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  • Pearls - a symbol of the Thirty Years' wedding anniversary
  • Traditional wedding ceremonies Pearl
  • Gifts relatives and anniversary celebrations

30 years from the date of the wedding - a significant anniversary in the life of every couple. Over the years, the couple have lived through many things: joy and sorrow.

The couple already has adult children, grandchildren, who all big happy family come to congratulate the heroes of the day. What brings such a respectable date? What the old Russian rites must pass "the couple" in that day? Surely the couple together last third of life together, do not scare nothing!
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Pearls - a symbol of the Thirty Years' wedding anniversary

Thirty-year wedding anniversary is called the pearl. Pearls - a symbol of expensive and beautiful life. Married couple and identify with pearls: they are like a grain of sand that gets into the shell 30 years ago, overgrown year after year, the layers of nacre. Over the years, only the pearl growing, becoming stronger and bigger. So marriage: over the years, experiencing difficulties to take shape, and thirty years later turned into a real beauty!

Pearl color traditionally considered white, but in fact it has many shades. The color scheme of pearl symbolizes family life. White - the color of the wedding dress and veil; Pink - soft, lilac - dreams and dreams; Orange - optimism; green - family happiness; Red - the color of love and passion. Black Pearl - the rarest of its kind; it symbolizes the path that still have to spouses.

On this day, the couple give each other jewelry made of pearls and mother of pearl. For a traditional gift of his wife that day is a necklace of 30 pearls on the number of years lived by the joint. You can donate pearl bracelet, earrings, ring. An unforgettable gift for the anniversary of the wedding will be a cape of fur, decorated with pearls.

Gift for her husband to pick up pearls from the elements more difficult, because the mineral is traditionally considered women's jewelry. But to show imagination, you can please the spouse and original decoration. It can be cufflinks, tie-pin, decorated with pearls; Cigarette Case cane or pearlescent painted pearl ornaments.

Modern gifts may differ from tradition and have a completely different character. If the spouse prefers a newfangled gadget jewelry, it is much nicer to be present for her desired gift. In this case, the men will be even easier to please: a new camera, tablet or spinning will delight hero of the day!

A perfect gift for the couple will be traveling together. This trip will revive the romantic feeling. And if you spend even a symbolic wedding ceremony in Venice, or in Hawaii, then this holiday will be the best gift for a wedding.

 pearl wedding celebration
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Traditional wedding ceremonies Pearl

Every anniversary has its ancient traditions and customs.

The holiday begins with this ritual: both spouses at dawn go to the nearest body of water and thrown back on the pearl. This action is accompanied by these words: "How many pearls lie on the bottom of the sea, and as we live together hand in hand." Instead, they wanted to get the depth of feeling, an island of hope, play action.

Upon completion of this beautiful ceremony the couple returned home to join hands and mirrors swear each other eternal love. Mirror has long been considered a magical object that stores all the words and feelings, said in front of him. This ritual symbolizes the cleansing renewal and the transition to a new level of relations.

There is another ritual that is the most important and the spiritual. This joint visit to the church and the presence of the service. Spouses should put three candles in the church. The first - the Mother of God, in gratitude for the spouse; second - the icon of the Crucifixion, for jointly experienced the joys and sorrows, the third - the Holy Trinity, for the next happy years.

If a couple are not married, then this anniversary - a good excuse for this. The wedding is an oath before God in faithfulness to each other and thanksgiving for a happy marriage on the ground.

Last ritual, which takes place on the anniversary of the wedding is called "the transmission of happiness." The rite is carried out for their children, who had recently married. A pair of thirty years of experience with symbolic shares the secrets of marital happiness. Objects that are used in the rite are a deep symbolic meaning.

For the ritual need the ribbon, blank sheet of paper, a pen, a ring, a rope, a plate. Anniversaries provide young couple blank sheet and pen, where they would have to record only the good things in your life.

