how to lose weight after giving birth

That finally happened! This little ball of squeaking - your happiness, your sweetheart! - In your hands. Life is beautiful ... If it were not for one little "but" ... The reflection in the mirror is not happy. Absolutely. And in my head constantly scratching obsession: "I want to lose weight ...". Unfortunately - this is the problem of so many latter-day mothers. Only a few manage to not gain weight over the long nine months of pregnancy. But you've dreamed that after delivery you will again wear their favorite dress, high heels and be a light, slender and beautiful. You are not one of those lucky women who have just turned the trick? Well, then we will figure out how to lose weight after giving birth.

But in order to "correct" to lose weight, you first need to understand the reasons why you gained weight. It would seem that all is clear - during pregnancy to your own weight is added the weight of the baby, placenta and amniotic fluid. And increased uterine and breast cancer. But the kid with his "house" came out - there he is in bed! And the uterus should be back to normal size within six weeks. Then why not return the usual - Prenatal - weight?

Causes of obesity

There are several reasons. Firstly, the "disservice" has a common belief that a pregnant woman should "eat for two." What kind of diet! Future Mom forgets all about any moderation in eating and allows itself to various "goodies", justifying it with the needs of the baby. Secondly, during pregnancy a woman, as a rule, much less move.

As a result, recruited extra weight that no longer have any relation to the child - they are your own. Of course, a strict diet during pregnancy is harmful and can not be, but forget about a balanced diet and to postpone it "for later" still not worth it. And the third - genetics. Since nature can not argue. And if your mother recovered during pregnancy by 25 kilograms, it is likely, and you can not avoid this fate.

Not so long ago, "pleased" even scientists ... They have made a new discovery, which explains why it is difficult to lose weight after giving birth. Previously it was thought that the formation of new fat cells occurs only during infancy and adolescence. However, it turned out that it is - a mistake. Recent studies have shown that fat cells can appear and one period of life of women - during pregnancy in the third trimester. And appearing, they have do not disappear and remain with you forever. Even after delivery. Of course, regular exercise and diet will help these cells to "dry up." But they remain "on guard" who are ready at any time begin to accumulate energy. That's the way nature - that she defended a mother and child from starvation.

 how to lose weight after giving birth

Simple Tips

Well, the reasons understood. Now you need to figure out whether it is possible to lose weight after giving birth, and what to do for this. Of course, to get rid of "stuck" kilos will not be easy. But it is possible.

The Council first - psychological mood

    It is no secret that pregnancy and subsequent childbirth - a huge burden on the female body. Very often young mothers fall into a depression postrodovuyu - constantly in a bad mood, chronic fatigue, self-pity, causeless tears. And these moments are very tempted to "seize" all your sorrows. To really lose weight, you need to set yourself a goal. Just tell yourself: "I want to lose weight after giving birth and I can do that."

    Council second

      By asking the doctor a question about how to lose weight after giving birth, you are sure to hear an answer that may surprise you. Most likely, you will be advised as long as possible to breastfeed. And it is right. In the first place, so you will follow and your diet - you do not think your child useful cakes, pies, and fried potatoes, right? Vegetables, fruits, greens, cooked meat, fish, dairy products and cereals, baby needs, and help you balance your diet.

      And, of course, do not overeat. Do not worry about that if you have little, you and the baby go hungry - the diet does not threaten him. He needs no extra calories and certain vitamins and minerals. And if suddenly something is not enough, the child "gets" this is just one of your "inventory." After all, for this nature and the "reward" you with new fat cells. Breastfeeding can burn 500-600 calories daily. Therefore, the longer you breastfeed, the more quickly you lose weight.

      Tip Three

        He, too, supply concerns. Try to eat 5-6 times a day, but little by little. It is clear that with the advent of the baby you are "not your own," and often difficult to find a few minutes to complete nutrition. However, it is compulsory. Start counting calories. It is estimated that the average rate for breastfeeding women - 2200-2400 kcal per day. But do not forget that all this individually and what is right and good for one woman may not be suitable for another. Therefore it is better, of course, consult with your doctor. And drink at least two liters of fluid a day. Perfect, for example, herbal tea of ​​chamomile and nettle. It can start to drink almost immediately after birth. This tea will not only improve lactation, but also help get rid of excess fluid in the body of stagnant.

