causes of hepatitis C


  • Symptoms of hepatitis C
  • Estimated treatment of hepatitis C
  • The number of people with hepatitis C in Russia

To date, no scientist has created a vaccine that can permanently cure hepatitis C. Perhaps the creation of such a drug - in the distant future.

A similar situation occurs not only with hepatitis, but also with the human immunodeficiency virus.

A large number of developed hitherto antivirals may in varying degrees lower accumulation in the body of infectious virus in the certain period. But it is impossible to allocate such medicines that help rid the body of the parasite. However, there are many medications that can help fight infection in the body. So is it possible to recover from hepatitis C?
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Symptoms of hepatitis C

The symptoms of hepatitis C are similar to symptoms such as influenza malaise, a sudden increase in body temperature, headaches. These symptoms characteristic of other types of viral hepatitis such as hepatitis A or hepatitis B. Due to the fact that the viral hepatitis is caused by dysfunction of the liver, it is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • loss of appetite,
  • nausea,
  • a feeling of heaviness in the stomach,
  • discoloration of urine and faeces: urine - dark, feces - lighter.

The source of infection with hepatitis C is the blood of an infected person, the risk group includes, for example, blood donors and drug addicts. Also, you can catch, such as a manicure or doing tattoos in handicraft stores, whose owners often do not even have a license to conduct such activities.
In the case of the acute form, hepatitis C can be cured, but always with a clear indication of the doctor performing for quite a long period of time.

Effective treatments for hepatitis C is now the combination therapy of interferon by injection. Recovery from hepatitis depends on the condition of the patient as well as his age, and typically occurs not earlier than after a six-month course.

 Diagnosis of the disease
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Estimated treatment of hepatitis C

To date, widespread in this regard interferon and interferon combined with ribavirin (so-called combination therapy). Within six months or more of patients infected with hepatitis C should:

  • systematically receive subcutaneous injections,
  • take immune-boosting drugs on prescription,
  • avoid alcohol and other products that inhibit the function of the liver,
  • to be tested, which allows us to trace the dynamics of the state.

The above methods have a rather low efficiency - about 40%. The result is that only 3-4 of the 10 patients may be a slight decrease in viral load as a major parameter that indicates the amount of virus in infected blood.

This disease is caused by the hepatitis C virus is considered a slow, allowing it to exercise a negative influence on the body for quite a long period of time without any symptoms.

At the same time, 75% of hepatitis can be caused by chronic liver disease, and half of these cases are usually completed cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma. In addition, a recent increase in accidents when the disease affects not only the liver, but also vital organs located close to the pancreas, kidneys, blood cells, heart and nervous system.

First of all, everyone should be aware of the danger of becoming a carrier of the virus, taking all possible measures to prevent this. Secondly, the need to strengthen their work in the media of the measures of prevention of viral diseases. Third, at the national level should take measures, which will be directed to a sharp decline in prices for antiviral drugs used to treat hepatitis C.

Although that is not yet invented drug that can overcome the hepatitis C fully cure this disease is feasible. With proper and timely treatment the number of patients who have recovered 60-80%. It should be noted that in order to get on this list is not enough action alone doctors: The patient must also make some efforts.

First you need to appeal to a hepatologist as soon as assays were the primary symptoms of the disease - Anti-HCV-total, ie the absence of antibodies to hepatitis C treatment should begin with the first changes in the liver.

It was mentioned that the drug destroys the hepatitis C virus, but there are medicines that can help to deal with it. Today more and more popular is considered combination therapy: interferon combined with ribavirin. Within six months, the patient receives subcutaneous injections. When taking into account the existing contraindications to the drug and its side effects are very individual intensity and speed of this alone. In addition, the patient must use adjuvants and completely give up alcohol products that inhibit the function of the liver.

Unfortunately, the treatment of hepatitis C in Russia is often complicated by the high cost of drugs - not everyone can afford to buy them. Only by knowing the price, many patients think about alternative methods of treatment. It is possible that your doctor may prescribe some hepatoprotectors. But these drugs have antiviral effect and will only maintain the function of the liver cells. Naturally, a significant effect of the treatment will not bring.

With considerable distrust and caution should be taken to the different types of advertising, which says that you can completely recover from hepatitis C.

 tests for the diagnosis of disease
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The number of people with hepatitis C in Russia

Accurate statistics on the number of infected people in Russia are not available. From various sources it is known that in Russia about 4-7 million people are infected with hepatitis C. This variation is related to the fact that many infected with the assistance of the doctors did not apply. This, in turn, is associated with two important reasons: for a long time in the human body, the infection can be asymptomatic, without causing any harm to the patient for several months or even years. Therefore, a large number of those who actually infected may not even know.

