salad with shrimp and corn


  • Salad with cherry tomatoes, prawns, ham and corn
  • Salad "piquancy"
  • The original salad with seafood, beans and maize
  • Salad at home

If you decide to make a salad with shrimp and corn, the best place for the selection of interesting and easy recipe to be found. On this site every cook - not just a beginner, but also a real pro - will find "their" bread. To learn how to cook, do not need to be a genius or have a lot of experience behind him - just follow the instructions exactly. We will share secrets and introduce you to the most delicious shrimp. Some of them are added to the eggs, ham, in others - beans and cheese. Each recipe is original and interesting in its own way. Now we offer to move from words to deeds.

Salad with cherry tomatoes, prawns, ham and corn

If you decide to make a salad in this recipe, you will not regret a drop. After ten or fifteen minutes of cutting and mixing of products, eventually you will get an incredibly juicy, delicious, bright and very nice dish. If desired, it can add some fun by adding boiled eggs. Just cut them into small cubes, and then type in the dish, and if you are not inclined to experiment, then use the original recipe, and refuse it not.


  • jar of canned sweet corn (about 340 grams)
  • 150 grams of pre-cooked and peeled shrimp
  • Fifteen mini cherry tomatoes or two conventional medium tomato
  • 270 grams of ham (or chop well suited, for example, smoked ham)
  • Fifteen milliliters of olive oil
  • lettuce
  • salt - to taste
  • a few sprigs of basil

Cooking method:

Before you begin cooking, remember a few rules and follow them. Firstly, if you are using fresh seafood, note that cooking process takes an average of about eight to ten minutes. If the same amount of time to keep fresh frozen shrimp in boiling water, then the result will be disappointing - the meat is "rubber". To avoid such a mishap can help the following method: Cover the ingredients with boiling water, four minutes, drain it, and themselves shrimp in a colander fold, clean them later.

Rule number two: let well drain seafood, or lettuce leaves too watery. If you want to reduce its calorie content and make the dish more useful add as specified in the recipe, olive oil. You can not do without mayonnaise? Then, change the dressing and pour them food - so, too, is very tasty.

So we coped with shrimp. Now, cut the ham into thin strips, with the corn, remove excess liquid. If you are using cherry, separate them with a knife into two halves, but have to chop tomatoes ordinary middle-sized pieces. Lettuce tear hands on small strips. Now remember basil, connect it into a bowl with olive oil and grind special mortar. All of the above ingredients - ham, seafood, tomatoes and maize - put in a nice bowl, season the sauce, lightly salt and stir a few times. If you use mayonnaise, recommend purchasing deli - it is less fat and calories.

 Corn salad shrimp eggs

Salad "piquancy"

This dish is the best place for a quick snack - his cooking will take no more than ten minutes, and the result will surprise you. Juicy and tender dish turns out very hearty, you can serve it with crispy golden toast or soft fresh loaf. What use shrimp - fresh or frozen - principle does not matter. In both cases, the dish turns out very tasty.

Ingredients (per two smaller portions)

  • 300 grams medium-sized shrimps
  • 120 grams of canned corn
  • two eggs
  • pepper (meaning black) - optional
  • three tablespoons of mayonnaise gourmet
  • salt

For decoration:

  • a few sprigs of fresh curly parsley

Cooking method:

Eggs are better to use homemade, first boil them hard-boiled, then soak in cold water, so they have cooled down. Now clean the product from the shell and cut into medium-sized cubes of equal size. After pour boiling water frozen shrimp, if using fresh, throw them into the bubbling water and cook for seven to eight minutes. After the wait, they will drain, remove the skins and connect them in a deep dish with corn, then add the eggs, a pinch of salt and pepper as desired. At the end of the season with a gentle dish mayonnaise and mix the ingredients. To the dish look more attractive, before submitting it to lay in portions bowls and garnish with parsley.

 salad with shrimp and corn recipe

The original salad with seafood, beans and maize

The following recipe seemingly combines completely different products: beans, canned corn and shrimp. However, these are the courses and obtained the most delicious and most popular. This dish will be an excellent complement the festive menu, surely every guest will want to try it. Chile, lime juice, garlic, and cumin and coriander culinary creations give a distinctive flavor and spicy taste.


  • slightly smaller jars of canned corn - will need about 300 grams
  • tablespoon chili powder
  • raw shrimp - 700 grams
  • ¼ cup chopped cilantro
  • 300 grams of canned beans
  • olive oil or other vegetable oil
  • lime
  • salt - to taste
  • 0, 5 small spoons of ground cumin
  • dry or fresh garlic - at your discretion
  • 20 ml of soy sauce

Cooking method:

If in the previous recipe seafood had to cook, then this time we will process them in another way. So, first of all connect in a shallow piala chili, a few grams of dry garlic, salt and cumin. If you use fresh garlic, previously ground using a special press. Do not put too much - only one or two cloves. The dry mix of spices, enter half of said dose of soy sauce, resulting in a marinade Put the shrimp. Let them collect the juice for that hold them in a pot at least five minutes.

