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  • Signs of trichomonas in women
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Trichomonas - which the association may have an ordinary person at this word? It is not difficult to guess that this is a medical illness. Its name - trichomoniasis.

Trichomoniasis - rather unpleasant illness as any disease. But he especially disliked the fact that is relevant to the human reproductive system.

Such illnesses have long assumed this scourge from which to get rid of a problem. How to recognize the presence of trichomonas in women?

 signs of the disease
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Signs of trichomonas in women

First you need to understand what is this disease is, and only then to talk about its main symptoms. As already mentioned, it is sexually transmitted. The causative agent is a Trichomonas vaginalis. In women, it is, as the name implies, a negative effect on the vagina. Men also suffer from prostate and urinary system.

Trichomoniasis can be infected during unprotected sex with a carrier of the disease. This particularly at risk are not only those who neglect contraception, but often change sexual partners. Infection usually occurs during vaginal sex. But in rare cases it can happen during anal, and oral. In extremely rare cases, can be infected through personal hygiene: towels, sponge for washing the body and so on. But such cases very little.

What are the signs and symptoms of trichomoniasis in women? It is time to consider the first of the obvious symptoms. Thus, Trichomonas and its symptoms. First observed specific vaginal discharge. They are a frothy or watery which have a yellowish or whitish color. As for the smell, it is often present harsh and very unpleasant "aroma", which it is impossible not to pay attention. Some of the women can confuse this with thrush. Such cases are quite common.

Symptoms in women does not end there. A picture supplements itching and burning in the vagina. When urinating necessarily be quite painful sensation, and desires to themselves Urinating become unreasonably frequent, strong and intense.

Changing views of themselves and the genitals in women. They strongly blush, irritation and severe inflammation. There is discomfort during sexual intercourse, as well as at rest and in motion, such as walking. By the way, the symptoms of Trichomonas more pronounced in women than in men.

It is believed that it is quite simple venereal disease, but it is not so. The thing is that it behaves very few symptoms and implicit, and therefore many people do not attach importance to the first "signals". But the danger lies in the fact that not so much afraid of the disease, as the consequences and complications that it can for a cause. Among the complications of the menstrual cycle, the various problems of "the female" and the worst thing, infertility. Therefore, it is important to start early treatment. What it is it can be?

 Diagnosis of the disease
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Treatment Trichomonas

To treat this disease it is necessary. By itself it will never take place, but only leave irreversible consequences.

But first it is to talk about how it is possible to detect the disease if you do not touch the previously listed symptoms. Thus, the expert must make a study to examine the skin and mucous membranes. This is compared with the data obtained from the survey of the patient. But the most effective method of diagnosis - it analyzes. A similar study called polymerase chain reaction. The accuracy of the analysis is 95%, and the term of its production - about two days.

Now it's time to talk about the treatment of Trichomonas. It will appoint a specialist on the basis of the overall picture of the disease. Depending on a particular case, the individual is subject to amendments in the treatment of Trichomonas.

Often appointed by the funds that have specific antibacterial action. They are appointed by the most. It is used as a local and general therapy. In general, treatment may be called complex. But local treatment makes no sense, if not carried out at the same time the overall treatment of Trichomonas. By the way, if you need to treat trichomoniasis both partners. It is necessary, to avoid re-infection. Besides, one of them may be a disease in the incubation period.

As a rule, the treatment of Trichomonas is fairly well only if the case is not completely started. If productive, competent treatment recovery occurs in about two or three months.

We all know that prevention - it's the best method of treatment, it is always better to prevent something than to fight. The same applies to the treatment of Trichomonas. Abstention always getting the best advice in cases of sexually transmitted diseases. If that is not an option, it is necessary to carefully follow the rules of contraception, and if it is not used, then you need to be very familiar with their sexual partner, and his state of health. Numerous sex increases the risk of not only the above-mentioned diseases, but also in the whole of sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition, you need a good monitor their personal hygiene, avoid using other people's things. At the slightest deviations and changes in the reproductive system should immediately consult your doctor. Especially it should be alerted if there is at least one of the symptoms sounded today. Even if no problems should visit the appropriate specialist every six months.

 How to recognize and treat Trichomonas infection?

 causes of urethritis


  • Urethritis: treatment and prevention of disease
  • Urethritis: home treatment
  • Chronic urethritis how to treat?
  • Urethra and its treatment in men
  • Treatment of urethritis in women

Under urethritis refers to inflammation of the urethra - the urethra. Urethritis is considered a very common urological disease, which suffer from both men and women.

