causes of urolithiasis


  • Symptoms
  • Stones or sand in the bladder
  • Prevention of urolithiasis

Stones in any internal organs in humans - this phenomenon is very unpleasant, painful and dangerous to health. Those who themselves have experienced this disease, exactly agree with this statement. This is truly a tremendous discomfort, which, among other things, is associated with a very high risk to life.

For example, stones in the bladder. Symptoms of this disease is hardly familiar to those who have not experienced them. How to understand the man in the street that have accumulated in the bladder foreign bodies? What are the basic features one can understand that he does have bladder stones?
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Each disease has its own distinctive features, features which are so-called "caveats" in order to see a doctor, begin to worry about his health. Of course, it is better not to bring the situation to the extreme. But we all know that it is not always possible.

So how do you still understand that accumulated in the bladder are hated and unwanted stones? It should be noted that at a very early stage (and subsequent) urolithiasis rarely pretends to be some bright or obvious signs. Still, some signals can understand.

So, special attention should be required to pay on the way and what the characteristics of such an important process takes place as urination. It's a whole lot can tell you about the state of health of the patient.

In the presence of stones in the bladder will be a number of signs. For example, it may be such a feature as the breaking of a jet. Man can not continue the process of getting rid of urine as long as you change position. Also spray may snapped, and it will continue, or very difficult, or even impossible.

Blood in the urine - is another serious and alarming symptom. This may indicate a number of diseases. And of urolithiasis as well.

Another sign of bladder stones - it's pretty active abdominal pain. All this may be accompanied by discomfort and painful erections in men. In some cases, the pain may be partially revoked in the hips, back, waist.

In the most serious cases, urination becomes impossible. The only option, specifically the position in which you can "relieve" - ​​a lying position. Still, it is not necessary to bring yourself and your body to such extremes.

So, if there is at least one of the previously mentioned symptoms, you should immediately contact a specialist for examination.

If there are two or more attributes, then the situation becomes dangerous at all. As for the doctor, you need to apply to such a specialist as a urologist.

However, the story would be incomplete without mention of other aspects related to this disease.

 holding a cystoscopy
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Stones or sand in the bladder

It should be noted that the bladder can have as whole stones and sand. However, they may be formed directly on the site, and can "roam" from the kidneys. In the future, this will depend on the treatment. Selects whether or treatment by excision or treatment by crushing. But first things first.

Many are concerned about the causes of this disease. Thus, it often appears due to the presence in the body salts that are not capable to dissolve. Over time, they accumulate and make themselves known.

Another important factor - it's age. This is exactly the situation when a person from the little that depends. This may also include the factor of heredity. If one of the parents at the time was urolithiasis, that is a substantial likelihood that a child in the future will inherit this disease. However, it can not be said clearly.

Inflammatory processes, and some deviations of the urinary system may also provoke bladder stones - and treatment techniques, however, this will not change.

The main survey, which will help to identify the presence of disease described - is cystoscopy. This examination of the bladder using a special equipment. In addition, the general will have to take urine and blood samples.

As for treatment, it all depends on the severity of the disease. On this basis the doctor prescribes appropriate therapy. For example, this happens even that small stones out of the cavity of the bladder due to the active fluid intake and diet. But this is very rare. But usually assigned surgery.

In addition to this may be used and some traditional methods. Well to use beet juice, celery, cucumber, birch and onion juice. But in any case it should not become the only method of treatment, you should not rely solely on herbal teas and juices.

 prevention of urolithiasis
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Prevention of urolithiasis

No wonder it is considered that prevention - this is the best treatment. It is always much easier and wiser to prevent disease than to a long and painful struggle with it, to suffer the inconvenience. By the way, if a person has once been stones, there is a risk that they occur again, even if the operation was carried out. That is why is take care of yourself, take some measures for the prevention of bladder stones.

So experts advise to completely give up bad habits such as drinking, smoking and other tobacco use.

It is, and stick to the diet. No need to get carried away fried, smoked, fat and other "harmful" products. It is necessary to normalize the regime and the use of water. On the day you need to drink about 1-2 liters of fluid. Thus it should be a regular drinking water.

In addition, from time to time have to undergo preventive examination by a trained urologist, do not forget to take urine and blood samples.

With prevention it is possible to avoid further disease or relapse. And if it fails, it will not be for so heavy as it would be without prophylaxis.

It remains only to wish health and the absence of any problems in the bladder, the treatment of it at the right time and prevention - is the key to good physical health, and with it the mood.

 How to recognize urolithiasis?

 causes of bartholinitis


  • What is bartholinitis?
  • Symptoms of the disease and its causes
  • Treatment bartholinitis

What bartholinitis? Home treatment possible, or necessarily required to be in the hospital? What kind of disease as it occurs? With some research is diagnosed, what tests need to pass that there was adequate therapy? Such questions are asked by those who had to deal with the disease.

Just to warn: self bartholinitis dangerous to health.

