Bag to the hospital

Such an important aspect, as the bag in the hospital, does not lose its relevance ever since there were first maternity. Although, frankly, our mothers decide on the list of things that they will need in the hospital, it was much easier. First, the earlier to the maternity hospital was not allowed to take anything from the house, except, perhaps, a toothbrush - everything you need young mothers supplied Hospital. And, secondly, in the stores did not have a similar range, so the problem was not just the selection.

Whether it is now - in any children's store eyes just run away. I would like all at once. And happy parents, forgetting about everything, start to buy up everything that gets in their way. And they begin, of course, with the things that need woman, and child in the maternity hospital. But if the parents do not know exactly what to buy, they can gain a lot of excess, without buying the basic necessities. That's why if you decide to "All time! Putting the bag in a hospital, "Wait a bit, and do not rush immediately to the stores. Otherwise, in case the hospital will become a huge suitcase, half of which is absolutely necessary.

In order to properly collect the bag, well thought of everything. Quietly make a list of needed items, you may need both you and the baby. And we try to help you in this difficult matter. The first thing you need to know - whether he needs a maternity hospital in which you are going to meet with his crumbs necessarily bring any thing. Typically, this happens in the event that a woman gives birth in an ordinary hospital, not a private clinic. Do not need anything? Great. Still, something would have to buy? Also it does not matter - take the list and buy everything you need in strict accordance with the list.

Once you do, you pack everything you need in a single package - it will help avoid the hectic search for desired items on all bags. Next, you need a list of what you need is a baby. And we start the story, of course, with the fact that my mother might need.

Clothing for mom

So, you're going to the maternity hospital. And the first thing to do - is to take care of the clothes. The most convenient way, you will be in a nightgown and a free bathrobe. Some mothers prefer to take to the hospital tracksuit. However, often frustrated, and the first day of households are asked to bring all of the same gown. I explained all this is very simple - in the hospital, doctors often examine the women. And in a dressing gown is much more comfortable than in a tracksuit.

Further, care should be taken sneakers. Of course, soft and cozy slippers look extremely attractive. But do not forget that no matter how wonderful was not the maternity hospital, it still remains a medical institution. Therefore, the need to comply with health standards should not be forgotten - you need to buy slippers washable.

And, by the way, this shoe is a requirement of most maternity hospitals. Ideally, it would take two pairs of slippers - one of them for the soul. It is not necessary to write off the fungus - it is very insidious and more likely to lie in wait for unsuspecting young mothers in the shower stall. You do not want to spoil yourself this important stage of your life, like the birth of a child, banal unpleasant fungus?

Do not forget about underwear. In that case, if you go to the maternity hospital a little before the expected delivery date, you need to bring a few pairs of clean underwear. Well, in that case, if you go to the maternity hospital already in labor, be sure to grab a few packs with postpartum disposable panties - you will certainly appreciate this invention of mankind. Usually wearing ordinary underwear after birth in most maternity hospitals not practiced. However, against the disposable underwear doctors usually do not protest.

Do not forget about socks. Be sure to grab a few pairs with as cotton and warmer. And regardless of the season. It may well be that they do not need you. However, better let them prolezhat around in your bag than you freeze.

Be sure to purchase a special bra for breastfeeding women. It is much more convenient when feeding the baby and racking than usual. If for any reason you can not buy it, choose the most simple cotton bra, with the fewest number of seam.

And another important point in the choice of clothing to be considered. After delivery, you will inevitably be bleeding. And the seepage of milk can be very annoying young mom. And it is possible that the clothing could be irreparably damaged. Therefore, experienced moms do not recommend to buy specifically for maternity hospital overly expensive things.

 bag for hospital

Personal hygiene products for Mom

So, with clothes all more or less clear. Now is the time to take care of personal care products. Be sure to treat this matter carefully - often in the maternity ward woman discovers forgotten anything. We offer you a rough list, which you can adjust to suit your own needs:

  • Toothpaste and brush
  • Hairbrush and rubber bands or clips, if you have long hair

With flowing hair you will be very uncomfortable. When selecting elastics and barrettes remember that you have to spend a lot of time lying down. So, the gum should be soft enough.

  • The usual cosmetic means

Put makeup the means by which you are used to on a daily basis. But note that the hospital is extremely undesirable to take the funds that have a strong pungent odor.

