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  • 5 years of marriage: everything is just beginning!
  • Wedding Anniversary: ​​what to give spouses of each other?
  • What gifts can present friends and relatives of the family?

Wedding Anniversary - it is always a joyous and unique event. In today's time is truly a luxury, when two hearts manage to keep their love for many years. That is why with each passing year to the day of the wedding are all quivering and sentimental.

So, the first anniversary of married life: 5 years. What could be better? Household complexity behind many of the issues addressed, and the lapping of the characters have long occurred. Truly a golden time! Therefore it is necessary to get ready for this beautiful date. It's about how to celebrate this anniversary, as well as that present on the first anniversary of marriage. Check out our gift ideas from each other and the spouses of gifts from family friends. What to give a 5-year wedding?
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5 years of marriage: everything is just beginning!

This event is very touching and romantic. And so you should make a bit of lyrics into a story, so as to better understand the essence of this celebration.

Interestingly, each wedding anniversary has its own name. As a rule, it is a material that is a symbol of choice.

So, five years from the date of marriage called wooden wedding.

What is the reason such a name? Why Wedding (namely its anniversary) was so named?

The thing is that by this time some couples have time to get a new home, its cozy nest. And as in the old days at home, as a rule, are built of wood, the wedding was named in honor of this material for building houses and his accomplishment. Another meaning is due to the fact that five years after the wedding, the husband and wife have time to give birth to at least one child. Thus, it symbolizes the family tree, procreation.

Since ancient times, when choosing a gift for the wedding decided to focus on that which is the name of this or that anniversary. But this does not mean that, for example, for 5 years from the date of the marriage need to give a piece of wood. Do not take things too literally. Much more interesting is in his gift of beat this subject to the gift was pleasant spouses. In addition, it would be good to give something that can be stored as memory. The five-year milestone - it is a serious date that simply can not be left without due attention.

 a gift of the spouses to each other
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Wedding Anniversary: ​​what to give spouses of each other?

Spouses who have lived a long time in marriage, of course, can afford to give his beloved other half something meaningful and more valuable than they can make friends. Yes, and expensive gifts are not accepted to receive from someone not too close.

For example, spouses can give each other watches, which are equipped with a wooden bracelet. Do not be surprised, because there are such. By the way, this is one of the fashion trends in accessories in recent years.

So, ladies timepiece can be quite elegant. Let it be an elegant bracelet, and not less beautiful face. If resources permit, it is possible to inlay little gems or even Swarovski crystals.

Male version of the hours should be more restrained but no less stylish. Very manly looks version with several dials.

Very interesting gift will be a wooden box for jewelry. But this should not be just a box. Let her be cut something special. For example, words or symbols that are of great importance for both partners.

The wife, in turn, also can please her husband. Everyone knows that most men dream of his own office. So why not give something that will be the basis of this important element of the protected area man? Solid and elegant mahogany table - is something that will certainly please the wife.

I would like to move away from the theme of the tree? Then you can safely give each other jewelry: bracelets, rings and so on. Such gifts are always relevant (regardless of the date and reason).

And if you want to do something truly eternal, it is possible to plant a tree together. This option is perfect for those who have their own rural land. Let planted tree symbolizes love couple who every year will become stronger, more durable and more beautiful, as does the seedling.

 a symbolic gift from a friend
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What gifts can present friends and relatives of the family?

Friends of the family can give a couple of less expensive gifts. The main thing - it's the attention to a significant and very important for them to date.

A good and original gift can be a souvenir from wood carvings. On such a gift would be nice to represent the names of husband and wife. But more amazing surprise will be a portrait of the couple made a tree.

Made possible and the tree itself, that's just not a street, and the room. This can be any citrus plant: tangerine, lemon or more. A more extravagant and unusual variant - a dwarf tree bonsai, dwarf birch, apple and others. It will be reminded of the date and the giver.

And what gift options you can still happen? Family Tree mini-frames for photos of all family members - that is what will carry meaning. After all, what could be more valuable than the family? And therefore can and should give family tree. Every year it will grow more and more, under the new pictures.

If the spouses are endowed with a sense of humor, it is necessary to present them as a gift mini bar ... in the form of a wooden globe. For more impressions it is possible to fill those drinks that choose themselves heroes of the occasion. Here is a globe with a secret! Holiday exactly succeed.

And if the husband and wife - and intellectuals like to calm the game, then they will be happy to present a set of chess. Let it be a chic wooden variant in which each piece is made by hands of the master. Handmade appreciated at all times. In addition, there is embedded a piece of the soul. It's really a gift for years to come.

Books and albums also relevant to present 5-year marriage. This kind of particle material previously mentioned. At the same time the book will always be a great gift for all time. Only the costs in advance to find out what are the tastes of the perpetrators of the holiday. In addition, the original will give a pair of rocking chair. What could be better than the combination of the chairs and books? It only remains to add here a fireplace.

These are gifts for the 5 years of marriage can be presented as a sign of love and attention. And that's not all the ideas. Most importantly, the gift reflects not only the essence of who give, but the one who gives. And let it be embedded piece of soul and love. In this case, all will be satisfied, and the holiday to remember.

 What can you give of five years from the date of the wedding?

 romantic gifts for a guy


  • Edible surprise for a loved one
  • Gifts with photos
  • Surprises with imagination

What could be better than a mutual love? It unites, inspires and gives life meaning. However, when the couple have been together for a long time, they lose their sense of their former sharpness. To refurbish them, you can use romance. Since the female sex is more prone to elevated relations, then they should take the initiative in the hand. Nothing returns to the relationship passion as the attention and gentle care of its second half. Wink they can be with the help of romantic surprise for your loved one.

