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  • Cooking capacity
  • A variety of intimate relationships
  • Separation of a man of his hobbies
  • Men need to surprise and give a break
  • Men like to sincere praise

His man woman must give warmth and joy, then the relationship will be reliable and every day is becoming stronger.

Delivery man enjoy a variety of ways. The main thing - to know some secrets that will allow a woman to be on top.
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Cooking capacity

A truism that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, does not lose its relevance. But it is necessary to prepare the tasty, because not everything is beneficial that climbed into his mouth. Cooking - high art, and he needs to learn. It is to know what a man's favorite foods, and focus their efforts in this direction in order to please him. Then there is no doubt that this man will appreciate. But even skillfully cooked chicken with orange sauce Man could plunge into depression, if a child does not like poultry.

One should not try to compete with his mother to prepare his favorite dishes: a road to nowhere. It is better to try to surprise the man their own culinary delights.

 the diversity of intimate relationships
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A variety of intimate relationships

Sex - it is something without which can not do almost no one. But just sexy enough, the whole secret lies in the fact that sex should be his event. Such pleasure will be delighted each representative of the stronger sex. Women should remember that intimacy should be bright and memorable, this does not necessarily study the "Kama Sutra" and try to perform difficult acrobatics (which can lead to injury).

The surest way - to ask directly about his sexual preferences. In intimate relationships have a lot of their secrets. Do not forget that the guy loves his eyes. The contemplation of the beautiful female body did not leave indifferent even a single man, and if it is framed in a beautiful lacy underwear, then it looks very exciting. Thus, we can conclude that her man often need to please the new original sheets, to experiment with the images. It should be noted that a great pleasure for a man is to contemplate a woman who dressed in lingerie with ruffles, lace, combined with shoes with high heels and stockings.

Most men like sex in the light of (this, of course, does not mean that the light should be bright, as in the surgical ward). Perfect lamp. Soft subdued light helps relax lady and a man - to see what he wants, and get a lot of pleasure at the sight. In addition, the dim lights a lamp and hides minor flaws on the body, the skin appears smoother and more seductive.

As for the pleasures in intimate terms, you should not forget that the vast number of men have their erotic fantasies, which they very much want to make a reality. To please a man, it must be careful, but to ask in detail about what he wanted. Perhaps he dreams about sex in the bathroom or on the intimacy with hot nurse. His fantasy is to bring to life.

In addition, the guys get great pleasure from the fact that a woman like all the things that he does with it. So do not be ashamed to cry, scream and otherwise express their approval, but do not forget about the caresses.

 division with a man of his hobbies
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Separation of a man of his hobbies

Great fun man gives the woman who shared with him his passion. You can check with him football, cheer for his favorite team, drink a beer with him. For such a woman any man will turn mountains. If the choice is not a sports fan and an avid fisherman, then you can go with him on a fishing trip. Of course, you have to get up before dawn and sit half a day looking at the floats, but how much pleasure to receive a man! My favorite woman, and even minded - is not it the dream of every male?

The easiest way to make a nice man - shut up in certain situations. When the guy comes home from work, sometimes immersed in their problems (which may indeed be severe), these minutes do not need to get his questions, and he will be immeasurably grateful to you for it.
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Men need to surprise and give a break

Try to surprise her man. For example, if the faithful come home at 2 am (drinking beer with friends) and is ready to listen notation, and it meets the gentle, beautiful and caring woman, it will be immensely surprised and pleased. Just do not overdo it, otherwise those coming home late become the norm, but it is not to please a woman.

If a man and woman together to go on vacation, it is important to give a man is ... relax. That is, it is not worth bothering with unnecessary questions, complaining of a headache and so on. Man, of course, I have to take care of his woman, but he also has a right to proper rest. This applies not only to joint tourist trips, but also for going to the movies and a variety of social events.

 raduyte culinary delights
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Men like to sincere praise

Any man in the shower is a little boy, it is necessary to know when to praise, for it it will be immensely grateful. Only if previously he needed praise of his mother, now it needs to do his beloved woman. It must praise even in small things. Well hammered a nail - excellent, very correctly changed his son diapers - twice done. And be sure to praise a man for his sexual abilities, in fact, this area is taboo to criticize, it will not survive no real male.

Representatives of the stronger sex like women not only beautiful, but also intelligent. To do this, of course, not necessarily immediately sit down for a doctoral dissertation or start a conversation with Zhores Alferov, but if I told the woman will quote Kant, it is beyond praise. Especially nice if the manifestation of education will take place in the circle of friends of men. This will give him an extra reason to be proud of the woman I love.

However, in this respect, excessive zeal contraindicated, as if the man would think that women are smarter than him, it is unlikely to please him: he should be first in everything, and certainly in the mind and the more education.

So it is necessary regularly to admire her man (but it should be done sincerely, because men always recognize false), tell him compliments, and there is no doubt that he will carry you on their hands. Female to be sincerely convinced that it is for a woman is the strongest, most courageous, most attractive and the most successful. If he starts to doubt, all this could end very badly.

