causes increased testosterone in women


  • The value of testosterone in women
  • Causes and signs of increased testosterone
  • Methods of Treatment

Testosterone - a hormone that has both male and female body involved in the normalization of the many human organs. It is produced in the testes of men and ovaries of women in part in the adrenal cortex. The amount of testosterone depends on the age of the man from the state of his body, from the occupation and the time of day. A man, he ensures a high sexual activity, strength and endurance.
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The value of testosterone in women

Women - responsible for libido and regulating fat and muscle mass, bone formation and prevention of osteoporosis. Furthermore, in females, testosterone helps maintain normal energy level body. One of the causes of chronic fatigue - that decrease the amount of this hormone. Decreased testosterone occurs in women, vegetarians and those who follow a low-carb diet. Decreased testosterone levels may also signal hysteromyoma, endometriosis, osteoporosis, breast cancer, and so forth. The low rate of this hormone in women is the norm in the period of menopause.

 Yoga for the normalization of testosterone levels in women
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Causes and signs of increased testosterone

Elevated testosterone occurs in women more often than men. In medicine it is called hyperandrogenism. Recognize the symptoms of high testosterone levels is quite simple. In women, the menstrual cycle is broken and perhaps the lack of ovulation. High testosterone - the cause of infertility. As a result of high testosterone levels also raises the risk of diabetes and complications of childbirth, disturbed sleep.

Signs of hyperandrogenism are hair loss and a manifestation of male qualities of character: aggressiveness, striving for leadership, ambition. Are beginning to grow hair on the face, back, arms, fingers. The skin becomes oily and acne prone, and voice - low. The female figure becomes masculine shape. Such women are more prone to alcohol abuse and gambling. The clitoris may grow and grow over the labia.

The reasons for the increased testosterone levels in women are hyperactive adrenal cortex work, poor diet, genetic predisposition or different tumors.

Pregnancy increases the level of this hormone, which is the norm. Maximum performance is achieved by the third semester of pregnancy. There must be strict control over the level of testosterone, as its high rate can cause a missed abortion.

How to lower testosterone in women?

 Treating high testosterone
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Methods of Treatment

Treat the disease is easier in the beginning of its development.

First, you need to consult a doctor-gynecologist and take the direction to the analysis of testosterone. His pass for 6-7 days of the menstrual cycle. Before the analysis can not eat anything 12 hours, exercise, smoking, drinking only water.

The rate of testosterone in adult women - 0, 45-3, 75 nmol / L. If the hormone is really high, then the doctor will prescribe medication. The most common treatment is carried out in women following medications: Diana 35, diethylstilbestrol, cyproterone, dexamethasone, and digostinom. In no case do not perform self-treatment hormonal preparations. This is very dangerous and can lead to side effects. In the case of successful treatment of testosterone levels back to normal, but constant monitoring is important because of its content, since after the cessation of drug treatment, he may begin to rise again.

Dieting also reduces the level of testosterone, thus it is necessary to increase estrogen. To do this, eat more foods rich in female hormones. For example, soy products, apples, cherries, rice and wheat.

Testosterone can be reduced if use as a vegetable oil, meat and fried potatoes, vegetables, sugar, cream, one cup of coffee and 3 grams of salt per day.

Treatment of folk remedies used as a method of reducing the level of testosterone in the body. Certain herbs reduce the amount of male hormones. These include: Vitex sacred, evening primrose, angelica, licorice root, root of Marin.

Yoga - a very effective and fun way to help reduce testosterone in women.

The man reaches physical and spiritual harmony, and, as a consequence, lead to the purification of the body of toxins, self-regulation of all its organs, and elimination of the existing variances, restore hormonal balance. It is necessary to constantly train and improve their technique to achieve a positive result and fix it.

Sports are very useful. Also recommend to engage in yoga Pilates 3-4 times a week. However, elevated levels of testosterone necessary to avoid excessive weight training, so as not to provoke excessive muscle growth.

Acupuncture also helps to reduce the level of testosterone. Punctures thin needles can improve the body's energy exchange, increase estrogen and lower testosterone.

