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  • Basic requirements for dietary food cystitis
  • Items prohibited in inflammation of the bladder, an example menu

Inflammatory processes in the bladder, which are accompanied by frequent urination and a burning sensation in the abdomen, in medicine called cystitis. Because of the structure of the organism more prone to this illness the female population. Cystitis can occur in two forms of flow: acute and chronic.

Today in the arsenal of doctors there are a lot of drugs on the treatment of cystitis, but no medicine does not help the patient, if he fails to comply with a special diet.

Following a diet with the inflammation of the bladder will help alleviate the patient's condition. Any products in varying degrees affect the bladder wall. Rejecting a period of acute illness from products that irritate the affected organ inflammation, you provide him peace and a more rapid recovery. Special diet cystitis will have on the body diuretic and antiseptic action, which is essential for an effective fight against disease caused by pathogenic bacteria.

 Vegetables cystitis
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Basic requirements for dietary food cystitis

When cystitis woman is very important to comply with the normal diet, which will present three main meals and a couple of small snacks. Since the urinary system the most active in the morning for breakfast and lunch should pripadat 3/4 entire daily requirement of food. And in the evening and at night should be the body to unload, so dinner woman suffering from cystitis, should be composed exclusively of light products. Subject diet load on the kidneys and the bladder will be minimal, which is important for successful treatment and a speedy recovery. All food, drink during illness must be of natural origin.

During cystitis therapeutic diet should provide adequate washing of the urinary system and prevent further irritation of the bladder wall. The disease will pass quickly if a woman is over each day will drink at least 2 liters of fluid (with an increase in body temperature, its volume should be increased to 2, 5 liters). When cystitis allowed to drink calcium-chloride mineral water, fruit drinks, fresh juices from fruits and vegetables (except tomato), cranberry and cranberry compote, weak and unsweetened tea. Eliminating inflammation of the bladder kidney tea, herbal infusions, or on the basis of bearberry corn stigmas.

In addition to abundant drink to the diet of the patient cystitis need to include foods that have a diuretic effect. It can be zucchini, cucumbers, spinach, watermelon, cantaloupe, carrots. As the general state of the patient's ease in the diet are allowed to enter dairy products (sour kefir, fermented baked milk), cheese and unsalted cheese, and a little later - lean meats and fish. Women suffering from cystitis, can eat porridge, boiled in water, mashed potatoes, soup diet.

 Drink plenty of water in cystitis
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Items prohibited in inflammation of the bladder, an example menu

It is important to remember that during the whole process of treatment of cystitis women absolutely can not drink any alcoholic beverages, coffee and strong tea. The list of banned products - all spicy, fatty, salty, sour and fried. Among the products that irritate the mucous membrane of the urinary tract include tomatoes, celery, radishes, radish, garlic, sorrel, onions, cauliflower, lettuce, horseradish, all sour berries and fruits.

Mushroom, meat and fish broth during cystitis also banned. Avoid all products which are used in the manufacture of dyes, preservatives and other chemicals. They are harmful even for completely healthy people, and what can we then talk about the disease tormented body? Sugar replace honey, it has a beneficial effect on bladder inflammation.

After recovery from the acute form of cystitis woman can gradually return to your daily diet. But the chronic form of this disease requires a long dieting, because any product-stimulus may cause a new aggravation of the disease. In this case, diet food should be accompanied by a woman for a year after the last exacerbation. On a sufficient drinking regime, too, should not be forgotten. Below are the options of what could be the diet for chronic cystitis form.

Breakfast: mashed potatoes, steamed zucchini, eggs or egg cooked boiled, cereal with milk, cottage cheese with slices of sweet berries, milk drinks, weak green tea with honey, sweet juices.

Lunch: soup, cooked in water, pasta casserole, boiled fish and meat, steam cutlets, vegetable stews (without the addition of tomato paste or juice), baked potatoes, cereals, salads of cucumbers and zucchini, mousses, jellies, compotes, sweet fruit .