Next culprits celebrations handed children ring with the words: "Let your love for each other will be as endless as the subject." After that, the senior associate young legs with a rope so that they could never get away from each other. By involving young couple feet tied with a ribbon plate. Young passed for each step with bound feet received one coin at the plate. By the end of the path a plate filled with coins. This action symbolizes the journey of life together and accumulated wealth.

 especially pearl wedding
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Gifts relatives and anniversary celebrations

Gifts from relatives can be presented to separately or combined. Traditionally wedding anniversary presented:

  • Pictures, collages and photo albums with pictures of memorable events of life. Photobook - a trendy version of reportage of family life. There can be captured moments from the wedding the young, the birth of children, grandchildren, travel. You can print on a large canvas portrait of the couple or to order a real portrait, painted from a photograph. Photo Wall Murals are also an original gift for the anniversary;
  • Gifts for the home always delight anniversaries, due to its practicality. This may be different appliances: coffee, yogurt, freezer, blender, bread maker, multivarka both. Bedding, bedspread, blanket will also be relevant for this case.
  • Gifts With A Pearl finish: dining sets, sets, boxes, kits for champagne and wine. This anniversary is identified with the pearls, so the latter group is the most preferred gifts.

Those invited to the anniversary of a very small grandchildren will enjoy their grandparents when they will present gifts to their own production. This application can be postcard, made his own poems, a story. And little girls with their moms can bake cookies jubilee, covered with white icing. This dish will symbolize the pearl.

Before the celebration of the spouse presents "bride" bouquet of flowers with beautiful words or poems that express a warm feeling to it. The best part is the completion of celebration - it is inviting guests to the table. Festive Hall is decorated with flowers in the pre-wedding tradition. Relatives and friends share the hero of the day with such a significant event.

According to tradition, before the celebration of the anniversary of the wedding, the couple spend like 30 years ago, the so-called stag and hen parties. The day before, the couple are to visit each separately to your friends. There they divided the events of past years in marriage.

The couple have lived together for thirty years, are worthy of respect. Young couples question arises: how they could so long endure each other? In life anything can happen, but only wisdom and mutual caring for each other help to overcome all difficulties in life, and look at his chosen with love as well as 30 years ago.

 Pearl wedding - 30 years

 calico wedding


  • A bit of history. Why cotton?
  • What gift to choose for the first anniversary
  • A few original ideas interesting gift
  • To even think of that is remembered for a long time
  • Conclusion. A bit of family life

The wedding took place not so long ago made just a year earlier, and depressed by the experience of family psychology already vying to predict the future first crisis of relations in young families. At the end of the first joint of the year, according to experts in the field of family relationships, even those couples who are destined for a long live together, can expect a sharp decline of 2 years, and a small improvement in relations expects them only between the 3rd and 5th year marriage.

Even if still it makes sense to organize the celebration, to celebrate the first birthday of your family, to teach each other small gifts. After all, there is nothing that improves mood, like a great celebration! After all, this small anniversary of your wedding - a year.
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A bit of history. Why cotton?

1 year of cohabitation is called "calico wedding." It happened because of the ancient custom of gift giving on a given day young couples "on cotton diapers": after all, before 1 anniversary in a young family is almost always expecting the birth of a baby. At the moment, it is, by the way, again becomes relevant: in fact, almost all couples for a long time lived in a civil marriage and decided to put the "stamp in the passport" Only with the advent of a new family member. So it turns out that the first year is marked by the birth of the baby. On the anniversary of such a family can safely donate diapers and undershirts for a little.

 bed linen on the cotton wedding gift
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What gift to choose for the first anniversary

As for the gift, he chintz just not worth it to give to the first wedding anniversary. Goods from the tissue after the first wash will lose its own original form and will not festive. Because on the anniversary of the concept of "cotton" may be somewhat extended to the concept of "textiles". In other words, you will be able to give spouses fabric drapes that adorn the kind of apartment, or a warm blanket under which you can take refuge along the cool winter evenings and again feel like the happiest couple in the world.

Here are a few ideas for 1 year marriage. If the spouses love to read, you can amuse them funny blanket with sleeves: to get under it, you can completely and at the same time to continue reading the book. Give to the anniversary of something more serious - pajamas, underwear - not worth it. It is considered too intimate gift. Another practical and accurate welcome gift for the wedding anniversary may be a new and beautiful tablecloth or napkins, made with his own hands. Give things doubly pleased.

If you decide to give on the anniversary of the spouses is quite a popular gift, a set of bed for, try to find out in advance the size of their bed. Agree, it will be very unpleasant if beautiful dreams on linen patterned beach your friends will not be able to see only so that instead of "evrokomplekta" you have purchased them all on the anniversary of the usual "kopeck piece." When selecting fabric is best to opt for calico.