If the disease goes into a chronic form, then get rid of it would be quite difficult.

In most cases, chronic bartholinitis treated with surgery, during which the gland has to be removed completely.
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What is bartholinitis?

Bartolini - a purulent process, during which the output in the Bartholin gland there is an acute inflammation. Bartholin gland - an organ that is located at the entrance of the vagina, in the back third. The function of the prostate is part selection lubricant to facilitate the passage of intercourse. If you get through the ducts of pathogens in the secretion produced by glands, they begin to actively proliferate. The fatty substance is a favorable environment for the growth of pathogens. During the active breeding of pathogens out of the gland becomes blocked, there is abscess - an abscess.

At the site of inflammation appears tumor - cystic formation or false cyst. Sometimes it swells to the size of a hen's egg. The inflammatory process spreads very quickly. From the time of infection and inflammation before, resulting in the blockage of the gland extends no more than 4-5 days.

The disease most often develops on one side. But sometimes purulent process starts occurs in both ducts, from two sides simultaneously.

Men bartholinitis does not happen, as there are no Bartholin gland.

 Symptoms bartholinitis
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Symptoms of the disease and its causes

Most often bartholinitis cause infections, sexually transmitted diseases, so-called STDs. The causative agents of these infections - trichomonas, gonorrhea, chlamydia.

But this does not mean that if there is no sexually transmitted diseases, the inflammation of the Bartholin gland can be considered a fully insured. The causes of the disease are:

  • hypothermia;
  • immunity drop for any reason;
  • thrush or candidiasis;
  • getting into the duct cancer E. coli;
  • surgical intervention;
  • failure to comply with hygiene rules.

The emergence of itching in this area is typical in cases where the intimate hygiene is not observed. And combing the groin area can infect the Bartholin gland. Inflammation can occur not only women who are sexually active, but a little girl.

Understand that this is bartholinitis can be the characteristic symptoms:

  • swelling in the labia;
  • its redness;
  • Seal in the lip;
  • pain, especially in a sitting position, which can be as dull and periodicals;
  • the formation of cysts or pus.

Gynecologist to diagnose bartholinitis enough visual inspection and palpation. Further research to determine the disease is not required.

The primary symptoms of the disease can be attached and secondary, which in its manifestation is not different from the usual picture of the flow in the body necrotic processes.

General weakness, dizziness, may have a fever and lymph nodes increase. And not only in the appearance of an abscess.

Suppurative disease so dreadful that substances secreted by pathogenic organisms that are carried through the bloodstream and may cause complications related to virtually all body systems: nervous, motor and others.

If diagnosed in time bartholinitis - forecast recovery is favorable. Complications may only give the disease, the cause of which was infected with gonorrhea.

In order to identify the causative agent, necessarily takes a gynecologist discharge for analysis. Treatment is prescribed on the basis of its results.

 bartholinitis treatment of folk remedies
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Treatment bartholinitis

If, during treatment, the patient is at home, he has to comply with bed rest, and sexual rest. Effective therapy is prescribed only after the detection of the pathogen.

Depending on the result of the analysis prescribed antibiotics that can be taken orally or administered by injection. Relieve pain by anesthetic which internally administered or applied in the form of ointments, analgesics for the area of ​​inflammation. Along with the antibiotics prescribed baths with soda, sodium iodide or packs with various ointments, for example, or ichthyol Vishnevsky. It is necessary to ensure that an abscess was discovered. In this case, the pain will recede.

If the cyst itself is not revealed, it is necessary to resort to surgery, which is carried out in laboratory conditions and under local anesthesia.

Once the pus removed, therapy aimed at the speedy healing of damaged tissue.

Self-open and squeeze out the contents of the abscess is strictly prohibited. There is a risk of spread of infection throughout the body. Furthermore, one can disrupt the functioning of Bartholin's gland.

Application recipes of traditional medicine without antibiotics meaningless. Herbs can be connected after removing the acute process to accelerate the healing of the affected area. In this case, the effective bath with chamomile, oak bark, and a succession of eucalyptus. The wound will be tightened quickly if it regularly apply a poultice of aloe juice and kalanchoe.

Treatment of chronic inflammation of Bartholin's gland is carried out in stages:

  • Appointed by heat treatments, herbal baths, compresses, aimed at the removal of inflammation.
  • At the same time we treat with antibiotics.

Typically, the process fails to stop festering.

In cases where this method does not help and inflammation occur regularly, it is necessary to remove Bartholin gland.

In order to avoid any recurrence of the disease, it is necessary to take preventive measures. These include the administration of drugs that enhance the immune system, and personal hygiene.

Despite the fact that the treatment of the disease is the same as the standard therapy, which is assigned in the event of any festering diseases such as boils, before you start treatment, you need to visit a doctor. At home, it is impossible to identify the causative agent, and without this treatment would be ineffective. If bartholinitis caused due to infection with sexually produced, it will first have to get rid of it.

 Is it possible to cure bartholinitis at home?