ways to fall in love with her husband


  • Taking care of yourself favorite
  • Changing behavior without changing yourself

It often happens that over time relations in the couple come to a standstill, and the woman as the guardian of the family hearth begins to think about how to bring back old feelings and how to fall in love with her husband.

 Tips for a man in love
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Taking care of yourself favorite

The first thing to do is to pay attention to their appearance and attractiveness.

It is known that men love with their eyes, and it can be used.

First you need to change the wardrobe - to remove all the gray, dark, baggy, and instead buy something bright and erotic. It is strictly forbidden to walk home with her husband in a crumpled, ragged and unkempt clothing. In the wardrobe of home clothes also need to restore the revision.

It is advisable to slightly change your hairstyle. Since ancient times believed that a woman's hair symbolizes sexuality, which is why nuns and oriental beauties walking around with his head covered. You can dye your hair in a completely different color and, of course, neat haircut.

More time should be given to your body. Do sports, go to the beauty salon, solarium.

After a defined appearance, can cause a little jealousy, for example, to gather one evening to her friend, and the dress as a date. In fact, to go to her friend and be honest about it to her husband. However, the problem lies in the fact that he would be in doubt. As the man on the nature of the conqueror, such intrigue will awaken in him such an instinct.

 do not be afraid to experiment in bed
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Changing behavior without changing yourself

The next step will be to attempt to try to change behavior, remaining oneself. In fact, it's simple. If you've called him endlessly, now take a break, let the first call. Conversely, if you never showed an interest, they did not recognize where he is at any given moment, it can be a couple of times a day to ask.

It is not true inference that only women love to chat. Men also like to talk. Try to be not just a talker, and sincerely interested in what your husband says. This may even have to learn their interests, see a couple of TV shows or even learn the scope of its activities. Any man nice to see next to a wise woman. In the understanding of most intelligent woman - it is not necessarily a woman with a higher education, and one that can maintain a conversation with him on interesting topics and tell him something that his sincere interest. No need to lazy to read the news, interesting books, or you can mutilation unusual, but not be limited to women's articles and television programs. By following these recommendations, you will always have something to talk about.

Remember the last time you laughed together. Invite your husband on a merry comedy in the theater or cinema. Laughter unites.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and the truth of the proverb has not been canceled. Cook unusual dishes, surprise a loved beautiful serving table and a delicious dinner. Unusual goodies can be alternated with his favorite dishes.

And the last important detail - is sex. Do not be afraid to experiment and be proactive. For a man intimate part of life it is more important than for a woman. And we must not forget.

The universal answer to the question of how to fall in love with her husband, hard to find, but worth a try. In most cases, the stability of the relationship depends on the woman, so do not give up, try and you will succeed.

 How to restore relationships and fall in love with her husband



  • No one is immune
  • A new stage in life
  • How not to repeat the mistakes
  • Explain the beginning of a new relationship the child

Walking, romantic evenings, flowers, kisses, oaths of eternal love, marriage, plans for the future ... A typical starting point for any marriage. Creating a family, none of the couples do not think about the possibility of divorce. Everyone hopes to live a long and happy life together to overcome difficulties, to raise children, care for each other. But cracks in the relationship is inevitable, and sometimes through the fault of both the crack becomes a chasm. Time passes, and looking at the relationship, people are not aware that their two associates. They disappeared somewhere and feelings, passion and love. I do not get to live happily ever after. It comes to divorce.

 Try to explain to your child the reasons for divorce
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No one is immune

Is immune from this, no, even the happy couple. Some of divorce are resolved quickly. We sat down and talked, decided to divorce. Others live for years with the "other" person in the marriage. Endure-slyubitsya there sovret one here would say nothing else. Like married one loves, the second allows himself to love and live their lives. Divorce spirit is not enough, pity, habit. Divorce is ultimately inevitable in this situation. Matter of time.

So, the husband left. Of course, to go through a divorce is much harder than part with a man to whom she felt a love.

Divorce - is primarily broken plans and hopes, misplaced confidence to the nearest person.

