Pregnancy Week 9

Pregnancy Week 9: signs. The ninth week of pregnancy, the embryo begins to straighten the back, "withers" tail, a disproportionately large head tilted to the chest, it is pressed against the chin. At this stage, there is an intensive development of the brain, the cerebellum starts to form. Also, there is a bookmark of the brain adrenal glands.

 Pregnancy Week 9 - uzi

Pregnancy Week 9 - uzi

Pregnancy Week 9: uzi. In an embryo already formed the eye, but still tight membrane and already have muscles. During this period he begins to move slowly, though his grasp spontaneous movement can only US only. Limbs continue to emerge, and in the palm, very similar to the fins already have a hint of fingers as membrane between them gradually disappear.

 Pregnancy Week 9 - signs

Prenatal development of the baby is 9 week

The placenta delivers food from your child back and return waste products.

If you have a 9 week pregnancy, it is usually in this period the length of the embryo is about 22 to 30mm. Weight - about 4 grams.

 Pregnancy Week 9 - Symptoms

Tummy 9 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy Week 9: symptoms. In the ninth week of pregnancy, many women persists nausea, fatigue, dizziness sometimes occur. Although the figure is still not possible to determine that the woman is pregnant, but she already feels the change - breasts swell and become more sensitive, the hair becomes drier skin - a flat and smooth, can sometimes be yellowish vaginal discharge. Do not worry - this is natural and normal phenomenon during pregnancy. Also at this stage, some women become visible in the form of subcutaneous veins of blue mesh.

 Pregnancy - Week 9: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 Pregnancy Week 4

When pregnancy occurs 4 weeks - is the conversion of the ovum into an embryo that resembles a flat disc. The embryo consists of three germ layers, which are the starting point for the formation of tissues and organs of the child. The inner layer is called endoderm, from it to further develop liver, lungs, digestive system, kidneys and other internal organs. Pregnancy Week 4 signs of it appear in the body of the future mother, the second layer - the mesoderm forms the basis for the muscular and circulatory system, from the mesoderm forms the heart and kidneys. A ectoderm - the outer layer gives rise to the skin, hair, nervous system and tooth enamel. A little later, the cell sheets take their places and begin the formation of the fetal head.

 Pregnancy Week 4 signs

Prenatal development of the baby at week 4

Pregnancy Week 4 symptoms: the laying of all bodies is extremely important during this period and laid extraembryonic organs - chorion, amnion and yolk sac. Because chorionic placenta develops, and from the amnion - fetal bladder. Extraembryonic organs in the diagnosis of pregnancy Week 4 ultrasound examination is still practically inaccessible, even though the doctor had already able to establish the fact of pregnancy.

The woman begins to notice changes in his character. Sometimes mums overly irritable, they will quickly become fatigued. This is due to hormonal changes, also noted the majority of pregnant women in their swelling and hypersensitivity nipple.

 Pregnancy Week 4 uzi

Uzi at 4 weeks of pregnancy

But do not confuse these symptoms with PMS? Month to go to US? There is another solution, at any pharmacy you can buy test kits, which can be used to establish the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin in the blood. Regulations annexed to the test system, will help diagnose at home quickly and reliably high quality. Usually high-quality test systems can be used a few days before the onset of menstruation, but the optimal time for the home diagnosis of a fifth week of pregnancy, at this time, the concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin will be higher.

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy - the most important for the future of the child, it is important to continue to lead the right way of life, often to walk and take vitamins. The rest of the points should be discussed with your doctor.

 Pregnancy - Week 4: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 Pregnancy Week 8

Week 8 Pregnancy symptoms: On the eighth week are beginning to form ears, nose shape is shown and there is the upper lip. Although at this stage of pregnancy the eye continues to be widely planted, they have outlined for ever. Stomach lowered into the peritoneal cavity and is in its place. There is a tab of the salivary glands. If you have a boy, at this stage of pregnancy is the formation of his testicles. US at the end of 8 weeks the embryo allows to distinguish between the head and pelvic ends.

 Week 8 Pregnancy Ultrasound

Uzi 8 weeks pregnant

Week 8 Pregnancy Ultrasound: This pregnancy ultrasound may show the first spontaneous movements of your baby. Already clearly visible fingers and handles that are already starting to bend at the elbows and wrists. Lower limbs develop later. It is also beginning to emerge upper lip, nose and ears. Ends forming heart - 8 week improved partition between its departments. Thus, improved message of this important organ with major blood vessels.

 Week 8 Pregnancy symptoms

Prenatal development of the baby at week 8

If you have 8 weeks of pregnancy, at this stage the length of the fetus from crown to rump is approximately 14-20 mm. Weight - about 3 grams.

Week 8 Pregnancy symptoms: Although this term of the uterus begins to grow, it is not yet visible. A woman may feel faint cramps as before menstruation. Determine the uterus can increase as the gynecologist during the inspection, and you yourself, when you feel that things have become a little bit cramped. The unpleasant symptoms experienced by most women during the first weeks of pregnancy, it's just the body's adjustment to the wave of pregnancy.

 Week 8 Pregnancy symptoms

Tummy 8 weeks pregnant

At this stage of pregnancy when visiting a gynecologist is made up of individual monitoring your pregnancy. At the same time visiting doctors usually depends on the characteristics of the course of your pregnancy.

 Pregnancy - Week 8: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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