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If approaching wedding anniversary 40 years of marriage, and you have not forgotten about it, then - one of two things: either you have a very happy woman, or you are a very tolerant woman who brought her husband's arm to ruby ​​wedding. No one will reveal this secret, you know it is only one, but the more such secrets that help to live a life of love and happiness.

Statistics says nothing about how many pairs in Russia or in the world have lived together for 40 years from the date of the wedding. But if you spend your own exit poll among relatives, friends and neighbors, the percentage is unlikely to please: many to the 50 years already several divorces. Silver wedding more common variant, the finish line in 25 years the pair often overstep.

But in the next round another race to the golden wedding of their lurking formidable obstacle called a midlife crisis. Not everyone is able to work around it, and come to the finish very few. But probability theory with statistics guarantee celebrating golden wedding, if the couple moved ruby ​​abroad. The next 10 years are all things, and surprisingly, are much easier and more confident than the first year or the first 10 years.

 40 years together

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How to go abroad with a ruby?

Common prescription does not exist. Everyone has his own path. Someone thorny someone strewn with roses. Some believe that they rallied difficulties, others argue that it is important to hear and understand their second half, and that's enough. In its third theory is that the couple must grow and develop together, looking one way, then they will go hand in hand through life for many years.

But the pair are unanimously agreed that the marriage should be and marry for love. And what is important - on mutual love. If one likes, and the second only allows himself to love, such a marriage is rarely preserved, his age 3-4 years. Those who are lucky and they met his true love, the reason for the divorce, too, was missing. As aptly noted by one joker: the thought of divorce had not occurred even once, but wanted to kill.

Over the years, women have become wiser and more intelligent than men, otshumeli violent passions, and at some point the number of past days and years together into another quality of the relationship: respect, care and support. For example, shoulder to shoulder, and step over thresholds anniversaries, and that's already ahead of ruby ​​wedding anniversary.

Ruby wedding, ruby ​​abroad,

All 40 years we have been together, and our marriage is young and fresh.

What woman would not want that? This 17-year-old grandchildren feel that their 60-year-old grandfather and grandmother - ancient fossils. And they look at each other through the eyes of the young 20-year-olds as they were forty years ago, and will look as always, but this is not our grandchildren to understand too young.

 celebration with your family

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The celebration will be held

There loving couple together all their lives, they are happy in all conditions and situations, they are not so important wealth, recognition, success is important to them is that they are together.

And not all couples choose to celebrate their anniversaries, often it occurs on the initiative of children's inner circle, and he himself would rather romantic evening for two or a relaxing day in nature.

The celebration in the family circle

Decisions taken by the children of the celebration of the wedding, such couples do not resist, if only because it is not as common today the whole family together: children are less likely to visit their parents, doing their own families. And here such an occasion to see all at once in one day for an anniversary banquet table, and to support young families by example not hurt.

Home ruby ​​wedding anniversary celebration in the narrow family circle is different from celebrating at the restaurant more modest trappings, but it has a great peace. Among the gifts can not be ruby ​​necklace and cuff links, but it will be a wonderful album cover ruby ​​color with family photographs, starting with the wedding, and their joint viewing. Positive emotions, memories are expensive.

Celebrating anniversaries and wedding anniversaries at a certain age to help understand what the enduring values ​​- is feelings, emotions, relationships, and they are much more important than the material. This is what has been enriched your soul and you carry away with me to another world. By the way, Alexander the Great ordered to bury him with raised hands for all to see that there was nothing he carries with him, though, and won half of the world.

 gifts for ruby ​​wedding

Catering option celebrations

Fans celebrate various dates and anniversaries will not miss such a wonderful opportunity to date and again to stay in the spotlight. In this case the catering option ruby ​​wedding celebration will be built by the generally accepted pattern in the world, but each brings its own flavor to it, to make the celebration memorable.

It is based on harping ruby ​​color range and its presence is everywhere: in the decoration of the wedding hall, clothing heroes of the occasion and the guests, dishes, drinks, gifts. The terms of those present at the wedding expanding invited leading, preparing a scenario events is felt in every scale and presence ruby ​​theme.

The couple give each other ruby ​​jewelry that have the force of amulets, and the guests bring red flowers and wedding gifts, if not rubies, make sure you packed in red paper. Ruby Gem in this case symbolizes the power and strength of the feelings that the couple were able to save over forty years of married life.

Rubin and is actually considered a talisman, and the stone that can strengthen the immune system, preserve memory, improve sleep, to maintain vitality, but it can not be worn, otherwise it will start to pick up energy. Healers use not only the stone but also the water infused with it. The main thing - to believe in it, and presented on the anniversary of the ruby ​​will be really useful.

It is not necessary to give only rubies, new lawnmower or garden furniture will please gardeners of the future, no less. Videography ruby ​​wedding, decorated with stories, memories, enter another page in the list of anniversaries of the family, both for anniversaries and for their descendants. This chronicle of family and clan will not only help keep the memories of them, but useful for the education of the younger generation.

