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Having a baby - one of the most significant, important and exciting events in the life of every family .  And to this point, nothing has been marred, in any case should not lose focus of such an important and crucial moment as planning pregnancy .  Proper planning of pregnancy is very important because it allows a large extent reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and the risk of the birth of a sick baby .  Recently, on the planning of pregnancy a lot is said and written - to find the necessary information materials - absolutely not difficult .  However, despite this, as the statistics show, in fact, out of 10 pregnancies only one planned in advance .  But even in this case, planning to become pregnant often not performed properly .  This article will talk about how to make family planning is the most successful and best .  So you've decided that the time addition to the family .  What to do first? How family planning should be done? It is a wide misconception is that family planning and preparation for pregnancy should participate only woman .  In fact, from a man successful outcome depends not less than that of women .  And the preparation of the future pope should be carried out no less carefully than the mother .  Preparing for pregnancy and men should be carried out under the supervision of medical staff .  A survey for planning pregnancy can help you avoid unnecessary problems .  Currently, there are a lot of different health centers for family planning .  However, as a rule, they are in big cities .  But even if you live in a small provincial town, you can always turn to the study of family planning in their district hospital .  If such an opportunity you do not, your assistance will be happy to ordinary doctor - a gynecologist, who has all the necessary knowledge in this area .  Unfortunately, for many women training - is folic acid when planning pregnancy .  In some cases, in addition to it - even some drugs .  Of course, the vitamins are not the last value, moreover, in some cases, in addition to vitamins woman should take more potent pharmacological agents .  However, to start planning pregnancy should not with this .

Analyses in the planning of pregnancy - is the first thing you need to do the future parents. Focus on analyzes give you in the office or family planning, or at the doctor - a gynecologist for a woman or a doctor - urologist for the man. If you have started to prepare for pregnancy tests you must pass first.

 preparation for pregnancy

Tests required for women

Too many infections during pregnancy are a real threat to the health of the future child only if the infection has occurred for the first time. That is why some analysis is to surrender in order to find out whether the woman was ill before certain infectious diseases. The other group of tests needed to identify infections that must be cured before the woman becomes pregnant. For a woman, as a rule, you must pass the following tests:

  • Analysis for the presence of antibodies to such childhood diseases as measles. In that case, if the expectant mother pretty sure that she had been ill with rubella, the analysis can not give up. If a woman on this occasion there is even the slightest doubt, it is better not to risk the health of the child and take this analysis. In that case, if the test shows that you have previously suffered this disease is not, you will need to be vaccinated. Pregnancy planning and immunizations - it is one of the most important steps on the path to success. Rubella suffered by women during pregnancy, often leads to the development of the child numerous, sometimes quite serious, disorders and malformations. Remember that pregnancy can be planned no earlier than three months after the woman has been vaccinated.
  • Analysis for the presence of Toxoplasma organism. This analysis allows us to detect the presence or absence of antibodies the body of a pregnant woman. If the antibodies are present, it means that you have been ill with this disease, which can occur in a totally hidden form. Usually about 96% of the owners of dogs and cats have these antibodies. In the same case, if the expectant mother are not detected during pregnancy, it should be strictly nastrogo exclude any contact with animals, in order to avoid possible infection. Vaccinations of this disease are not currently exist.
  • A blood test for cytomegalovirus and herpes. The analysis of 99% of the cases is positive, as the causative agents of these diseases are found in the human body is almost lifelong. The purpose of the analysis is to identify the degree of activity. If pathogens are active before pregnancy a woman needs to be treated to achieve a stable remission.
  • It is mandatory to make an ordinary gynecological smear, as well as tests for infections, sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, urea and mycoplasma. Many women ignore these tests, believing that they just do not care, then the disease is no they do not. However, it is a misconception - unfortunately, many infections are asymptomatic and can remain in the body for many years, not manifesting itself. But during pregnancy, microorganisms can become active and cause damage to health, as the expectant mother and the baby.

In some cases, in addition to the standard set of tests a woman needs to go through a number of other studies. In particular, a blood test for hormones during pregnancy planning is required in the following cases:

  • If a woman suffers from regular menstrual irregularities.
  • In that case, if the woman is abundant acne, increased body ovolosenenie.
  • If a woman suffers from overweight, not related to a sedentary lifestyle and overeating.
  • In that case, if there is a preparation for pregnancy after a miscarriage.
  • Inability to conceive for one year or longer.
  • Planning pregnancy after an abortion and must necessarily include the analysis on hormones.
  • Planning pregnancy after missed abortion.

So, what is the expectant mother hormones necessary for tests, will decide the doctor - a gynecologist.

Analyses necessary man

For men also requires a number of tests that will identify the disease in those cases where they exist, thereby reducing the risk of complications for the future of the baby. Focus on analyzes, as mentioned above, give the man or family planning center or a doctor - urologist at the district hospital. Tests usually requires the following:

  • PCR analysis of the obvious and latent infections, sexually transmitted infections, such as cytomegalovirus, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea and the like. Even if the man did not bother to pass these tests still need, as often infections are in a latent form, and the body healthy woman successfully fights with them, thus preventing possible contamination. But during pregnancy the immune system is significantly reduced and women can be infected very easily. And about what damage can cause a child pathogens, sexually transmitted diseases, know, probably, without exception. This and all kinds of vices physical development, and damage to the central nervous system, and the subsequent backlog of psycho-emotional development.
  • In addition to the analysis of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, the man should be tested for the presence of antibodies to a number of childhood infections, such as chickenpox, mumps and measles. In the case of antibodies is not detected, the man must also make a series of vaccinations against these infections. This measure is necessary in order that the man is not contagious future mother during pregnancy.
  • In addition, the future father often sent to such research as semen. Semen analysis is an extremely detailed study of sperm quality and its ability to fertilize an egg. Sperm is evaluated by several parameters: its volume, viscosity, density, color, quantity and level of viable sperm motility. In addition, how high a man's ability to conceive, the physician can, exploring the sperm detect the presence of a man hidden flowing inflammatory diseases, in particular prostatitis.

