Oil for stretch marks for pregnant women


  • We care for your skin in the first trimester
  • We are struggling with stretch marks during the second trimester
  • Prevention of stretch marks in the third trimester
  • How to choose a remedy for stretch marks
  • How to prepare a remedy for stretch marks at home
  • Danger: Observe precautions
  • Contraindications to the use of
  • Additional methods to combat stretch marks

Many of the ladies are interested in how to take care of your body during pregnancy, so you do not appear on the skin stretching. Agree, not everyone has the finances and time to visit the expensive clinics (especially in the first period after the birth of a baby). Plus, even the professional treatment of stretch marks does not always bring positive results. And enjoy it, as you can imagine, not the cheapest. So go to the course various means (shops and home oil), which are very well cope with this nuisance.

Of course, it does not look that much stretching the skin of women will immediately smooth, smooth and beautiful as before birth. But striae will be less pronounced than those of the fair sex, who had hoped to chance. And if expectant mothers from the first days of pregnancy begin to lubricate the body with special ointments and oils, it is possible that even these tracks will not. So let's deal with the fact that women should do to avoid losing its natural beauty.

We care for your skin in the first trimester

Remember once and for all: the earlier you start to deal with stretch marks, the better. Ideal - a couple of weeks after you learn about their situation. This does not mean that the girls immediately have to buy expensive oil against stretch marks. At first, you can just clean the skin, moisturize and nourish with the help of the usual children's cream.

But be careful! In this period, in the body of pregnant women begin hormonal changes, which is why the skin becomes sensitive to various physical and chemical effects. So, for example, some of the tools that you used to enjoy, you can cause irritation or allergy. So do not forget to pre-test the oil or ointment against stretch marks on the elbow. If after five minutes the treated area will not change color, it will not appear urticaria, etc. symptoms can safely be applied to remedy the problem areas: buttocks, chest, abdomen.

This is done after a shower to quickly absorb nutrients. Blot with conventional wet skin with a towel (but do not rub), then gently in a circular motion, apply oil to the body. Wait 10 minutes, then wipe with a dry cloth remnants.

We are struggling with stretch marks during the second trimester

Typically, stretch marks on the body appear somewhere in the beginning of the fourth month of pregnancy, when the fetus begins to develop rapidly and grow in size. Do not have a high elasticity skin starts to stretch, and the body formed ugly white patterns.

It is therefore important in this period of pregnancy to use special oil against stretch marks (this store). It activates the cell, so that the skin becomes more elastic and less exposed to tears. At the same time if there are pink stretch marks, they go pretty fast. Of course, if you continue to take care of the body.

By the way, if you discover problems in parallel with the swelling, buy oil from the draining effect. It also helps to cope with this nuisance. By the way, as this faced by virtually all women during pregnancy, the relevant products on the shelves of pharmacies and a lot. Choose exactly what will be out.

 oil against stretch marks during pregnancy

Prevention of stretch marks in the third trimester

Every day, morning and evening, apply on wet body and refined special oil. Pay special attention to the upper chest, stomach, sides and thighs. In some cases, it is recommended to apply this tool even on his hands and face. But be sure to consult with your doctor.

As a remedy for stretch marks

Important! Choosing oil for body care, pregnant women should first pay attention to the composition. No chemicals in this product should not be. Only natural ingredients! If you do not know any component, ask about it at the sales assistant or pharmacist. We do not receive a reply? Set aside for later purchase, and houses look in an encyclopedia or on the Internet, read the comments of other girls. Perhaps on the forums will be too many negative reviews. If an objection is expressed more people than, look for a more reliable oil to fight stretch marks.

It should be noted that some of the fair sex prefer not to use trendy funds that are sold in stores. They use anti-stretch ordinary olive oil. It also copes with this task: nourishes, moisturizes and softens the skin.

How to prepare a remedy for stretch marks at home

No need to have any special pharmaceutical skills to prepare a mixture to deal with stretch marks on the body. The main thing - to get permission from your doctor, make sure the security agents. And the ingredients can be purchased at any pharmacy.

  • We are struggling with stretch marks on the abdomen

For the preparation of the anti-stretch marks you need olive (3-4 tbsp), lavender, geranium and orange oil (2 drops each). The resulting mixture was immediately applied to the problem areas, massaging the skin in circular motions. If the liquid is left, you can pour it in an opaque vial. Store in the refrigerator. Shelf life - two to three weeks, no more. After that, it loses all its properties. If after a few days, means the unpleasant bitter, musty odor, it is best to throw it out and prepare a new one.

  • Prevention of stretch marks on the chest

In the second trimester of pregnancy to prevent stretch marks on the breasts should use jojoba oil (2 tbsp), geranium and orange (3 drops). It applies not only breasts, but also in the armpit, neck and chest area. Wait half an hour, until all is absorbed, rub the treated skin tissue. In the coming days you will need to avoid contact with direct sunlight, so as not to make the burn.

  • Bath with aromatic oils to deal with stretch marks on the body

To prevent and avoid increasing the stretch marks on the body, you can take a bath with essential oils. But be careful: during pregnancy can not swim in boiling water and steam. It is fraught with dire consequences, including death. Therefore, bathe in lukewarm water (38 degrees).

So, you'll need essential oils of lavender and wheat germ (20-30 liters of water is added only one drop), foam bath (50 g). You can also use salt, honey, milk, and other additives, which will not allow the oil to settle a greasy spot on the surface. After bathing the body should be wet with a dry towel. Wash with soap or shower gel is not necessary. The tool should be fully absorbed. On average, the procedure you will leave no more than 10 minutes. Take a bath can be 2 times a week.