Another very important reason is that the treatment of this disease is very expensive. The cost of the course year and a half - from 4 to 18 thousand dollars. Time remission in this - no more than 3-5 years, and may re-aggravation of the disease. Such costs are too high for many of those who are infected with the virus.

A variety of drugs that strengthen the liver, supplements and vitamin complexes without a prescription, at best, will not cause harm. This is usually a waste of time, which may result in serious consequences. Of course, hepatitis C can be overcome, but it is necessary to take timely measures agreed with the doctor.

 Are there ways to treat hepatitis C?

 the causes of chronic bronchitis


  • Therapeutic food
  • Features of diet, lifestyle bronchitis
  • Treatment of chronic bronchitis with the help of folk remedies
  • Bronchitis During Pregnancy
  • Prevention of chronic bronchitis

Bronchitis - an infectious disease, diffuse light accompanied by inflammation of the bronchi. And the main symptom of this disease is a cough. Then, when the disease lasts less than three weeks, then we can talk about acute bronchitis. Then, when the symptoms of bronchitis are identified not less than 3 months during the year and lasts for 2 years or more, you can safely install the diagnosis of chronic bronchitis. But it is provided that the person does not have any diseases bronchopulmonary system, or upper respiratory tract, which might cause these symptoms.

In chronic bronchitis, cough with scanty sputum, and dyspnea on any manifestation of physical activity may well be the symptoms become permanent, which will accompany the patient throughout his life. In this case, the intensification of the bronchitis argue that there is a marked increase in the above symptoms: increased cough, increased sputum volume, increased shortness of breath, increased body temperature, etc.

Any bronchitis, particularly acute, rarely occurs in isolation.

Often it is combined with the appearance of rhinitis, in other words, rhinitis, tracheitis, and similar symptoms. This state affects the overall clinical picture.

If the occurrence of the disease is accompanied by shortness of breath, here we can talk about obstructive bronchitis. The cause of chronic bronchitis may be bacterial, viral or atypical flora. The main bacterial pathogens of bronchitis are staphylococci, streptococci and pneumococci. Bronchitis viral pathogens considered to influenza virus infection of respiratory syncytial type adenovirus, parainfluenza, etc.

Rarely, but there are cases where the cause of bronchitis is a fungal infection. There are cases when there is a combination of different pathogens. For example, the disease may begin as a viral infection, and then can join it bacterial pathogens. And with all of this virus seems to open the gates for a variety of bacteria, creating the most favorable conditions for their fast reproduction. This option is considered the most common flow, which is always supported by a rapid rise in the incidence of it in the fall and winter periods, at a time when there is a seasonal spread of various viral infections.

Therapeutic activities carried out in chronic bronchitis, almost all defined clinical form of the disease and the characteristics of its flow. The general classification of chronic bronchitis there. In modern medical practice, it is advisable to use the following classification.

According to the etiology of bronchitis can be bacterial, viral, mycoplasmal, from the effects of various chemical and physical factors, dust. On the basis of bronchitis inflammation is catarrhal, purulent, catarrhal-purulent, fibrinous and hemorrhagic. Due to its functional changes in non-obstructive, obstructive. If come exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, it can give the respiratory (lung) deficiency, and emphysema. In some cases, it may develop bronchiectasis. Symptoms of the disease are always the same.

 Diagnosis of the disease
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Therapeutic food

People who have chronic bronchitis, treatment is recommended to start with a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins. It is advisable to include this in your diet of raw fruits, vegetables, juices, yeast drinks.

In chronic bronchitis with the Department of huge amount of sputum is a rapid loss of protein in decompensated pulmonary heart may increase the loss of albumin in the direction of the vascular bed directly into the lumen of the intestine. Such patients really helps a diet rich in protein and albumin transfusion intravenously, preparations of amino acids, such as polyamine and alvezin neframin.

Upon the occurrence of chronic bronchitis treatment based on a diet of number 10, which limits the energy value, the amount of salt and fluids with a high content of potassium.
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Features of diet, lifestyle bronchitis

With a sharp exacerbation of bronchitis usually recommended to drink plenty of liquids. For adults, the daily volume of fluid consumed must equal at least 3-4 liters. Often, such patients suitable alkaline juice, preferably hot milk with the addition of mineral water in a percentage ratio of 1: 1.