Often the cause - a betrayal, a betrayal. For the self-confidence is a difficult test. Inside the emptiness in my head a lot festering issues. Divorce or go to great lengths to save the family? If you have a child, how to minimize the damage to it, grow it a full, harmonious personality? How to build unmarried life after experiencing a divorce, it is not easy to overcome the consequences and open for a new relationship?

According to statistics, the divorce rate is high, more than 58%. Surviving a lot easier for those who find the strength to immediately start a new life, to say goodbye to the past, instead of what was, to accept the new.   If you are not one of them, well, then you will come in handy a few tips on how to overcome depression after experiencing divorce, learn how to live and enjoy life, to love and again that the most important and difficult to learn to trust a man again. Woman's life may be marred and two, and three divorces, cases are different, and it must be overcome.

Get rid of negative energy

To start a full needs a splash of negative emotions and energy. To fill the void that appeared in your soul after a broken relationship, it should fill a very different energy. you should let part of yourself, "cheer", plenty to cry, to experience this stress. The other part of you is to get freedom to live the future. Surviving divorce - is how to survive a serious illness, but not the body is sick, sick soul, and thank you for it - the first doctor. Think about what will suit you the most, to strengthen your psihoimunnuyu system to regain harmony.

Getting rid of the negative energy you can reprimand someone. Let it be one person who knows how to listen, to give wise counsel, and to regret you can always find someone. Do not hesitate to visit a few training sessions, for example, aimed at personal development and increased self-esteem, showing how easily and with less loss to cope with stressful situations. With the support easier to overcome any experience. Paint, sing, engage in any creative work that will bring you joy. Listen to your favorite music.

Do not forget about your body, be sure to fulfill His requirements. Do not stop there, eat well, even when a piece in the throat does not climb. But seizing the "mountain" is not necessary, the probability that it makes you feel better, is close to zero. A small charge in the morning partly frees your mind, give muscle tone, respectively, you'll feel less overwhelmed. What you're alive, the sooner will come back to normal and become to enjoy life. Force yourself to move, even if you really do not want to.

Remember the social life, which still requires your participation. Try to communicate with friends and family more than allow themselves to normal. Take all of your leisure time, go to the movies, exhibitions, shopping, discos, where your heart desires. Strive to all that require emotional and physical activity. Arrange for yourself a shake, it is useful and necessary. Do it often.

 forgive her ex-husband

Forgive her former partner

Resentment - it is a very serious obstacle on the path to personal happiness and spiritual harmony. And only a truly forgive someone who has offended you, you can be happy. Surely in your past life together was a lot of good things that you have in common. Think of them all, that's exactly what you can today to thank my former partner. Do not keep a grudge, anger, and negative memories, it can be very bad for the health of both mental and physical. Release of the former with calm and good thoughts, I'm sorry for all the insults, the pain that he caused you.

All this is now far behind. "Clean" itself, leaving only the good memories. Forgive the offender will be easier if you understand and what is wrong is given to everyone, there are no perfect people. Rather, it is now too difficult and he is also, to some extent experiencing mental discomfort. Just a man, it means to show mercy and love, even to someone who does not deserve it. Often it is very difficult, but to learn to forgive, to live will become much easier.

Release the past

Being married to a loved one, you probably often dreamed you had plans for the future. Even after breaking up you will feel that losing a loved one, you have lost the future, remember - it's not! Many women believe that everything that they once dreamed together, striving for, is now meaningless. And then you are wrong again! Your destiny is now in your hands, you decide what to strive for and what to plan. Think of the person you are because surely some of his dreams, which has not been given to become a part of your overall plan. Maybe what your plans were contrary to the plan of your former partner and your dreams seemed to him absurd. Now there is a chance to make those dreams a reality. And there's a great chance for your future, you want to build, not looking back, and without much regret and feelings.

Confident in the future

Direct the flow of your thoughts into a bright future. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in five years. Try to see yourself this way you want - a happy, successful, powerful and beloved woman. Think of all the details. It is your ideal life, though so far only in dreams. If the whole day to think about the bad, constantly feeling sorry for yourself and cornering, causing irritation and depression, it would only attract negative events. Get yourself under control as soon as the notice bad thoughts in your head, begin to dream about their ideal life. The more often you do it, the more likely that all will come to pass. The thought is material.