Dinner: different variations of cheese casseroles, milk drinks, pasta with seafood and fresh cheese, baked in foil fish, a few slices of bread bran, herbal tea with honey.

How would you not want, do not use in cooking products from the category of prohibited, refuel food ketchup, mayonnaise and other spicy sauces, discard spices. Drink as much liquid as necessary to the bladder can be emptied every 2 hours. Proper diet, along with other measures aimed at combating chronic cystitis, will allow you to get rid of this unpleasant disease.

 Dietary food in cystitis

 Acne control


  • As contraceptives solve problems with acne
  • The risks and benefits of hormone treatment for acne
  • Recommendations for use of birth control pills

Today, medicine is by leaps and bounds.

At present we know very effective means to combat acne.

This hormonal contraceptives. They help to eliminate the cause of the unpleasant rash on the face. Often, the reason is very active work of hormones. Of course, we should not rule out other possible causes: an allergic reaction or improper diet. In any case, do not self-appoint a pill for acne. To begin with you should go to see a doctor who will help you choose the right drug.
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As contraceptives solve problems with acne

For the production of fat meet hormones androgens. During monthly adrenal glands are working very actively and all androgens are activated. That's why women of childbearing age problems begin with the exterior, formed spots on the face, back and other parts of the body. Birth control pills can suppress the excessive activity of hormones. Fat will not produce too large a quantity, and skin remain in the normal state.

Typically, the use of the contraceptive pill is prescribed only if the acne is mild to moderate severity. It should comply with certain conditions:

  1. the patient's age over 15 years,
  2. menstrual cycle has already begun,
  3. a woman wants to have children but are sexually active.

The effect of birth control pills after application show up immediately. May have to wait several months, took the skin to normal. In most cases, the effects of taking the drug and patients is very good like the outcome. If you struggle with acne was delayed, then with oral contraceptives is usually given a course of antibiotics. But this happens only in very advanced cases. If the situation is serious enough, from the patient's need to pass tests to identify the underlying disease. It is necessary to be tested because of the disease, causing pimples severe enough. For example, it may be polycystic ovaries. This is a very dangerous disease that requires immediate treatment.

 getting rid of acne using a contraceptive
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The risks and benefits of hormone treatment for acne

Such treatment of the skin has already passed many clinical trials, which showed that the treatment has a positive effect: fade redness and inflammatory foci, narrow pores, the skin becomes normal healthy color. But, nevertheless, it does exist and side effects:

  1. may have pain when urinating;
  2. recurrent headaches;
  3. high pressure;
  4. mood swings;
  5. protracted depression.

The pill should not be used to treat people suffering from diabetes, heart ailments or having cancer inflammation. Also, they absolutely can not accept lactating and pregnant women. We do not recommend this treatment to smokers and people suffering from obesity.

 hormonal treatment of acne
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Recommendations for use of birth control pills

The body should be treated wisely, otherwise you may cause a more severe injury than acne. Therefore, during treatment should follow a few useful tips:

  1. Firstly, it is not necessary to self-medicate. Especially in the field of hormone replacement. There is great risk to do something wrong. Therefore, treatment should only appoint experienced. Do not look for recipes to combat inflammatory skin process in the Internet, drugs have side effects and is not for everyone.
  2. Secondly, do not forget that you can cure acne using less risky methods that do not disturb the overall hormonal balance of the body. So to start is better to try to sit on a special diet, do anti-mask. And only if these methods do not give a positive result can be taken for treatment with birth control pills. But only after a full medical examination.
  3. Third, a sharp rejection of the hormonal contraceptives can cause the appearance of new inflammatory processes. This is due to the fact that the body has to start work on the new hormone levels. We must give him time to readjust. So do not panic ahead of time and try new ways of more efficient treatment.

From the above we can conclude that the treatment of acne using hormonal contraceptives is indeed possible. Moreover, it produces good results. But it must be applied with great caution and only after the doctor gives permission for such treatment.

 Treatment of acne using hormonal contraceptives