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  • Sand in the bladder - Symptoms and Treatment
  • Symptoms and causes of the sand in the bladder
  • Treatment of folk remedies Bladder

To date, the formation of sand in the bladder is a problem that concerns a huge number of people. Faced with the problem most people, have stepped twenty years abroad, and the reason most banal: the abuse of mineral carbonated beverages and unhealthy diet.
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Sand in the bladder - Symptoms and Treatment

At the same time there are some lucky people who do not sand in the bladder causing inconvenience because derived naturally. However, most people with the time he converted into stones, which are much more difficult to deduce

It should be understood that the sand is formed in the kidney. Therefore, treatment of the disease need to be addressed, starting with the examination of the urinary system.

 Consultation with a doctor
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Symptoms and causes of the sand in the bladder

Sand in the bladder in each individual case, there is a number of reasons. Doctors has been observed that this disease often suffer from female than male. The reasons that can trigger the formation of sand: urogenital infections, structural features of the urinary system and the abuse of sparkling mineral water and salt.

It's not hard to detect the disease. Generally, this phenomenon is accompanied by frequent urethritis and cystitis, burning and sharp pains during urination, inflammation, unnatural saturated color of urine with a reddish tinge. In addition, during urination patient feels pain in the bladder and can feel pain in the lower back, kidneys and appendages.

Confirm the presence of sand in the bladder can only ultrasound examination. According to the results of the survey will need to start treatment immediately.

What treatment is required when a sand in the bladder? First of all, before starting treatment is necessary to reveal the cause of the sand in the bladder. It is necessary to initially treat the kidneys, if the sand got into uric there. If the reason for the appearance of sand in violation of metabolism, it is necessary to adjust the power, the use of special diets and medical preparations. It is very important to immediately diagnose and treat an infection, if present, and promotes the formation of unfortunate stones.

When sand or salt is detected in the bladder, the doctor prescribes a patient drink plenty - at least 2, 5 liters per day. Heavy drinking does not mean hard water. Strictly forbids mineral and tap water. It is important to use the bulk of the liquid after dinner.

A diet is prescribed depending on the type of metabolic disorders. For example, when the body's calcium is low, it is recommended to eat more dairy products and fresh fruits and vegetables. If there are violations related to improper excretion of uric acid, recommended diet, which consists in the use of fish, meat and giblets. Of particular benefit to bring cooked food, as well as steamed and stewed dishes. Chocolate and cocoa during dieting drink prohibited.

The decision on a diet is taken individually by each person with the problem of sand in the bladder, taking into account the nature of the violations, the characteristics of the organism and its performance. For the effective removal of sand in the bladder often use diuretics charges and practiced medication. Traditional medicines are also used. Their effectiveness has been proven many times in practice.

 treatment of birch sap
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Treatment of folk remedies Bladder

Before applying the recommendations of folk healers and doctors need to complete examination of the urinary system and consultation.

  1. Rocks and sand in the kidneys and bladder can be cast using the carrot seed. Milled to a powder carrot seeds consumed by one gram of 2-3 times a day, preferably for 30 minutes before a meal. Or 1 tbsp. l. carrot seed steamed cup of boiling water. Wrap for 12 hours, then strain. Take in the form of heat for 0, 5 cups 6 times a day before meals.
  2. Birch sap is driving sand and stones from the kidneys and bladder. Drinking on an empty stomach in the spring of 3 times a day for one glass of birch sap.
  3. 1-1, 5 teaspoon chopped parsley roots and 1-1, 5 teaspoon chopped leaves pour a glass of boiling water. Infuse in a warm place for 3 hours. Take one glass of 2-3 hours before meals in small sips. When there is no fresh parsley, dried you can drink, which is brewed in the same.
  4. Horsetail - 30 g, fennel (seeds and powdered) - 30 g, Chamomile - 20 g, black locust (it buds) - 50 g, parsley (seeds and powdered) - '30 A glass of this mixture brew in 1 liter of boiling water, 1 hour and take 1 glass.
  5. It is possible to achieve the disappearance of sand for a few days if the drink 0, 5 cups of carrot juice, mixed with cucumber and beet, 4 times a day and 1 lemon juice diluted in 0, 5 cups of hot water, 3-4 times a day.

These recipes are great proven in the treatment of kidney and bladder. But in order to avoid complications, be sure to need advice and supervision of a physician.

 Symptoms and causes of sand in the kidneys

 the causes of ovarian cancer


  • The main types of the disease
  • The main symptoms of ovarian cancer
  • Causes of ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer in women is considered one of the most common diseases. This is difficult diagnosed in the early stages. Many patients are surprised diagnosis, arguing that the obvious signs pointing to an existing pathology, never noticed. But statistics show that even with the annual inspection is a risk not just to detect malignancy.

There are several methods for the detection of ovarian cancer, but none of them does not guarantee diagnose tumor at the first stage. Firstly, it is ultrasound. But the fact is that at the initial stage of the tumor is small, so it is often confused with benign tumors. Even in this case it is necessary to be vigilant. Often traditional brushes without the proper and timely treatment can change its character to a malignant tumor.