Romance - this is not necessarily an expensive dinner at the restaurant, surrounded by candles, bath with champagne and a trip to Paris. There are many other gift options that can breathe new life into your relationship and move them to another, more sublime level.

Many romantic surprises can create his own or with minimal financial costs.

In order to present them to his handpicked successor, it is not necessary to wait for a special occasion. Make it a gift just for the soul, asking nothing in return except his grateful smile and all-consuming love for you. you will understand that we launched to give not less pleasant than to receive them, and your young people will not want to keep up with you and will give you no less than pleasant surprises.

 a delicious dinner for a loved one
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Edible surprise for a loved one

It is considered natural when a man invites a girl to a restaurant. However, few of us women realize that a representative of the stronger sex secretly dreams about his beloved finally gave him his own cook romantic dinner. Even if you do not shine culinary skills, do not rush to abandon the idea. A romantic meal can consist of the most common dishes, but they need to draw the appropriate setting style. Cook pancakes or eggs in the form of hearts, bake cakes and decorate them with phrases with declarations of love. Dishes can be anything, most importantly - their beautifully arrange and serve your favorite.

The main condition for a romantic dinner - its lightness. After all, after you have to do more intimate occupation. If you want to increase the sexual desire of his men use in cooking aphrodisiacs - foods that increase potency. The most well-known and available to us aphrodisiac food are eggs, oysters, shrimp, clams, red fish, eggs, chocolate, bananas, avocados, mangoes and nuts. And do not forget that the main aphrodisiac of the event - it is you, so don into something attractive and seductive. After such a surprise regular romantic dinners will be included in your habit.

Male sweet tooth with chocolate like a declaration of love. Buy regular chocolate bar, wherein no additives such as nuts or raisins. Carefully print wrap and hold a treat in a warm place so that it is slightly softened. Take a sharpened toothpick, and bring it to the surface of the chocolate a declaration of love to his partner. When the label is ready, place the chocolate in the refrigerator. Once it hardens, wrap it back in the wrapper and seal. Romantic surprise your young man is ready. Now find a reason to treat a loved chocolate. Let convinced of your sincere feelings for him again.

 romantic gift to nature
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Gifts with photos

If your novel is already filled with at least 1 year, then you can present your loved chronicle your relationship. News in pictures as a romantic album art you make in any salon, but it would be best if you produce it yourself by investing in this activity all the love to its second half. Review all your photos together, collected over a certain period. This may be a year or every time acquaintance. Choose the most striking photographs, arrange them by date and place in a specially bought for this special occasion a beautiful album. Each turn of the album decorate with romantic poems and drawings.

If you have a writer's gift, then, in addition to the photos on the pages of the album, you can write about the most interesting events that occurred with your couple. Not bad in the first place turn your dating history, and then remember how, for example, your favorite carrying your hands because you rubbed leg or how you introduce him to your parents. Such lovely memories can be set, most importantly - skillfully and intelligently describe them. You can donate to their chosen album to the anniversary of your acquaintance, but you can make it, and just like that, for no reason. Such a surprise for a young man is truly unexpected.

Now a lot of companies offer accommodation services photos on different surfaces. Select the most successful photograph in which you were sealed with his loved one and ask the wizard to that caused her image on a t-shirt or a cup. Now your young people will warm to think about you every time you want a cup of coffee, or would be given to him to wear a T-shirt. If you want to make a surprise more intimate, ask your photo applied to the underwear chosen.

 a gift with their own hands
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Surprises with imagination

In the event that your lover is a man secured and surprise him with some Prezent difficult to give him his kisses. But do it in an unusual way. Take a very simple cardboard box of medium size, obkleyte her beautiful paper, decorate with images of hearts, kisses and other drawings on the theme of love. At the bottom of an open box stick a bright piece of paper with the words "I give you a million kisses." Close your gift smart cover and tie a beautiful ribbon. Such a romantic surprise from a man you certainly would not expect.

Make a list of reasons your all-consuming love for the elect. There may be any number, but the more, the better. For example, 100. In listing the reasons for your feelings, call all the things that you like in a young man. This may be his sense of humor, punctuality, ability to find a way out of any situation. Do not forget to remind your loved what he have the most beautiful, intelligent, courageous, and sexy stuff. Men do not like women less than compliments. Calligraphy write all the reasons on a long scroll of paper, tie it with ribbon and smart presented a loved one. He will be pleased.

In order to diversify your love life, your favorite cook a romantic surprise in the form of role-playing games. Play with him in the nurse-patient, student-teacher, flight attendant, passenger, or other characters. Pripryachte clothes for a date in advance and in the midst of your meeting is transparent hint to the young man, that you are not averse to experience new sensations with him in bed. Most men do not mind and try something different in private life, but do not dare to offer the first experiment. Take the initiative and presented his handpicked surprise in the form of sexual escapades.

Romantic surprises in our turbulent times are necessary to maintain a healthy relationship. No matter how many years you have been together. Love must be constantly fed with fresh emotions. Regular small courtesies and delicate gifts made to her lover, can bring to your relationship romance and sensuality that many couples do not have enough. Be a little more imagination, do not be afraid to give their love, and your partner will answer you the same.

 Romantic presents for our loved one