child does not sleep well at night

The parents in the upbringing and care of a child, are often faced with many different challenges. Even the most experienced parents already grow by at one child, there are more and more questions. After all, kids are different and the knowledge and experience that are invaluable to one baby will be completely useless to another.

One of the most frequently asked questions and current was and still is the question of why a child does not sleep well at night? If a baby cries at night - it is somehow possible to explain, but if a year-old baby cries at night, it is the parents perplexity and confusion.

Sleep disorders

Some kids do not sleep from birth, as some babies sleep disturbance is due to what - or stress factor, and sometimes even without any - any apparent reason. In any case, if the child sleeps very badly at night, it can not but worry the parents. All parents want to see their children healthy and active. And in fact sleep is one of the most important determinants of health. Without a healthy and sound sleep full and harmonious development is practically impossible.

However, very often just kids healthy sleep and not enough. Sleep disorders are very different:

  • The child refuses to go to sleep to put him on the treatment time.
  • The child is restless sleep at night.
  • Baby cries and screams in his sleep, but not fully awake.
  • The child confuses day and night - during the day asleep, awake at night.

Of course, this state of affairs in any case can not be tolerated. However, if you do not pay attention to such violations, the problem will only get worse. To admit this, of course, in any case impossible. Lack of sleep can lead to various diseases, for example:

  • A malfunction of the immune system of the child.
  • Disruption of the central nervous system, including various neuroses.

Parents should remember that any kind of sleep disorders do not occur without good reason. Any violation of sleep indicates the presence of some - any disturbances in health or mode and way of life. It is necessary to find an answer to the question of why the child has ceased to sleep at night.

If sleep disorders in the child, there from birth, causes are likely to lie in a state of health remains. If a child has always slept normally and sleep disturbances had arisen suddenly, often without apparent reason, is likely the case in the change of lifestyle and daily routine of the child. However, in such cases is always the risk that these violations occurred as a result of health problems.

 why a child does not sleep well at night

Causes of sleep disorders

So, what often is the cause of sleep disorders?

Violation of the child's daily routine

That is the wrong mode of the day is often capable of causing significant disturbances and disruptions in sleep child. If your child goes to subside very early, or, on the contrary, very late in the day sleeping a lot and moves a little, it goes without saying that he will sleep at night is bad enough. To cope with this problem is simple, but for this you need time and patience.

Parents need to make the right schedule and try to stick it out as clearly as possible. Wakefulness and sleep must alternate so that most of the time sleep falls on the night. One can not say how much the baby to sleep at night. However, the less time the baby sleeps during the day, the stronger it will sleep at night.

In addition, you have a pretty carefully approach the issue of leisure child. In waking hours, the child should always be a busy - or vigorous activity. Do not forget about physical activity. If the load is not sufficient, the child does not sleep at night. One year old baby, stomped on an evening walk a certain distance legs will sleep much stronger than if he had traveled the same distance, sitting in a wheelchair.

However, in no case should not be in the afternoon to load the child's nervous system redundant impressions and active games. Otherwise, in spite of the natural physical fatigue, the nervous system of the child because of the overabundance of emotions received will be overloaded and it is unlikely to be able to fall asleep easily and on time. No wonder all children's matinees and festivals are held, as a rule, in the morning.

But do not hope that it is enough to make the daily routine and the child instantly to adapt to it. Schooling to the regime should be gradual and systematic. For example, you have chosen a time for bedtime - 21.00. If your child is accustomed to go to bed around midnight, you can not train for 3 days to go to him in the slide 9. Each day bedtime about 15 - 20 minutes, until then, until the child is accustomed to sleep at 9 o'clock. However, as we can not forget about the climb - it is also necessary to move and lift the baby earlier than usual.

Also be sure to watch out for, so that your child spends on the street as much as possible. Walking in the fresh air are very useful for the overall harmonious development of the child's body, a beneficial effect on his nervous system and greatly improve a child's dream. The lack of walks can also serve as an explanation of why the child is not sleeping at night.