Meanwhile, well-heated skillet, warm the olive oil, lay out here is seafood, then add the remaining soy sauce. Now cook them over low heat stirring constantly until they are covered with beautiful golden-brown crust. Cooking seafood takes no longer than three or four minutes. Be aware of this fact and watch the time, or run the risk of overexposing and spoil shrimp. Before you take them out of the pan, pour in the dish in which they will add a little fresh lime juice.

Now Put seafood salad bowl, and in the remaining sauce stew long beans, add the following to her finely chopped cilantro. Then connect the bean with corn and shrimp in a bowl. At the request of salt and can serve the dish on the table. As the filling is used the sauce in which to fry the ingredients. The ideal complement to the salad will be a steak or baked chicken.

Salad at home

Do you want to cook something quick and tasty? Then the ideal choice is a sea salad, the recipe of which is before you. All the ingredients necessary for food, cheap enough and are always available for sale. You can use any cheese, the main thing - to choose the hard type. As for onions, be sure to purchase the Crimean purple - it is more sweet and delicious.


  • pyatisotgrammovaya packages of frozen shrimp
  • onion
  • Bank of corn
  • 100 grams of cheese
  • mayonnaise and salt

Cooking method:

First, boil the shrimp in boiling water for five minutes. Then fold them, and when they will drain, clean. Pinstriped chop onion, cheese and grate. Combine all ingredients with corn, season with salt and mayonnaise.

Delicate and incredibly spicy salad with shrimp and corn ready! These recipes are perfect for everyday use - all fast, easy and delicious.

 Dish of the day: a salad with shrimp and corn

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 how to cook calamari salad


  • The process of cutting
  • The process of cooking

Salads with seafood today have become very popular. And this is due not only to fashion trends in cooking, but also the availability and relative cheapness of shrimp, mussels and squid. In fact, almost any supermarket you can buy frozen shrimp or shellfish or seafood cocktail. In short, the salads are like very, very many recipes for cooking them know a lot, but that's to prepare such a dish does not always and not at all. And the thing that you need to be able to properly boiled squid. And we need to know not only how best to cut the carcass, but also on how much of its cooking. Armed with this knowledge, you can always make things right and get a result of the tender meat of squid, but not like a rubber brew. So, learn to cook calamari salad.

 how to cook calamari salad

The process of cutting

Most often we buy frozen seafood .  Required for salad clam meat is no exception .  In addition, we put in a salad chopped meat, and store whole carcasses gain .  So first you need to learn how to carve squid and prepare them for cooking .  Pre clam meat should be thawed .  It is advisable to do it in a natural way, that is, leave the frozen food to thaw at room temperature .  If you need to do it quickly, the process can be speeded up .  For this squid is placed in cold water and left for about an hour .  During this time, tender meat has time to completely defrost .  In no case can not be put squid in hot water - the meat will be tough .  The thawed carcase must be gutted and cleaned of films and cartilage .  First, take out the insides and remove cartilage .  To do this as carefully as possible, the carcass can be turned inside out .  Then it must be thoroughly rinsed to remove the film and the inner and outer surface of a carcass .  The film picks up nails and gently pull together as a stocking .  If the meat was much peremorozheno, the film may be torn, then it must be removed parts .  Some people prefer to first boil the clams, and then to remove them from the film .  However, this method of cooking squid salad is not always convenient, since boiled clams film can be removed with great difficulty .  The most convenient way to clean the squid on film under cold running water .  After preparing their carcasses can already be cooking for salad .

 how to boil squid salad

The process of cooking

How to cook squid? This is perhaps the most burning question that arises when we are going to prepare a salad with meat of the shellfish .  Most novice cooks are afraid of undercooked shellfish, and the result is a tough and like rubber meat .  By the way, the taste of it will not be the best .  Naturally, in a salad is not to put the brew .  So how much to cook calamari that turned their flesh tender, juicy and delicious? You will be surprised, but the need for cooking squid no longer than three minutes .  However, first things first .  First, put on the fire a pot of water .  Its volume depends on the number of carcasses .  The pan must be of such size that poured water into it only slightly covered squid .  In the water you can put any spices to your taste .  However, the most commonly used black pepper (peas), dill (fresh or dried), parsley, cloves and bay leaves .  So, wait until the water boils, then omit it molluscs .  We are waiting for exactly two minutes and take out the carcass .  When the squid have cooled, they can be cut and put in a salad .  Keep in mind that cooked molluscs are greatly reduced in size .  There is another way to cook shellfish and almost completely preserve the original size of the product .  What cooking squid this method depends on the number of carcasses because we boiled their individually will .  To do this, boil water, adding a little salt, and leaf lavrushki .  Once the water begins to boil, immerse the carcass, count to ten, and remove with a slotted spoon .  Again, let the water boil and boil the next carcass, and so, in turn, cook them all .  That's all there is .  Your sure to get a delicious salad, if you properly cook the squid for him .  And how do you know .  By the way, dressing the meat of these shellfish can never cook .  It is enough to clean the carcass, they pour boiling water, leave for half a minute and drain the water .  Then you need to sprinkle the meat with vinegar, and you can put it in a salad .  Cook with pleasure and enjoy your meal!

 How to cook squid salad?