If the spouse is categorically opposed to any kind of celebrations associated with the anniversary, but love to travel, another option ruby ​​anniversary celebration can be a trip for two on their honeymoon.

 Have you already celebrated ruby ​​wedding?

 gifts for wedding


  • First Anniversary
  • The ten-year anniversary - the date of the first round
  • A quarter of a century - Silver Life

For centuries, there is a tradition to celebrate a wedding anniversary and present gifts on this day depending on the number of years lived together.

Gifts for wedding anniversary two loving people?

 a gift from relatives wedding anniversary
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First Anniversary

After the first year, lived together celebrated calico wedding. This year for the young couple is usually the brightest, and the most difficult when two people love each other much, but lapped characters. It's a lot like cotton - it is bright, but very fragile. Since the days of Ancient Rus wife gave to each other that day handkerchiefs calico and tied knots on them as a sign of loyalty. A mother-in-law should give cotton dress. Invited guests presented products calico, it may be tablecloths, bed linen, handkerchiefs, curtains.

It is taking place for the second year and is celebrated paper wedding. Since that time, the couple already know each other better, they appear its responsibilities in the family, but the relationship is such as fragile as paper. In this day in some countries, the couple wearing paper clothes and meet in her guests. In a paper accepted to give a wedding calendars, books, paper products (eg Origami), but the best gift for a young family, of course, will be a major denomination paper money.

After three years of marriage celebrate leather wedding. The relationship between husband and wife during that time already become stronger, but also volatile, reminding the skin that tends to stretch in different directions, but careless handling may break. On this day, the couple wear leather clothes, or use leather accessories and give each other anything made of leather: gloves, wallet, etc. It was customary on this day on the table to put a loaf of rye bread, the couple had to eat a piece on front of all the guests. Also fed rye soup. Guests at this day can give the skin of an animal that is a symbol of wealth, a variety of leather goods, belts, handbags, wallets, etc.

The fourth anniversary of living together is called linen or wax wedding. This anniversary is not for nothing is connected with flax, which is a symbol of longevity and durability. On this day, the couple give each other linen. Guests sprinkled with flax seeds anniversaries and sweets to the relations between them were strong and durable. Daryatsya this day linen products: tablecloths, bed linen, a set of napkins. Mandatory attribute that day are wax candles.

Wooden wedding

For the fifth year - a wooden wedding. Enough time has passed that the couple have built strong relationships inherent in a tree, but they are not protected from the fire of marital quarrels. Of course, in this day it gives wood products: a variety of boxes, cutting boards, wooden utensils, carved wood painting, wooden picture frames, furniture and more. The tree - a symbol of strength, warmth and comfort.

Cast iron wedding

After six years of marriage celebrated cast iron. This is the first metal, which transformed the relationship. Iron fragile and easily melts taking any form. The relationship is already strong, but their further development depends on the couple. Give this day, cast iron pans, boxes, candlesticks, a beautiful wrought-iron furniture, picture frames and other items made of cast iron.

Copper Wedding

The symbol of past seven years together is copper and wool. Copper - is a soft malleable material, and wool - a material that is always warm, and even heal. In families by this time there are children, there are new relationships and affection, the family is strengthened. On this anniversary, give copper candlesticks, copper rings, copper horseshoe nailed above that threshold. Spouses showered with copper coins.

Tin wedding

Eight years later celebrated tin wedding. This metal is strong yet very malleable than symbolizes the strong relationship between husband and wife, who over the years have learned to give each other. On the anniversary presented tin trays, bakeware.

Faience wedding

Faience wedding celebrated after nine years of marriage, it is believed that family relations have reached stability and permanence. On this day, the couple beat the old earthenware dishes. Each item is a symbol of a broken past quarrels, discord and strife, so this ritual promotes the renewal of relations, making them more durable. It's pretty hilarious ritual, which can connect and friends. Traditionally, the wedding offered earthenware dishes: dishes, plates, saucers, works of authorship.

 25 years wedding anniversary
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The ten-year anniversary - the date of the first round

Ten-year marriage - a first round date in married life, when it is possible to sum up a little lived together years. This wedding is called a pink or tin. Traditionally on this day the husband gives a bouquet of roses, recalling the wedding day, and put it in his pocket a tin spoon, which sweeps the whole day, the night shift under his pillow. On the table, put the roast bird under the pink sauce. A spouse spend the night in bed, strewn with rose petals. Gifts can be two different things, express the love and tenderness that remained between the spouses. Typically, guests give pewter ware, fountains, statues, you can give something pink.

Eleven years of living together symbolize that relationship has been tempered like steel. Of course, change is difficult to each other, but to make a change in the building's real. In ancient times it was believed that only lived 11 years together, the couple put real husband and wife. Gifts for wedding anniversary, when the relationship became so strong? The couple exchanged expensive gifts, it is a symbol of a strong link between loving hearts, as in everyday life all things in common, and not so important, what people enjoyed. The couple gave each other 11 flowers that were supposed to stand for 11 days. Invited give steel products: knives, various souvenir weapon, steel and other decorations.

