Pregnancy Week 7

Week 7 Pregnancy symptoms: At this stage, the brain develops rapidly, and significant changes occur with the beginnings of the face, body and limbs of the child. On the seventh week of pregnancy the baby is already present rectum and begins to form sternum, small intestine and digestive tract, developing trachea, esophagus and lungs. In an embryo still has a "tail", it will not be only 10-11 week. Placenta thickened during this period, the umbilical cord is attached to the uterine wall. Right umbilical Vienna disappears, there is only left. Also during this period of pregnancy appear the rudiments of the eye (iris) and the face (nose and mouth).

 Pregnancy Week 7 uzi

Uzi 7 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy Week 7 US: It's only been a week since appeared limb buds, and you can already guess where the shoulders are, and where the handle. Fetus begins to form a face, you can even distinguish the tiny nostrils. And two tiny slices of pigment that we see on the side of the head, over the next few months will move to the face and eyes will turn to.

If you are 7 weeks pregnant, the embryo at this period the size of a pea: its length of about 8 mm, weight - 0, 8 g

 Pregnancy Week 7 signs

Prenatal development of the baby at 7 weeks

Week 7 Pregnancy Symptoms: This step is the attachment of the ovum to the uterine wall, which is usually relaxed. On the seventh week the mucus in the cervix, as a rule, becomes thick, a so called mucus plug, which is a barrier between the uterus and the outside world. Mucus plug comes out just before the most genera, forming a "scribble". Halos around the breasts may darken. Do not worry - this is normal during pregnancy.

 Pregnancy - Week 7: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 Pregnancy Week 5

In addition, the period when the pregnancy reaches five weeks - its existence is not in doubt, the child does not look like a flat disk, and now the baby looks as the cylinder 1, 5-2, 5 mm in diameter. And in cell division can be traced logic. And at the time when pregnancy is diagnosed 5 weeks ultrasound can show where the child will be placed legs, back, arms and head. Already noticeable notochord and the neural tube, which goes along it - a future child's spine to the top of the neural tube is extended - it is the future brain. It is for the correct formation of the central nervous system is important because folic acid, which should take the expectant mother regularly.

 5 weeks pregnant symptoms

Prenatal development of the baby at week 5

Pregnancy Week 5 Symptoms: The most important thing that is happening at this stage of pregnancy - Bookmark the central nervous system and heart, along with the formation of the heart there is a bookmark upper respiratory tract. In the same period begins to form kovenosnye vessels and the beginnings of the pancreas and liver. The fetus has a C-shaped, and in the course of neural tube segments form the fabric of which will continue to grow muscle tissue.

Already at this period, the embryo is protected by two shells that look like a bubble, it is the yolk sac - it is the formation of blood cells to the embryo. Yolk sac with embryo is about 1 cm in diameter, the proportion of the embryo therein only 1 to 5 mm.

 Pregnancy Week 5 uzi

Uzi 5 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy Week 5 signs are already evident: It is toxemia of pregnancy - the mother-sick in the morning, some women have vomiting, and a craving for salty foods. Sometimes women say that they have to urinate more frequently or at night a little swollen feet. But not all women suffer from toxemia, some pregnant women are lucky - they do not feel even a mild morning sickness and habitual irritability. Those who are not lucky, you need to wait until the 12th week of pregnancy - about the term ends early symptoms of toxicity. If morning sickness is a real danger to the life of the mother - to see a doctor. In general, the first trimester of 1 to 13 weeks of pregnancy - the most important period in a child's development, you need to pay more attention to the expectant mother, because at this time the likelihood of miscarriage is highest.

 Pregnancy - Week 5: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 pregnancy 3 weeks

If you comply with all recommendations of the likelihood of higher whichever desired pregnancy 3 weeks of the menstrual cycle - that's the best time for conception. A woman's body is ready for pregnancy. After sexual intercourse, millions of sperm cells rush to the fallopian tube, the acid-alkaline environment of the vagina helps to increase the speed, but does not destroy the sperm.