        What kind of diet is suitable nursing mother? Of course, everything is very individual, and before that a try for yourself, you should consult your doctor. You are now responsible for two! But if you do not have any health problems, then your diet should look like this:

        In the morning - the same herbal tea. About half an hour after that - a little porridge with boiled meat or fish cakes, steamed. For dessert - apple. At lunch - a cup of yogurt. At lunch - chicken soup without zazharki and vegetable stew. Again tea. At about four o'clock - vegetable salad with vegetable oil and the omelette. At dinner - a little bit of cereal and hard-boiled egg. Such a diet completely satisfied and you and your baby.

        Tip Four

          In order to lose weight, try to organize his regime. You should remain on time and normal sleep and rest. Not so long ago were carried out interesting studies. It keeps track of the dynamics of change in weight after giving birth in two groups of women. The first sleep, on average, 5 hours per day, the latter - by 7-8. So - those who consistently do not get enough sleep, continued to gain weight. And the other - rather quickly returned to their previous form. Of course, kids of all these subtleties do not understand ... but might be able to explain all this to his dad? Let often gives you the ability to sleep. Perhaps, then, and you do not need to diet.

          Tip Five

            And, of course, how to lose weight quickly after giving birth without exercise? After all, only movements will help you burn excess fat. However, the rush to some complicated exercises are not worth it. The main thing - do not hurt yourself. After all, you really need your baby safe and sound. Even if the birth went well and without complications, doctors do not recommend fitness classes begin earlier than in a month. And if you had a cesarean section - begin classes only three months later and only after consultation with a gynecologist.

            But in this "quiet" period is necessary to give the body a light physical activity. This load may be a walk with your child. It will be useful to you and your baby. Use this time efficiently. Correctly pick up the shoes - it should be comfortable - and start with brief walks. Gradually increase the tempo and "travel time". In order to control yourself, you can buy a pedometer. Try to take at least 4,500 steps a day. Do not be lazy - no "can not", "do not want" and "do not have time!" Walking useful to you and your child.

            Perhaps the most "satisfactory" in the young mothers in the postpartum period is the belly. It is especially concerned about the problem of women after the second birth. Sometimes it seems that to return it to its former shape simply will not succeed. And the diet does not help - instead toned flat stomach you "got hold" something flabby and maloestetichnoe. How to lose weight and to remove belly fat after giving birth? The answer is very simple - make the muscles work, and bring them in tone. To do this, there are very simple and effective exercises. If the appearance of your baby into the world is already gone a long time, you may well be able to identify a few minutes per day for these activities.

            1. Lie down on the floor and put his feet under the chair or sofa so that they do not lift during the exercise. Put your hands behind your head and slowly lift your torso. Repeat several times.
            2. Starting position - lying. Slowly lift your legs up, then also slowly return to starting position. Repeat several times. This exercise strengthens the lower abs.
            3. Stand up straight and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Lean, alternately in one direction and then the other, trying to reach the floor.
            4. Lie down on the floor, bend your knees. Exhale and try to reach this point, right hand to the right foot. Inhale and return to starting position. Repeat the same, reaching with his left hand to the left foot.

            Sixth Council

              It is not necessary to adjust itself to quick and easy results. Most likely, this attitude will not bring nothing but frustration and nervous breakdowns. Very often, new mothers 2-3 months after birth start to think "I can not lose weight, and apparently can not ... ever." Of course, this does not improve the mood. But you gained those kilos nine months - why do you think you can get rid of them for two or three weeks? Most likely, it will take much longer. But do not worry. Just often say to yourself: "I want to lose weight and regain shape, and therefore, I can do it." And though it will not be as fast as you'd like, but you will surely achieve your goal.

              A balanced diet and exercise will do the trick. And then, the greatest happiness you already have - quietly snorting in the crib. And if you have coped with this task, in order to lose weight after giving birth, if desired, will be dismantled easily. This is - the little things. And further. Often remember the ancient Greek sculptors - that's really who knew a lot about female beauty! So, they claimed that the "Goddess can sculpt a woman who gave birth twice. Female mold only nymph. " So feel like a goddess!

               How to lose weight after giving birth - Simple Tips

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