Pregnancy Week 2

Pregnancy Week 2 is not yet visible externally - is important for the future of the baby, because at this time is determined by a single egg, and the egg was a leader will take place in graafovom bubble. Graafovy bubble grows in size and protrudes above the surface of the ovary.

Pregnancy Week 2 features: During the 2 weeks of pregnancy there is the preparation of a future single egg for ovulation, resulting in a mature egg from the ovary falls into the abdominal cavity, and then into the fallopian tube. It is in the fallopian tube is a meeting of egg and sperm, then a brand new life.

If you are planning a pregnancy ultrasound and 2 week study of ovulation prompt the best time to fertilize. Usually, it's the middle of the menstrual cycle, so a few days before the planned conception is necessary to abstain from sexual intercourse. 3-4 days of abstinence will enable man to increase the number of sperm in the semen, which means that the probability of conception will be almost 100%.

 2 week pregnancy symptoms

Future 2 week pregnancy symptoms that you already know, not only requires abstinence from the pope, but also compliance with simple rules and by the mother. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents that can change the acidity of the vagina before sexual intercourse, if you want to get pregnant in the first place it concerns douching. Sperm are very sensitive to small changes in acidity, so quite simple hygiene procedures.

Missionary position and Bozeman, when a man is at the rear, are the best positions for conception. After ejaculation woman is recommended to lie on his back for 20-30 minutes, or with a raised pelvis. These simple rules will increase the likelihood of conception.

 Pregnancy - Week 2: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 Pregnancy Week 23 signs

When you reach 23 weeks of life the baby skin looks reddish and slightly saggy due to the fact that the evolving body fat has no time for the formation of the skin, although the accumulation of fat is much faster. The color of the skin due to an increase in the number of pigment cells - it becomes less transparent. Active kids are already apparent not only in the examination of pregnant 23 week ultrasound, many mothers find light and mild tremors, especially those who give birth earlier.

 Pregnancy Symptoms Week 23

Prenatal development of the baby at 23 weeks' gestation

During endoscopic examination shows that the child, grabbing the umbilical cord, is repelled by the membranes, or plays. Its body is able to absorb part of the fluid, which he swallows, and residues appear in the amniotic fluid in the urine. Pregnancy Week 23 signs of hiccups in infant and mother often feels: if the fruit jumps up inside you. In the intestine continues to accumulate original cal - meconium, vellus hairs darken, and nails almost formed. Its length from crown to rump is already about 20 cm., And weighs about 450 grams minute.

 Pregnancy week 23 ultrasound

Tummy mothers 23 weeks' gestation

Pregnancy week 23 symptoms. Some pregnant women may start false contractions of Braxton Hicks. It's a little sudden painful spasms of the uterus, which suggests that the uterus has begun preparations for the forthcoming birth. If you put your hand on your stomach, you can feel the muscle contractions. In most cases, these contractions are not harmful to the pregnancy because they do not have anything to do with this labor.

 Pregnancy Week 23: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

 Pregnancy Week 6

6 Week Pregnancy signs: neural tube early embryo sixth week of pregnancy, as a rule, is fully tightened tissue and at its end is formed in the brain. Becomes noticeable visual bubbles in the form of two tiny cup-shaped - is shaping the future of the baby's eyes and the heart starts beating, which is at this stage a microscopic tube.

 Pregnancy Symptoms Week 6

Uzi on the 6th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 6 US: Good ultrasound scanner at this stage of pregnancy can already catch reduction beating heart in a tiny body. At the same time begin to form parts of the larynx and the inner ear, there are the beginnings of arms and legs. In addition, rapidly begin to develop the rudiments of the limbs and brain. The head is slowly beginning to take familiar shape at this stage of the fetus are formed internal organs (lungs, liver, etc.), There are eyes and ears. It was during this period of pregnancy, the placenta begins to develop intensively.