Secondly, many women apply early diagnosis based on blood sampling and detection, thus the protein CA 125. But it is necessary to consider what to do with all kinds of tumors can detect it. Often it depends on the size of the cancer. In this case, the proportion of valid: large tumors secrete large amounts of protein, less - a small amount. But in this case, this method is very difficult to name exact. But with regard to its application as one of the ways to monitor response to therapy, and to determine the recurrence of ovarian cancer after treatment, it is indispensable and shows reliable results.

It must be borne in mind that it does not always make any sense. This is due to the fact that the marker CA-125 may change its value depending on many factors. These include: pregnancy, menstrual cycle, fibrosis or endometriosis.

 ultrasound of the ovaries
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The main types of the disease

Decided to allocate four stages of ovarian cancer. This tumor can affect how one side or both at once.

The first stage is characterized by the proliferation of cancer directly only in one or both ovaries. In this case, the tumor does not leave the main site of the lesion. When the second stage is most frequently observed cancer that affects addition fallopian tubes, uterus, rectum, even. But all this happens within the pelvis.

In the third stage ovarian cancer spreads on the surfaces of the abdomen, in certain cases, even in lymph nodes. It is now a concomitant disease is ascites. In 80% of cases, the diagnosis of disease occurs just in this period. In the fourth stage has seen extensive metastases, which spread to virtually all internal organs. It is now quite easy to detect the tumor by palpation.

You can define three types of cancer based on its specifics.

The tumor, which affects mostly women under 30 and has a clear manifestation in the form of bilateral ovarian lesions having roughness, a significant density and small size, is called the primary cancer or endometrial.

Secondary cancer often develops from a benign cyst. Its size can be very different: from the very small, almost imperceptible, to fairly significant size. The inner content is dissimilar state. There may be a smazkopodobnoe substance, mucus or clear watery liquid. In this malignancy tumor grows when a woman has severe cystoma and sprawl are papillary type.

Metastatic ovarian cancer can arise from absolutely any cancerous organ. This type grows very fast and has a malignant character. Most often affects both ovaries. It revealed the fact that this kind of cancer metastasis very early extends to the pelvic peritoneum, forming a lumpy tumor sites.

 Consultation with a doctor
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The main symptoms of ovarian cancer

Experts do not release exact symptoms, which can detect ovarian cancer. Mainly this is due to the fact that the manifestation of symptoms of this pathology is quite similar to the symptoms of other diseases of the internal organs. Most often they are disrupting the normal functioning of the digestive system or the urinary bladder.

In order to distinguish one from the other, it is necessary to observe their system, constancy buildup. Thus, the main symptoms of ovarian cancer in women:

  • abdominal pain, having spasmodic. An important feature: unlike such a pain to pain during menstruation;
  • pain in the abdomen, lower back, in the pelvis. They arise because of the inflammatory process and pursue a woman during the whole month, not just on the eve of menstruation;
  • mucous discharge. Often, they are totally transparent, but have an unpleasant odor. Also, there is an admixture of blood in them;
  • Pain or bleeding during sports / intercourse;
  • loss of appetite;
  • endless nausea;
  • a sharp change in the weight of both large and smaller side;
  • failure of the menstrual cycle;
  • bloating, feeling of fullness and pressure in the stomach;
  • acute and frequent urination;
  • flatulence, indigestion;
  • the weakness of the whole body;
  • diarrhea, constipation alternating with sharply;
  • increase in waist. It can be observed as one of the affected part, thereby creating asymmetry and uniformly over the entire circumference.

These signs of cancer can be attributed to many diseases of internal organs. Most importantly - keep track of their constancy.

If there is a constant situation for several days / weeks and the condition is getting worse, that is, characterized by a clear progression, it is a "bell" to refer to a specialist, and carrying out a diagnostic.

 permanent weakness is one of the signs of cancer

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Causes of ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer in women is sometimes possible to predict if there is a hereditary tendency to this kind of pathology. To it can be attributed not only the ovarian cancer and malignant tumors of the breast, uterus, fallopian tubes. No exception can be sexually transmitted diseases, especially in those cases where they have not been treated properly or have a permanent nature.

Malnutrition, including the dominance of the diet of fatty, fried foods with dyes, carcinogens, harmful additives can also be fertile ground for the formation of cancer. Often irregular sexual life is one of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Susceptible to this disease, and women who have very early or very late menopause.

Optionally, all these factors can influence the occurrence of this disease. Almost every second woman in your life has a certain set of these points, but not subjected to ovarian cancer each. Most importantly - remember that after the age of 30 should visit a gynecologist for examination, blood tests.

It is worth recalling that the treatment, in most cases with positive dynamics, amenable to ovarian cancer in women who have been identified at an early stage. But for each stage of the disease there is a treatment algorithm. Thus, even in the first step can be all solved by surgically removing the diseased ovary or ovaries. If the disease is detected at a later time, you will have surgery, further removal and fall under the uterus and omentum, and all the other affected organs.

Quite often used chemotherapy and chemotherapy. These methods hinder further development of a cancer. But this method has a lot of side effects. Therefore, in order not to be subject to this terrible disease, you need to look after their health, and at least twice a year, a woman should visit the attending gynecologist, including conduct timely diagnosis, prescribed treatment.

 The main symptoms of ovarian cancer in women