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  • The value of a wedding gift to her husband
  • Gifts of the nature of her husband
  • Practical gifts for men
  • Wedding Gifts characters
  • Wedding Gifts-impressions

Looking at history, we see that Russian women are required to prepare a gift to her future husband on the day of the wedding. And they are prepared for this even before it on its path of life. Embroidered belt, shirt, towel or handkerchiefs, performed with his own dark nights. Years passed, and many have forgotten about this tradition and consider themselves to be the best gift to your favorite. But the wedding should not be the end of the romance in a relationship, because a wedding gift to her husband is one of the symbols of love and a sign that it is expensive and unnecessary.
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The value of a wedding gift to her husband

One of the exciting, romantic and memorable moments of life that you remember for many years, is the wedding. So much worries in the preparation, traditions, superstitions, doubts, and all this is added the question: what to give her husband to the wedding? Preferences as much and couples. Someone like corny gifts, some prefer exclusive, originality or gift made by your own hands for a loved one. Whatever it was, but if the soul has been enclosed and effort, the gift will be remembered for the rest of a happy family life.

Sometimes it is the little thing can overcome the cooling down in the stormy life of everyday life affection or overcome a row over misunderstandings, understatements.

When choosing a gift, try to invest in a sense, such as the value of the husband and the importance of the event, which became an occasion for precisely such a gift. First determine the direction: practical, creative or romantic gift.

In choosing a gift for her husband to start to build on his lifestyle and preferences in it.

 a gift of nature husband

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Gifts of the nature of her husband

For active and athletic man, you can pre-buy inline skates or bicycles.

Groom after overcoming all the whims of the witness, the guests from the bride and relatives sneaks into the room where the bride with an unexpected gift. As a result, a beautiful bride in a white dress and the groom in a tuxedo on bicycles or roller skates to race down the street in the direction of the registrar to create a new unit of society. Romantic and sports.

Business people will appreciate the luxury fountain pens.

This gift can be used for the ceremonial signing of the marriage with a loved one. And handles automatically acquire an aura of good luck.

Creative husband flatter admiration for his personality - a book about her husband's success.

If he is an artist, photographer, poet, author, journalist, then collect his personal favorite work in the shared workbook and complete it accordingly. Efforts will be appreciated, and when already held seven guests come, the husband did not miss the opportunity to boast of his chosen gift and his talent.

The best gift for the music man is a song performed by the bride.

And especially to be touching, if the song will be performed by my mother-in-law dance with his son-fiance. If the idea-in-law - this is too much for you, and will perform romantic song during the first dance of the young.

For a husband with a sense of humor fit the picture with his image, made to order for the pictures in a cartoon.

Her husband-to-child donate car or helicopter on the remote control. Such a gift will bring a lot of joy and fun, but at the same time will make interesting unusual wedding photos.
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Practical gifts for men

We must not forget that men - more practice and prefer useful gifts, such as:

  • The coolest, powerful, intelligent and powerful gadget: notebook, pad, mobile phone;
  • The biggest dream fisherman / builder - extraordinary sverhfunktsionalnuyu bait or set of instruments;
  • Tie, cufflinks and tie clip;
  • Trinkets for cars, motorcycles, etc. It may even be cleaner, but always with the functions of protection from dirt, water, dust, or something else. Suit and new columns, navigation, radio or flashlight.

 a symbolic gift to her husband at the wedding

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Wedding Gifts characters

Nowadays fashionable gifts became symbols. Almost every city has a bridge hung snaps love. It is symbolic to give husband lock with a key from your heart. In a few years, and driving with a sidecar on the bridge, the pair saw a symbol of love, which remind them of their wedding - and the heart become clogged quickly.

One of the oldest traditions is giving a gift to her husband, which is embroidered with the bride's hands. Also embroidered thing has a strong energy and is a guardian for your family. It may even be knitted sweater, made a picture-talisman or doll motanki.

What man does not wait for the wedding night! A good gift would be embodied in the life of his sexual fantasies. Costume maid, schoolgirl sexy secretary or wife will tell that you have many more surprises in store for him, life does not end after the wedding, but only revealed on the other side. My husband will always seek to know his wife, and a woman can be so unpredictable, changeable and playful.

Now people are intensely interested in their ancestry. The whole Internet is full of all kinds of programs in the preparation of "family tree." But there are people who have access to the archives and can make an accurate pedigree. Such a gift would be an interesting and impressive. In the future, you can design it properly view and inserted into the frame. Leave a little space, and when the children will be delighted to extend their ancestry.

 wedding gift for her husband-strike one
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Wedding Gifts-impressions

  1. Entertainment. Men will appreciate the active gifts such as skydiving or on a rope from a bridge; Horseback Riding on the forests, mountains and fields; deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, hunting, karting, paintball. For the less active approach banal going to the cinema, theater or rent a house in the woods (such as a hike with a tent, only more civilized and "lazy");
  2. Journey. An excellent gift to the organization of trips abroad or cities of our country. You can even just take off the private house on the beach, not in the resort areas, and forget about all the problems at work and bustle of the city;
  3. Romantic dinner. Cooking your favorite dishes with their hands for a loved one (if the wife can not cook, you ordered at the restaurant) and create a romantic atmosphere aromasvechami;
  4. Bachelor. Scene will play out an unforgettable experience. Tell her husband that she had a friend in the country and the state of emergency had happened to him urgently need help, I sat phone, and one only had to ask him for help was summoned. When he moved, she arrives to help, there he was met by friends with a party to celebrate his wedding;
  5. Love story. Remaining tickets to the cinema, theater or visiting a nightclub, love notes, or maybe even a message (sms) - all of this can be put down a small book about the beginning of your love, alternating her photographs and great phrases. It will be a love story in which the protagonists will be your pair. Such a wedding gift he will never forget, and it will also be the anniversary relevant.

When choosing a gift, not always concentrate on what does your future husband. Men secretly dream about this that fundamentally does not coincide with his daily life. The best ideas of gifts are presented below.

Business husband. The bank manager, a strict man - his wife gave him a cartoon. The groom stands near his car at the entrance to the bank and its staff met with a gun in his hand. Such a gift to the groom insanely happy, laughed long and even brought to the wedding to show your friends.

Sensitive husband. An example of this can serve as a romantic situation: the bride was pregnant, and a bridal bouquet made of cabbage leaves, which sat a little angel. In the morning a witness who was going to collect the bride to the wedding, the bride's bouquet delivered, and it impressed him so much that he even wept.

Bold husband. My wife has beaten the situation called future husband, and very quickly, in a whisper told me how it was stolen and driven to any car in the city. They passed the entry to the village called Romashkovo and stopped near a high green fence. It is requested to drop everything and rescue her personally. The confusion husband was flying, like a madman, on the specified route, and finding in the village, like the description of the fence, broke there. And there his friends were waiting, sauna and barbecue. Having gone through such an extreme situation, he kept laughing with friends over your favorite heroic rescue.

Love and fantasy - the best advisors when choosing a gift for my husband for a wedding. Do not make a gift of money, and a special welcome and affection, awe, care and love with which it was selected.

 How to present a gift to her husband on the wedding day?