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In our time, perhaps there is not a mother who would not know about the exceptional benefits of her baby, which makes breastfeeding. But why the children who are fed breast milk substitutes, not decreasing? My mother does not want her baby to grow up healthy and happy child? Of course, he wants! And why then translates crumbs on artificial feeding?

The answer is much simpler than it may seem at first glance. Unfortunately, despite the fact that breastfeeding - the most natural way provided by nature, a huge number of women are faced with different challenges. The most common complaint is that sore breasts nursing mothers.

Ignore the fact that chest pain during feeding, in any case impossible. Some mothers at the beginning of the disease, the pain is still not very strong, simply dismiss their feelings and try not to pay attention, in the hope that the very pass. The maximum that can do is to complain to your mom or girlfriend, "chest hurts when I feed the baby." However, pain in the breast feeding woman - it is a disturbing symptom, which in any case should not be ignored, both the woman and her relatives.

In most cases in lactating mothers breast pain, is when the disruption occurred lactation process. These disorders can be of different nature. That is why it is so important in the case of chest pain in nursing mothers, always consult a doctor or a consultant on breastfeeding. Some common complications of lactation, which may be the case, the chest pain from a nursing mother.

  • Very often in the first few days after birth in women hormonal failure happens. The reasons for failure are many - that overcooling of the female body shortly before birth, and emotional stress, and alcohol consumption, and other still unclear reasons. As a result of the failure of a woman instead of colostrum begins to produce milk. But the child is not able to suck all the milk, and as a consequence, there are pains in the breast. Chest begins to grow in size, hardens and nagrubaet. In addition, the temperature often rises. In no case can not be ignored such events, as is the right way to mastitis. Be sure to tell about his state of health personnel.
  • Very often, a woman, without apparent reason, begins to feel chest pain. When probing can be found in the mammary gland seals, which are quite painful. Most often, the emergence of such centers of lakostaza unit here is the result of improperly fitted bra that pinches the breasts. Ignoring these symptoms may also lead to the development of mastitis, with mostly purulent.
  • Not less frequently in women develop cracks on the nipple. This phenomenon itself causes pain, in addition, it must be remembered that the cracks are "gateway" in the mammary gland for the disease-causing bacteria that may provoke the development of mastitis.

Also, doctors can hear a lot of complaints from different women, the essence of which is as follows: "ceased to feed - a sore chest." Typically, this occurs when lactation was completed by force, not naturally. Organism mother was not prepared for cessation of lactation, respectively, continue to breast milk production. Since the child is not sucking milk stagnates in the chest, the chest is compressed, it may be red and hot. To you do not have to complain about the fact that after you have ceased to feed, you have a sore chest, at weaning the child need to follow some rules.

  • Not to leave the child from the breast before he turns eighteen months. The process of any woman's lactation takes place in three stages. 1 stage - the stage of formation of lactation, 2 - stage of maturity, and 3 stage - the stage of involution. It is at the stage of lactation involution of the female body is ready to stop feeding. Determine the offensive stage of evolution is not difficult: the woman feels the moral and physical fatigue after each feeding, may also notice the lack of milk. In that case, if you do not put the baby to the breast within 12 hours, poured into the breast milk is not and does not hurt. Very important! Not to leave the child immediately after the onset of symptoms stage of evolution. Continue feeding for at least another two months, as it was at this time in human milk contains high levels of antibodies that prepare the immune system to the crumbs of excommunication to the chest and strengthen it.

In addition, chest pain nursing mother can appear when weaning was sharp. In some cases, this can not be avoided, for example, the departure of the mother or serious illness. In other cases, in order to avoid the appearance of chest pain nursing mother, you must wean the child from the breast gradually and progressively. Every day, replace one breastfeeding to alternative feeding. At least give up the night feedings.

