Pregnancy Week 14

At this stage of pregnancy, the baby's face continues to take shape: drawn ears, cheeks and nose. Although his eyes still fully tightened lids, they, unlike the previous weeks is not so wide apart. At the fourteenth week the baby comes down the embryo also planned down the eyebrows and a hint of vegetation on the head. The internal organs continue to develop further. The thyroid gland is ready to produce hormones.

 14 week pregnancy symptoms

Prenatal development of the baby at 14 weeks

Pregnancy Week 14: uzi. This week the girls testicles descend into the pelvis part, and the boys appears prostate. Although the genitals can already be described as male and female, in the US they still can not be distinguished. The child is already producing urine and tumbles. However, at this stage of pregnancy future moms still can not feel your baby's movements.

If you have a pregnancy of 14 weeks, at this period your baby has grown significantly and has become the size of a pear. Its length is about 80-113 mm, and weight - about 25 grams.

 Pregnancy week 14 ultrasound

Uzi at 14 weeks' gestation

Pregnancy Week 14: symptoms. At the fourteenth week begins the second trimester of pregnancy. Since that time its heyday. Although the uterus each week will increase, you will feel more energetic. Very soon you will notice that the stomach begins to rise. During this period, many women are becoming aware of her pregnancy. Now, when the discomfort of toxicity retreated, nothing prevents to realize their future motherhood.

 Pregnancy Week 14: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 Pregnancy Week 12

Pregnancy Week 12: signs. At the twelfth week of pregnancy, the brain continues to develop, but at this stage of its development, it is very similar to the adult brain, only in miniature. Now, when all the foundations already laid the body baby, left to make a few final shtrishki. The muscular system of the fetus is already quite advanced, but his movements are still involuntary. On the fingers and toes are developing the rudiments of nails. Liver baby begins to develop on their own bile and gut this week for the first time no longer extends beyond the abdominal cavity.

 Pregnancy week 12 ultrasound

Pregnancy week 12 ultrasound

Pregnancy Week 12: uzi. At this stage of pregnancy ultrasound shows how your baby excretes various acrobatic stunts. If you have a boy, he has already degenerated female reproductive organs, replaced by masculine. All body systems of the fetus is fully formed, it is now up to the birth they will grow and develop. Every day the child becomes more and more like his parents.

If you have a pregnancy of 12 weeks, your baby is now the size of a large hen's egg. Its length is about 60 mm, and weight - in the range 9-13 grams.

 12 week pregnancy symptoms

Prenatal development of the baby at 12 weeks

Pregnancy Week 12: symptoms. At this stage of pregnancy the placenta lies on a leading role in hormone production, which is usually necessary to maintain the pregnancy. Before that performs this function the corpus luteum, formed at the site of mature egg.

At this stage it should stop feeling bad, associated with early toxicosis. However, multiple pregnancy manifestation of toxicity may persist for some time.

At this gestation the heart begins to beat faster, the uterus rises into the abdomen, since an increase of approximately 10 centimeters in width, it is no longer enough space in the hip part of the body. Already on the results of ultrasound (the size of the fetus), the doctor can more accurately determine the time of delivery.

 Pregnancy Week 12: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 Pregnancy Week 11

Pregnancy Week 11: signs. Between 11 and 20 weeks of pregnancy there is a rapid growth of the fetus. To satisfy the growing appetite of the baby, the placenta increases the number of blood vessels. The head is still disproportionately large, it takes up almost half the size of the size of the entire body. This is because the mind is rapidly developing brain of the child. At this stage, there is the development of all internal organs, however, part of the intestine is still falling in the umbilical cord. But next week the problem will be completely solved.

 Pregnancy week 11 ultrasound

ultrasound 11 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy 11 week ultrasound. At this stage, the completion of the formation of the sternum revealed genitals. Continue to develop the toes and hands. The legs are very short in comparison with the body, eyes wide set, the ears are low. At this stage of pregnancy begins to form the iris. The liver is a tenth of the weight of the fetus begin to work the kidneys. Used waste products of the child through the bloodstream enter the placenta.

If you have a 11 week pregnancy, the length of your baby is about 44-60 mm, and weight - about 8 grams.

 11 week pregnancy symptoms

prenatal development of the baby at 11 weeks' gestation

Pregnancy Week 11: symptoms. At 11 weeks' gestation, the metabolism is enhanced by about a quarter - 25%, which means that now a woman burns calories much faster than before her pregnancy. Increased blood volume, so most women experience internal heat, sweating profusely and drinking plenty of fluids. Pregnant women in this period tend to unstable mood, they observed unexplained anxiety, restlessness, irritability, tearfulness and emotional leaps. A loving husband would have at this time to find the strength to help you cope with temporary difficulties. If, over time, psychological problems will not disappear by themselves, you should seek help from a professional psychologist.

 Pregnancy - 11 Week: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 Pregnancy Week 10

Pregnancy Week 10: signs. This stage of pregnancy is considered to be in the final stages of the embryo. By the 10th week of pregnancy already laid all the parameters of the body, now in the next 6, 5 months to be the end of "building" your baby. Now, when there is no tail, he becomes more and more similar to itself: fingers have separated, there are tooth germs and taste bud language, the heart is fully formed, with space velocity continues to develop the brain. Although the external genitalia 10 week still uncertain, the testicles of boys are already starting to produce testosterone (male hormone).

 Pregnancy 10 week ultrasound

Uzi at 10 weeks' gestation

Pregnancy Week 10: uzi. At this stage of pregnancy the baby enters the fetal period of development. Now the embryo can already be officially called the fruit. If up to ten weeks from the embryo everything was in order, it is almost faces no congenital anomalies. At this stage of its development, it already has a huge number of achievements! By this time he was able to even involuntarily, but move independently, it already has arms and legs, shaped elbows, upper lip, ears and fingers (as in the hands and feet), began to take shape knees. Also during this period it is the development of deciduous teeth and begins to form a diaphragm. The fetus feels comfortable inside the membranes filled with amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid).

 Pregnancy Week 10 signs

Prenatal development of the baby at 10 weeks

If you have a pregnancy of 10 weeks, your baby has grown to the size of a large plum. Usually at this stage of pregnancy the fetus is the length from 31 to 42 mm, and weight - about 5 grams.

Pregnancy Week 10: symptoms. At this stage of pregnancy, many women have mood swings and irritability. This is due to high content of hormones in the body during pregnancy. Also in the body may occur following changes: weight gain, a slight increase in thyroid loose gums, may appear small nodules in the area of ​​the areola of the mammary glands.

 Pregnancy Symptoms Week 10

Tummy 10 week

May still remain nausea and fatigue. Very soon, the situation will change for the better, all you have to suffer just 1-2 weeks, as the majority of women to the twelfth week of pregnancy toxemia early ends.

 Pregnancy - 10 Week: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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