When you can walk with a newborn

The first walk your baby

Pregnancy - the happiest period in the life of the expectant mother. However, to the feeling of happiness certainly mixed feelings of anxiety. All the nine months a woman concerned about the idea of ​​the successful outcome of pregnancy, the health of the child, fear of childbirth.

And then, finally, there is a real miracle - the birth of the little man. It would seem that all the worries behind, and my mother's happiness is very close, we need only reach out and you can pat a little cheek, to feel the warm breath of his native crumbs.

However, with the birth of a baby born and new worries and problems. One of the most frequently asked questions is the question of when to start walking with a newborn.

The first walk with a newborn - always an exciting event. Parents overwhelmed with pride, joy and even a whole bunch of emotions. Including slight concern: how to wear a newborn crumbs on the street, as well as how much time walking with a newborn baby? Although parents "experienced" such fears seem ridiculous, the excitement is understandable. For young parents only master his new role as mom and dad and they are still new and unexplored.

It is difficult to give unequivocal recommendations on when to start walking with a newborn, ideal for all children, without exception, because all the kids are totally different. In order to first walk newborn brought crumbs favor, and Mom and Dad really enjoy, you should consider several factors such as time of year and being the baby, as well as weather conditions. Below are some helpful tips that can understand the young mother when walking with a newborn and how much should last walk.

Walking in summer

 Walk with a newborn

The first summer trip newborn baby has its own idiosyncrasies. There is a misconception about the fact that you can start walking with a newborn baby: many parents believe that the summer can begin walking immediately after discharge from the hospital Without limiting the residence time on the street.

However, in the summer, especially in the daytime, there is a risk of heat stroke in a child that occurs due to overheating. This is because the children of the first three months, more completely immature thermoregulatory system. Of course, we should not give up walking altogether. But be sure to pay attention to how to walk with a newborn baby in the summer.

  • If your child was born healthy and you do not get from a doctor - a pediatrician other indications of when you can start walking with newborn, begin to walk on or after 7 - 10 days of baby's life. Also pay attention to the weather: it affects you when you're better off walking. If the daytime temperature outside exceeds 25 degrees, pay close attention to the child's clothing. Clothing should be made of natural cotton fabrics that absorb sweat and do not irritate the delicate skin of the baby. Do not forget also about mattress in a stroller. If it is made of synthetic fabric, folding crumbs will also be constantly wet. You must also carry a sufficient number of diapers.
  • In the same case, if the air temperature exceeds 30 degrees, move the walks on the morning and evening, when the summer heat is not so strong. How much walking with a newborn baby in the summer, it is necessary to determine the state of health of the child. If the baby for a walk is not capricious, does not sweat and shows no signs of trouble, a walk may last up to two hours. Going for long walks with a newborn, do not forget to bring a bottle of drinking water, if your baby is bottle-fed.
  • In addition, the answer the question of how much you can walk with your child depends on the feeding schedule. It is not recommended to take with ready-mix, because in hot weather it quickly turns sour. In the case where you need to - to go with the baby, it is better pour the dry mixture into the bottle, but do not fill with water and bring a thermos of water necessary for feeding temperature. If you - a nursing mother, take care of comfortable clothing for feeding.

gold autumn

In the spring - autumn walks with a newborn are specific and require parents to increased caution. The first walk with a newborn in the fall or spring, you can start on the fifth - the sixth day after discharge from the hospital, provided the baby wellness .

  • It is necessary to pay special attention to how to wear a newborn on the street. As the experience of "experienced" mothers, for a newborn baby the most comfortable clothing demi overalls are made of modern materials, which remain remarkably warm, while at the same time allow the skin to breathe. Under the suit should wear clothes made of natural materials. In the offseason, the weather is very changeable: a cold wind in the deceptive warmth may cause the disease, so a walk in the autumn should be only in good weather.
  • Also, do not walk, if there is a rain. Some parents are hoping for rain gear, wear on the carriage. However, inside the carriages created a greenhouse effect and, consequently, a very unfavorable climate for the child. Try putting your hand inside the carriage with her to put on a raincoat, and you will experience for yourself all the "charms." Raincoat can serve only to protect from the rain that caught you off guard for a walk.
  • How much time hanging out with the newborn, should determine the mother, on the basis of the behavior of the child. If a kid is not worried, not froze, the very first walk with your newborn baby should last about 20 minutes. Every day you can add to the time of a walk of 10 minutes, bringing the duration of the walk in the autumn and a half hours.

Walking in winter

The greatest of all issues and there is debate about whether it is necessary to walk with a newborn baby in winter. The answer to this question is simple: it is necessary. For the full development of the child he regularly needs fresh air, regardless of the season.
Walking with your baby in the winter, subject to simple rules will bring only benefits the health of the baby.

  •   Most importantly, you should pay attention to is, of course, is how to dress and how much time hanging out with crumbs. As winter clothing should choose a winter suit - transformer. In addition, it retains heat well, and eliminates the possibility of unsheathing the baby back, it is easily transformed into a children's envelope that allows you to quickly change out the baby, not even waking him at the same time.
  • The question of when to start walking with your baby, it is best to decide with your doctor. Usually, if a child is healthy, walks with the child in the winter can be started as soon as the crumbs will be 14 days.
  • That, as you need to walk with the baby in the first place depends on the air temperature. If it's no more than 5 degrees below zero, the first walk can last for about 15 minutes every day, gaining 10 minutes, but no more than an hour. If the air temperature is not lower than 15 degrees below zero, it is necessary to start with a ten minute walk, but not more than half an hour. In the same case, if the temperature is below - 15, is to delay the walk to warming. Fairly regularly ventilate the room in which the baby.

If your pipsqueak sick

 walking with a newborn baby in winter

All of the above described tips are applicable only to a healthy baby. In the same case, if your pipsqueak born prematurely or with the presence of some - any disease, the question of when to start and how many trips you can walk with your child, it is necessary to solve only with a doctor - a pediatrician. Most often allowed to walk immediately after the premature pipsqueak gaining the required weight or, in the case of disease, when there is improvement of health of the child.
Choosing a stroller.

On walking comfort care should be taken in advance at the time of purchase of dowry.
By choosing a wheelchair must be approached very seriously, because the baby in the stroller should be as comfortable and cozy. When choosing a stroller note on her bottom. It should be fairly smooth, in addition, be sure to get a special mattress.

It is not necessary to buy for a newborn baby stroller immediately, even if he was born in the summer. Despite the fact that the back of a wheelchair can be folded, it is not intended for infants.
Next, on that note, it's on wheels. They should be large enough and equipped with shock absorbers that make stroller will have a smooth ride.

Also consider the size of the carriage, so as not to run into a situation where the stroller will not fit in the elevator. Do not skimp on the purchase of wheelchairs, because it will be your faithful companion while walking at least two years.

We wish you a most enjoyable walks and only good weather!

 When you can walk with a newborn

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