Testosterone - a very important thing for the female body. Excess and deficiency of the hormone can cause serious health problems. It is necessary to be screened at health centers, regularly visit the gynecologist and endocrinologist, not to miss the onset of dangerous diseases.

 Methods for the treatment of high levels of testosterone in women

 natural phytoestrogens during menopause


  • Foods containing phytoestrogens
  • The positive influence of phytoestrogens

Climax - not the best period in a woman's life. Menopause signals the extinction of the functions of the reproductive system that occur with age.

The body begins to rebuild, the number of female sex hormones is reduced, and all of this affects the general condition of the woman.

Many in menopause become restless, irritable, depressed, felt hot flashes and nerves become aggravated chronic diseases. Many women, faced with menopause, wondering about the drug, which would help them to eliminate the risk of complications associated with menopause. In addition to hormones, can find a means of natural origin.

Phytoestrogens - herbal drugs that have estrogen-properties. They are not hormones and only have an effect on the body, similar to the female sex hormones - estrogens. During menopause decreases the amount of estrogen, which in turn leads to disruption of lipid metabolism, the formation of "bad" cholesterol, the leaching of calcium from the bones, weakening of the immune system. Admission phytoestrogens during menopause safe. They do not violate hormones and stabilizes it thanks to its natural properties.

After receiving these drugs easier symptoms of menopause, there remains a fast metabolism and slows down the aging process, improves mood, no nervousness, depression, apathy. Exposure to a phytoestrogen is much weaker than estrogen. For example, they inhibit the growth of hormone-dependent tumors, in contrast to estrogen.

 beans with phytoestrogens
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Foods containing phytoestrogens

  • Legumes and cereals: soy, oats, wheat, rice, barley, flax, lentils, alfalfa.
  • Fruits and vegetables: pomegranates, apples, carrots.
  • Drinks: beer, bourbon, green tea, red wine.

Phytoestrogens are found in vegetable oils: coconut, olive, palm, soy, as well as in the juices of certain herbs: calendula, plantain, arnica, chamomile.

Certain fungi contain these substances, which are in active and inactive state.

Scientists estimate that if every day a woman will eat 64 grams of foods that contain phytoestrogens, in order to maintain the tone of the body and the prevention of disease caused by deficiency of female sex hormones, it will be enough.

On the basis of phytoestrogens provide drugs, dietary supplements, which correct disorders associated with menopause.

For example, it is BAD "Doppelgerts asset Menopause." This product contains soy isoflavone (chemical composition similar to estradiol), calcium, vitamin D3, vitamin B, which are necessary for carbohydrate metabolism. Contraindications such preparation can be individual intolerance components, pregnancy and lactation.

Before using any biologically active supplements should consult with a physician.

Tsimitsifuti extract is part of the "Klimaksan", "Qi-climate", "Klimaktoplana", "Klimadinona." Red clover extract contains feminal and clover and soybeans are included in femivell. These drugs can be used in mild climacteric syndrome. Phytoestrogens positive effect on bone but does not reduce the incidence of fractures can.

These drugs do not cause side effects if properly applied.

 fruit with phytoestrogens
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The positive influence of phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogens act like weak estrogens. According to various studies, the effect of phytoestrogens provide the following:

  • prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system: fat metabolism is regulated by isoflavones
  • prevention of osteoporosis: calcium and phosphorus absorbed through phytoestrogens, thereby decreasing the likelihood of bone fractures,
  • drug and antidepressant menopause: reduced intensity and frequency of hot flashes, normalizes blood pressure, which further leads to a beneficial sleep
  • Strengthening immunity: antiviral and antimicrobial action, thus the female body is protected from infection,
  • antitumor effect: the regular intake of soy reduced the incidence of tumors of the colon, skin, mammary glands.

In chronic inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract slows down the activation of the isoflavones in the gut, in the case of phytoestrogens will not be effective. This also applies to situations where the lack of fiber in the diet, and is dominated by fatty foods.

Development of pathological conditions characteristic of the climacteric syndrome, it is impossible to prevent the use of only dietary supplements that contain phytoestrogens.

An integrated approach - namely, physical activity, a balanced diet, positive emotions, high vitality and phytoestrogen supplementation significantly enhance mood and improve well-being during menopause.

 Phytoestrogens guard women's health!