  • Shampoo and hair conditioner
  • Wipes

Wipes - very handy thing. Therefore, even if in everyday life you do not use them in a maternity hospital is to take a pack. Most preferably buy unscented wipes.

  • Postnatal pads

Until recently, almost all maternity hospitals, doctors forbade women to use after delivery gaskets. Fortunately, today the situation has changed. So buy any special postpartum pads or usual for night use, it has a great absorbency. And do not skimp on them - buy 3 - 4 packs.

  • Cotton pads
  • Chest pads
  • Two towels - one bath, and the other - hand

Similar gaskets often women are simply neglected. And a very good reason - when on the second - the third day you will have milk, you can really appreciate them. These pads are not only insure you against leakage of milk and stains, but also on the injury to the teats of the fabric of her bra.

  • Shaver

Moreover, it is worth taking, even if you have all the necessary procedures carried out at home. Hair grows very fast, and within a 2 - 3 days, he will need you again.

  • Laxatives candles with glycerol

Constipation - this is a problem faced by most women in the first days after the appearance of a baby into the world. Of course, not the fact that you come across this problem. But wiser still insure and buy laxatives candles. Buy them at any pharmacy without a prescription.

  • Breast and nipple cream

Breastfeeding - the best for the baby. However, in the first days after the milk appears, the woman may experience significant discomfort - engorgement, cracked nipples. So be sure to take with you to the hospital breast, chest pads and a healing cream for the nipples. Although it is possible to replace the usual sea buckthorn oil. In that case, if the expectant mother inverted nipples, it will not interfere with feeding pad.

 when going to the hospital bag

Other things for mom

In addition to personal care a woman in the hospital may need the following things:

  • Mobile phone

Do not forget in a hurry to take a mobile phone and charging him. It's a shame will be if at the wrong time the battery is discharged. By the way - if you're planning to take a laptop and take care to put the charger us0troystvo.

  • Camera

Fortunately, today there is a camera in almost every family. Be sure to grab it with him to the hospital - you will be able to perpetuate the first minutes, hours and days of the life of your crumbs. Again - do not forget the charger.

  • Cash

As a rule, in the nursing home money to anything but carry a certain amount of it is still necessary. Just in case. No one knows when they may need.

  • Dishes

Do not forget about the dishes - bring a cup, a spoon and a bowl.

  • Documentation

It is mandatory to put in a bag such important documents like passport, exchange card of the pregnant, health insurance policy, and birth certificate. Of course, the absence of these documents may result in failure to take you to the hospital with contractions. However, it makes more sense to check the availability of documents, thus facilitating their lives.

What is needed baby?

We cook whatever you need in the hospital? So, it's time to take care of that baby and prepare all necessary.

  • Clothing for babies

Be sure to check in advance that allowed to bring out of the house in a particular nursing home, as well as the fact whether swaddled babies, or immediately allowed to wear pants and sliders. In the event that swaddled babies in the hospital, as a rule, diapers for young mothers to be. Yet with a grab at least a dozen, depending on the season - warm and subtle. Well, in that case, if permitted clothes, you need to buy 10 blouses and 10 sliders. And it's a given that you will be using disposable diapers. Otherwise, the number of clothes is greatly increased. Very frustrating when clothes suddenly end.

  • Hygiene products

It makes more sense to buy disposable diapers. Most pack not worth buying, but also a little may not be enough. Therefore, buy a pack of mean - you have left should be about 60 diapers. Along with diapers buy a pack of wet wipes designed for the youngest children. Of course, they will not notice the water, but they can make life easier for my mother.

  • Night light

The list of necessary things required to enable small nightlight. As a rule, in a hospital room provided only a bright light. And your baby will probably be waking up during the night. And when glare is hit in the eye, the kid will be worried. And here is useful and dim night light, which does not create any discomfort for the mother or for the baby.

Time to go home!

The first few days of life the baby will fly fast enough. And you'll need to extract stuff - both for mother and for the baby. All this is necessary to prepare in advance to a happy dad did not confused. However, like everything else. Very often women are asked about what term to collect the bag. Someone starts to do it very early, while others procrastinate, thinking "have time, I will gather." Experienced mothers are advised to prepare everything necessary about 36 weeks. Bags should be in a prominent place, not in a hurry to spend time searching.

 Bag to the hospital