Pregnancy Week 17

17 Pregnancy Week - time for the rapid development of the baby and placenta. And if in the beginning the placenta are very thin shell with the chorionic villi to the 17 weeks it weighs about a pound. The placenta is fully formed, it has a full network of blood. It is through the blood vessels in the placenta of the child receives nutrients and gets rid of the waste products of metabolism. At the beginning of the 17th week, a woman starts to be postponed brown fat, which is vital for increasing heat inside your body, as the child is deprived of fat, and his skin is still very thin.

 Pregnancy Week 17 signs

Prenatal development of the baby at 17 weeks' gestation

Pregnancy Week 17: US confirms that the child is responding to a sharp increase in sound. So, if at the time of the study next to the mother's abdominal wall to put the speaker and start feeding the sound, it will be seen that the baby begins to actively move or change direction. Pregnancy Week 17 signs on the US at this time - the fruit weighs about 100 grams and has a length of 12 cm.

 Pregnancy 17 week ultrasound

Uzi at 17 weeks' gestation

Pregnancy Week 17 Symptoms: The woman the heart begins to beat faster in 1, 5-2 times as circulation increases due to the placenta, which nourishes the fetus. This increases the load on the capillary network, which means that minor nosebleeds and bleeding gums are normal for a pregnant woman.

 Pregnancy Symptoms Week 17

Tummy 17 weeks of pregnancy

Some women noted at a more intense perspiration and release of vaginal secretions, so you should pay more attention to personal hygiene. The uterus at 17 weeks of pregnancy is 4-5 cm. Below the navel, and its bottom is located between the symphysis pubis and the navel. And if you do not have time to go through testing and laboratory diagnosis, it is not too late to do it now.

 Pregnancy Week 17: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 Pregnancy Week 16

What happens at 16 weeks of pregnancy? The child's facial muscles are well developed, so it is constantly grimacing involuntarily frowns, smiles, smiles and yawns. He already holds the well head, arm and leg movements become more logical, and fingers are beginning to appear gentle nogotochki. The legs are longer, so look more in proportion. In the body of accumulated enough calcium, so the baby's bones begin to harden. If destined to be born a girl, she already has a stock of oocytes of 5 million, which together with the ovaries down in the pelvis area. The activity of the urinary system is also seen changes: the urine is released into the amniotic fluid every 45 minutes.

Pregnancy week 16 ultrasound confirmed an increase in the size of the fetus, it is already weighs about 80 grams and reaches a length of 100-120 mm.

 Pregnancy Week 16 signs

Prenatal development of the baby at 16 weeks

Pregnancy week 16 symptoms in women during this period continued to increase the uterus to provide the desired amount is constantly growing fetus. As the volume of amniotic fluid has reached 250 ml., The next few weeks - it's time for a different surveys. Conduct tests and ACE triple detailed testing, it helps identify diseases such as Down syndrome and defects in the development of the spine. This triple test, unlike amniocentesis does not bear the risk for the baby's health. Chest expectant mother, too, is changing, it is even more increases in size and becomes more sensitive, blood circulation is enhanced in the glands, so the vein pattern is clearly visible.

 Pregnancy 16 week ultrasound

Uzi at 16 weeks of pregnancy

Previously giving birth women, and women with adynamic physique, can already feel the baby's movements. Pregnancy Week 16 signs of fetal movements are clearly visible on ultrasound, but did not give birth mother still do not feel the perturbations, since all feeling for them new. The date of the first fetal movement is also used to calculate the date of birth, but this method lacks Exposure to extreme accuracy.

 Pregnancy week 16 symptoms

Belly at 16 weeks of pregnancy

Women in the pregnancy at 16 weeks must pass laboratory diagnostics, this blood is taken to determine the ACE (AFP), HCG (gonadotropin) and NE (unconjugated estriol).

 Pregnancy Week 16: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 Pregnancy Week 15

Pregnancy Week 15 characterized in that the cardiac activity of the child starts to work more active small heart passes through a day in about 23 liters of blood, and through the thin skin clearly visible blood vessels. Skin color is closer to red than pink. Handles can already bend at the elbows and palms are compressed into small fists in the eyebrows and body hair appears thin delicate, and if the baby will be a dark-haired, the skin cells already produce the pigment melanin. The formation of bone and the central nervous system is in full swing. So begins his work gallbladder, bile he has already been allocated, which gives the black-green feces firstborn.

 15 week pregnancy symptoms

Prenatal development of the baby at 15 weeks

Pregnancy 15 weeks and your symptoms of which are already visible around the tummy, the baby takes a regular emptying of the bladder. Proceeding in the amniotic fluid, urine, helps to maintain its composition, but to preserve the sterility and the chemical composition of the amniotic fluid are updated at least once every 8 hours. The bag of water from the amniotic fluid is a good protection for your baby from mechanical injuries, and amniotic fluid allows the baby to move freely.

 Pregnancy week 15 ultrasound

Uzi at 15 weeks' gestation

The optimal development of the internal organs sometimes impossible in the pathology of membranes or the wrong part of the amniotic fluid. Water, that is, the amniotic fluid is a natural habitat for the child, it is comfortable and convenient, so deliveries in water and learning to swim at an early age children are popular around the world.

Pregnancy week 15 symptoms. By this time, and the parents and relatives of the time to realize the imminent addition to the family, so eager to help and support future parents. The attention and support is now particularly important for both mother and child, pregnancy 15 week ultrasound will have your child in all its glory, so since that date on the US can and should come together.

 15 week pregnancy symptoms

Tummy 15 week

Sometimes a woman can upset the presence of dark pigmented line that extends from the navel to the pubic area. This line appears in all pregnant women due to the deposition of melanin pigment, and hormonal changes in the body of the future mother, after the birth of the pigmentation of the abdomen will be over. It is in these terms Mommy reviewing your wardrobe and prefers loose clothing, as many skirts and pants that she wore before pregnancy, become narrow.

Fundus located below the navel at 7, 5 cm, it can feel myself mom when gently probed tummy. It's the most blessed time of pregnancy - morning sickness in the past, you will not feel sick and you stopped to get nervous for every little thing, and the doctor already be able to determine the approximate date of the appearance of a baby into the world.

 Pregnancy - 15 Week: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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