you are more diverse this salad and enrich its flavor.


  • salad of arugula "rococo" - 1 pack
  • 1 jar of canned beans
  • 200 grams of shrimp
  • curd cheese - 150 grams
  • 30 grams of vegetable oil
  • Garlic - 2 cloves
  • juice of half a lemon
  • salt, spices
  • 1 onion

Cooking method:

Recipe salad offer to start just with the legumes. Open a can of beans (color can choose to your taste), pour off the liquid and then lay out the beans in a colander and rinse with water. Onion cut into thin half-rings, and send it to the beans. Shrimp boil until cooked, strain and mix with vegetables. Arugula remember in his hands, can be cut in several places every shoot, so she let the juice. On lettuce Put beans with onions, shrimp, chopped garlic. Sprinkle the dish with lemon juice, season with butter, salt. Along the edges of the plates Spoon cream cheese. After a few minutes of arugula salad with shrimp is already possible to try.

Fish salad with shrimp and wasabi sauce

Your guests will certainly ask you for the recipe for this rich fish salad with shrimp and grapefruit. Its highlight is a spicy sauce with wasabi.


For the salad:

  • salted salmon - 250 grams
  • 1 large grapefruit
  • tomato - 2 pieces
  • 12 tiger prawns
  • fresh dill - half of the beam
  • arugula - 100 grams

For the sauce:

  • Apple vinegar - 40 grams
  • olive oil - 40 grams
  • plain yogurt (unsweetened) - 100 grams
  • spices, pepper, salt - a pinch
  • wasabi - a pinch

Cooking method:

Fresh arugula sprouts and loop through the wash, pat dry on paper and arrange on plates. Tomatoes should be cut into thin slices or strips, medium-sized. The recipe for this salad perfectly fit salmon or trout, fine with other products will be combined meat salted salmon. Red fish free from packaging, cut into strips and add to the salad.

If you selected large shrimp already cooked, just thaw them if you bought them refrigerated, then boil a few minutes, remove, clean and add to the remaining salad ingredients. Shrimp can be left intact, and it is possible for easy cut each into several parts. With grapefruit, remove the rind and clean each slice from the film that does not taste bitter citrus, hands disassemble into smaller pieces and spread out evenly on the plates. Sprinkle with chopped fresh dill.

Then proceed to the sauce. To make it, you need to mix the yogurt with olive oil, add the apple cider vinegar, salt, spices and a pinch of wasabi. If you love witty, wasabi powder quantity can be increased. For homogeneous mixing is better to use the whisk or blender. When the sauce is ready, they refuel salad just before serving.

Taking into account all the taste recipes included in the basic ingredients salad with shrimp and arugula, you get a composition rich taste. Dishes such a pleasant surprise and delight, making a variety of culinary specialties in family, give your body a powerful vitamin charge - so do not hesitate to cook.

 Salad with arugula and shrimp

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