The analyzes necessary for both parents

In addition to these tests for men and women, there are a number of specific research that is necessary to pass both prospective parents:

  • It is mandatory parent must take blood tests to determine blood group and its Rh - factor. This is especially important if there is a second planning pregnancy. As you know, when a woman has Rh - the factor of negative and positive in men, may develop Rh - conflict. However, if the first pregnancy, the risk of Rh - conflict, no more than 10%, during the second pregnancy figure rises to 50% already.
  • General blood analysis. This is necessary to avoid iron-deficiency anemia, the presence in the body latent inflammatory processes.
  • Blood chemistry.
  • Urinalysis to rule out pathology of the genitourinary system.
  • Ultrasonography, both women and men (in the presence of complaints). This study is recommended to all, without exception, as ultrasound can often detect such hidden diseases that can not be identified in any other way. Ultrasound usually reveals pathology such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, prostatitis and other diseases. Do not ignore the analysis before planning pregnancy - they will help you avoid many problems.

Consulting specialists in planning pregnancy

 folic acid when planning pregnancy

After the parents will pass all necessary tests and get the results they need to get advice from some experts. This is especially true in cases in which there is preparation for pregnancy after missed abortion, abortion, hydatidiform mole and other complications of a normal pregnancy.

  1. Consulting of a therapist. It is necessary for both parents, even if both consider themselves absolutely healthy people. And in that case, if the parents have any - any chronic disease, the need to visit a therapist can not speak at all. Pregnancy can cause exacerbation of any chronic disease, so it is important to prepare the body. You also need to visit a therapist after recently suffering a disease, such as planning to become pregnant after taking antibiotics.
  2. In the same case, if pregnancy does not occur for a long time - a year or more, and if the previous pregnancy proceeded with pathologies, future parents should consult a doctor - an endocrinologist. He will appoint a more detailed comprehensive survey to help identify potential problems with the existing normal hormonal parents. If the problem lies in hormonal imbalance, perhaps the appointment of one or both parents of certain hormones, which are discussed below.
  3. In the same case, if both parents or at least one of them suffer from genetic diseases or a family already has children with congenital genetic pathology, you must be sure to consult a doctor - genetics. In that case, if the parents are older than 35 years, consulting gynecologist for them as essential. If a woman has previously had two or more pregnancies ended in spontaneous interruption, it is also shown to consult a doctor - genetics.

Medications used in the planning of pregnancy

As mentioned above, often vitamins to prepare for pregnancy are not the only drugs that are prescribed to women. Very widespread are:

  • Metipred when planning pregnancy appointed gynecologist - endocrinologist in cases where a woman's analysis reveals elevated levels of male hormones.

Often used by physicians, if there is planning to become pregnant after a miscarriage. This phenomenon often causes secondary infertility and miscarriage. Metipred intended to cause hormonal woman in proper condition and to stabilize it. In addition, metipred has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties that can get rid of hidden flowing inflammatory reactions. Dose is always calculated purely individual and calculates a doctor.

  • Another, the most common form of hormonal disorder in women - progesterone deficiency.

Progesterone - a female hormone responsible for such processes in the body as a normal menstrual cycle, the successful conception and subsequent childbearing. That is precisely the case in the body of the female hormone is not enough, the two most cherished stripes on the test so hard do not want to appear, and if they appear spontaneously aborted pregnancies. But it is absolutely not a reason for despair - in such cases, doctors prescribe a woman of such pharmacological agents as Djufaston.

Djufaston when planning pregnancy has no negative impact on the health of the expectant mother, and has absolutely no side effects. The only thing that can disturb women taking the drug - it is occasional appearance of spotting not related to the menstrual cycle. However, this is absolutely normal, and should not cause concern among women and, especially, the failure of the drug. Usually in this case the doctor slightly increased dosage of the drug, resulting in spotting immediately disappear.

  • Urozhestan when planning pregnancy prescribed for the same indications as Djufaston, that is, with a lack of the female body hormone progesterone.

Urozhestan - a hormonal pharmaceutical preparations of the newest generation .  Its main advantage over other such hormones is that the chemical formula urozhestana exactly, down to the smallest details, repeating molecular structure of the natural hormone progesterone .  The drug is practically fully absorbed by the intestinal mucosa .  The lack of progesterone in a woman's body often gives all sorts of complications such as fibroids, cysts and uterine endometrial hyperplasia .  In order for a woman is not faced with these unpleasant complications during pregnancy, the doctor based on the results of analyzes on hormones for prevention may appoint a woman urozhestan .  The drug issue has two forms: candles and tablets .  The treatment regimen and dose has to paint the only physician self in any case not allowed .  This self can lead to significant hormonal imbalance in women and its impact on health negatively .  In addition, there are a number of cases in which reception urozhestana strictly contraindicated:

  • The presence of any female genital malignancy or breast.
  • Disruption of the normal functioning of the liver and spleen.
  • Those women who suffer thrombophlebitis and varicose veins, use of the drug is also undesirable because it can worsen the disease and cause aggravation.

With extreme care and under strict supervision of the drug should be used for women with the following diseases:

  • Any form of cardio - vascular system.
  • The presence of asthma and chronic bronchitis with asthmatic component.
  • Any violation of the cardio - vascular system.

In this case, the physician should relate the potential harm and benefits of the drug and only then decide whether his appointment.

  • Dexamethasone at pregnancy planning is prescribed in case of a woman on the results of analyzes on the content of hormones is diagnosed hyperandrogenism.

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