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  • Obsessive fears. Signs niktofobii
  • How to get rid of the phobia. Time for excitement
  • How to get rid of fear. Assistive technology
  • Act One. Write down your fears
  • Act II. Sing your fears
  • ACT III. Change the picture in my head

Obsessive fears or niktofobii, the likelihood of which have virtually all of us are quite different from the usual fears. This difference is, first of all, that when niktofobiyah people understand that the fear of something - the height of society, spiders, closed spaces, darkness, snakes and other things - is meaningless, but at the same time continue to fear.

Niktofobii - a phenomenon quite widespread. Species obsessive fears very much. Some of them appear in childhood and eventually pass some haunt us, and when we become adults. This fear of death - thanatophobia and agoraphobia - agoraphobia and claustrophobia, and fear of disease - nozofobiya, and fear of intimacy - intimofobiya, and fear of communication - social phobia, and more.

By the way, fear of people found most often. Unfortunately, despite the fact that people - a social being, fear of their own kind happens very often. And explain this fear of people is not always easy. The most common reason for the fear of man is a banal lack of confidence. But be that as it may, to deal with this fear is still needed because it poisons the life. It's about how to get rid of the fear of the people and not only, you now know.

Panic of this kind are often painful and unmanageable. They appear suddenly, stifle human actions and bring a lot of problems. For example, intimofobiya may substantially interfere with the arrangement of personal life, and social phobia - normal communication with others. How to get rid of fear and whether it is possible to cure niktofobiyu? In general, each case is unique of its presence. However, there are common methods by which a sense of fear can be if not eliminate altogether, or at least significantly reduced. Let's look at what you can to do that.

Obsessive fears. Signs niktofobii

Niktofobii manifested in the fact that people suffering from them, constantly and stubbornly try to avoid situations in which there is a sense of fear and panic in such situations if they still fall. Symptoms of obsessive fears following:

  • dyspnea, throat spasms;
  • rapid pulse;
  • weakness, numbness;
  • dizziness;
  • excessive sweating;
  • Strong tremors;
  • retching;
  • numbness in the body;
  • the chaos of thoughts.

Presence nikofobii possible to ascertain if there are at least four of all of the signs. Where did they come from, these can not be controlled, senseless fears? According to psychologists, panic importance subconscious, and for some reason we need it. And that's why, no one can answer.

One way or another, and people suffering from some kind of phobia, have a hard time. They reflexively avoid frightening circumstances, knowing at the same time, that in fact they are in no danger. Obsessional fear painful, it can occur at the most inopportune moment, and turn off the mind of man, forcing him to do crazy things sometimes. Let's try to figure out whether it is possible to recover from nikofobii and how to get rid of panic using available methods.

 how to get rid of the fear of man

How to get rid of the phobia. Time for excitement

Despite the fact that panic value is not defined by experts, the cause of their appearance is always there. Identify it without the help of a specialist is difficult - the reason lies deep in the human unconscious, and its roots, it may be required to its genetic memory. Therefore, the most effective way of getting rid of panic attacks, - the traditional psychoanalysis. However, it is quite an expensive treatment, and can afford it myself, of course, not everyone.

How to get rid of their own inner fear and can we do it? In general, yes .  One way to get rid of some fears - Change of lifestyle so that fear has ceased to be relevant .  So, if we are afraid of heights or confined spaces, while living on the eighth floor, and we have to ride the elevator, then you need to find an apartment on the ground floor .  If someone there is a panic fear of public transportation, he should find a job close to home, and so on .  However, trying to change the way of life, keep in mind that we only create relatively bearable for themselves the circumstances of the very same phobias do not get rid .  Because for some reason she needed our unconscious .  And it is likely that the true cause of it is completely different, it would seem, it has no relation to the existing fear, discomfort .  For example, fear of public transport can be associated with malfunctions in the work, and the fear of closed spaces - with conflicts in the family .

In short, the reason for the obsessive state of fear could be anything. Define this opportunity is difficult, but without knowing it, to deal with panic attacks is still possible. Do not immediately try to get rid of the obsessive fears once and for all - the cause is unknown, and such attempts surely create new problems. It is best to start with the elaboration technology postponement of concern and to determine when to worry.

How to get rid of phobias using this technique? First of all, let us have obsessive fears and begin to pay attention to them, controlling the start of the unrest. This will keep their own thoughts within certain limits and not allow them at all times to spin around the object panic. It is necessary to take some time to think about it consciously fears and do it. Better would happen if, after the time is conscious concern, to put it once, twice, and so on, as far as possible.

How to get rid of fear? Practice this technique postponement of time to practice daily. Select for a couple of days time span of ten minutes each, and during these periods consciously dedicate ourselves to thoughts about his fear. We think only about the negative aspects, avoiding any positive thoughts. The problem can be spoken out loud, while avoiding phrases and references to the meaninglessness of their own fears. After ten minutes pass, let go of your own as you exhale and return to daily activities.

The main thing in this seemingly paradoxical technique - injection of negative thoughts to the maximum level. In order to understand how to get rid of the obsessive fears, we have to experience a very strong emotional discomfort. Therefore, the period of time for emotion are not trying to convince himself that the excitement these vain. On the contrary, we have to convince myself that worries not in vain. And the danger is real. In the event that after a few minutes we suddenly stop worry, just repeat the thoughts that cause anxiety before. This state must be maintained for the entire ten minutes, otherwise all our efforts in the fight against panic attacks will come to naught.