It would seem that diet and sleep is almost no way connected to each other. However, in fact, food and sleep is very closely connected to each other. For example, if the child is put to bed on an empty stomach, hunger will disturb the baby and will not let him sleep. Moreover, even if the baby is asleep and hungry, he always wakes up at night and will act up.

If, however, the baby before bedtime overeat, heaviness in the stomach does not date him to sleep. In addition, when overeating is often a child is suffering from the pain caused by intestinal colic. Also, parents should be aware that the allergenic food can deprive your child does not sleep one night. Never give a new, unfamiliar foods for the child in the evening, before going to bed.
Call the optimum time for the evening meal is difficult. Baby Kids who are breastfeeding mother for their first request, no restrictions are not necessary. But older children should eat about an hour - a half before going to bed. In this mode, the child will not go to bed hungry, but the severity of the stomach too, will not suffer.

Also, in the preparation of the diet of the child, consider the fact that at night is extremely undesirable to take a fat, heavy food. Dairy food, fruits and vegetables will be optimal food before bedtime. This, incidentally, applies not only to children - adults are not recommended before bedtime eating fatty, spicy, salty and fried foods.

If suffering from intestinal colic baby being breast-fed, her mother is an urgent need to revise your diet and eliminate all foods that can cause flatulence. Recent studies have shown that the use of a nursing mother cow's milk is the child the strongest stomach cramps, and the baby does not sleep well at night.   If you are breastfeeding, try to completely eliminate from your diet cow's milk and replace it with any milk products. However, be careful with the use of cheese - it excessive amount can cause a child's constipation.

Also, doctors nutritionists there is a version that children of chronic sleep disturbance is often caused by eating baby food salicylates. Salicylates in large numbers are acetylsalicylic acid, food coloring and flavor enhancers, tomatoes, raspberries, lemons and oranges. As a general rule, the exclusion from the diet products containing satsility, helps to normalize sleep baby after 4 - 5 days. If you have the slightest suspicion that your child's sleep disturbance is just the result of the use of salitsitov, be sure to tell us about their suspicions attending - pediatricians.

Child Health

Sleep baby is often a real indicator of his physical condition. In that case, if the baby is something sick, attentive parents immediately pay attention to changes in the child's sleep. In the event that a child is experiencing - or discomfort - fever, abdominal pain or headache - it is, of course, it will be difficult to fall asleep and his sleep will be superficial and disturbing. If the baby does not sleep at night, ask your pediatrician, because the kid himself can not yet complain of discomfort.
If a newborn baby is not sleeping at night, you can assume that he was concerned about violations such as:

  • If year-old child does not sleep well at night, it is quite possible that his reason was teething. Some people are guided by drooling baby, believing that the more it is stronger, the more teeth erupt. However, in reality, this is not so. Inspect your baby's gums - if they are reddened and swollen, probably from the crumbs of teething. At tooth eruption very well helps relieve painful sensation of massaging swollen desenok ice, as well as the use of special analgesic gels.
  • Congenital lesions of the central nervous system and are often the main culprits of sleep disruption in children. In most cases such central nervous system becomes encephalopathy. The cause of the crumbs encephalopathy may be gynecological diseases in women, as well as the presence of stress and bad habits in the expectant mother.
  • Very rarely, but still cause sleep disturbances may be the presence of a child's brain tumors. Of course, parents should not panic, but if other causes of sleep disorders have been identified, but the baby does not sleep at night is necessary to study the brain.
  • If your baby sleeps poorly during the night and often wake up crying, he can be suspected the existence of such diseases as otitis media - inflammation of the middle ear. Gently press the baby's ear and look at his reaction - if the baby shows signs of anxiety, you must immediately contact the children's ENT doctor.
  • Dysbacteriosis also very often a cause for concern crumbs - the baby cries at night during sleep.

Be that as it may, in the event that your child is faced with such a nuisance as sleep disturbance, the visit to the pediatrician you can not be avoided. The doctor examined the child, if necessary, prescribe certain tests and will be able to reliably determine the cause of sleep disorders, and tell parents how to deal with this problem. Self is an attempt to address it and resolve often only exacerbates the situation.