If you have a pregnancy of 6 weeks, the length of this period the fetus from crown to rump is from 2 to 4 mm. The amount of amniotic fluid - about 2-3 ml.

 Pregnancy Week 6 signs
 Pregnancy Symptoms Week 6: At this stage of pregnancy, many women feel the deterioration of health (drowsiness, headaches, early toxicosis, etc.). You may also see some odors intolerance, may experience intermittent "tingling" in breast cancer, increased salivation. All these symptoms are due to hormonal changes the body, the meaning of which is to provide the best conditions for fetal development of your baby.

A few tips on how to cope with the deteriorating state of health:

  • Pay particular attention to nutrition: Eat often, but in small portions. Arrange a breakfast in bed immediately after waking up, before lifting. Dinner is also better to eat before going to bed, lying in bed. Try to experiment with a variety of products, because it is possible that some of them will decrease nausea.
  • Get plenty of rest, avoid peretruzhdaetsya during the day.
  • If worried about vomiting up for the loss of body fluids can help fruits, vegetables and juices. In a word - drink plenty of fluids.
  • Avoid contact with unpleasant and annoying smells you (toilet water, deodorants and other perfumes).
  • Many helps reduce nausea in the morning chewing gum or a good toothpaste.
 Pregnancy - Week 6: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 24 week pregnancy symptoms

Gestation of 24 weeks the fetus is large enough. The child can not tumble freely in the uterus, because both of these active games is becoming a bit crowded. But he also plays with the umbilical cord and fetal bladder feels, his familiarity with the outside world is becoming more active - he listens to all the sounds from the outside and responds to your experience. Therefore, pregnant since this term is not recommended too anxious and worried. Pregnancy Week 24 signs of anxiety in the child can be kept to a few hours, during which the baby is anxious pauses, on the contrary it becomes too active.

 24 week pregnancy symptoms

Prenatal development of the baby at 24 weeks of pregnancy

But apart from that a child busy important thing - he continues to accumulate subcutaneous fat brown with a high energy value. Newborns are very sensitive to temperature, their thermoregulation is not perfect, so hypothermia can be potentially dangerous for him. Brown fat releases from the combustion of large amounts of energy that allows you to maintain a constant temperature.

The respiratory system of the fetus is developing more actively, at the ends of the capillaries are formed terminal sacs, alveoli are separated from the thin film. Until then, the oxygen does not enter the bloodstream of the fetus, and from the 24 th week, produced surfactant - surfactant. This material forms a film on the alveolar sacs, however they do not close during respiration. In the last weeks of pregnancy significantly increased the production of surfactant. The child now begins to develop in the direction to live an independent life outside the uterus. Pregnancy 24 week ultrasound examination shows that the growth of a child about 21 cm th. And weighs about 550 grams.

 Pregnancy week 24 ultrasound

Uzi at 24 weeks of pregnancy

Pregnancy week 24 symptoms. Significant weight gain can worsen the state of health of women, increased fatigue, there are headaches, swelling and urinary problems, because the bottom of the uterus now stands above the navel. Comfortable shoes, a foot massage can help relieve fatigue feet. To give them extra rest at night - keep them above the level of the heart. Resting is thus reduced, and leg swelling.

 Pregnancy Week 24

Tummy expectant mother 24 weeks pregnant

It is noted that at this period the probability of premature births higher, especially in the summer months. This is due to a large loss of fluid, and therefore, it is important to maintain an optimal water balance, especially in the warmer months. it is important to know the signs of preterm labor that pregnancy could be maintained. If uterine contractions are repeated more often than five times per hour, starting from the genital tract bleeding - you need to call an ambulance. The danger of premature birth and indicates acute or long-term nagging abdominal pain, discharge of clear fluid from the genital tract, prolonged vomiting and a feeling of pressure in the lower part of the pelvis. The sooner pregnant get professional help, the better the chance to continue the pregnancy.

 Pregnancy Week 24: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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