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  • What is the climax and when it starts
  • Stages of menopause
  • The psychological aspect of menopause
  • Symptoms that accompany menopause

Menopause - a natural physiological process, which is accompanied by age-related changes in the sexual sphere.

In particular, it means extinction female reproductive system. Many women regard menopause as the beginning of the end, but it is fundamentally wrong. Despite the fact that this period can deliver many difficulties and unpleasant things, nevertheless they can neutralize. It is enough to know how to begin menopause and how to behave in this period.

 different stages of menopause
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What is the climax and when it starts

As already known, menopause - a period when the reproductive system functions begin to decline. The reason lies in menopause hormonal changes, namely to reduce the sex hormones in the body. In addition, in the case of premature menopause begun, the reasons may be different, for example:

  • life situations that have caused very strong stress;
  • immunologic diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • genital infections, which were observed during puberty;
  • removal of the ovaries and uterus;
  • development of low amounts of hormones by the ovaries.

Depending on the genetic predisposition of menopause may occur every woman at different ages.

In normal menopause occurs in 40-45 years. But after 30 years, begins a gradual decline in estrogen, the stock of which is exhausted by 40 years so that stops the maturation of oocytes. For production of hormones while still continuing, but their level is reduced and may not reach the desired concentration. Home menopause is directly related to the complete cessation of hormone production.

In addition, there are cases of early (artificial) - up to 40 years - and late menopause - after 55 years. Usually women to 40 years old do not even think about such a problem. However, doctors have concluded that in recent years more and more cases of early menopause. Therefore, even at a young age, in order not to miss the opportunity to attack the artificial menopause, you need to know what it is accompanied by symptoms.

On the one hand, you will be psychologically prepared for the changes that your body undergoes. On the other, it is possible in time to see a doctor. Of course, the climax is not treated, but adequate therapy appointed gynecologist can significantly alleviate the symptoms that accompany menopause.

As late menopause, it should be noted that though he does not bear a woman no discomfort and psychological problems, but it is dangerous because it is often accompanied by the development of tumors. So be sure at any age a woman should undergo regular examination by a gynecologist.

Usually menopause lasts for 1, 5-2 years, but all individually. Every woman experiences it differently: one does not notice any changes in your body, and someone is suffering from unpleasant symptoms.

 To prevent symptoms of menopause
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Stages of menopause

Menopause is divided into three main stages. If you have an idea about them, you will bear it easier to climax from the emotional point of view, as will understand what happens to you. This is a very important aspect to be considered below. Now it should consider the stage of menopause.

  • Stage One - premenopausal

This stage occurs in women after the age of 40 years. It is characterized by a decrease in the body's production of estrogen, which is manifested in the form of irregular menstruation, changes in the character selections (they may increase or decrease). Any physical or psychological discomfort strong this stage does not deliver. It may take up to 10 years.

  • Stage Two - Menopause

Actually, this is the stage of menopause. It is characterized in that the estrogen is almost not produced, is accompanied by a complete cessation of menses. Period beginning menopause starts with the last menstruation. It lasts 1 year.

  • Stage Three - postmenopause

It comes a year after menstruation stopped, that is, after the second stage. This stage lasts from 3 to 15 years. Its duration depends on how the body adapts to the changes occurring in it, as they can be reconstructed by the endocrine system. This stage is insidious in that it can significantly worsen the health of the woman and bring a bunch of diseases: osteoporosis, diseases of the cardiovascular system and thyroid gland.

 mood swings during menopause
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The psychological aspect of menopause

Climax insidious in that, along with physical unpleasant symptoms it is detrimental psychological and emotional sphere, and later the nervous system. Starting menopause is to change the emotional background: mood swings from cheerful to depression, irritability, tearfulness, heightened vulnerability, insomnia, chronic fatigue, in some there is a feeling of uselessness and loneliness, depression, hyperactivity replaced by apathy and indifference to everything, obsession only on its condition, the fear of another storm tide - all this is not the full range of feelings and experiences familiar to so many women during menopause.

Therefore it is very important how you set yourself. As soon as you suspect the beginning of menopause or doctor diagnosed you climax, you must properly configure itself.

First of all, you must remember that the climax - a phenomenon, though unpleasant, but temporary. And if you have discussed with your doctor questions about how you can help yourself with medication, this state can be smoothed.

Second, do not repeat the mistake made by many women: Do not short in themselves, do not limit the circle of friends, do not obey the climax of his life. On the contrary, continues to lead an active life, to communicate with friends and relatives. Well, if you have any hobbies, and if not, then just spend more time with yourself.

No need to also be afraid of the changes that occur in your body irritated because of them, and the more pluck their anger on others. Often, the new status of women suffer from its inner circle - husband, children. It is therefore very important to learn to control their emotions, and even better - not to succumb to them.

Third, give yourself positive emotions. It usually boils down to one thing: often do what you like. Walk to museums or exhibitions, if you love art; Exercise - it is not only a pleasure, but also improve health and prolong youth, meet with friends.

Speaking of communication. Well, if you communicate with women his own age, who are also going through menopause. Such communication can be useful, especially if you are very concerned about the current situation and want to discuss it with someone. But it is important not to leave the head in the issue. you must understand that it is not alone in what is going on with you. A huge number of women experiencing the same excitement, emotions and physical ailments during menopause.

Finally, it should be noted again that the climax - is no problem in a direct sense. This new round of life, which is the same as the other stages, offers you something new, and your task - to find and take the opportunities that gives this stage.

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Symptoms that accompany menopause

There are some common symptoms that accompany menopause. It is noteworthy that some women just suffer from all, while others may not experience them. So, how hard or easy woman experiences during this period depends on the level at which estrogen is and how fast it is declining. If the level of the hormone before menopause was not very high and is reduced gradually, the menopause symptoms start, but the woman did not feel much discomfort. But if the hormone levels were high, but declining sharply, the menopausal woman will experience very heavy.

It starts with the climax of an emotional background changes - namely, the advent of emotional lability. If along with the start of the menstrual cycle changes, it becomes irregular, this is the first harbinger of menopause. Therefore it is very important for every woman to pay due attention to it.

At the initial stage the climax accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • bouts of hot flashes or fever. These seizures are characterized by influx of blood to the head-to-face, wherein there is an increased heart rate and blood pressure. Along with the fact that it is able to deliver a huge discomfort for many women, it scares, which further exacerbates the picture. It is therefore important during the attack to calm down and relax, thus it is easier you will suffer an attack, it will be held;
  • sleep disturbance. Some women may experience insomnia, some, on the contrary, increased sleepiness. Trouble sleeping is better not to decide on their own with the help of medication and consult a physician;
  • tremors, sweating, flies before your eyes, you may experience muscle spasms;
  • changes in appearance: the skin, hair and nails become more dry, brittle and thin.

Further symptoms or changes to existing or added other symptoms:

  • urinary incontinence, which can be both easy and quite pronounced;
  • It dries out the mucous membrane of the vagina;
  • a decrease in sexual desire.

At this stage, it is important to pay due attention to your health, because it is at this stage of menopause not only causes discomfort in daily life, but also begins to actively destroy health. If you let it go, can start the pathology of the cardiovascular system, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and others. If you have already discovered some health problems, hurry to see a specialist, so as soon as possible to help the body and prevent exacerbating the problem.

 What is the climax