Pregnancy Week 22: Signs

Pregnancy Week 22 - the symptoms are beginning to prepare the child to live outside the uterus. Eyebrows child are well marked, and on his head hair begins to grow more active, but fair-haired children melanin in the hair appear much later, although Asians and blacks hair in a halo around his head swim. The peripheral nervous system is developing - constantly increasing the number of neurons, and thus improves and tactile sensitivity - the child feels better the world around him. He has consciously clenched and unclenched fists and flexes the fingers, touching and exploring the terrain of his face. Choose how convenient: to bring a finger to his mouth or bend yourself, if you want it to suck.

 Pregnancy Symptoms Week 22

Prenatal development of the baby at 22 weeks' gestation

Gestation - 22 weeks ultrasound study shows that the length of the baby for about 19 cm. And weighs almost 350g. In this period the expectant mother feels good, but sometimes develops physiological anemia. This is due to the fact that the volume of blood retained by the blood plasma. The degree of dilution of the blood is called hematocrit, and at this stage of his figures the most critical. And despite the fact that 22 weeks of pregnancy signs of anemia are not threatening symptoms, pregnancy requires more iron to physiological anemia, iron deficiency is not passed in.

 Pregnancy week 22 ultrasound

Tummy expectant mother 22 weeks pregnant

Almost all women report increased sexual activity, this is due to increased blood flow. Vaginal secretion glands improves and increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones. Some of the women only during pregnancy after the first start to experience an orgasm. Sex at this stage no harm, as the baby is under the protection of laminated membranes. In addition, there is no need to think about contraception, making sex more enjoyable and desirable.

 Pregnancy - 22 Week: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

 Pregnancy Week 20

Pregnancy 20 weeks - is the time when your baby is really like a little man: he has a thin hairs on the head and gentle nogotochki on fingers, he plays with his fingers, sucking them tumbles in the amniotic fluid, sometimes playing with her umbilical cord . His skin becomes less transparent because it thickens and now consists of four layers. Leather baby is protected from contact with amniotic fluid vernix - a white waxy cream secret to begin producing sebaceous glands. Grease is held on the skin original fuzz lanugo, in some cases, vernix is ​​maintained up to the birth, then it is removed from the skin of the child immediately after birth, just wiping it with sterile towels.

 Pregnancy 20 week ultrasound

Ultrasound at 20 weeks of pregnancy

Pregnancy week 20 ultrasound - when determining fetal heartbeat using a sound tube or an electronic monitor. The weight of your baby is about the 260 grams, and it is 14-16 cm long and now it's the size of a small melon.

 Pregnancy Symptoms Week 20

Fetal development at 20 weeks' gestation

Pregnancy Week 20 Symptoms: the uterus rises higher, the belly almost all women steps forward. A belly button sticks out like pugovichkami because of the constant pressure of the uterus. Pregnancy Week 20: already visible signs of stretch marks, especially if you do not use cosmetics that prevent their appearance - the band from light to reddish-brown. Some women may experience difficulty breathing, as internal organs draw in the diaphragm, and lung volume decreases. Once the fruit to fall deeper into the pelvic cavity, these symptoms will pass. At the first pregnancy, the fetus is lowered a few weeks before the birth, with follow - to ourselves childbirth.

There are still exactly half of pregnancy, but without the toxicity, as in the first trimester, so the second part of pregnancy will fly much faster.

 Pregnancy Week 20: signs, simtomy, US

 Pregnancy Week 19 signs

19 weeks of pregnancy - this is the stage of active growth and the formation of the central nervous system of the baby. The head of the child is still out of proportion with respect to the whole body, as is already the brain performs many functions, that is the key to normal fetal development. All of the nerve cells, whose task communication between the central nervous system and the muscles are already laid in their places, which is why the child's movements become more logical and perfect.

 Pregnancy Symptoms Week 19

Prenatal development of the baby in the 19th week of pregnancy

The rudiments of milk teeth are already available, but has laid the rudiments of permanent teeth. Height little child is suspended, however, begins to form a fatty layer, which is an important source of heat for the newborn, it reaches a maximum thickness of the neck, behind the rib cage and around the kidneys. The eyes of a child is not yet open, but even in the closed condition respond well to light, and the child turns toward the light source. Continue to develop light, they have a more advanced vasculature, bronchial tubes also increase in size.

Pregnancy Week 19 - ultrasound examination reveals that the length of the child about 13-15 cm and its weight has reached 200 grams, that is, your baby is now the size of a small tavern.

 Pregnancy 19 week ultrasound

Tummy 19 weeks of pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 19 Pregnancy Week 19 signs of fetal movements have expressed well, so they do not feel even before giving birth women. In addition, women continue to gain weight, hips become wider and the stomach increases. This can affect posture and sleep. Try to find a comfortable position to rest the night was good.

It's time to start going to school psycho-prophylactic preparation for childbirth and motherhood in school. Your obstetrician will tell you where conduct such studies. New mothers who have undergone the necessary training, have far fewer complications in the birth and early postnatal periods.

 Pregnancy Week 19: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 Pregnancy Week 18

Pregnancy at 18 weeks is attributable primarily to the strengthening of the skeletal system, so be more likely to eat foods that contain calcium.

 Pregnancy Week 18 signs

Prenatal development of the baby at 18 weeks of pregnancy

Each day features a child can see everything better, and phalanges are already well formed, then your baby already has its own unique pattern on the fingertips. Although the baby is still inside you, he is already well perceive the world around us, and what lets you know when pushed in the stomach. He has formed a rumor, as the auditory ossicles have strengthened, and part of the brain that is responsible for the reception of sound, long-established, you can be sure you have heard it. The kid is not afraid to knock on your heart and blood vessels of the noise, but loud or sudden noises may frighten him. If you have not started to talk to the child from the beginning of pregnancy, now talk to him required, it will help to establish contact with him, and after the birth of the baby immediately recognize your voice. Rumor has developed well, but the retina is only beginning to take shape and sensitivity.

 Pregnancy 18 week ultrasound

Uzi at 18 weeks of pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 18 - ultrasound shows that the baby's motor activity increased, it is active, often changes its position, crosses the legs and turns in the amniotic fluid. Its weight at the moment is about 150 g., And at length he was about 12, 5-14 cm.

 Pregnancy Symptoms Week 18

Belly at 18 weeks of pregnancy

Pregnancy week 18 symptoms: For some women lying rest is not acceptable, since the causes discomfort. In the future, to find a comfortable position to be more difficult because of the fact that the growing uterus occupies a greater volume in the abdominal cavity. With the help of pillows you can find a comfortable position for sleep and rest. Pregnancy week 18 symptoms that affect the urinary system of the future mother will deliver less discomfort during sleep, when to rest to empty his bladder, and then perform a few tilts and rotational movements of the pelvis.

 Pregnancy Week 18: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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