Believe in yourself, then you will believe in the surrounding. Love yourself, then you will fall in love all around. This simple truth is the best motivation for certain actions, which should change the life of the woman spoiled divorce. It is necessary to begin with himself all changes for the better, to try for myself and fight for their happy future and not wait on others understanding and compassion. Do not be afraid to make new mistakes, mistakes - it's an experience is the same as your previous marriage. Remove from divorce lesson, take matters into your own hands. You will succeed.
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A new stage in life

It sounds ridiculous, but among men there is a strong opinion that a woman after a divorce turns into a "hunter" dream quickly to find a new and chosen to marry him myself. In fact, women who have experienced divorce, build a new relationship can be very difficult. After the divorce is usually a desire to shut out the people from the outside world. I do not want anyone to see and hear.

Woman becomes extremely sensitive and vulnerable, because the one to whom it is the most trusted, was a traitor. And betrayal does not always mean just changing. Treason - is when the native people moved away, no longer experience the mutual feeling, stopped to appreciate his wife. When delivered the closest a woman after a divorce begins to wait for impact from all its associates. It is best to close all than to experience a feeling of resentment and frustration again. Usually this period lasts from one to one and a half years.

This period runs. Woman blooms again, rejoices at her reflection in the mirror. Self-esteem comes back to normal, and there is hope that all is not lost. Again I want to meet again, dating and relationships. And rightly so, life goes on. Meet new people can be more successful and happier than those who remained in the past. Past family life, like litmus paper, showed all the strengths and weaknesses of the spouses. After the divorce, the woman knows exactly with what the shortcomings of their chosen future it can not accept, what to look out for.

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How not to repeat the mistakes

What is the strategy of searching for a new partner to take advantage of that future relations have become happy, you decide. The first option is self-critical - of the change, and then begin the search for a new partner. But you should know that globally change the structure of his personality can not be a different person, you will not be able to become. Perhaps only retouch common psychological portrait of personality, and the basic features of your temperament to remain unchanged. Because change must first priorities in your personal life and attitudes towards the individual partner.

The second option is more realistic - nothing in itself does not change, just find someone who will accept you for who you are, to get along with the features of your personality and disadvantages. In both cases, the search for a new partner after a divorce is like to work on the bugs. In the first case, a woman corrects these errors in itself and in the second eliminates the shortcomings of the external environment.

A woman who used to defend his point of view, its independence, and again will select the soft-bodied and infantile men. Women who are accustomed to depend on men, especially in need of protection and try to find a family to build a man of strong character, sometimes even a tyrant, transforming her life in the colony. It is clear that long after the divorce the woman again craves affection, attention and care. It is important to look closely to his chosen one, not to rush into the pool with his head.

Remember that particularly repelled you in a relationship with the previous partner, what character traits and behaviors unacceptable to you. Make sure that under the guise of your new life partner is not hidden a copy of the man who brought you so much suffering and whose fault you went through a divorce. Start a new relationship without reviewing all the mistakes of the past - it is an empty and meaningless idea, doomed to a bitter ending. You need to change the vital guidelines to slightly revise them, otherwise you will begin to re-build the model of the family, which first broke.

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Explain the beginning of a new relationship the child

There is a myth that a woman who was a child from a previous marriage, to marry again is almost impossible. This is nothing more than a myth, in a divorce there is nothing fatal, even when there are children.

If you have a child, the beginning of a new relationship gives rise to serious experience - need to explain the appearance in his life of the new man. First, do not let your child know about a new relationship, before they become serious. The problem lies in the fact that, having become acquainted with your new partner, the child is likely to become attached emotionally to it pretty quickly. And if your relationship will not develop, the child can be quite painful to experience it all. If history is repeated several times and will become very common, the child will be closed and will reject any man will appear in your life.

 The difficulties of divorce how to overcome them