A special anniversary is nickel wedding - it is 12, 5 years together. He believes that having lived so many years together, it's time to "sprucing up" in a relationship. The house has to appear tableware made of nickel, which should polish to a shine, so that it shone like silver. By long tradition on this day the couple visited the memorable place for them, where they spent the happiest moments. Invites only the closest people. For a gift fit any electrical equipment, jewelery or articles of nickel.

The number 13 has always been associated with something mysterious and otherworldly, with some demons that may interfere with the relationship of the spouses and to embroil them. Therefore, 13 years of marriage is called a lace wedding, the relationship between husband and wife is so entwined that they are tightly linked and they are not afraid of any adversity. In the house on this day is to create an atmosphere of mystery, lay on the table a lace tablecloth. In some countries there is a tradition according to which the wife gave husbands butterflies, woven by hand. There was a belief that a butterfly attracting and retaining women in the house. In Russia gave lace depicting doves, symbolizing peace and purity, and the swan - a symbol of loyalty and love.

After 14 years of marriage celebrated agate. Agate is a talisman that protects and is protected by marriage. As viewed in the agate intricate patterns and wife, although for a long time and know each other can discover something new. The gift is usually associated with stone, it can be jewelry, earrings, necklace, ring - a woman, tie clip and cuff links - for men.

In the 15 years mark a crystal or glass wedding, put on a festive table or crystal glassware. Drink for the couple and their welfare should be only from crystal glasses. Giving can be crystal and glass products, as well as dishes, utensils, a good gift to be different figures of glass.

One of the valuable material is porcelain, but it is very fragile. He is the symbol of twenty years of living together, recalling the value and fragility of relations established between spouses and that they should be protected. When celebrated this anniversary, table china and served refreshments are served only on porcelain. Offer porcelain, statues, vases.

 gifts for first wedding anniversary
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A quarter of a century - Silver Life

Silver wedding - 25 years, it is not just a strong relationship, but also those that are painted the beauty and nobility. This day is traditionally performed the rite of "first kiss" and "wash". The first kiss in 25 years of marriage - is a special kiss as the first day of married life, filled with love and affection, and then wash the couple from a silver jar. On this day, they exchanged silver rings as a sign of love for each other, it is desirable the presence of witnesses who were at their wedding.

Everything takes place in a festive atmosphere. Welcomes guests in advance, no later than 25 days, and guests must be at least 25 people. The celebration takes place as the wedding, champagne, cake, games and competitions. Naturally, the gifts - a product of silver: chains, bracelets, earrings, trays, cutlery, etc.

What to give a wedding anniversary, we can determine the names of anniversaries, respectively:

  • 26 years - Jade wedding;
  • 27 - Wedding mahogany;
  • 29 -barhatnaya wedding.

It took 30 years and the marriage becomes like beautiful pearls, covered with new layers and acquiring unique luster with each passing year. There is a tradition in throwing glasses of champagne on the pearl and drink up to the bottom of the brotherhood. The kiss lasts until the guests are not going to count to 30. Then, the glasses were broken. The husband gives his wife a necklace of 30 pearls. Guests give pearl jewelry or gifts associated with the spouses: a family portrait, a photo album with unusual or expensive antiques.

In the 35 years celebrated coral wedding, symbolizing the formation of families of small corals like lime. The ideal option for the celebration of this anniversary will be a honeymoon trip to the seaside. Coral is personified with the color red, so the preference around the red, put on the table seasoned red wine and other spirits, which are a symbol of the strong relationship. A spouse may present a bouquet of 35 red roses - the symbol of his undying passion. As a gift may be the product of coral, children can be presented with the red wine, talking about the power of passion and love between spouses.

After celebrating 40 years ruby ​​wedding. Ruby - the gem that is considered second only to diamond. Once it becomes a beautiful cut stone, and relations between spouses over the years, become stronger and its beauty, endure all the trials of fate. Premises where there is an anniversary, decorated with red balloons in the form of hearts, bouquets of red and the little things red. Put on the table red wines, dessert of berries and red fruits. Give, of course, the product of a ruby ​​or ruby ​​decorated boxes, chests, clocks.

In 45 years there sapphire wedding. Sapphire is a stone that relieves the effects of stress. The guests usually come the closest people. Daryatsya jewelry with sapphire.

The most significant anniversary - a gold wedding, lived together for half a century. Fine those years. As the metal, symbolizing them, they sparkle with beauty of their relationship than pleasing others. Spouses sprinkle rain on that day, which consists of gold coins, sparkles and confetti. Wedding swept aside very curvy, like the first. The custom of giving the mother a son or daughter the handkerchief, embroidered with gold thread. Spouses daryatsya gold jewelry, gifts wrapped in golden paper, everything must necessarily symbolize the precious metal.

In the 55 years mark the emerald wedding, 75 - a diamond or a wedding crown, and 80 oak celebrating a wedding. Accordingly daryatsya anniversaries and gifts.

 Present for the Wedding Anniversary