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  • The ideal figure: what is it?
  • Why rock the abdominal muscles
  • We are engaged in the figure at home
  • We are engaged in fitness: what women need to remember

Pull up the girls and muscular man on television and billboards offer a huge amount of money that, like, make our perfect shape. We all want to be with slim legs, flat stomach without hanging sides.

No one will argue with the fact that beautiful news - the dream of every lady loves himself. The folds in the abdomen, though small, are not encouraging us with his presence. In this regard, many are wondering how to quickly get rid of the sides and remove tum, rather, to make it flat, like the female models with posters. In fact, to become perfect - simple, just sign up for fitness classes and attend regularly. If you wish, you can get a disc with lessons and perform all the houses.

The ideal figure: what is it?

At all times, different cultures have their own ideas about beauty. For example, in the past century full figure was a sign of wealth and prosperity. Volume stomach any nobles even gave him weight when leaving the community. He certainly did not think for a minute about how to do the exercises for the perfect press, or even the beautiful sides engaged in fitness.

War and constant hunger do not contribute to the accumulation of fatty deposits. Therefore, the soldiers returned from the front, too, wanted to see the plump of the fairer sex. So as gaunt and thin women he has seen enough is enough. Therefore, the fitness (or rather its foundations, since this form of training and had never heard of that time), no absolutely not interested at all. Or take, for example, modern oriental belly dance performers, who simply has to be a slight tum. Why would they engage in such activities, if they are so, thanks to dance, can control your weight.

But these days, still more attractive and sexy considered slim body, flat stomach without the sides and layers of fat. It is slim and fit figure, not painful thinness. And not necessarily sit on exhausting diets give up tasty dishes, deplete your body physical exercise in gyms. Suffice it several times a week to perform certain complex to get in shape and maintain it in the future.

 abdominal exercises

Why rock the abdominal muscles

Imagine that you went to the store and bought some products and add them to the grid. Tomatoes you put on the bottom, and eggs, for example, which is located at the top. And then you have a good bag shocked. What will we see at the same time? Apples and carrots are reversed, plus, in the package formed omelet.

If you attended the lessons of anatomy, it's easy to remember how it looks like the skeleton of a man, and how internal organs are located. It can be seen that the heart, the lungs, which are at the top of the body, the edges are well protected. And that is at the bottom is in the position. And if girls run themselves, some authorities simply start to descend, forming tum. Therefore, it is important to pump your stomach muscles and sides that there was some kind of support.

Are we or run, ride or jump, our bodies in any way exposed to a powerful shake. In order to strictly fix them in place, we need a kind of corset, which in our case is the press. The sooner we begin to deal with, do the exercises, helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles, the better.

Thus, tight stomach cubes not only looks beautiful. The muscles also help keep the internal organs in place, which is very important for a good blood supply. Plus, if you purchase the press before pregnancy, you are not afraid to be stretching. And after birth much quicker you come to the form.

Some will say that they do not perform a set of exercises for the press, they hung a little tummy, but the liver still does not fall on the bladder. Nature is very wise and indulgent to a man, so she took care of even the laziest. If you do not express a desire to strengthen certain physically demanding its natural corset, then to replace the strong muscles come fat deposits that now carry out all protection functions.

Those who have children, will remember how talking about gymnastics for babies pediatrician particularly emphasized the importance of exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Through such studies in children reduces bloating, normal digestion, they are less likely to cry at night from colic. Therefore, to talk about the benefits of exercise for adults is not even worth it, because here everything is clear. From all this we can understand that well-fortified trained abdominal muscles are necessary for your health, not just for the beauty. Get regular, do right, even the lightest base complexes and be healthy!

We are engaged in the figure at home

If you are not able to go to the fitness, to get rid of belly and sides, to study at home. But remember that such exercise must not bring you pain. What exercises for the sides and the press is better to choose - depends entirely on what you need to correct.

  • Twisting

This exercise is carried out in order to pump up the area, located just below the ribs. Everything is done in the supine position, with legs bent at the knees, elbows out to the sides, and his hands are behind his neck. Slowly lift your upper body and lowered to its original position. The loin should be firmly pressed to the floor. Perform need 50 times in three sets.

  • Diagonal curl

In this case, it will work the obliques. The starting position is the same as in the first. Making the twisting should be so that the left elbow touching right knee, and the right - left. Perform such rises housing on each side 30 times in three sets.

  • Reverse Crunch

This is probably the best exercise for the lower press. Starting position - hands along the body, lying on his back. Tighten your stomach and lift your legs, then lift your pelvis as possible. Upon reaching the maximum voltage abdominal muscles slowly return to starting position. We do 12 repetitions in 3 sets.

  • Double twist

It is quite effective exercise, both for the upper and lower press, and to the sides. It should lie on the floor, legs bent at a 45 degree angle at the knees, and put a hand on his shoulders, or take them behind your head. Raise the legs and body, slowly move them toward each other. Also, gently return to the original position. Repeat 25 times in three sets.