  • Packs for problem areas

As you remember, during pregnancy among girls is often a allergic to some of these tools. Therefore, expectant mothers should not be applied to the sensitive skin of a mixture of pure essential oils, and it is best to dilute the liquid. So, for example, you can take 200 ml of water, a few drops of lavender or geranium. In problem areas where stretch marks begin to appear, for 10-15 minutes apply the moistened cloth at this facility or gauze. Use a lotion for stretch marks you need in a day during pregnancy and after childbirth - twice a week.

Danger: Observe precautions

As in any other case, for pregnant women of the fair sex has its indications and contraindications to the use of such funds from the stretch. So, for example, expectant mothers in any case can not use homemade mixtures which include more than 1% of essential oils. Otherwise, it will be irritation, tightness, burning, redness, rash and other allergy symptoms.

Also, it should be remembered what tools should never be used during pregnancy. This basil, oregano, parsley, cedar, tarragon, rosemary, chamomile, mint, juniper, sage, etc. So, before you start to cook a mixture of stretching, be sure to ask your doctor whether a particular essential oil to use in your case. The fact that some of them can stimulate uterine contractions. As a result - the threat of miscarriage or abortion.

What are the essential oils will help to cope with stretch marks? Let's look at the most popular ingredients that are in almost every store cream against stretch marks. You may want to experiment with them on their own, of course, observing precautions. Who knows, maybe your version will help to cope with stretch marks much faster.

  • Almond oil

It not only nourishes the skin perfectly, filling in vitamins and beneficial trace elements, making it supple, but also helps to relieve irritation. If you belong to the category of sensitive persons, this tool will help to overcome your problem.

  • The oil from sprouted wheat

It contains vitamins E and unsaturated fatty acids, by which also increases the elasticity of the skin, there is a rapid recovery. It is recommended to use at least once in three days, to avoid the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Added to the funds for the delicate skin of the chest and abdomen.

  • Jojoba oil

It normalizes the blood moisture, improves skin condition. Today this ingredient is widely used in the cosmetics industry for the production of creams, shampoos, conditioners, masks, etc. products.

 Oil for stretch marks during pregnancy

Contraindications to the use of

Do not forget the fact that some essential oils can release toxic substances (in contact with them to sunlight, thermal impact, etc.). This means not only save pregnant women from the stretch, but also cause poisoning, burns, etc. So do not forget to familiarize with the instructions before using these ingredients. So, be careful with citrus esters. They are best applied to the skin in the evening or on days when you are not going to go out.

During pregnancy, you can not use essential oils if you have problems with the skin. Some doctors categorically prohibited from conducting such experiments to women up to 12 weeks, especially if there is a risk of miscarriage. Some products do not apply if you have a disease of the nervous system, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, breast disease, asthma, were to be malignant tumors or tumors.

Additional methods to combat stretch marks

To avoid the appearance of stretch marks on the body in the last stages of pregnancy, should adhere to three rules: drink less, eat fresh food, use oil against stretch marks. If you do everything right, the white stripes on the body just does not appear. And if any, it would soon become less noticeable. And do not forget to wear a bandage.

  • Water

So, from the seventh month, doctors recommend to reduce the amount of fluid intake (per day - 1, 5 liters of water). Practice shows that pregnant women of the fair sex such recommendation encourages the opposite, and they begin to use water in liters. As a result - stretching. If you are in this period will also be thirsty, cook cranberry juice, green tea, drink at a time not more than three sips of mineral water (natural, non-carbonated). Before bed is generally recommended only lips and throat soak.

  • Salt

As for the salt, everything is simple. It retains fluid in the body, resulting in pregnant edema appear. Therefore, a gradual transition to fresh food. About seasonings, herbs and spices in this case, and can be no question. Moms of the above additives is completely contraindicated.

  • Bondage and supportive underwear

Things like that during pregnancy women are needed not only to combat stretch marks, but also to reduce the load on the spine and internal organs. In some cases, doctors do recommend to their patients to buy a bandage. This is not a marketing ploy, and caring.

The main thing - to choose the right size. You must be comfortable in these things. If somewhere presses or presses, leave marks or bruises, you should change the product. And do not pay attention to the dates specified on the package. In some cases, the stomach is growing faster than anticipated manufacturers.

  • Monitor body weight

The fact that a pregnant woman should eat for two - pure fiction. In addition, the gaining excess weight, you make it worse. Introduced fat will put pressure on the fetus, blocking his access nutrients. Plus, a sharp jump in weight adversely affects the condition of your skin that does not have time to stretch. In this case, no creams, ointments, oils, etc. the products will no longer use. So do not forget to control himself.

The important role played by the kind of food you eat. If it is empty, ie it does not contain any vitamins or minerals or trace elements beneficial, skin loses its elasticity, becomes dry. And please note that the lion's share of the uses of these substances your baby. Therefore, eat as many fruits and vegetables grown in the area where you live. With the overseas delicacies to be careful.

  • Gymnastics for pregnant women

On special courses for expectant mothers will teach you to do the exercises, to help you prepare your body for future delivery. Therefore, if you are plagued by back pain, incontinence, problems with joints, you are afraid of the appearance of stretch marks, be sure to join a group. They are usually organized at the hospital or maternity clinic. The undoubted advantage is that there are specialists who are part-time employees of the medical facility.

If you decide to attend individual courses organized by a private person, be sure to take all precautions. Ie check for certificates, diplomas, etc. such documents to be exactly sure of the professionalism of the workers.

Now you know what to do to avoid the appearance of stretch marks on the body. In any case, do not forget that beauty is not worth the sacrifice. And experiment with the health himself in harm is not necessary. So the first thing we consult with a specialist.

 Oil for stretch marks for pregnant women