Using these secrets, you can bring a lot of your favorite treats. The most important thing is that making nice to the man, it is a pleasure and his beloved.

 How to please men?

 psychology of falling in love for the Man


  • A bit of psychology
  • How to fall in love with the guy: practical tips
  • How to behave with a guy, that he fell in love with you?
  • When beginning a relationship is necessary
  • How to fall in love with a Man, corresponding with him?

What girl does not dream about that guy liked the first declared his love?

But it also happens when a guy does not notice the tender feelings to him by the girl, and does not reciprocate. But it turns out, sit back and sigh about the sad fate, not worth it. You just need to take the initiative in their hands. First of all, to understand how to fall in love with Man, you need to understand a little male psychology.

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A bit of psychology

Firstly, if you ask this question, znchit on a subconscious level you have already think that fall in love with a Man's real. And it's absolutely true! After all, in any case (and in love as well) attitude is very important. The main thing here - a belief in themselves and their own strength, plus the knowledge of some tricks. As a result, you will achieve your goal.

The most important - is to understand what wants the young man that you like. Answers to the question, what is his ideal girlfriend, what features it should have, you've already done half the work.

Psychologists have long known the answers to these questions. Numerous studies and surveys give into the hands of women a powerful tool to attract the attention of men of heart.

So, what kind of girl dreams of most men?

First, the woman must be feminine. If you possess the nature of femininity, then you and the cards. Well, if you lack this quality, we will have to work on themselves and to form its own. Femininity in men is associated with weakness, vulnerability, fragility. Next to a girl every man automatically becomes strong, courageous defender. Needless to say, as far as flatters man's vanity and raises his self-esteem?

The second quality that attracts men in girls - sexy. Just do not confuse it with vulgarity: they are completely different things, among which many women equate. This is a huge and fatal error. Sexuality should be in everything: clothing, gait, manner of speaking and behaving. Therefore, if your style is far from sexy clothes, if you prefer baggy pants and shirts two sizes larger, to attract the attention of a young person better to change the image. This also applies to the rest: do not let rudeness in manners, abusive speech, etc.

The third quality, who appreciate a man in a weak field, - a wit. Although more men said that for them it is important that the girl was intelligent, in this case we are not talking about the mind, namely ingenuity - a few different things. Wit you can express in communion with the young man, when you see it at a glance, negotiate for a phrase, laugh at his jokes. All this is to say the guy that you really suit each other because there is a mutual understanding between you. But do not go too far: negotiating a guy phrases, try to make it not look as if you have it constantly interrupt and if the joke is actually you do not like (for example, they are flat or with a touch of vulgarity), it is not necessary pretend you this funny and very pleasant - not to indulge guy.

And chetvetoe - ease. Men like cheerful girls are easy, which is always in a good mood. Beautiful, but a sullen girl who smiles and always dissatisfied with something, it is unlikely to be interested in the guy. So try to be always in a good mood: smile often, be open to dialogue.

 Practical advice
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How to fall in love with the guy: practical tips

First, let's understand what it means to fall in love with a man? It means to make him think about myself, to dream, to desire. In fact, I fall in love with Man can at least 1 day in advance. To do this, just try. Let's try to draw up a specific action plan for the conquest of Man. All of them are aimed at one thing: to create the best first impression, and thus to the young man will long be remembered.

  • Include all her femininity and sexuality, which only methods. Just do not forget, no vulgarity, rudeness, and so on. D. Wear a beautiful dress, high heels, make-up, hairstyle, choose the appropriate spirits. In this guide, personal style and taste, time and place of the meeting, but remember that all of your image should not be provocative.
  • Give the guy understand that he likes you. But it must be done, though confident, but not intrusive and not too aggressively. It would be appropriate to first to start a conversation, but remain a mystery to him, he wants to solve. Do not open it on the first night. Of course, there can be no question about any intimacy: it would ruin everything. you do not want to earn a reputation in the eyes of Man readily available women? Then keep it at a distance.
  • But it is a phone number you can give! On the one hand, once you give the guy understand that he is interested in you. On the other, will be convinced that he became interested in you and is waiting for a new meeting. You can advance to write a phone number on a napkin, and when a guy asks you to dictate the number, give him a note. It will surprise him.

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How to behave with a guy, that he fell in love with you?

It is known that male and female psychology is different. If you know the basics of male psychology and tactics of correct behavior with a man, you can quickly and permanently be his one and only.

  • Do not rush things.

This is the first and most important rule. Soon you will have in their hands the tools that will help you fall in love with guy, so do everything slowly, gradually and quietly. Take some time for yourself and do not rush things. Otherwise you may get the opposite result.

  • Be an attentive listener.

Women often make the mistake of nonstop talking and forgetting that man, too, want to express. In conversations with a young man tries to make it more than a monologue on his part: listen to him carefully, shows that you are interested in and understand what he was saying (assents, nod your head). But remember: if you agree in everything with a man, he does get bored. If you disagree with something, express your opinion, justify it. Thus heighten interest in and respect for the young man.