 Pregnancy symptoms 3 weeks

If diagnostics pass, the pregnancy 3 weeks ultrasound to confirm the changes in the body of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. With these changes, the sperm are able to move freely to the egg. About a hundred sperm reach the target and produce a special enzyme, which melts the shell of the egg. After that, only the spermatozoon penetrates into the interior, and at this moment we can say that a pregnancy 3 weeks the signs of which have not seen even the expectant mother. At the moment of connection of sperm and egg it begins an important chemical process by which the rest of the sperm can not penetrate the egg.

 Pregnancy symptoms 3 weeks

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 3: Sperm dissolves inside the egg, and the carrier of genetic information of his father - the core is connected with the chromosome of the egg. Now, the unborn child has a second component of the genome. Three days later, the embryo consists of 32 cells, and its shape is similar to the mulberries. By the end of the third week, he would like a hollow ball 0, 1-0, 2 mm in diameter, and the number of cells will increase to 250.

A few days after fertilization, the upper part of the uterus from the ovary, which has allocated a fertilized egg, a blastocyst is attached. It is a hollow bubble filled with liquid. This symptom speaks of successful fertilization, and on the tenth day of the vial attached to the endometrium thoroughly. Villi deeper into the endometrium, increasing the number of cells and germinal vesicle begins to secrete enzymes that are completely rebuild the body of the future mother. In the first place it has ceased menstruation. Next endometrium increases in thickness and surrounds the ovum - that is born the placenta - organ, nourishes and protects the fetus throughout pregnancy.

 Pregnancy - Week 3: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 Pregnancy Week 1

The highest risk of pregnancy occurs at the time of ovulation, ie 12-14 days from the beginning of the last menstrual period, from that day and take a pregnancy countdown 1 week which is almost negligible for women. Obstetrician-gynecologist starts counting ten months of pregnancy midwife from the date of the last menstrual period.

1 Week Pregnancy Symptoms: A woman's body prepares for the onset of pregnancy every month, and even before the moment of fertilization is changing the hormonal environment. And only the only three hundred thousand eggs will be ready for insemination. This week could be called the first week of pregnancy has not yet begun because the gene set of the unborn child is known by half. If you are planning a pregnancy, then 3-4 weeks before its occurrence, you need to go through a set of measures designed to improve your condition, that pregnancy was uneventful, and the baby was born healthy. If the pregnancy is unplanned, you will need to start taking care of themselves and future baby right now. Of course, pregnancy 1 week ultrasound has not yet confirmed, but inside you have developed a new life.

The first thing to give up alcohol and nicotine, even in small doses, is contraindicated for pregnant women in stuffy and smoke-filled rooms - so often ventilate the apartment. If you are planning a pregnancy, or the probability of its occurrence is high, then give up the drugs. Any medications should be administered at this time doctor, and their influence can be found by contacting the Center of Medical Genetics.

Prior to the onset and during pregnancy need to take special vitamin complexes. Vitrum Prenatal and Perinatal Multi-tabs contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins. For the expectant mother is important that a daily dose of folic acid was not less than 0, 4 oz., Because the cause of the majority of birth defects - lack of folic acid.

The doctor has not diagnosed 1 week pregnancy symptoms are not yet valid, but the expectant mother should give up staying in crowded places, to reduce the risk of viral infections - measles can be very dangerous to the fetus. Observe mask mode, if someone's home colds. Ambient to help pregnant to cope with difficulties and stresses, as well as protect it from the harmful effects on the fetus. This happens if the mother is working in hazardous environments and in contact with the chemicals.

Now is not the time to make new pets - they may be infected if you already have pets, put all the necessary vaccinations. And even if you feel well and have completely given up coffee, chocolate and other harmful to baby food, you must visit a doctor, as you are now responsible for the health of their future child.

 Pregnancy - Week 1: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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