Diet during the day should contain a normal amount of protein, a multivitamin. Against the background of relatively high body temperature and general intoxication can starve a little (but only if required by the body), and a whole variety of restrictive diets such patients are contraindicated.

Sufficiently high efficiency is shown using inhaled using a nebulizer. A solution to such inhalation quite possible to use ordinary mineral water, saline or a medical Ringer's solution. Such procedure is performed 2-3 times per day, and the treatment is from 5 to 10 days.

These manipulations facilitate sputum discharge, helping to facilitate the drainage of the bronchial tree, significantly reduces inflammation. For such patients is extremely necessary adjustments to their lifestyle in order to eliminate the main risk factors that cause infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract. And the very first it usually concerns all sorts of smoking and occupational exposures, such as dusty production activities with paints, frequent exposure.

Excellent effect in chronic lung diseases is the use of breathing exercises, for example by the method Strelnikova. This treatment applies to chronic bronchitis direction. Without exacerbations of bronchitis, you can do activities and a general hardening.

 correct treatment of chronic bronchitis
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Treatment of chronic bronchitis with the help of folk remedies

A very popular folk remedy for the treatment of chronic bronchitis are the steam inhalation. It is recommended to take a breath of steam, which is formed during the cooking of potatoes and other food. Some people find this method when used carefully helps, but often its use can cause burns of the mucous and the subsequent deterioration. Treat chronic bronchitis and possible means of herbal.

Typically, this is done using the following herbs: thyme and oregano, licorice and mother-and-stepmother, lime and plantain. To properly prepare the broth must be prepared 1 tablespoon of the mixture pour ½ liter of boiling water and let stand for 2 hours. Take one third of the cup three times per day.

The duration of treatment ranged from 1 week to 10 days. Such a method is only really effective in the complex.

No less effective mare's milk and goat's milk. During treatment, they recommend consuming at least 1 cup of at least 3 times daily. The course of this treatment is 2 months. You can also use another method. You will need the onions and honey, take it at 1 to 1, mince. Eat as follows: a tablespoon - twice a day, the duration of the reception from 10 days to 2 weeks. Sometimes, instead of onions can be used fresh garlic.
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Bronchitis During Pregnancy

Symptoms of chronic bronchitis in pregnant women is not particularly different from bronchial symptoms in any other patients. And the main feature of bronchitis is a cough.

But such treatment, there are a number of features, because many drugs are prohibited for use in this period of life because of their negative impact on the fetus. For example, it prohibited the use of derivatives of tetracycline, chloramphenicol and streptomycin. With extreme caution should be used aminophylline. From modern medicine approved antimicrobials may be noted vilprafen. It is a drug with a high safety profile and normal antibacterial activity. Pregnant women are allowed to do inhalation therapy.

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Prevention of chronic bronchitis

Modern medicine has identified several methods for the prevention of infectious disease.

  • Consumption immunoukreplyayuschih products and components in the possible aggravation of the seasons, which include fall and winter. This method is most appropriate for patients with chronic bronchitis or acute with frequent exacerbations of bronchitis. Excellent effect in this respect was given drugs bronhomunal, ribomunil, IRS-19. Regimen and dosages are determined only by the attending physician. For non-specific immune options include regular intake of multivitamin complexes.
  • Vaccination of patients. Given the high prevalence of pneumococcal disease, as well as its enormous contribution to the emergence of the disease, most doctors recommend that patients at risk has always instilled vaccine Pniewy-23, which provides immune protection is from this type of pathogen.

    The effect of this vaccine lasts for five years. Also taking into account is the fact that it is viruses and viral infections often are the triggering factor of occurrence of bronchitis, the recommended annual vaccination of people who are at risk. Who belongs to this risk? First of all it includes people who are over 50 years old, and those patients who suffer from chronic diseases of internal organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.

    Traditionally steel vaccinate women who are planning a pregnancy and those persons whose professional activity is associated with close contact with people - is health care workers, teachers, salesmen. Be sure to vaccinate those who are receiving long-term anticoagulant drugs, which include aspirin, warfarin, etc.

  • Strict adherence to the simple basic techniques of personal hygiene, such as frequent hand washing, the use of disposable handkerchiefs nose - this is a very simple method for the prevention of such infectious diseases.
 How to treat chronic bronchitis