  • Be happy and cheerful.

Everyone, regardless of sex, love people light and cheerful. Be like this: smile, laugh, joke - the young man will not leave without attention to a girl. Of course, all good in moderation, and also must be able to laugh to the point. But a good, open, bright girl who always smile on his lips and joy in his eyes, like any guy.

  • Interests of the young person.

Be interested in the guy, what his hobbies, what he was doing. On the one hand, you will learn more about the person that you like. On the other, you will be a topic of conversation. Hooked something people love to talk about their hobby. Be sure the guy will appreciate your interest in his hobbies and the opportunity to tell you about it. If a young person does not have specific interests, just ask him how he spends his free time than enjoys. This information will help you in the future: for example, if a guy likes outdoor activities, you can offer to go out of town or take a bike ride.

  • Let the guy feel like a hero.

We have already said that men love fragile and delicate girls. And these girls are usually very strong need help Man. Ask a young man to help show that need it, and without in any way will not do! And do not forget to thank him, because men love compliments no less than girls. In addition, each person in his heart wants to be necessary and useful. And to be fit gentle girl - what could be better for a man?

  • Display your guy how you approach each other.

Places emphasis on their positive qualities. The most simple and important - to show that you approach a guy as a partner. For example, you like the same thing (no matter what: Asian cuisine, fishing, extreme sports), you have the same hobbies, views on life, and so on. D. Here, you will greatly benefit the information that you received about the interests of the young person. The more interests, views, and so on. D. You share, the easier you will fall in love with the guy.

  • Become his friend

Become a young man for a good friend who is always there in time of need, ready to help, to support, to listen. Men, too, need understanding and empathy as much as girls. If you fear that will remain so for a guy friend, do not worry: no man would want to have as a friend a feminine, gentle, sexy girl. But in this matter it is very important not to overdo it: do not get a girl to run errands, which runs on the first call for help. Balance between willingness to always be there in time of need and self-esteem: a guy in no way should not use you.

 behavior when dealing with a guy
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When beginning a relationship is necessary

When the beginning of the relationship should be, it is important to continue to move in the right direction. And this will help councils, which provide psychologists.

  • Trust and release.

In no way does not tie the guy to her. It is understandable that you would like to spend more time together, but your relationship does not have to cut back on the personal freedom of each of you. The young man still wants to meet with friends as it was before. Never be against it! Let him go, and you can meet up with her friends - is not an option? In addition, it is better to trust the guy the first day, otherwise the relationship will not deliver any of you joy. Relationships built on mutual trust, strong and reliable. If you're around the suspect and jealous guy is simply izvedet itself.

  • Do not give yourself a reason to be jealous.

The same applies to you most: to what extent is nice when a guy is jealous. For many girls, it is an indication that he is in love. But in reality, it also says that people do not fully trust you. Do not give reasons for mistrust and jealousy is izvedet and Man, and you. Continuous monitoring, reporting requirement, "where she was and with whom" - unless it can bring happiness in relationships? Hardly.

  • Me!

Remember, we have said that the girl must remain a mystery for a man? Help in this matter and external transformation, for example, dye your hair a new color, or make a new make-up, dressed in an unusual style. But I was within reason and at will: to want to surprise the guy and make him a nice commendable, but not at the expense of their own desires, too. Your essence, the highlight should always stay with you.

  • Grow.

Many young people point to the fact that the girl should be not only beautiful, but also intelligent. Men appreciate his fiancee mind and erudition. Thus, developing, read more, learn something new. Even if you're not interested, for example, world news, you still see them: a cultured person always aware of the events taking place in the world. Even if you are only interested in the latest collection of designer clothing, pay attention to the interests of the Man if he likes cars, sometimes read magazines avtotematiku. And when you will have the opportunity to show off their knowledge, boy and his friends will be shocked.

  • Be yourself.

Ultimately, you are aiming to ensure that the young man is in love with you, in your inner world, not in makeup, heels and dresses, do not you? So show him your inner world, meet with him, as a result, people love each other, not for looks or mind and the soul.

 the behavior of women in a relationship
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How to fall in love with a Man, corresponding with him?

In the internet age, this issue is becoming more urgent. But as virtual communication differs from the real, and the action will be to conquer the other guy.

If in real life account Woman can attract, primarily through external data (make-up, clothing, manners and so on. D.), And then "turn on" the mind, then communicating with them virtually, this tactic is not possible. But it is in virtual communication girl can conquer the young man the mind, intellect, culture communication. In addition, rewriting, you should be in relation to the care of the boy, his empathy problems, willingness to support, to help, to listen. All this is in the internet communication is highly appreciated. And, of course, can show a guy that you like it.

Be attentive to the young man, his interests, life and what happens in it. For example, if he told you that he was ill with a dog and he leads her to the vet, then be sure to ask how the visit went. The guy really appreciated such utter care, rest assured.

Thus, special secrets in how to fall in love with a Man, no.

 Fall in love with a Man is easier than it seems