25 week pregnancy symptoms

At 25 weeks' gestation, bones and joints of the child continues to vigorously strengthened and the baby's heartbeat through a stethoscope is listening well. Although the baby's heartbeat to hear your loved ones can, if they use their ears to his stomach.

In a study of 25 weeks of pregnancy ultrasound - sex of the child is no longer in doubt, the boys began to descend the testicles into the scrotum, and the girls almost formed vagina. Fingers become more tenacious and easily compressed into fists. Now the baby is determined by the preference for left or right hand, is already becoming clear, will he right-handed or left-handed. And on the palms have a unique fingerprint image. In addition, while awake, he is quite active - kicking, playing himself and touches fingers on the legs. His regime was formed, and my mother often has to adjust to their future child. Its length from crown to rump is 22 cm. And weighs about 700 grams.

 25 week pregnancy symptoms

Tummy expectant mother 25 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy week 25 symptoms. Enlarged uterus, and now she is the size of a soccer ball, puts pressure on the diaphragm. Because of this shifting stomach and gastric juices up the esophagus, during 25 weeks of pregnancy heartburn symptoms are particularly bright. To avoid this, it is advisable to eat small, frequent meals. But mostly pregnant women feel good, right now they have a bit more often to visit an obstetrician-gynecologist.

 Pregnancy Week 25: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

 Pregnancy Week 13

Pregnancy Week 13: symptoms. Congratulations! One-third of the way you passed. Nausea in the morning, soon there will no longer bother you, you will become less irritable. However, many women in the thirteenth week of pregnancy begin to disturb the locks, although they may appear much later. The fact is that during pregnancy due to hormonal changes in intestinal peristaltic activity is attenuated. Therefore, food mass with difficulties moving through the intestines, and stopping, they become more dense. Furthermore, intestinal problems can be the result of growing uterus.
Today, there are a huge range of laxatives. An experienced specialist will help you choose the best tool for solving this problem.

 13 week pregnancy symptoms

Prenatal development of the baby at 13 weeks

Pregnancy Week 13: signs. In this period the fetus is already formed all the baby teeth, they are now waiting in the wings to erupt. Eyelids still fused, as eyes open much later, only after four months. Now the child long enough handles, very soon it will start sucking big finger. At the beginning of the thirteenth week laid the cloth from which later will form the head, legs and other bones of the baby.

Even more clearly looming chin and nose, is already scheduled a couple of ribs. Very soon it will begin to rise breast your baby as if breathing, bowel takes its proper place in the abdominal cavity. The pancreas produces insulin already.

 Pregnancy week 13 ultrasound

Uzi at 13 weeks' gestation

Pregnancy Week 13: uzi. At this stage of pregnancy, the placenta is fully formed, soon begin to independently produce the hormones progesterone and estriol. By the thirteenth week of the fruit is completely envelops cloudy membrane, the cord extends from the top of the left-hand side. If you are 13 weeks pregnant, your baby has grown up and become the size of a peach. Its length is about 65-78 mm, and weight - 14 to 20 grams.

 Pregnancy Week 13: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 26 week pregnancy symptoms

During this time the baby is beginning to slowly lifts the eye. At 26 weeks' gestation, the layers of the eyeball already completely formed, that is, if your baby is born brown-eyed, his brown eyes now.

 Pregnancy Symptoms Week 26

Prenatal development of the baby at 26 weeks' gestation

Pregnancy week 26 ultrasound confirms that the taste buds has also formed as by ingestion of bitter in his mouth, his face becomes dissatisfied. Outwardly, he still looks frail and slender, as fat is stored not as active. The weight of the baby is greatly increased by the time of delivery. The skin still looks shriveled and wrinkled and gradually smoothes and brightens due to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. The child is fully formed eyebrows, cilia and nails. And, if often include a relaxing and pleasant music, your little one will Bole calm and listening to it - will give you less of a concern. Pregnancy Week 26 signs of weight gain more than clear, the baby's weight is about 850 grams when grown in 23 cm.

 Pregnancy 26 week ultrasound

Tummy 26 weeks of pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 26 mymy symptoms. A woman may continue headaches, and fatigue in the legs joined by cramps. Sometimes there may be back pain in the pelvic area. As the child with greater force pushing you, it shocks give soreness in hypochondria. If, during the rest lying on its side, feeling become less painful. Multifunction mattresses for pregnant women are able to help more comfortable to go through the remainder of the pregnancy, and there are very few, because two thirds of you have already been and will soon become a mother charming baby.

 Pregnancy Week 26: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

 Pregnancy Week 21: Symptoms

Pregnancy week 21 symptoms. 21 weeks of pregnancy due to a co-ordinated operation of the central nervous system. Your baby swallows amniotic fluid, the main components of which are well absorbed by the body, and solids such as dead skin cells remain in the rectum before birth. Original cal for the most part consists of thickened epithelial cells and bile, it will be removed from the intestine to the first muscle contractions. That is, digestive system may already recognize and absorb many substances that are found in the amniotic fluid.

 Pregnancy Week 21: Signs

Prenatal development of the baby at 21 weeks' gestation

In the blood, the baby has a sufficient number of red blood cells and begins to produce white blood cells, which are responsible for the suppression of infection. Child distinguishes between light and dark, but his eyes still hidden under the eyelids. Physical activity increases, a day a child can repeatedly change his position: he sleeps upside down, then plays, arranged parallel to the floor, then props up the bottom of his neck of the uterus. Pregnancy 21 weeks ultrasound confirms that the baby grew in size: it weighs about 300 g., And the growth of 18 cm.

 Pregnancy 21 week ultrasound

Tummy expectant mother 21 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy Week 21 signs of weight gain the most prominent, women need an additional 500 calories. more as the child begins to actively shape the fat layer. So do not be surprised if the appetite rise again, as in the first weeks of pregnancy, or want to eat something different. The bottom of the uterus rises and now it is located at 1.25 cm above the navel.

 Pregnancy Week 21: signs, symptoms, ultrasound