Treatment of urethritis have to be complex. Urethritis are divided into two groups: non-infectious and infectious. Infectious urethritis can be caused by a variety of specific pathogens (Gardnerella, gonorrhea), as well as non-specific (Escherichia coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus). The most susceptible to this disease are the people who are promiscuous, suffering from kidney stones, diabetes, was subjected to instrumental studies of the bladder and urethra.
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Urethritis: treatment and prevention of disease

Like any other disease, urethritis from the acute form can become chronic. For this reason it is very important this time to diagnose the infection and cure it. Urethritis can be non-communicable (traumatic), infectious, exchange (for diseases of the digestive tract), and allergic.

Thus, infectious urethritis always caused by viruses that are sexually transmitted. But sometimes infectious urethritis may develop due to Chlamydia, fungal infections, mycoplasma. At the time of sexual intercourse, and is released into the urethra infection.

As a result of injury to the urethra different cavity foreign objects may develop traumatic urethritis.

Typically, symptoms quite easy to recognize because they have the character specific:

  • cramps in the lower abdomen;
  • burning during urination;
  • swelling of the lips of the urethra;
  • profuse discharge during urination.

Usually, symptoms of the disease in men expressed clearly, but the women are very often the infection remains undetected, it can lead to further complications. In order to establish an accurate diagnosis is necessary to do a urine sample and hold microscopy emitted from the urethra.

Treatment of urethritis should begin with the elimination of the infection in the urethra. Such treatment includes antibiotic therapy, sometimes herbal medicine, which in combination effectively influences.

 antibiotic therapy
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Urethritis: home treatment

A very important role in the treatment of the disease play a non-drug measures. First of all, it's drinking regime and a special diet. Diet This implies the exclusion from the diet of hot, sour and salty foods and alcohol. It is recommended to use the liquid in large quantities. Very useful for simple urethritis clean water without gas, tea from a lime-colored and cucumber juice, which are good diuretics. Anti-inflammatory effect will cranberry or cranberry juice, fresh black currant juice.

Treatment of the disease by medication should be carried out strictly under the supervision of a physician. Very often, patients with this infection are engaged in self-treatment, using a common spectrum antibiotics. As a result of such treatment leads to the disease enters the chronic form, its symptoms disappear and may even be an illusion that the disease is cured. Treatment of urethritis should be done with treatments, which are sensitive to infection.

First we need to determine the exact cause of the disease, and then to carry out prevention of recurrence of inflammation.
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Chronic urethritis how to treat?

As already mentioned, urethritis, like any other disease, if not treated in time, or not recovered until the end, may acquire a chronic form. Treatment of chronic form of the disease most laborious and lengthy than the treatment of acute forms.

First, you need to pass a series of tests, to carry out an extensive medical examination. This will select the most effective medicines. There is no universal scheme of treatment of disease, it is necessary to take into account many factors of the disease and individual characteristics. That is why the treatment of the disease is carried out in private.

Solve the problem and cure the disease in men is able urologist, women also need to seek the help of a urologist or gynecologist. It should be examined and dermatologist.

Treatment of this disease must necessarily be complex, should be carried out therapy and other related diseases.

 correct treatment of urethritis
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Urethra and its treatment in men

The main weapon in the fight against infection with the chronic form of the disease is antibiotic therapy. However, treatment should include not only drugs that are used in the mouth and medicinal fluid introduced through channel urination. These can be drugs "hydrocortisone", "Dimexidum" silver preparations. But it is worth noting that the administration of drugs through the urethra should be done only in the chronic form of the disease. In acute urethritis is contraindicated in any local therapy.

Treatment of chronic infection, and must necessarily include immunotherapy. This is due to the fact that during any prolonged illness protective functions considerably weakened and demand increase. Of particular importance here are the antioxidants, B vitamins and PP.

If a man sick urethritis, narrows the urethra and urination becomes very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to resort to a very unpleasant but necessary method of treatment of urethritis, which is called bougienage. The name of this method was due to metal tools, which are called buzhami. With these tools, expanding the urethra in men.

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Treatment of urethritis in women

Treatment of female urethritis is similar to the treatment of urethritis in men. There is also a special place is given antibiotic and immune therapy. To protect the natural microflora appointed probiotics, which should be consumed along with antibiotics.

Treatment of chronic forms of urethritis in women include douching, trays, warming treatments, washing, the introduction of vaginal suppositories and tampons, have anti-inflammatory effects.

If the disease in women not treated, it can result in the development of vaginitis, cystitis and other inflammatory diseases affecting the urethra.

If your intimate partner ill urethritis, treatment should be carried out both, otherwise there is a risk of re-infection infection.

To avoid the development of this disease, it is recommended at all times be in a warm and avoid hypothermia. Too much exercise can also trigger the disease. Eating spicy and salty foods, alcohol, carbonated beverages, irregular sexual acts - all of this can cause urethritis.

If you have changed the sexual partner, visit a gynecologist or urologist 2-3 weeks after sexual intercourse. This allows you to avoid or cure the disease in a timely manner. Remember that it is not cured urethritis can cause infertility in both men and women. Watch out for your health.

 Treatment of urethritis in men and women