Generally, we believe that worry can be quite long, but it is not. Our psyche can withstand a storm for a while, and then it includes protective mechanisms, and comes to a state of relative stability. And in order to know how to get rid of the fear, we must remember that if we allow the mind to calm down within the allotted time for the excitement, fear only held her, and then back again. But if we concentrate on it all your attention, artificially forcing himself to be afraid every ten minutes, the anxiety starts to gradually decrease.

Whatever the method seemed incredible "How to get rid of fear," in practice it works well. This is explained by the fact that the previously uncontrolled emotions of horror for ten minutes worked consciousness, and, if passed through a worrying thought twice a day, emotions, eventually modified. After a few days of application technology postponement concern it may be that a state of fear ten minutes nothing will fill, and instead anxiety we start to feel bored. System stress our body ceases to be included in response to the stimuli each time. But for these changes have occurred, you must strictly observe the condition of the negative discharge while working with panic.

To facilitate this work, you can invite the person who will be able to listen to us for ten minutes. This person must have an idea of ​​how to get rid of panic, in order to support us in a certain way: ask for more talk about the object of fear, ask what more scares and worries and so on. The main purpose of such a man - to keep our focus on the theme of emotion and increase anxiety, artificially pumping panic attacks.

Ten days after the beginning of these activities concern in relation to the object of fear should be greatly reduced. Fears seem weathered and outdated, and to think of them no longer want. The essence of this technology, which gives the answer. how to get rid of phobias is that we seem to agree with his fear when he was acting, he tamed a little, waiting for his allotted us an hour. If he appears at an inopportune time, no need to resist, even show itself. However, it should try to postpone the concern even for a few seconds. So little by little we will start to prevail over panic attacks and eventually unconscious process will move into the framework of conscious action.

There are several methods to get rid of the obsessive fear.

 how to get rid of fear properly

How to get rid of fear. Assistive technology

Our goal is not to completely stop worrying. In order to understand how to get rid of fear, you need to realize that this fear itself is not a problem. The problem - the reaction to it. Therefore, get rid of the fears need to change the way their perception. To facilitate this action should be a moment to imagine the event causing panic and try to at least a few seconds to keep their emotions. To do this, mentally otoydёm away from the awe-inspiring event, to admit that we are experiencing fear and realize that this is normal. Analyze your own state is not necessary, simply to reconcile with him consciousness. Then we begin to carry out actions to help change emotions experienced in relation to obsessive fears. How to get rid of internal fears these actions, and how does it work?

Act One. Write down your fears

In order to get rid of panic attacks, it is possible, taking a notebook and a pencil to write during the day these fears on a piece of paper. This should be a word for word, from the moment when suddenly a concern until the moment when it disappeared. Record should be all mental images, all pulses, formulating them in a few sentences. Writing should be as long as the fear is gone. Do not try to summarize that in this period there in the head. Suffice it to spread everything word for word, like a stenographer at the meeting. On paper, it should be reflected every word that comes to mind.

How to get rid of the obsessive fear of using the records? As soon as a concern, immediately take a pencil and a pad fix every thought, regardless of whether it has already been recorded or not. The essence of this method lies in the fact that the fears, laid out on paper, as if to take shape, to materialize and look primitive and meaningless.

It is possible that in a time of record will be uncomfortable to do and will have to work longer to ensure that overcome the obsessive fear and the fact that his new experience. It is rather difficult to write the same phrase hundreds of times and each time see it as a meaning. But as a result of our fears become masters in the tedious duty, from which it would be desirable to get rid as soon as possible. And obsessive state of fear will disappear, replaced sometimes appear slight concern.

Act II. Sing your fears

The next method to answer the question how to get rid of inner fears, is singing concern thoughts. Sing them exactly as they have imprinted in my head. For example, if we are afraid of spiders, then, and sing, "What a terrible spider! Now he bit me, and I die! "As silly as it sounds, but it works perfectly. If we sing about their fears, we just physically can not stand stress.

Do it better in the following way. Choose a short phrase that reflects our fear and hum it to some simple motive. The meaning of the pension is not important, the main thing - to keep the motive for a few minutes. As the only negative associated with obsessive fears will begin to weaken, we switch our attention to something else.

 how to get rid of the fear of their own people

ACT III. Change the picture in my head

Previous work in action when fears were formed into words. How to get rid of fear, if they represent only a picture in our head? It should be replaced by a different image reflecting the fear-inducing situation in the opposite way. For example, if we are afraid of death or illness, present yourself happy and healthy fear of closed spaces, we present ourselves in a clean field Privolnoye and so on. Or you can, eyes closed, try to make your fear outlines, for example, clouds and send this cloud away. The farther it will float away, the less we should remain negative emotions. It is possible to create different, more importantly, that they contribute to the restoration of a comfortable state.

Before using any technique to get rid of panic, you need to make sure we really decided to get rid of these fears and to stop the sudden appearance of obsessive thoughts and images. Between the use of the techniques necessary to try to repeat to yourself positive affirmations, telling myself that thoughts of fear can not help, therefore, prevent their occurrence is meaningless. To fight fear, faith is needed.

The techniques suggested above will benefit, of course, not immediately. In order to use them to say you need some time. After concerns recede, it is advisable to consolidate the results, apply some simple method of relaxation breathing. Once the anxiety will drop to a minimum, it will have to turn their attention to some other, requiring large activity aspects of life, or fear may come back again.

 How to get rid of fear, whatever it was called?

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