I would like to once again draw the attention of all lactating women - when a chest pain necessarily address to the doctor. You can apply as mammologu, a gynecologist and a surgeon or physician. After all, the disease that begins to heal at an early stage, it is easier and more successfully treatable. And if you let the process take its course, likely to avoid the surgery you will not succeed. That is why if you are faced with a situation "hurts a breast - feed the baby," do not delay visiting the doctor on the back burner.

Other types of pain in nursing women

 chest pain in nursing

Doctors - gynecologists are often faced with the complaint "nurse - aching joints."
This is actually a very unpleasant feeling, which gives a woman a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. And this condition, if you are breastfeeding, and you are sore joints, requires a mandatory medical examination. Joint pain can be caused by various reasons, such as arthritis, arthrosis, a lack of calcium in the body.

In addition, the joints may ache for the simple reason that in lactating women is still quite high levels of the hormone relaxin. This hormone is produced in large quantities by the female body during pregnancy, to birth went without complications. It shall, however, unfortunately, applies to all joints: shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist, and others. In order to accurately determine the cause, consult your doctor.

What is a headache, alas, knows practically every woman. Breastfeeding mothers do not become an exception. They are quite common to hear: "nurse a headache, and I'm afraid to drink a pill." And these fears are totally groundless, because all pharmacological agents into breast milk. Therefore it is very important to pick up the medication that will not harm the child.

In no case do not take any drugs without a doctor's consent, even if the annotation to the drug is said about his contra during breastfeeding. Also, do not listen to the advice of women who say, 'I nurse and a headache, drink first available tablet - and nothing else. " This approach can be fraught with serious complications.

In most cases, headache mom can try to do without painkillers, because the headache is the result of overwork or severe emotional stress. In this situation, a woman simply need a rest. The ideal situation would be the hours of sleep in a quiet and dark room. However, unfortunately, not always and not all mothers have the opportunity. In such a case, still have to resort to using drugs, but strictly on prescription.

Next on the incidence of a variety of pain - a toothache. Very often women are experiencing "a toothache nurse pills to drink is not desirable, what to do? ". The answer, of course, a din - going to the dentist. Even if you drink and pain medicine, it will bring only a temporary effect. Breastfeeding mothers frequently ask your dentist the following question: "I have a toothache, but I breastfeed. Can I do a shot of anesthetic drug? Such experiences of women are totally groundless. Modern anesthetics are hardly penetrate into breast milk, and will not bring any harm to the baby.

Of course, better even before pregnancy to cure all the holes in the teeth, and every few months for checkups at the dentist. In addition, during pregnancy and lactation do not forget about calcium supplementation, nutrition and oral care. These simple preventive measures can help you maintain a beautiful smile and avoid toothache.

Colds are not bypassed and lactating mothers. If a runny nose and sneezing is still possible to somehow accept and suffer, the pain in my throat gives much trouble. And then the woman raises the question: "nurse a sore throat than cure? ". Medications do not want to take so as not to harm the health of the child. This is the right approach, because it is possible to do without them. We were asked to share their experience in the treatment of colds mother of two children, each of whom she was breast-feeding up to two years.

"If you have a sore throat while breastfeeding, I use the following recipe. To make this broth you will need the following components:

  • Chamomile dry - 20 grams.
  • Grass dry sage - 20 grams.
  • Natural honey - a tablespoon.
  • The alcoholic solution of iodine - 10 drops.

Sage and camomile chop, put in an enamel (not iron) dish and pour one liter of boiling water. Then add a tablespoon of honey and mix thoroughly. Cover, wrap a towel and leave to infuse for about three hours. Then strain the infusion, add 10 drops of iodine. Gargle every hour, preheating infusion of up to 37 degrees. Typically, sore throat recedes after 5-6 hours'.

Without a doubt, every nursing mother is forced to limit itself in many familiar things, including how to resolve the pain and treatment in general. But the period of feeding the baby does not last long and will end very quickly. And the supply of health and immunity, which he received from you during breastfeeding, will remain with him for the rest of his life. We wish you a pleasant feeding and good health.

 What if the sore breasts nursing mothers?

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