  • A bike

Starting position - lying on his back, hands behind his head. Bend your legs at a 45 degree angle at the knees and simulate cycling. The head does not come off the floor. The feet closer to the surface, the higher the efficiency and intensity of this exercise for the abdominal muscles.

  • Book

Starting position - lying on his back, arms stretched behind his head. Raise both legs and body, trying to get his forehead to his knees. Slowly return to starting position. It is important that during the entire exercise your legs were straightened and brought together. Do them 10 times in three sets.

So, regularly performing these simple exercises for the press, you can keep yourself in good physical shape. Fitness helps the fair sex to get rid of hanging or bulging belly, without resorting to plastic surgeons.

  • Zhabko

Starting position - lying on his back. Bent at the elbow put to the floor, palms down. Bend the knee right foot, transferred it to the left, turning much hip, knee touch the floor. We perform well for at least 30-40 times. Then change legs. Perform 3 approach.

  • With objects

Exercises for the lower part of the press is performed while lying on the floor. Under the head put a folded blanket or small pillow. If fitness - your vocation, it is best to buy from a retailer or roller ball. Such items can be used at home and in groups.

Make kicking angle of 30 degrees. Keep your back straight. We hold in this position and massaging his stomach. When performing this exercise also ensure that the pressure was not too strong, and the magnitude and rate of movements choose. The main task - to warm up the layer of fat and muscle. The time needed to make it benefited: 15-20 seconds.

 abdominal exercises at home

We are engaged in fitness: what women need to remember

Girls who prefer fitness, should first become familiar with a set of rules developed by experienced trainers. Otherwise, not knowing the elementary, we can greatly hurt yourself. Having pulled muscles and ligaments, they will have to suffer the unbearable pain than one day.

So, if you decide it is at home to pump up the abdominal muscles, then, first of all, define the days and times when you will be able to deal with this. Remember that fitness - it's not a five-minute warm-up. The best option, necessary for a good result - to do for an hour three times a week for exercise, and press the sides.

We must all be sure to perform on an empty stomach in the morning. Trainings are held three times a week. You can every day, then at all about all have to spend half an hour. Most go to a fitness to practice at home, or do not, because the larger the number of repetitions does not mean that you will achieve positive results.

Fitness - is not just a set of exercises. There are important skills, and rhythm, and breathing. On the exhale, tense muscles, and as far as possible, try to involve the abdominal wall by relaxing the edges so that they fell down. When breathe, try not to relax. The abdominal wall at the same time must always be drawn. The abdomen is inflated to a greater extent to the sides and upwards.

If the abdominal muscles ache a bit after yesterday's exercise, you still go to the bar. After the first ten repetitions pain weaken, and may disappear entirely. But if the pain is very strong and reminiscent of something nagging toothache, training should be moved to another day. Physical activity in this case is completely contraindicated.

Performing abdominal exercises are not overinflated. Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity is dreaming of an attractive stomach, but the concept of beauty in all its. Someone just wants to get rid of the extra kilos and get into your favorite outfit. Then you need to do the exercises quickly and with a lot of repetitions. If you want to really pump up the spring steel belly should all perform very slowly (in order to maximize the load). But the main thing - do not overdo it with the number, it will be enough a few sets of 10 times.

Before the exercises do at least a little workout. For example, the suit dancing to the music, jumping rope, etc. Do not do before going to bed or immediately after a meal. So you only hurt yourself. To complete the exercises for the press at home, choose a spacious room that you do not accidentally touch the leg of the table or sofa.

Exercise should be intense. Some instructors are advised to spare themselves and claim that you can engage in half-heartedly. In this case, drill press will not bring benefits. If you want to get visible results, then you need to go all out, and choosing carefully making the most effective options.

If ever you're not exercising or beginning your studies after a long break, increase the number of repetitions gradually, starting with one approach (the recommended amount of time to do the exercise without a break). After some time, bringing it to four.

As practice shows, the best way to exercise the press - a giant set, where the exercises are done without stop, and turn. After each set, you can relax for one minute. Exercises for abdominal muscles is recommended to perform at a fast pace with the maximum number of repetitions. At the end of "marathon" your tummy should "burn."

But for such a giant Setu should come gradually, each time slightly increasing the intensity. When the most effective exercises for the press should always focus on their own feelings and the condition of the stomach, because muscles must necessarily strain.

This is the most important recommendations that should definitely know anyone begins to perform a set of exercises for the press at home. Agree, if you're on the first day will give a huge strain on the body, then the next time it starts to hurt so that even breathing is painful.

And finally - if you want to train yourself, go at least a few times in a group fitness. It will show you what exercises for the press is better to do it in your case. And when you learn the tactics and methods, and can engage in the house.

 Exercises for the press: whether to train the stomach and how to do it?

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