The emotional factor

Often the cause of sleep disorders in children becomes dysfunctional family emotional atmosphere. All the kids are very, very thin feel the mood of his friends and relatives, even if it is not able to give a reasonable explanation for what is happening rational. Even if the child does not give any kind, he feels, if he feels that the family going on that something was wrong. Moreover, unfavorable emotional atmosphere is able to sense the tiniest toddler. And then parents wonder why the baby cries at night.

If you have a family, there are constant quarrels, scandals, recriminations and resentment, it is obligatory in any way affect your child. As a result, the child wakes up at night crying. If you can not restrain yourself, but try not to find out the relationship in humans. When the baby you just need to create the appearance of peace and tranquility. However, remember that last long just can not - the child very quickly feel the falsity and hypocrisy. Try to solve all the problems immediately as they are received, and in any case, do not let emotions take the milestones of common sense.

Remember that all kids need attention, affection and care of their parents. Bedtime for the kids - one of the most important. Bedtime - it is a real ritual, it serves to guarantee the child's stability and confidence. In every family there is a ritual of his own - in the same family is swimming in the other - book sharing, in the third - a fairy tale, in the fourth - a massage before bedtime.

Older kids love to just lie down with their parents and talk about - or at bedtime. Simple conversation is able to dispel fears and help the child to fall asleep faster. It all depends on personal preferences and traditions of the family, the child's age. The most important thing to do is to set up a child in a positive way. A child in any case before should not experience negative emotions - resentment, fear, anger.

All conflicts need to be resolved well before bedtime. In no case can not blame before bedtime, and even more so to punish the child. If you could not do that in the first half of the day, it is not necessary to sort things out before going to bed. Put an unpleasant conversation in the morning. The more the baby will be irritants, the harder it will be to sleep, and so will be his restless sleep.

Night terrors of children

As the child grows, some problems are replaced by others. One of the most common causes of sleep disorders in children aged 3 - 6 years are night terrors and nightmares. Nightmares see all children without exception, but not always, they are regular and become a cause of violations of children's sleep.

Very often, the adults themselves become unwitting culprits occurrence of night terrors. Too much time watching children's cartoons, which in our time are often quite aggressive, adult TV shows and movies that contain scenes of violence. Sometimes adults think that a child plays and pays no attention to what is happening on the screen is absolutely no attention.

However, the child's brain is designed so that the baby is able to deal with several cases simultaneously. This means that at a time when you think that the child is passionate about the game, his mind clearly records everything that happens on the screen. But to correctly interpret the seen and heard the baby is not yet able to, so he interprets his own way.

In that case, if the baby wakes up every night from nightmares, crying, and then for a long time can not sleep, parents should be alerted. Such nightmares - is a serious problem, most often the result of psychological stress or the presence of a child of any latent chronic diseases.

Many parents do not pay attention to children's fear of the dark and nightmarish dreams, considering them nothing - it is absolutely frivolous. Sometimes you can even hear the advice that these "whims" in no case should be promoted, and you must stop them in the bud. This is a very dangerous delusion. Ignoring children's fears may lead to the development of strong psychoses and nervous breakdowns, for which treatment will be necessary to resort to potent drugs.

Kids experience

At the age of five - seven years, most children first begin to think about what is death. As a rule, the child almost never ask his question to his parents, since he does not understand that kind of thing. However, if the family dies someone from relatives or friends, the child is going through a deep this death, while not giving the slightest appearance. Once a child is faced with death, often for him to start the process of sleep is associated with the process of withdrawal from life.

Parents in any case should not overlook and downplay this subject. Under no pretext can not leave the child alone with their feelings. Be sure to talk to him about it, first started talking. Find out what disturbs your baby, try to dispel his fears. If you are feeling. What is not in a position to cope with this task. Ask for help from a child psychologist, who knows how to act in such situations.

Recently, a very widespread childish fears that instructed name - fear element. Modern boys and girls almost daily see on TV different stories about earthquakes, floods, fires, tornadoes, and similar natural disasters. In this case, parents need to take the following measures:

  • The maximum time limit for the child looked TV