This fabric does not lose initial color as cotton, do not "freeze" like silk, and the cost is not so expensive as satin or satin. Because you can just buy and donate wedding anniversary several different kits that spouses will be able to change depending on the wishes. Such a gift to 1 year wedding exactly appreciate spouses.

 horse ride as a gift for the anniversary
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A few original ideas interesting gift

On the "calico" anniversary can give almost any wardrobe items. In this case if the anniversary is celebrated in the summer, the item can be purchased right now from the current light fabric. In this case, the basic aspects of the selection of things will be the density of the tissue and its coloring. The best option - to stay in the "opaque" monochrome things of summer models: a T-shirt, shirt sleeves with a small, short shorts, a light tunic. Or simply present on the anniversary of the newlyweds certificate to purchase a popular clothing store.

Also of gifts that have a practical application can give on the anniversary and "aesthetics." Try to buy in the store for needlework embroidery set, and to him - a special fabric, thread and useful, perhaps, practical recommendations for use. Having spent slightly more time for the gift, you will be convinced that from you spouse will receive something truly original and unique. By the way, you can play a little imagination and a draw with the help of watercolor painting directly on fabric.

In any case, it is important to then sign your own masterpiece and put it in a beautiful frame: let "couple" is proud of the new part of the interior. It is also often presented beautifully crafted photo, take note.

It does not rule out the option that you draw nice not learned. It is absolutely nothing to worry about! Here is the idea of ​​a gift and a joyful sharing of the holiday: get a lot of fabric, one-color T-shirts for the husband, wife and all present guests and even more bright colors for the fabric. Now we need to: organize an art show imagination and party together. be sure to get something interesting, you can leave it for a long memory, it is possible with the help of the entire creative effort to change the interior of young spouses, and sometimes you can just remember this day, and every time much to laugh. Give these happy moments, not only things, but also pleasant memories that are so important.

If you are certain that the desire and the husband and the wife on the first anniversary, this is the best buy, a welcome gift.   Wedding anniversary, of course, does not happen to have here, but almost all the signs can be circumvented. For this holiday buy something that will attribute the present day, and prepare a befitting gift of symbolism and solemn words. Present can be almost whatever he wants, it will be enough to use a significant day in the cotton as a packaging material. And if you're nice or embroidering you have one who can be entrusted with it, try to add to wrap neatly embroidered flower or a little poem.

 photo session in a couple of gift
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To even think of that is remembered for a long time

At the bride and groom, probably, for the joint first year I accumulated a lot of beautiful photos. Some of them, of course, kept in electronic form, but the most attractive and special vending hunting have on hand. For such cases, great box to store photos. You can buy it in the store, but rather just do it and in the home. This will require only a simple issue attractive cardboard or tin box, using a special technique of "decoupage", you can simply cover it with primer and then paint to your liking.

Also, young couples may use this gift for wedding anniversary, and 1 as a box for storing jewelry, cute trinkets and even something tasty. 1 family birthday - a very important stage. If a young family was able to live so long after the wedding, it means that the lapping at the household level is finished and begins a completely different stage of their life together. A year passed, and this is very important.

1 year after the wedding, the young wife learned the basics of culinary skill. Book for writing prescriptions to be fully relevant to the cotton anniversary gift, because she has probably already occurred favorite recipes, and now do not have to look for them in countless leaflets or web bookmarks. Wonderful culinary notebook will take its rightful place in the kitchen. This gift can safely give any girl. She probably will find that to be written even before the wedding.

A good "paper" will present the tickets to the theater or a concert of your favorite band. And you can give a certificate for a visit to the fascinating master-class (eg, sewing) or any workshop. You can give a horse ride or bike ride for two. A great gift option for 1 year wedding will be magical family photo shoot.

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Conclusion. A bit of family life

Calico wedding - the so-called first boundary, which the couple managed to somehow overcome. 1 year behind and ahead of them now even more happy days of living together. 1 year in fact - is a very powerful experience of living together. Present on this day the couple's own smile - and they will certainly smile back! But no matter what you gave them, it is important to remember that now your goal is not only to amuse loved ones, but simply rejoice with them in this beautiful day. We hope that your family will celebrate more than a year of marriage.

 Calico wedding. What to gift?